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    Ikedi Azikiwe

    Head of Creatures and Unfortunate Incidents
    43 year old mb hu
    Full Name: Ikedi Azikiwe
    Age:  43
    (Legacy Field) Date of Birth : October 20
    Birthplace: Kano, Nigeria
    Occupation: Head of Creatures and Unfortunate Incidents
    Blood Status: mb
    Species: hu
    Patronus: red-eared guano
    Wand: 11" Mahogany, Unicorn Hair
    Play-by: Idris Elba
    Education: Optional. Here you can track what education your character has completed, and what institutions they attended. For characters applying for high-level positions, it is assumed they will have some form of additional education listed here.

    Ikedi is the type of person you want in your corner. He is compassionate and caring, and incredibly driven. Because he was the eldest of the family and he had to take care of them at such a young caused Ikedi to grow up quick, and take responsibility at a much earlier age then his peer group. This caused Ikedi to be a bit separated from his peer group but it didn’t make him any less popular amongst his peers. There was just something about his personality that just draws you to him. Many have said it’s the charming smile. However he had to learn fairly early that you caught more flies with honey than with vinegar. It was not easy but he managed. 

    One of the many things his friends like about him his ability to see both sides of the coins. Ikedi can see the many sides of a problem and pass a judgment based on unbiased opinion. This lead to an over developed sense of justice that Ikedi carries around with him. It has hurt his relationship with his last surviving sister, since his nephew’s father is locked away. It has also cost him many friends, he felt the need to let them know what they were doing wasn’t right and they didn’t appreciate it. This however doesn’t bother him, he would much rather work with people who appreciate him for who he is. 

    In relationships, Ikedi is extremely passionate and caring; he makes sure his partner is happy regardless of what it takes. He wants to have a family someday, one that isn’t as broken as his childhood. He believes that everyone deserves a chance at happiness. His relationships in the past have failed due to the fact that he feels as though he needs to make up for something.


    TW: Suicide 
    The Azikiwe family was not one who ever had too much. His mother was a seamstress and his father was a mechanic. It was not easy for the family- his father had a garage that went under but in the process the family lost everything and eventually ended up living in the garage. Ikedi spent many nights as a young boy sleeping in the cars in the garage. The opportunity to move to Australia came when Ikedi was 9, his father and mother had just enough to get him and his younger brother to Sydney. His father got a job in a garage and his mother found work in a dress shop. It was much easier for them to be successful in the bigger city and things got better for the family. Soon the family of four expanded to a family of six. When the letter showed up, and it was revealed that Ikedi was magical, the family was surprised and terrified. 

    Ikedi grew up with a family who would call the prayer circles when they believed they had been cursed by the Devil. This became something they struggled to accept. It was not easy as he continued to attend the school in Narrie and he found himself going home less and less. It was just easier to sty in school and not worry about what his family had to say. He did well in school. He had not had a very consistent education before that and he had a bit to make up for but once he got settled he was able to do extremely well. Ikedi took to magical creatures quite quickly. He enjoyed working with them, and some of them reminded him of the few he could remember from home. 

    When he was 17 his father passed away. He had a heart attack while at work and he did not survive the surgery. He graduated from Tally and moved home to help his mother while taking what classes he could take. It became harder to do as his mother began to depend on him more and more. Ikedi worked odd jobs to help make up for the income. It was stressful and he struggled with it, but not as much as his mother had. It was a few short years later when he was 20 that his mother passed away. He doesn’t talk about it, but she ended her life by hanging and left Ikedi with the responsibility of being the caretaker. It was then that he decided he needed to go back to school. 

    It took some time but he eventually got to where he had them all in school, he found a decent well paying job in Melbourne and took night classes at VMU. It was not easy, but they figured out how to make it work. It led Ikedi to find a frugal way to make things work. Ikedi eventually got a job with the ministry of magic, his talent with the magical creatures, and his ability to think creatively he worked his way up through the ranks. He feels as though he has missed the boat in some things like romance and having his own family but still believes maybe.


    Height: 6'2" 
    Weight: 156 
    Eyes: Brown 
    Hair: Brown 
    Ikedi has an average build and is often dressed well for work. He tends to favor a more classic look but that does not mean he doesn't unbutton a little bit when he is not working.


    Though his mother's death was hardly ordinary, he doesn't talk about it. 

    General Knowledge:

    Originally from Nigeria 
    Was the guardian of his 3 siblings once his paretns died 
    Is the department head of Creatures and Unfortunate incidents

    Connections:Optional. As your character meets and collects new friends and foes, you can note down the connections here -- or list existing ones if they already have them!
    Significant Dates:Optional. Remembering dates is hard, so if there are particular dates you want to list that are important to your character, here is a nice field to put them in!
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    Marcus Carsen April 11
    Type: Communication Ikedi AzikiweMarcus Carsen.
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