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February, 2019
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Tallygarunga: Term One, VMU: Summer Break

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    Isolda Richards

    Healer/IWP Agent
    27 year old Pureblood Human ☆ She/Her ☆ written by Poppy
    Full Name: Isolda Arabella Richards
    Age:  27
    Date of Birth:  July 15th, 1991
    Birthplace: Melbourne, Australia
    Occupation: Healer/IWP Agent
    Blood Status: Pureblood
    Species: Human
    Playeru:  Poppy
    Pronouns: She/Her
    Patronus: Red Fox
    Wand: 10.7 inch Dogwood, Thestral tail hair, Whippy
    Play-by: Kaley Cuoco

    Graduated: Tallygarunga (Bourke)

    Graduate: VMU in Healing.


    Issy is a very people focused individual, living in a world of people possibilities and has, for the most part, very good people skills. She is someone who has a lot of time for people, often going out of her way to help someone in anyway that she finds possible. This aspect of her personality lends itself in part to her career as a Healer, though can be hazardous to her personal life. As she has aged, Issy has learnt to be a little more selfish with her time and resources but not too the point where he counterbalances this aspect.


    As with people she has more than just the one shining aspect to her personality; for she may go out of her way to help people, she may be considered people focus and perhaps, at times, kind. There is also the aspect of her that is sassy and sharp, the side of her that tells the blunt honest truth, isn’t afraid to take responsibility for her actions and tends to be open an honest about the decisions she has made with her life.


    As someone who was raised within a extreme pure blood environment she does have some underlying judgemental attitudes and feelings. These feelings however are switched from what someone would assume such as muggle born and half breeds too pure bloods themselves and more importantly,the ideals espoused by those sort of people.


    She is an out and proud blood traitor and an loud voice in the idea of reforming that underlying culture within the wizarding world.


    All this aside, Issy is not above using certain situations to her own advantage. The best example of this is that she stayed within the circle of her family and their ideals until she had graduated University so that she was able achieve the best education possible without the financial and emotional struggles that come with stepping out from such a family.


    Born in the early nineties into a pure blood family, Isolda was born with the proverbial silver spoon in her mouth, something that as a child was just something that simply was. Her parents ideals were normal and as she aged from toddler to child she never questioned it, after all her parents were the dictators of her world. Life changed when she went to Tallygarunga, sorted into Bourke house and thrown head first into the wizarding world as a whole.


    Her first two or three years were not easy, surrounded by people she had been raised to believe were inferior to her. However, slowly over that third year and stretching into her forth the forced interaction with people from all walks of life, allowed the young Issy to see views of the world beyond the limited one her parents had taught her. This slow but steady change of view which happened not because of one big event but a lot of little ones, because of making friends, seeing other ways of living and even the influence of different adults in her life was complete when she stepped into her sixth year.

    It was in this year that Issy knew what she wanted from her life as she pushed ahead, knew what she wanted to do as a career and more importantly knew that one day she wanted to pull away from her family and their ideals. So the young blonde made a plan and then spent the rest of her school career and further education putting that into motion.

    Isolda stayed with her parents, stayed in with her family after she finished Tallygarunga and all through her education at the Victoria University. More interested in getting a good education without adding a financial and emotional drain onto herself until after. It wasn’t until long before she graduated that Isolda discovered a truth about herself, a truth she isn’t still entirely sure if she’s happy about. This truth was that she was the biological daughter of a different wizard too the one who was raised her. That she was only an half sister to her beloved younger sibling and actually had another half sibling in the world, someone she already knew.


    This could have made her break away from the family sooner, but, with patience she doesn’t often have outside of the healing room she waited. Waited until she graduated and landed her first job. Then she turned around and cut ties with all her family members, with the exception of her little sister. Whom she still tries to remain in touch with.


    Years have passed since the day she freed herself from that society, now she’s a year into her job with the international wizarding police, still a highly trained healer and starting the ball rolling on become the guardian of her sister, Meadow.

    Isolda stands at around five foot six inches with a physique that is well toned enough that it would not look out of place of a star Qudditch player. But is in fact the results of a jogging, walking and yoga regime. Coupled with her long thick slightly wavy blonde hair and her round large green eyes all of which frame a pretty but not unique or even interesting face. Isolda’s favorite feature on her own body is her cheek bones, which she uses make up too accent whenever needed, which is rather often in her opinion.

    Clothes wise she tends to fall into several categorizes at once, liking comfortable clothing but also sticking close enough to the latest fashions that she could never be labelled as having no fashion sense. Issy also tends to like colors with her clothes, avoiding overly dark colors or particularly plain clothing. That is, unless she is at work. Then she pulls out the sensible and professional attire.

    • Is the half sister of Evelyn McCarthy-Parsons
    General Knowledge:
    • Is afraid of spiders.
    • known 'blood traitor'.
    • Registered Animagus; Red Fox
    • Healer who works for the IWP, also does rotational shifts in the local hospital and for the Ministry of Magic.
    Connected to Isolda Richards
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