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    Frankie Oliver

    07. Seventh Year
    16 year old pb hu ☆ her/she
    Full Name: Franceseca Oliver
    Age:  16
    (Legacy Field) Date of Birth : June 11
    Birthplace: Melbourne
    Year Level: 07. Seventh Year
    Blood Status: pb
    Species: hu
    Pronouns: her/she
    Patronus: river otter
    Wand: 8" Cherry Unicorn Hair
    Education: Optional. Here you can track what education your character has completed, and what institutions they attended. For characters applying for high-level positions, it is assumed they will have some form of additional education listed here.

    Perfection is her ultimate goal. It drives her crazy sometimes really Frankie spends a lot of time reaching for perfection. She feels that is she is perfect then she won’t be rejected by whomever. This is not to be blamed on her fathers, they love her and show her this on a daily basis… though they aren’t her biological fathers so there are two people out there who decided they did not want her, and of course she is glad they did because she loves her dad more than anything but she still wonders sometimes why she was given up. However, if she is perfect no one will give her up again. Luckily for her friend Frankie is a loyal person, almost to a fault, she puts them before herself and does not mind giving them the coat of her back if they are cold. 

    Most would say that she is a creative person, she likes to paint and her favorite thing is clothing, she spends hours altering the clothing she has bought if she is not coming up with her own designs. She wants to be a designer but she is studying potions to make her father happy, he wants to carry on the family business and run Oliver’s Apothecary when the time comes and so she makes sure she has time for both. Which is difficult given her father thinks the fashion thing is silly to pursue, given not many make it big and with her issues with perfection it will be too much of a struggle

    She has a horrible need to keep things organized. It helps her feel as if all is well in the world, even if she is not perfect her room can be perfectly organized.


    Frankie’s biological mother was a confused teenager, and biological father was an even more confused quidditch player with a future ahead of him. So when they discovered there were consequences to unprotected sex they decided it was best they give up their daughter so they could give her a better life. That was good news for James and Kevin Oliver, apothecary owners, who had wanted to expand their family. Kathryn was all they needed to complete their family. For Frankie was normal growing up with her dads she had two loving parents and that was what all her peers had. Though she never quite understood why her play group mom’s always whispered when her dad left to go to the store after dropping her off. 

    She was a good student, perfect attendance and close to perfect marks all through school. Her favorite class was art, she liked to spend time painting in the little shed her father built for her in the back yard. It started out as her playhouse but as she got older morphed into her studio. Frankie was good at the creative activities and found that she soon grew to love clothing and fashion. So it was exciting once she was able to pick things out and them alter them to her own liking, as well as buy the fabrics she needed in order to make clothing if she found she didn’t like what she saw in the store. 

    Her father’s encouraged it for a little while until she had to really focus on her studies at Tally. They pushed for her to focus on potions, they needed her to learn all she could so she could take over the business. Oliver’s Apothecary had been in the family for ten generations and the last thing they wanted to see was it run by someone other than a Oliver. So, to please her fathers she started to put more focus on her studies… though she made sure she made time for her art.


    The most obvious thing about Frankie is her blonde hair. It used to bother her because her dad’s were both dark haired and she knew it made her different. However now she is rather fond of her hair, and she spends hours ensuring that it is perfect in the morning. Part of it might be to impress who she wants to impress and not so much the pride in the color itself. She has rather expressive blue eyes that due their large size tell you exactly how she feels be it anger or sadness. Though she tries to hide her expression it is almost impossible. 

    When not in the usual Tally uniform she tends to opt for jeans and something comfortable unless of course she has someplace to go. Frankie believes that there is something magic about clothes and she likes to spend time selecting them, altering them and then of course wearing them. Even her sense of style is shown in the tally uniform and she alters them within limits… for the most part anyway.


    has an extreme fear of rejection
    She would prefer to go into fashion and not potions

    General Knowledge:

    She has two dads 
    They Run Oliver Apothecary in Melbourne 
    She is allergic to strawberries 
    She is highly organized

    Connections:Optional. As your character meets and collects new friends and foes, you can note down the connections here -- or list existing ones if they already have them!
    Significant Dates:Optional. Remembering dates is hard, so if there are particular dates you want to list that are important to your character, here is a nice field to put them in!
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