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    Scarlett Fate

    01. First Year
    11 year old hb hu ☆ She/her
    Full Name: Scarlett Fate
    Apparent Age: 11
    Date of Birth: 15th March 2006
    Birthplace: Australia
    Year Level: 01. First Year
    Blood Status: hb
    Species: hu
    Pronouns: She/her
    Wand: Aspen and unicorn tail hair.
    Education: Optional. Here you can track what education your character has completed, and what institutions they attended. For characters applying for high-level positions, it is assumed they will have some form of additional education listed here.

    She is eccentric and very creative. She paints a lot and her favourite style of painting is abstract. She favours loud colours and messy application. She gets really in the zone and makes a huge mess. She also won’t hear you calling her when she’s painting because she’s so tuned into her art.

    As a friend Scarlett is very loyal and there’s nothing she won’t do to defend you. She gives her heart so deeply, but she doesn’t give it easily, or to many.

    As a student, Scarlett is weirdly disorganized, but successful in her studies. She has a very chaotic approach to time management and keeping on top of everything. She seems so chaotic and messy but her work is always turned in on time.

    As an enemy, Scarlett is aggressive. She doesn’t bother with cutting remarks and sarcasm, she’ll just hit you.


    She was born in Australia but spent three years in Britain due to her muggle father’s work. He took a job in the Australian embassy in Britain. Scarlett’s mother is a witch. She was offered a promotion with her government job, but she had to move back to Australia. The family tried to get through apart, with Scarlett and her dad in England (Buckinghamshire) and Scarlett’s mother in Australia. Scarlett was ten at the time. She was halfway through her last-but-one year at primary school. Scarlett and her parents struggled apart, with Scarlett switching off more and more and her dad being diagnosed with depression. In the end, they decided to reunite but they had a problem with Scarlett’s schooling. Eventually, they decided that they should stick it out until Scarlett had turned 11 and finished primary school. Scarlett and her dad moved back to Australia during summer 2017. Scarlett had to leave her best friend, Rosemarie behind. They had been excited about attending Hogwarts together. They are keeping in touch via owl but Scarlett finds it really hard.


    Scarlett has white-blonde hair. It’s very thick and very fluffy. She wears it loose and never curls or straightens it. She has a natural wave to it. She has grey eyes and very white skin. She likes to wear the odder colour combinations, like blue and red, orange and blue… She loves homemade jumpers. She loves retro jeans and Converse. She’s of average height and is slim and very bendy.


    Scarlett doubts whether Rosemarie will actually keep in touch with her. She thinks that Rosemarie is only friends with her to be friends with someone, rather than being alone. Without the convenience of being at school together, Scarlett doesn’t think their friendship will stand up.

    General Knowledge:

    Scarlett is hearing impaired. She can use muggle hearing aids but around magic they malfunction. Her mother made her a magical pair by taking the electronics out of the plastic casing and charming them to enhance hearing.


    Rosemarie Langloire in England - her best friend, and penpal.

    Significant Dates:Optional. Remembering dates is hard, so if there are particular dates you want to list that are important to your character, here is a nice field to put them in!
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