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February, 2019
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Tallygarunga: Term One, VMU: Summer Break

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An AU non-canon Harry Potter-inspired forum roleplay set in Australia.

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    Stuart Blair

    Federal Minister of Magic
    52 year old Halfblood Human ☆ He/Him ☆ written by ★ LilyCat
    Full Name: Stuart Jameson Blair
    Age:  52
    Date of Birth:  December 13th, 1966
    Birthplace: Narragyambie
    Occupation: Federal Minister of Magic
    Blood Status: Halfblood
    Species: Human
    Playeru:  ★ LilyCat
    Pronouns: He/Him
    Patronus: Phoenix
    Wand: 12" Redwood with Dragon Heartstring
    Play-by: David Boreanaz
    • Tallygarunga
    • VMU

    Considering he's the father of five Blair kids who were all Spencers (and a secret other one who ended up in Sturt), it would be fairly accurate to say that the apples didn’t fall far from the tree at all. While he may seem pretty intimidating if he’s sizing someone up, he’s pretty easy going and loves to generally have a good time – be it at work or anywhere else. He’s a devoted family man and puts in a lot of time with his family when he can. As much of a goofball as he can be, he does do his work well, which he’s been promoted recently.

    A bit of a fitness fanatic, Stuart goes to the gym regularly, as well as does boxing training and coaches a junior football team. Of course this is balanced out with his incredibly terrible eating habits, a man loves lots of steak and burgers and fried foods of course, not to mention beer and whiskey. Though rare that he cooks since most of the kids have left home, he does actually know how to, although prefers to keep it simple these days, since his youngest son tends to make his own concoctions to eat.

    When it comes to mates, he’s a great one to have on someone’s side and will stick up for his friends up to the end – as well as offer to sort them out if they’re being idiots themselves. He likes to tell it like it is and doesn’t really bother dodging around words. He’s pretty direct about what he thinks and is fairly confident as well. If someone gets on his bad side then there’s usually trouble on the way – only occasionally will he lose his temper but when he does then everyone knows about it. He isn’t afraid of getting his hands dirty, especially if it involves his family or people he really cares about. However, its rare that he’s serious, let alone angry, he’s pretty relaxed most of the time.

    One thing that does tend to freak him out a little bit and more so recently is how quickly all of his kids have grown up and left home, leaving him with an empty house. He's also still recovering from the loss of his and Nicole's unborn child a few years ago, which led to them breaking up due to her relief that she wasn't going to be a mother contrasting with his disappointment and heartbreak that he wouldn't be a father again. He's a gentleman at heart, and loyal to whoever has his affection, though tends to wear his heart on his sleeve which doesn't always do him favours.


    A local Narrie boy by birth, Stuart was the baby in his family by a good decade and a half, in his father’s second marriage. Being such, he was pretty spoiled as a kid and well adjusted, knowing he had parents who loved him. As he attended St Andrews, he already started leaning somewhat toward being a bit of a clown. Following St Andrews, he went straight into Tally with a couple of his friends and was sorted into Spencer where he had an absolute riot through most of his schooling years, his future prospects changing constantly as he really couldn’t just make up his mind – flitting from one thing to the next in most aspects of life, even simple conversations. It was just lucky that he had a couple of great teachers who were able to keep up with him.

    Eventually he seemed to make up his mind that he would contribute somehow to the magical community, which meant going to VMU. So once he finished up at Tally, he was off to the city, where he seemed to just fit straight in. Though still a country boy at heart who still tended to stay at his folks’ place a lot of the time, he found himself comfortable at University where he excelled in Business and Education, and enjoyed a few years being able to play for their Quidditch team as well. It was during his third year he met Tanya and fell head over heels, proposing to her after they’d been together for 6 months, followed by marriage a few more months after that. They were happy together for a while, he landing a job with the Ministry and her working at St Ringos, though problems soon sprung up for some reason he had no idea of and they separated because she wanted some time.

    Utterly perplexed by the split, Stu turned to drinking with his mates and spending time out at clubs and pubs, which is where he met another woman, younger than him and a recent school leaver. They struck up a fling for a time, just something casual though he had to admit he had fun in her company. And then one day he heard from Tanya again, who had sorted out her feelings and wanted to reconcile. Naturally, he was all for it since she was his wife, and he found out she had problems conceiving and knowing he wanted a family, felt useless. He was supportive though and they started looking into IVF. Not long after they were back together though, he heard from his ‘casual fling’ – that she was pregnant.

    It was a very mixed up time for a while. He was thrilled at the prospect of becoming a father, but he had to be honest with Tanya about the situation, and he barely managed to stop the other woman from doing anything rash (as she was panicked due to still being so young and not ready to have a child, especially to an already married man). In the end he and Tanya offered to take the child and raise it as theirs. The mother agreed, and then one day they came home with Jezebel. He was in love with the baby girl the moment he saw her, and doted on the child immensely. The only thing that could have made him happier with his life from there was the news that after a year or so, Tanya had managed to fall pregnant. The birth of the triplets seemed to rekindle something – though there were problems with their other child. Jezebel had never been a fantastic sleeper, but she’d started waking from night terrors regularly and seemed to not want to sleep at all.

    It was when they noticed the huge behavioural changes from one moment to the next that it became even more worrying. And finally they found someone who knew what was wrong, and with good timing since Stuart Junior had just been born as well. It was a difficult realisation, knowing that his daughter had such a gift, and that it had caused her to develop other actual personalities, but he accepted it and loved all her aspects the same. All the kids were cherished and looked after, wanting for nothing, and gradually they all moved on to Tally, while Stuart started lecturing at VMU on occasion and Tanya began travelling to places with WWB to offer her services to those in need. Life changed with the kids all at school most of the year, Stuart worked more and started putting in more work at the Ministry, involving himself in more educational matters due to his personal interests in that area with his kids. A rift also began to form between him and his wife – and not because of her travelling. However, he couldn’t accuse her of anything without any proof and didn’t want to upset the kids. He’s already having a difficult enough time dealing with the fact that they’re growing up. At least he had the distraction in a new promotion – to the Department of Magical Education and Training, as the Department Head.

    Not long after though, Tanya returned home, four months pregnant and with a confession of having an affair for quite a while, and the two were divorced not long after. Things never really slowed down after that either, with the children going through their own dramas, including Jezebel finding out about her birth mother and then Stuart finding out that Améa was also his daughter, the surprise of that almost overshadowing his promotion to Victorian Minister of Magic.

    Thinks managed to balance out for a while after his appointment, at least until he met Nicole Barkwith, a new young employee in the Ministry who was just a little bit jumpy. He helped her settle in and they gradually became friends until a few drinks one night led to more. They began dating and soon found out Nicole was pregnant -- for some time things seemed to be going well... and then a cult that had been hunting the young woman found and attacked her. The attack resulted in the loss of their baby after she went into early labour at six months, and soon after the pair decided to part to grieve in their own ways and sort out what they wanted.

    This generally meant that Stuart threw himself into his job full-time, since his children hardly needed him, all having grown up and off to university or starting their own families. So it was that he was a very dedicated and effective Minister of Magic for the state, and when the Federal Minister stood down after many years in the job, Stuart stepped up as the recommended next in line.

    These, Stuart finds himself feeling more lonely than ever with his children all doing their own thing, having left the nest, and spends more time at his cousin's or the Roo when he's not working, unsettled by the large empty house that was once bustling and lively with family.


    With a solid build and standing at about 6’3, he can cut an intimidating figure upon first meeting most often – at least until he relaxes into an easy smile and carefree swagger. For the most part, he usually looks pretty relaxed, although if angered or irritated its pretty easy to tell and without words he can be good at letting people know to keep out of his way. That is a rare occurrence though, more often than not he’ll have a perpetual grin on his features as well as the look of someone who’s plotting something amusing.

    He has warm brown eyes and cropped dark hair, a forehead that he often receives comparisons to cavemen for from his oldest daughter, but generally fairly finecut rugged features. He’s often clean shaven, but will leave the stubble on his days off. He dresses in good suits when at work, and still dresses in good clothes when not at work, but he does also have a few old pairs of jeans and shirts that work for his lazy day or farm clothes. Out in public though he maintains a rather sharp image, of course with the amount of exercise he does he sometimes looks a bit more like an overpaid private bodyguard.

    • He won't admit to anyone how much he misses the beeping from the 'wide load' pants his old girlfriend wore when she was pregnant
    • Has fallen into a depression over the past couple of years, since all the kids have moved out and got their own lives, and he's on his own, but keeps this to himself, covering it up well to focus on work and others
    • He also has the entire collections of Garfield and Footrot Flats comics
    General Knowledge:
    • Everyone knows Stuart's a smooth talker and a charming gentleman, though many also know that its not smart to anger him
    • He has done weekly boxing training since he was a teenager and still coaches junior Aussie rules football
    • Knows how to play the guitar, taught Jezebel when she was young
    • He's a social person, and loves a good party, cares about his work and is a dedicated family man
    • And of course, thick as thieves with his close friends Alan Burdett (also cousin) and Kate Belmont
    • Co-owner of the Drunken Roo
    • Owner of the Victoria Magical & Native Wildlife Park and Reserve (though his mother runs it)
    Connected to Stuart Blair
    • Stuart Blair divorces Tanya Hart 2010
      October 13th
      8 years
    Significant Dates:
    • July 2013 - Baby Annabelle was born three months premature and died within a few days
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