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May, 2019
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An AU non-canon Harry Potter-inspired forum roleplay set in Australia.
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    Tamara Lyell

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    Tamara Lyell
    • Full Name: Tamara Lyell
      (Legacy Field) Date of Birth - Auto: 01/01/1970
      ☆ She/Her Muggleborn Human
      Birthplace: Antrim, Co. Antrim - Ulster, U.K.
      Professor of Ancient Rune Studies Education: 

      -Sept. 1985 to June 1990: attended Six Mile Water Primary School - Antrim, Ulster

      -Aug. 1991 to Aug. 1997: attended Hogwarts; passed her 5th and 7th year exams with grades of Exceeds Expectations

      -Jan. 1998 to Dec. 2017: continued studies at Hogwarts as a Professor of Ancient Rune Studies, first under the tutelage of Prof. Bathsheba Babbling as an Asst. Professor than as a Professor in her own right

      Patronus: Black Swan
      Wand: Rowan wood with a Phoenix feather core 10 ¾" and Supple flexibility
      ☆ written by Webster
      Play-by: Tegan Quin

      -Is deathly afraid of snakes and often asks whenever she runs into them in the field, "Why does it have to be snakes?"

      General Knowledge:

      Has a knack of self-deprecation




      Most people, whether inside or outside the wizarding world, often misjudge Professor Lyell's appearance as small and slight...they rarely make that mistake twice. Yes, she's not that tall or stout (about 5'5", 127 lbs or so) but appearances can be deceiving; her lean, wiry figure matches her strong-willed personality, with a dancer's agile frame and wiry, whip-saw like muscles that can be deceptively slight.

      Dark brown eyes frame a face is that always makes it look as though she's ready for adventure, whether it be searching for ancient runes in the sands of North Africa or trying to instruct students in the history of ancient runes and their significance to the magical world...

      As far as clothing goes, outside of official clothing (her scarlet/gold professorial robes, for instance) most times Professor Lyell wears regular clothing (blouses, cargo pants, hiking boots, etc.) plus a ladies fedora' complete with a Springbok feather (given to her by a South African wizard years ago)....


      Tamara Lyell is a study in contrasts; inside the lecture halls of Tallygarunga (or previously at Hogwarts), she is a calm, learned, studious professor, a scholarly individual willing to teach about ancient runes...in the field, it is a different story, as exemplified in this quote from a conversation she had whilst searching for runes in South Africa....

      -Professor Lyell: Plan B? I never have a Plan A most times; I make it up as I go along...

      Therein lies the duality of her personality: a willingness to take chances out in the field, a willingness to make mistakes and get her hands dirty in ways that would make others blanche, yet a willingness to teach what she knows to her students, all of whom she would protect with her life if need be.

      One thing, however, is sacrosanct to her: regardless of the circumstances, she will never use her wizarding powers in the presence of unapproved humans...which, of course, often ends up leading to Indy Ploy after Indy Ploy after...you get the idea.



      --Professor John Forbes Nash, II: Ilvermorny Professor of Ancient Rune Studies (Prof. Lyell and Prof. Nash have worked together in the past on multiple rune dig sites)


      --Sarah Keirsten Lyell: Professor Lyell's twin sibling (unlike Tamara, Sarah was never found to have any magical skills and whenever the two cross paths, Sarah attempts at every opportunity to get her twin sibling to break the Wizarding World's #1 Commandment - Never display your powers in front of unapproved muggles)


      Significant Dates:

      -30 Sept. 1980: her birthday; regardless of whatever is going on around her, she always makes time to celebrate another orbit around the sun

      --15 July 2004: received her Scarlet-Gold professorial robe, which was both a reminder of her professorial duties and a reminder of her allegiance to House Gryffindor

      Ready for Review?: Yes - This character is complete!

    Born in 1980 at Royal Antrim Hospital (in County Antrim, Ulster), Tamara Lyell showed from a very early an ability at magic, an ability which her human-born (a/k/a muggleborn) parents could neither figure out or explain (nor something her twin sibling Sarah Lyell, who didn't show any magical powers whatsoever). Shortly before her 11th birthday, Ms. Lyell - as every child approaching their 11th birthday does - embarked for Hogwarts to begin a new chapter in her life. After arriving, she easily adjusted to life away from home, taking to her new world like a duck to water. What intrigued her most, however, were the ancient runes at Hogwarts and the questions surrounding them - where did they come from? what are they saying? who wrote them?

    Once eligible to take elective classes, she began studying the topic of ancient runes, so much so that she had to reminded by her professors not to neglect her other classes; wise advice, it was, for eventually, when it came exam time, she passed with flying colors (all grades above Exceeds Expectations). As a result, following the end of her seventh year at Hogwarts she was asked whether she would like to continue her studies, this time as a professor of the study of ancient runes; after giving it much thought, Ms. Lyell accepted the offer...and the rest, as they say, is history.

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