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    Tory Pierce

    22 year old pb hu ☆ She/Her
    Full Name: Torianna Pierce
    Age:  22
    (Legacy Field) Date of Birth : April 17, 1995
    Birthplace: Melbourne
    Occupation: Auror
    Blood Status: pb
    Species: hu
    Pronouns: She/Her
    Patronus: Bengal Cat
    Wand: Cedar, Unicorn Hair Core, 14″, Reasonably Supple

    > Tallygarunga 

    > Victoria Ministry for Magic



    Tory has always been a tomboy who loved getting into scrapes. She is more courageous than is good for her, and particularly susceptible to 'proving' this at inopportune times or whenever she feels her bravery is challenged. 

    While smart and outgoing, Tory rarely seems friendly upon first meeting. Despite this, once you are in her good graces you are hard pressed to get rid of her. Loyal to a fault, Tory would not hesitate to follow her darker side to defend those she loves, a trait which has left her in trouble before. 

    As she got older, Tory has grown out of her desire to only hang around boys because she felt girls were boring, but still finds it hard to bite her tongue around women who dress up or react in a manner she considers 'girly' to things. 

    Due to her tough upbringing, Tory is extremely independent and loathe to accept help - something which life as an auror is slowly beating out of her. 

    She likes to understand people's quirks and personality and exactly why they act in certain ways. It makes her prone to overly-quick judgements and Tory's exacting nature makes it difficult for her to understand when people act contrary to her expectations. 


    Tory’s father, Werrant, worked in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement and her mother, Bethany, was always a dutiful housewife. As such, Tory grew up in a house strict on how she could behave, what she could wear, what she could eat, and who she could associate with. This went a long way to shaping her into the rough-and-tumble woman she is today, as she took every opportunity she could to defy her parents behind their backs. 

    Tory grew up in a nice house on the outskirts of Melbourne, which to her was perfect. Had they lived in the city she would have found it increasingly difficult to sneak out at night, or to wander across large expanses of land, befriending boys her father considered beneath her who attended the primary school a few k’s away. 

    Tory and her older brother Manson never really got along. Though he, like her, hated his parents strict rules and discipline, he never bothered to try and ease the strain for her or them. He never tried to keep his parents happy, instead often going out of his way to rock the boat. He would get into arguments with his father constantly, and often reduced his mother to tears. 

    Tory, while not agreeing with either of her parents’ opinions of what an ideal daughter should be, still respected and looked up to both of them, and hated Manson’s actions. Especially when, at the age of sixteen, he ran away from home. Her mother and father were devastated. Or furious. Or both. 

    Tory is still deeply grateful that she was allowed to attend Tallygarunga, when the school was far from the ideal her parents would have wished for her. Despite her father’s hatred of the principal and general distain for the country town Tally is located in, Tory blossomed within its walls.

    On a day which changed her life, the headmaster of Tallygarunga discovered Tory distraught outside after her father’s furious reprimands about her grades. Alan did his best to calm Tory down and discovered more then she had intended about her less then savoury home life, while at the same time Tory realised that the way her parents treated her was perhaps not the norm. 

    The subsequent months led up to the tragic loss of Alan’s daughter, Lauren and Werrant’s disgrace and banishment from Magical Law Enforcement. It also saw Tory taken under Alan, and the Burdett family’s, wing, teaching her what a real family could be like. 

    Tory looks up to Alan as a kind of father figure, and still struggles with her own mixed feelings towards Werrant and his actions. Despite this, she graduated Tally with high marks and was accepted into the auror program. She threw herself into the program whole-heartedly, forgoing much of a life in preference for studying every night and learning what seemed to come easily to other candidates. After three years she successfully became an auror and left Narrie to visit Saudi Arabia where her brother, Manson, had return to. Their tentative re-engagement during Werrant’s downward spiral sparked a cautious trust between the pair. In spite of Manson’s protests, Tory has still be unable to entirely severe contact with Werrant and Bethany. 

    Having taken time to rejuvenate after three years of the deeply intensive auror’s program, Tory has returned to Narrie looking forward to her years in the auror-force ahead. 


    Standing at 160cm, Tory is on the shorter side. Her brown hair which she used to wear out, is often tied up to keep it out of her face during auror work, but otherwise lays forgotten and untended around her shoulders.

    She has unremarkable brown eyes and a splodgy birthmark on the back of her neck which she still swears looks like a tree.

    Tory has for the most part grown out of her stockiness, but is continuously frustrated at her lack of height. 

    Most commonly seen in auror robes, or jeans and a t-shirt or short-sleeved shirt, Tory has been mocked in the past for never 'growing out' of her tomboy phase. She still utterly despises dresses due to a lifetime of being forced into them by her father and avoids them like the plague. 


    * Tory has told no one that she was at first rejected from the Auror's program due to concerns over her mental stability. The rumour which reached her with her acceptance was that Werrant had spoken to some of his old friends in Law Enforcement and greased the wheels. 

    * Tory hides the fact that she has been suffering an increasing number of PTSD symptoms from her traumatic childhood since beginning the auror's program.

    General Knowledge:

    Tory has just finished auror training and is fiercely proud of her accomplishment. She is over-zealous sometimes in pursuing any activity she considers shady and has been in trouble more than once for sticking her nose in where it was not wanted. 

    Tory loves animals, but particularly her seven-year-old dog Altor, given as a gift by Alan Burdett. 

    Everyone knows that Tory's father, Werrant, accidentally killed Alan Burdett's infant daughter Lauren and has been run out of the ministry in disgrace.


    Alan Burdett's non-blood daughter.

    Significant Dates:

    None yet.

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