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    Liam Somersfield Liam Somersfield

    Keeper On Australian National Team
    32 year old pb hu ☆ He/Him
    Full Name: Liam Somersfield
    Apparent Age: 32
    Date of Birth: August 24, 1985
    Birthplace: Melbourne
    Occupation: Keeper On Australian National Team
    Blood Status: pb
    Species: hu
    Pronouns: He/Him
    Patronus: Boxer
    Wand: 10 1/2 inches - Oak - Dragon Heartstring - Flexible
    Play-by: Derek Theler



    Liam is a very quirky soul. He's extremely depressed from previous life experiences but he hides it well by constantly joking around and being playful. He can seem a bit immature at times but he always knows when to reel it in. He is incredibly loyal and would do anything to make someone smile, even a stranger. 


    Liam did not enjoy talking about his past, so don't ask him about it.

    He was born in Melbourne and was placed directly into foster care, being adopted by Marlene and Stephen Somersfield after just a couple of weeks. They raised him as their own, and he didn't know any different even though he looked nothing like his blonde hair, blue eyed parents. He was raised to be well mannered and a gentleman, but his goofy side was definitely developed from his father. Stephen Somersfield was an architect who never let a moment be dull. Life seemed to take a turn when he received his Tallygarunga letter, along with someone from the Ministry who had to explain to the three of them exactly what that meant.

    Liam's time at school was... interesting to say the least. He was glad to have made some great friends, but many of his classmates did not appreciate his many crazy antics. Most of the boys acted in a more professional manner than him, which only made his general goofball personality stand out all the more... and get him into detention on many occasions. He graduated as an average student, to the dismay of his parents but that was because they only wanted the best for him.

    Life seemed as if it was going Liam's way.

    Marlene, Liam's mother, had been diagnosed with a certain form of cancer which brought her likelihood of dying within the first couple of months up to a good 100%. The doctors had given her around 3 months to live...she died after 3 weeks.

    A deep depression fell over Liam after the death of his mother and he had developed this kind of strange ability to hide his sadness through jokes. He figured that if he could make others laugh then he must be worth something...right?

    And then his father had passed away, or rather he committed suicide. Apparently he had been going through a long battle with depression, something he had been fighting since long before Marlene had been sick...and ended it. Liam was all alone..and he had begun to think that maybe it was better that way.

    He suffers from serious depression which was covered up by his, sometimes obnoxiously, goofy behavior. One who looked at him would think that he was completely fine, but those that knew him well knew that it wasn't the case. So he never talks about his past, about his parents because years ago he was a part of a happy, well rounded family...but now he was alone, with only himself, and his pet turtle, to keep him company.


    Height: 6ft 5in

    Hair: Light Brown

    Eyes: Blue

    Build: Athletic

    Wand Hand: Right

    Clothes: Liam tries to dress up when he's doing anything concerning Quidditch (and not wearing his uniform), but usually he's dressed pretty comfortably. Not shabbily or anything, but definitely not dressed to impress.


    His past (He doesn't like to talk about it).

    Keeper on the Australian team  

    He's majorly depressed. 

    General Knowledge:

    He is a complete goofball.

    Keeper for the Australian Quidditch Team.


    Has a Golden Retriever Doggo named "Marco" that he likes to take to the beach.


    Lucille Fischer - Girlfriend

    Scarlett Van Acker- Best Friend/Teammate

    Significant Dates:

    September 27 - Day his mother died

    October 27 - Day his father died 

    Active Threads Information Threads
    Liam Somersfield February 27
    Type: Hobbit and Giant Liam Somersfield.
    Completed Threads
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