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    Sturn Haviland

    Host of 'Chronic Requiem' on the Wizarding Wireless
    26 year old Halfbreed Veela ☆ Possum
    Full Name: Sturn B Haviland
    Apparent Age: 26
    Date of Birth: 19/08/1992
    Birthplace: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
    Occupation: Host of 'Chronic Requiem' on the Wizarding Wireless
    Blood Status: Halfbreed
    Species: Veela
    Pronouns: Possum
    Patronus: Possum
    Wand: 10" Holly, Dragon heartstring, Whippy
    Play-by: Jodie Comer

    Penrose - Expelled.

    Tallygarunga - Sturt - Graduated.

    Victoria University - Graduated


    The surface of Sturn Haviland can be very misleading, looking at the way she holds herself, speaks and moves one would think that the resulting personality would be a somewhat posh, feminine woman. This is not what happens whenever she opens her mouth. Sturn is someone who very much tends to say what she thinks, feels what she feels and often reacts without overly thinking things through. She is more likely to punch someone than use magic too stop them.

    Sturn is a woman who doesn’t come across has very insecure and, yet, she can be when it comes to things that matter the most to her. Such as being a Mother, she often sees what other parents do or say and second guess her own actions. Though she could likely be considered quiet compared to many other people with a similar personality, Sturn is actually someone who likes to be social and can find too much time on her own can cause her mood dip. She is vastly interested in the news, something that is good because of her job. Stubborn, independent and someone who isn’t very good at planning ahead. Life is a little more fun when things when every little detail is planned out, in fact that tends suffocate her. This idea of going with the flow, for most things, can be clearly seen with her personal space. That can only be described as organized chaos.


    What happens when a angry and jealous woman decides to seduce another woman's husband? Sturn is one of the answers, the answer at least that her Mother had. Sturn was born too Ophelia Haviland, a Veela, who had moved to Australia to start a life for herself. The young life of Sturn was one marked with moving around, a string of men following her mother around, often falling hopelessly in love with her only to be pushed aside when her Mother. This was what she learnt at her Mother's knee, that men were only good for a handful of things.

    It was a lesson she took on board and when she started at her first school, Penrose, took to heart. The problem with Penrose, though, was that there was no male students to bend to her will. So the young half breed Veela turned that attention on male teachers, using those skills to get good marks and, even, to get herself out of trouble.

    Naturally everything came out and Sturn was expelled from Penrose and then moved to the neighboring school of Tallygrunga. Placed in Sturt house and known for what had ‘happened’ at Penrose, caused Sturn to decide to keep to herself. Though she had a few friends during this time, she was never particularly popular.

    At the age of fifteen she found another man too wrap around her little finger and had the entire thin backfire.

    She fell in love and then fell pregnant.

    Nine months later she gave birth to a baby girl she called Nercissa. The young and shamed Mother became more secluded after that, her focus shifting onto this new life she had made. She started studying hard and then going home to care for her child.

    After graduating Tally she went on to study at the local university. It was during this time that she married the father of her child and settled down into the small family they were. But, it was short lived. Her husband, at first happy to have such a pretty wife, soon became distant, spending more time at work and less with his young wife and child.

    Two years after graduating and just s Sturn had landed herself a job with one of the local radio stations, he admitted to having an affair with a woman closer to his own age. A divorce followed shortly.

    Since then Sturn has focused on her career and raising her own beautiful child to be a better woman and witch that Sturn and her Mother ever could be.


    Being half Veela gives Sturn a certain aura, one that can catch most men when off guard. It also allows her to move in a way that is usually classed as graceful. In fact, all of her movements tended to follow this phrase though Sturn, herself, feels anything but graceful. Her Veela heritage has also made her tall with a feminine figure, with just enough curves to be appealing. Sturn has a long graceful neck, which she hates.

    Unlike most of Veela heritage her hair is not a golden or even light blonde. Her hair is a light honey brown colour, though; she is known to dye it darker and lighter as her mood reflects. Her eyes are very light blue. As for clothes, Sturn is a woman who likes to wear statement clothing, usually sticking to fashionable clothes that tends to fall on the not as modest, side of things. Though, on her down time she can be found in a simple t-shirt and jeans.


    She is the biological daughter of a prominent member of Wizarding society (She doesn't know)


    General Knowledge:

    - Is a Veela Half Breed

    - Was expelled from Penrose.

    - Was that teenager that got pregnant during her time at Tally.

    - Was a loner at school.

    - Is a radio presenter for the 'Chronic Requiem'. The show either tends to run the early hours of the morning, or evening/night periods. The password to access it changes weekly and it is known to play not only wizarding music but muggle music as well.



    Significant Dates:

    25/12/2007 -  Nerissa Haviland was born.

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