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  • Vladimir Valentin

    Master Cellist / Conductor of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
    27 year old hbr dh ☆ He/Him
    Full Name: Vladimir Ivanovich Valentin VII
    Apparent Age: 27
    Date of Birth: 31/10/1990
    Birthplace: Sighisoara, Transylvania, Romania
    Occupation: Master Cellist / Conductor of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
    Blood Status: hbr
    Species: dh
    Pronouns: He/Him
    Patronus: Black Panther
    Wand: 13", Ebony, Dragon Heartstring
    Play-by: Jonathan Rhys Meyers

    Flinders Alumnus


    Vladimir is one of the quietest people a person could ever meet. The man hates intruding upon the affairs of others. He respects everyone he meets, and will greet anyone in a well-mannered way, unless they have wronged him. Some would say Vladimir is a coldhearted and robotic individual, but this is not the case. Vladimir just does not express emotion like others do; he does not express joy, sorrow, anger, or anything like that, instead opting to keep it all bottled up on the inside. He only chooses to confide with very close friends, or with his family. 

    He is not prone to anger, but when he is, whether it be his family and friends in danger, or an attack upon himself, he taps into his dhampiric nature.

    Eloquent to the last, Vladimir upkeeps the most impeccable of manners.


    Vladimir Ivanovich Valentin VII was born on October 31st, 1990, in Sighisoara, Transylvania, Romania, along with his twin brother Viktor. He was the first born of the boys, to Ivan, a Russian pureblood wizard turned vampire, and Valentina, a Romanian pureblood witch. His childhood was uneventful, attending a muggle primary school along with his brother. Both Vladimir and his twin did suffer trouble with their dhampiric nature, as well as Viktor's health troubles due to his heart condition, but it was a pleasant childhood nevertheless.

    By the age of three, Vladimir began to play the cello, his skills increasing to the point where not even the teachers could instruct him further. The boy began performing with orchestras by the age of seven, under the watchful eyes of his father, a pianist and potioneer. 

    A few years later, the family was given the gift of a set of twins; two girls named Anastasia and Viktoriya. Even as a seven year old boy, Vladimir realized that these two young people would need to be protected, and he did everything he could to make sure the girls stayed safe. Everything was considered normal and steady until Ivan and Valentina informed the family that they would be moving to Australia for work opportunities, especially with Valentina being a healer. Vladimir was distraught with the news, but knew that it couldn't be helped. 

    Vladimir and Viktor were nine years old when they arrived in Australia, the twins merely toddlers. The first year was difficult for Vladimir especially, as the boys had to learn to adjust to the sunlight, as well as using English frequently, rather than Romanian and Russian.

    On Vladimir's tenth birthday, the boy found his brain branded with the memory of watching his father's car accident, the man only surviving due to his vampiric nature. It was a difficult time for the family as Ivan recovered from his injuries, and Vladimir dealt with his first brush with the concept of death.

    When the boys turned eleven years old, they received letters welcoming them to various magical school, from Tallygarunga, to Hogwarts, Durmstrang, and the Moscow Institute. Vladimir elected to remain in Australia for school, attending Tallygarunga, where he was sorted into Flinders, whereas Viktor begged to go to Hogwarts, where the boy was sorted into Ravenclaw.

    His time at Tallygarunga remained relatively uneventful. He was teased due to his pallor, his eye colour, his accent and fangs, but the boy hid it all away behind his wall of stoicism. 

    Later in his sixth year, Vladimir was attacked by his uncle, Igor Drakov, resulting in the scars that now line his chest and abdomen. After that incident, Igor relaxed his particular ways around the family, although he is not at all Vladimir's favourite uncle. 

    Vladimir graduated from Tallygarunga at the top of his class in Musiciary, Transfiguration, and Defence Against the Dark Arts, performing very well in the sport of dueling. He went on to enter a master's program of music at the University of Melbourne, as well as a Musiciary program at the Victoria University of Magic. 

    At around that time, Vladimir's longtime girlfriend left him for no reason to be given, and the man was left with a gaping void in his heart. His ability to trust was shattered, tempered only with the news that the Moscow Symphony Orchestra was looking for a cellist. As such, in the summer of 2014, the young man packed his bags and took the position.

    Three years later, Vladimir found himself back with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra as their conductor, his compositions recognized around the world. The man was happy to return to be closer to his family once more, and upon learning of Tallygarunga's 100th anniversary, he knew he could not miss it.


    Hair Colour: Black
    Eye Colour: The color of red wine
    Vladimir now stands at six feet, two inches. He has short, messy black hair, with dark red eyes, like wine, and a very pale completion. Vladimir has a lean build, which enables him to be agile upon his feet. He tends to dress rather formally, and is not commonly found in casual clothing such as jeans. Vladimir prefers tailored trousers and shirts, opting for t-shirts when he is at home and alone, or he needs to attend to yard work, etc. 

    The man has no tattoos. He does however have a set of scars that run down his chest, from breastbone to navel, from when Igor attacked him at the age of sixteen. He is often sporting a well trimmed goatee.


    - Vladimir hides his love of writing from others, only opting to read when others are around.
    - He is more perceptive of others and their emotions than he lets on.
    - Somewhat of a secret is the fact that he is a descendant of Vlad Dracula III
    - He has not revealed to anyone that one of Viktor's children is actually Améa's. He vowed secrecy to Jezebel and Adele.

    General Knowledge:

    - People know about his dislike for sunlight
    - People know of his love for the colors black and red.
    - They know he dislikes talking very much to others.
    - He is a musical genius, entering the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra at the age of 18.
    - He played as a reserve Beater for the Flinders Quidditch team in his later years at school.
    - He plays the cello, violin and bass.
    - He is a dhampir


    Viktor Valentin - twin brother

    Jezebel Blair - Practically sister-in-law

    Will add more later (y)

    Significant Dates:

    January 15th, 1999 - The Valentins moved to Melbourne, Australia
    October 31st, 2000 - Vladimir witnessed Ivan's car accident

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