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February, 2019
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    Sibylla Townsend

    Doctor/Healer, Non-human Support Networker
    249* year old Pureblood Veela ☆ She/Her ☆ written by ★ LilyCat
    Full Name: Sibylla
    Age:  249*
    Date of Birth:  May 1st, 1769
    Birthplace: Romania
    Occupation: Doctor/Healer, Non-human Support Networker
    Blood Status: Pureblood
    Species: Veela
    Playeru:  ★ LilyCat
    Pronouns: She/Her
    Play-by: Candice Swanepoel
    Education: Optional. Here you can track what education your character has completed, and what institutions they attended. For characters applying for high-level positions, it is assumed they will have some form of additional education listed here.

    Though she may appear stoic, practical and professional much of the time, Sibylla is far from unkind or lacking in compassion. In fact, its because she has very passionate emotions, that she feels she must control and contain them a lot of the time. Losing control of her emotions has never really led to any good results, it generally tends to lead to trouble, and because she cares about her human family she doesn't want to bring too much attention or danger to their lives. To that end, she might be aloof or disregard someone if they are trying to wind her up.

    One thing that is noticeable is just how protective she is of her family, especially since the death of Melanie under very suspicious circumstances that only Siby and a couple of other people are aware of. She would sooner gut someone than allow them to hurt those that are precious to her -- but again, that it part of her passionate nature, which is very difficult to keep a hold of sometimes. Still, when she is calm and among her loved ones, she is very content, happy to sing to or play with her great-granddaughter, or chat with her daughters and granddaughter. She is very up to date with the modern world and technology, and so can relate easily with the younger generation.

    Perhaps the only thing that bothers her on the rare occasion, is general loneliness. Sibylla is not a creature built to be single for long periods of time. But at the same time, she won't risk danger to her family or herself, and so its often very difficult to find a trustworthy partner. Her last long-term lover died around seven years ago and since then she's kept to the odd fling here and there and nothing more. But she does miss companionship; loving humans also causes a lot of heartache, and she's loved a few. She even has a fun side when she feels like letting her hair down a bit.


    If asked how she came to being, Sibylla would never tell; part of the reason is that she isn't entirely sure she even knows how she may have been conceived, or whether she simply just started existing. It is a mystery for the ages, and not worth trying to think too hard about as far as the woman is concerned. She spent her first years of awareness among some others of her kind, finding their nature to be as natural as breathing air.

    Somewhere in the late 1700s, Sibylla, still quite young in mind, was found by a travelling group; Roma, they called themselves. She took to travelling with them and learned some of their ways. It was through spending time among humans, and especially around men, that she learned of the talent she had for entrancing those of the male gender. With this discovery came many affairs which led to confrontation among the travellers, as wives and husbands and lovers all became frustrated. One woman tried to attack Sibylla for seducing her man, and the Veela reacted by killing her. Sibylla promptly found herself being chased from the group and on her own again, though not for long.

    Coming across a lone wanderer, Sibylla told him of her tale and that she didn't understand what had made them so upset when it was in her nature to seduce. He then laid out a challenge for her, to be monogomous with him for twelve moon cycles, and then see if she understood. So it was that the Veela came to travel and sleep with only that man. And over time, she grew to take comfort from his mere presence alone, finding him a trustworthy and honest companion, and finding herself falling into small bouts of jealousy whenever another woman paid him attention. By the end of the allocated time, Sibylla believed she understood, and when he asked if she would agree to them pledging themselves to one another alone in a ritual he called marriage, she happily consented. Sibylla married her first husband and loved him for many years until he passed away in 1830 from illness.

    The loss of her husband sat with Sibylla for a long while and she avoided much human contact while she went through the process of grieving. For a number of years then after, she vowed not to become close to another like that, due to the pain of loss when they were no longer in this world. She once more traveled, though to farther away lands this time, had her share of partners, and even married a couple of other men over the years, though none she was as close to as her first husband, and she also never had children with any of them.

    It wasn't until some time in the late 1960s that Sibylla met another man who seemed to genuinely catch her interest. He was an American wizard and anthropologist who was wandering Europe around the same time that she'd returned there for a while and they'd just come across one another and started talking. Intelligent and kind, there was something else about him that simply struck her, and she offered to be his guide. In their time together, she grew attached and when it was time for him to return home and he confessed his feelings and asked her to go with him, she agreed. In '73, Sibylla gave birth to her first and only child to date, Melanie, and settled into life as a happy mother and wife.

    Over the years after, as Melanie grew up, Sibylla found herself wanting to expand her knowledge even further. She went through adult education, and through a few years of study and aptitude tests, qualified to study medicine. She became a doctor in 1990, and then continued further study into other aspects of health before her husband became sick with cancer. His illness lasted a number of years before it took him in 1998, and after that she concentrated on taking care of her remaining family. During this time she became a proud grandmother as well, which softened the blow a little.

    In the early 2000s, Sibylla decided to get a teaching degree as a means of being able to be close to her daughter and granddaughter and that's when she met an Auror, Jonathan, and began a casual but caring enough relationship with him, which also resulted in another daughter in 2003. The woman kept very close to her family, though was once again devastated in 2010 when the girl's father was killed. When Mel and Gem moved to Australia, Sibylla didn't wait a very long time before following with Grace, and they traveled around the country for a little bit, before the girls were enrolled in Tally's Bilby school.

    Then late 2012, tragedy struck when she and Mel were traveling together. Melanie was attacked when Siby wasn't around, and died. The attacker left no trail to follow, but there was enough evidence for Siby to know that it was a wizard, and the attack was something done with purpose and intent. Since then she's been investigating on the side, keeping an eye on her family and an ear out for other similar deaths on non-humans, as she believes that the attacks may be targeted. At the same time, she took a more permanent living situation and job in Narragyambie, while she looks after her younger daughter as well as the young ones that her older daughter left behind.

    Over the past couple of years, the woman began a support network for non-humans, due to concern over possible dangers to them from Hunters of exotic species.


    Pretty would be putting it lightly, Sibylla's looks are designed to draw in the attention of others and incite lust in men, so of course she would be nothing less than beautiful. Still, this doesn't mean she goes out of her way to flaunt her appearance, often using make-up to in fact try to dull down her looks rather than enhance them. She has bright blonde hair, and abnormally bright blue eyes, full lips, and a nose that hooks in just the slightest way. Standing at 5'6, she is an average height, and a healthy body weight, her physique leaning toward that of a person who gets regular exercise, but not enough to get rid of all her body fat, leaving her with more of an hourglass-ish figure.

    Siby dresses in expensive clothing a lot of the time, from her work suits, to her running clothes. Its more a matter of comfort than anything, finding that cheaper materials feel scratchy against her skin. She colour coordinates like nobody's business, and doesn't like looking untidy -- unless she's lazying about the house or is playing with her great-grandson.

    As a Veela, Siby does have the unfortunate 'other side' to her as well though, which is not nearly as pretty in appearance as her normal state. When truly angered, she will begin to transform. If the anger is controlled then she can keep it to hands becoming claw-like and maybe a few feathers sprouting along her arms, but if she flies into a rage, then she transforms into something appearing more like a harpy, that can do devastating damage, both with her strength, and with the fire she can summon.

    • She is full Veela
    • A widow, a number of times over
    • Has a deep love for old black and white movies, dancing, and an addiction to Coco Pops
    • Was the mother of past Bilby Headmistress, Melanie
    • Is grandmother to Gemini, and great-grandmother to Gabe
    General Knowledge:
    • A doctor at Narrie General, and part time at St Ringo's
    • Has a daughter who go to Tally
    • Has a 'way' with men
    Connected to Sibylla Townsend
    Significant Dates:Optional. Remembering dates is hard, so if there are particular dates you want to list that are important to your character, here is a nice field to put them in!
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