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December, 2018
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    Jason Miller

    Head of Magical Law Enforcement - Victorian Ministry of Magic
    2019 year old pb hu
    Full Name: Jason Blake Miller, Jr
    Age:  2019
    Date of Birth:  November 30th, -0001
    Birthplace: Melbourne, AUS
    Occupation: Head of Magical Law Enforcement - Victorian Ministry of Magic
    Blood Status: pb
    Species: hu
    Patronus: Hawk
    Wand: 11" Mahagony, Dragon Heartstring
    Play-by: Paul Walker
    Education: Optional. Here you can track what education your character has completed, and what institutions they attended. For characters applying for high-level positions, it is assumed they will have some form of additional education listed here.

    Jason is a very colorful guy. A fun-loving individual, he loves to be around a crowd of people, having fun and cutting up when it's acceptable. However, when needed, he's a very serious, hard working guy. He is loyal to the core, and is the one that many look to when in need to guidance. Some would call him a leader, but he just calls it charisma. At work, he is the guy that can boost moral, and cause people to crack a smile. All in all, Jason is simply described best like this: Fun, loving, blue collar, and true to his word.


    Born on April 13, 1979 to parents Jason Blake Miller, Sr. and Allison Nicole Denyer. Jason was destined for greatness in his parents eyes. His father was an Unspeakable in the Ministry of Magic, and his mother was the owner of the Denyer, Inc franchise for pharmaceutical needs for wizarding hospitals. While wealthy, they never once spoiled Jason (though this was mostly because Jason Miller, Sr. forbid it of his wife, and she never argued against it). At the age of 11, Jason was enrolled into Tallygarunga Academy of Magic. Sorted into Bourke house, he was a bit of a loner in his first year, sticking to the books and studying hard. Once his second year came along, Jason began to slowly come out shell, and started making friends. He had a knack for making people laugh, and used it to gain popularity slowly. In his third year, he tried out for the newly-opened Seeker position on the Bourke house team, and made it. This gave him a boost in not only popularity, but made his really focus more on athleticism. When he came upon his fifth year, Jason was at a crossroads. His studies were doing well, and after talks with his father, Defense Against the Dark Arts professor and House Head, he decided he was really ready to start a career path towards being an Auror. His O.W.L. grades were looking to be sufficient (and ended up being good, having O's in all the required classes but Transfiguration and Herbology, which were an A) for him to begin the required classes on the NEWT level, so he did it. In the middle of his sixth year, tragedy struck his family when his father (and Keith's uncle) was killed in some freak accident at the Ministry. He never found out what killed his father, as it was strictly classified since he was an Unspeakable. Knowing his father would not want him to slack off, and would want him to work hard to reach his goals in life, Jason worked harder to really succeed.

    At his date of graduation, Jason was top in his class in DADA, Head Boy, and was voted as Most Likely To Succeed. After graduating, Jason decided not to further his education and to go straight into the Ministry. 

    After training, he was officially given the job of Auror. A year later, he met Alyse DuVogue, a newcomer into the Auror department. She had been a year younger than him in Tally, and a friend of his (he had made out with her on several occasions.) As his trainee, they became close, and dated for a year or so (he lost count). After she graduated the academy and became an official Auror, he was her partner on her first mission (Jason had already been an Auror for four years, her being 21 when she finally became official and he was 22 (having been official since 18.). In it, she nearly blew their stealth, and they ended up in a heated argument back at the Ministry. It ended in them breaking up. He regretted the decision, but decided it was for the best.

    About five years into being an Auror, tragedy struck him once more. His mother had fought depression since the death of his father, and eventually died to mixture of alcohol poisoning and a mixture of several drugs in her system. He was alone without his parents, and had only his job. He had aquired her fortune along with the family home on Manor Street. The company also went to him, but he eventually sold it for 9.4 billion dollars to the board of directors. This would later prove to be a good decision, as the company eventually went bankrupt and out of business.

    Eventually, injuries would lead up to Jason being being in less feild work. He was assigned to protect the Minister of Magic in Australia during public appearances. He still does feild work often, but tends to try to enjoy his time at home.

    Jason was married to his long-time love, Alyse. However, after he left for Africa on a mission, she had a miscarriage, and couldn't handle it anymore. She left, leaving him heartbroken. However, after a visit from his new partner, Jayden Lawson, who was sent to cheer him up, he bagan a relationship. It was going well until Jason killed vampire Damien Batista, and they had a fight. Jayden still works as an auror, but transferred to New Zealand.

    Jason was promoted as the Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement after Lucretia Ingram stepped down. Jason proudly serves as a beacon of justice for the Victorian Ministry of Magic.

    When Jason met Eudoxia, it was love at first sight. They have been together for several years now, and continue to grow stronger.

    Jason and Eudoxia Miller are the proud parents of one boy, Silas Blake Miller, and one girl, Persephone Allison Miller.


    Jason typically keeps his hair fairly short in a faded buzz. He's grown it out before (never getting long though), but never gets it any more than a four inch clipper setting. He has a fairly athletic physique from his intense work as an Auror and his workout routines. He's quite a stylish dresser as well when not in feild-work. He wears things that are casual, but fashionable. When in feild work, he wears the standard black, Ministry-Issued Auror robes.

    Through his many injuries, Jason has walked away with a few scars. He has one that runs from mid-thigh to the top of his knee on his right leg, one that is on his left shoulder, and one that runs diagonally across his back that is barely visible.

    Also, being quite hands-on, Jason has calloused hands. He sometimes has a fairly rough five-o'clock shadow going at times, giving him that rough around the edges look.


    His wealth - He has hidden it quite well. The only nice thing that he owns is the house, which was left to him by his parents, and a few cars. However, many believe this was just how he has used his salary from being an Auror. 

    Airplanes - He's quite fine with flying, but airplanes become troublesome for him...both inside and out. Inside, he always has this thought that it could crash and he wouldn't be able to save anybody in time. Outside, he's always afraid he might hit one if he's flying too high.

    Loss - Jason Has lost many people in his life from his parents to past lovers. Loss has plagued him, and he never wants to lose what is most important to him now... Eudoxia, his wife, and his children

    General Knowledge:

    Both his mother and father have passed away in some tragedy. His father's cause of death is unknown to everyone including Jason. His mother's death was highly publicized, and all over the papers...which is why he had hardly gone out much since her death except to go out to eat or shop.

    He loves cars. They are one of his passions. He specifically loves the big, gas-guzzling, muscle cars.

    MMA - Training. Watching. Whatever. He loves it.

    He's an auror through and through. The field is his love, even if he sits behind a desk most of the time now as the Department Head.

    Jason loves his family. He would die for them.

    Significant Dates:

    May 9, 2013 - Silas Blake Miller was born
    November 21, 2017 - Persephone Allison Miller was born
    August 27, 2011 - Marriage to Eudoxia

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