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February, 2019
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An AU non-canon Harry Potter-inspired forum roleplay set in Australia.

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    Owner of Will o' the Wisp Wands
    2019* year old Pureblood Fae ☆ She/Her ☆ written by ★ LilyCat
    Full Name: Niamh
    Age:  2019*
    Date of Birth:  November 30th, -0001
    Birthplace: Ireland
    Occupation: Owner of Will o' the Wisp Wands
    Blood Status: Pureblood
    Species: Fae
    Playeru:  ★ LilyCat
    Pronouns: She/Her
    Play-by: Emily Rudd
    Education: Optional. Here you can track what education your character has completed, and what institutions they attended. For characters applying for high-level positions, it is assumed they will have some form of additional education listed here.

    No one in town can recall ever seeing Stardust with anything but a warm smile upon her lips, unless her expression is that of inquisitiveness or curiosity, and then they become wary because it may mean there is some mischief to come. She is friendly to most everyone that she meets, and appears to see the good in just about everyone.

    One very noticeable quirk is her love for animals, especially small animals. She tends to adopt mice, lizards, birds, pigmy puffs, and all kinds of small animals that she comes across which she feels need a home. Where she even keeps them, no one seems to know, though they show up around the wand shop now and then. Every one of them has a name and personality according to her, and it's not unusual to find her chatting away to one of her little friends.

    Anything outside of these habits appear to be a mystery for the most part. Stardust does go out sometimes for social nights, but she never invites anyone home, nor does she tend to talk much about herself. She is someone who will give someone her last ten dollar note if they need money though, and will sit with someone who's alone and sad until they feel better. She does love sweets though, and anyone who brings her some is her best friend.


    Almost nothing is known about the very fae lass who arrived in Narrie some number of years ago. How many years is also foggy in the minds of the locals. She was just there one day, with her wand shop and her animals, and wonderfully charming demeanour. She never spoke about where she came from, and never seemed to have to. She was just Dusty, the local wand fairy, who people simply assumed was perhaps a member of one of the Native Demifey clans. No one questioned her slight accent or the nature of her reason for opening up a shop in town.

    Since her arrival though, Dusty's made friends here and there, and has always only ever shown herself to be kind and caring, often spoiling children by giving them candy or cookies when she comes across them. She's never harmed anyone and appears to be content to simply live as a member of the community and do her part. She does love parties and special occasions, often keeping a whole stockpile of gifts for people around Christmas time especially. And loves being invited to do things, though she doesn't outwardly try to aim for invitations nor does she openly take the initiative to ask others to do things either.

    One thing that has been noticeable though, is her uncanny way of matching a wand to an owner. As though she can hear every wand speaking to her, she had never had an inaccurate matching, and is able to tell what elements would work best with a particular witch or wizard, thus allowing for wands that need to be specially created, to be done. As such, her shop is quite popular in Victoria.


    As far as anyone has seen or can remember of their associations with the spritely lady, she always appears to wear a smile upon her lips, seems forever energetic and happy, and almost as though she has boundless quantities of energy. Since she tends to use glamour almost always, she appears to have a pale complexion and dark hair, as well as eyes that are a violet shade of light blue. Lips are ever red in colour, and she is quite petite, standing at around 4'10". Her appearance allows the non-magical members of the community who might see her around town to believe that she is just a very short peppy young lady.

    Without her glamour it would be very obvious that she is pure fae, her complexion like moonlight and her eyes carrying the tri-ring colours of indigo, violet and magenta. Her lips are still red, but it appears as a natural part of her rather than lipstick, and the tips of her ears have slight points. There is also a natural tattoo-like marking like wings that run from her shoulders down to the backs of her knees.

    • Basically everything of her life prior moving to Narrie
    • How old she is. She eludes to being much, much younger than her true age (even 1000 is younger than the truth)
    • How it is that she can read wands and witches/wizards so well
    • Her true name
    General Knowledge:
    • Has many small animal friends that she talks to and apparently understands
    • That lady who'll lend you money if you need it
    • Very much loves company, but does not go out of her way to seek it - leading people to assume she may be shy, despite how easily she fits in when she is invited
    • Tends to drive her shop assistance a little batty sometimes, but all in good fun
    Significant Dates:Optional. Remembering dates is hard, so if there are particular dates you want to list that are important to your character, here is a nice field to put them in!
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    Stardust Thursday at 11:02 AM
    Type: Open Amber CrossStardust.
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