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    Vito Salvatore

    Security Contractor
    28 year old pb hu ☆ He/Him
    Full Name: Vito Salvatore
    Apparent Age: 28
    Date of Birth: January 1
    Birthplace: Rome, Italy
    Occupation: Security Contractor
    Blood Status: pb
    Species: hu
    Pronouns: He/Him
    Patronus: Wolf
    Wand: 10" Oak Dragon Heart String

    Various Prep schools


    Vito is a ballistic stubborn short tempered man. He is quick to anger and he doesn’t have a problem holding back or physically harming whoever or whatever is the cause of his rage. Though he has managed to stay out of prison he has had his fair share of fights and scrapes. The only blemish on his record is the dishonorable discharge from the Royal Marines. Up until Ramsey’s School for Magic Vito was a lost soul, a troubled and angry little boy who picked on those weaker than him. Structure spoke to Vito and he soon thrived in the structure that a military magic school provided. Once things were viewed as a privilege there was very little Vito found he needed to live. While he was at Ramsey he soon found that he was a leader, and that he was able to get those around him to work towards their common goal. This added vigor to his studies as well as his military career. Vito relished in the fact he was a talented strategist. 

    In Italy the magic and the muggle live together. This was hard for them and caused many too look at the Salvatores as if they were involved with the mob, however the secrecy and the careful planning it took to keep the muggles from finding out what the family was made for his ability to do well with strategy and plans of attack, as well as plans of defense. Most of his strategy is fueled by his ballistic decision making. The order that comes from planning also fuels Vito, if he can control things then he feels powerful. The power of his physical strength and knowing he can create order causes Vito to feel rather drunk on the power buzz. They are the only things that really exhilarate him. When among what is chaos Vito feel close to crazy, he hates the lack of order and he hates those who do not remain loyal to their team, to their people. As far as Vito is concerned those who desert should be shot. Growing up he was taught one thing, loyalty is the only thing that matters. Loyalty was what made love and everything else possible. 

    Vito hates to fail, there is absolutely nothing more in the entire world he would rather do than succeed. It is this need to accomplish things and win that cause Vito to do whatever it takes. He gets too involved and becomes obsessed with something until it is complete. There is absolutely nothing worse than a disloyal failure and he wants to eradicate those who have these qualities. It is why he makes such a good contractor, he will kill, maim and slaughter in the name of his boss. He will also never give up on the contract until it is complete. In spite of himself Vito likes human connection. Though in his line of work it is not the easiest thing to do. He moves often and doesn’t keep in touch; it would harm his current contract. His family is on him to start a family but he does not see this happening anytime soon.


    The Salvatore’s are really like any other Italian family, loud constantly feeding people and drinking wine. Unlike the rest of the Salvatore clan they only were able to have one child and thus Vito was relatively spoiled by his parents. The Salvatore’s were not well off by any means but they do alright for themselves. The only thing the Salvatores had to fight was the constant mob suspicion. Though they were involved in secret and probably illegal practices they were not ‘the mob’ that muggles think of. The magical community in Italy though was quite like the mob only instead of machine guns in the violin cases they carried wands. It was very secretive and yet they managed to exist with the muggle population in broad daylight. Growing up however Vito was a problem child. He was constantly getting in trouble in school and in order to get him in control they sent him to a military style magic academy, where the privilege to use magic was earned. Not to anyone’s surprise Vito did really well and graduated at the top of his class. If you were to ask him he would still tell you that Ramsey’s School for Magic saved him from being like too many other of his friends who are now in various magical prisons. 

    After graduation Vito joined the Royal Marine Commandoes. This unit served him very well, he was amphibious as well as a dangerous sniper and thus he excelled was steadily promoted. His ability to lead and to make those around him want to do what he said made it easy for his superiors to see that he would make an excellent officer. Vito had a few setbacks though, the problem with being a part of the special forces was that those in the special forces often got themselves blown up. After one of these unfortunate explosions Vito had used steroids to recover, this however made his physical abilities more intense. After he healed he liked the way the steroids changed his physic he did not stop them, he even added a few magical steroids and was soon back on his way of accelerated promotion. Unfortunately the decorations and the battlefield promotions could not save him from the dishonorable discharge after one of the drug tests came back positive. This destroyed Vito, this was everything he had worked for since his time at Ramsey and he let a short cut flood the entire pathway. 

    Magic was the only talent Vito had left. Though he hated what the steroids had done to him he did not feel much remorse, he had become so physically powerful and he liked the feeling. Though he stopped them do the destruction of his body he still kept his in top physical condition due to the fact he started taking contracts. Wherever and from whoever. Though he preferred contracts with the magical community he took some from the muggle world. The muggle world was the world of his disgrace and he preferred the magical world, he was able to perform with all facets of his life instead of just the military training. This is why Vito has found himself in Narrie, he figures someone around here woudl find his skills useful.


    Height: 6'2" 
    Weight: 290 
    The man has many tattoos ways to keep himself occupied and another form of armor- a way to keep people at arms lengths without having to talk to them.


    He hates the water 

    General Knowledge:

    He runs private security 

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