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    Savannah Ryan

    05. Fifth Year
    15 year old Halfblood Human ☆ She/Her/Hers
    Full Name: Savannah Ryan
    Apparent Age: 15
    Date of Birth: 15-Feb-2003
    Birthplace: Launceston, Tasmania
    Year Level: 05. Fifth Year
    Blood Status: Halfblood
    Species: Human
    Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
    Patronus: Thylacine
    Wand: 11 1/4 inches, Pear, Unicorn, Swishy
    Play-by: Auli’i Cravalho

    You will find that Ava is bright and intelligent for her age. She has a playful kind of personality and an easy laugh. Ava enjoys being happy, and she sometimes finds that happiness is reading a book curled up on the couch while in the family room. Sometimes it can also mean hanging out with a group of friends as they laugh, chat away, and just enjoy each others company. 

    She's as social as can be and does enjoy being alone to recharge herself. Ava goes to bed earlier than most of her friends and family. She rises early in the morning and enjoyed calming activities like drinking some hot chocolate as you see her walk down the halls before everybody starts gathering about and moving as the day commences. 

    Ava is proud to be a witch, and being the first known one in her family and takes pride in being a part of her house, school work, and doing the best she possibly can in each subject she is taking. She may even try to become better in the subject she is horribad in.


    It all started in the year 2003 when she was born. Savannah, formerly known as Ava, was born by her mom. It had been a result of a one night stand despite the fact that protection had been used. Ava's mom believes that Ava is a special gift to her and had treated her with much respect and smothered her to death. 

    Now moving onto the year 2005 -- Ava's mom was seeing another fellow man. Ava doesn't really have anything against the man, but she hadn't been fond of him either. The two seem to have gotten on just to make Ava's mom happy. The man has stated that he'd rather not have Savannah in the picture, but her mom was oblivious to this. 

    As far as 2008-2012 went -- There had been a break-up, described as being a nasty one that ended Ava's mom relationship with this man. The gist of the break had seemed to be about sending Savannah away to boarding school, getting married, and having more children. After that, Savannah and her mom moved away to Flinder's Island in January where her mom works as a farmhand during the days that Ava had attended school. Both her and mom live in a small house in Whitemark, and Savannah has friends over for play dates most days. She does enjoy visitng other farms in the area her mom works at, or even where her friends live at. She's often seen around farm animals and sometimes even gets to ride the horses and ponies. When it's summer time they go to the beach and this was when Savannah had a terrible experience in almost drowning. As a result of that, she has a very real (and a deep secret) fear of water and swam a lot less. She still enjoyed playing in the shallow water and on the beach though.

    2014 was a decent year! She got her acceptance letter which had been a shock, but does explain a lot about the odd things she has been known to be doing. Accidental magic was around sometimes, and it wasn't really like her mom had money for a more..prestigious school that is private. Ava accepted the  invite to Tallygarunga. Both her and mom fly up to the mainland to buy school things she needed, and her mom comtemplates moving closer near the school. 

    2015 -- Ava had a shocked look on her face seeing mom pick her up from the school gates, and takes her to their brand new home located in Narragyambie. It's just a small enough house to hold the two of them, but Savannah is happy because she gets to spend much more time with mom as she considers her her best friend. They get even closer throughout the year. 


    Ava has an oval shaped face, has high cheekbones, and a defined chin. Whenever Ava smiles, it is always wide and bright. She has the best straightened teeth you'd ever see.  People  have said to her to those who witnessed it. Ava has dark chocolate brown colored eyes, and also has thick long eyelashes with manicured eyebrows. Her nose is about as neat as her smile and people describe it as looking cute.

    She is short for her age, and isn't quite developing into a woman like some of her fellow classmates. Savannah has a narrow and slim build, but she has long legs and arms that are toned from being physically active. She does enjoy running and can be found usually going for jobs when time permits. 

    Her fingers are nimble, usually going through that dark colored hair of hers as it falls down in natural waves to her mid-back region. Even if her hair is a lot of work, she doesn't quite have the courage to cut her hair quite yet.


    - She has a deep fear of all things water, so will avoid pools, lakes, and all of those sort of things. You probably shouldn't try and push her into one either as she hates when people are too close to her as she's near any of those things. Also, even splashing the girl will make her freak the hell out. 

    - Name shortenings tend to bug her, but Ava is a fine nickname she's okay with! 

    - She is actually a half-blood and not a muggle-born. Her mother is a Muggle, and her father is an unknown one-night-stand. Both are not aware of this fact.

    General Knowledge:

    - She is a huge fan of Disney! She enjoys the movies, story books, music, plushies. If it is Disney related she will love it. 

    - Reading is a hobby of hers! She enjoys fantasy especially gotten into it and found it a bit amusing due to being an actual real life witch. Things like dragons actually...are real. 

    - Magical creatures are things she adores and loves. Fuzzy, cuddly, and just amazingly cute ones are preferred. She has a big time respect for centaurs, and is madly in love with unicorns. She does wish she could end up seeing Thestrals, but at the same time she's kinda glad she's not able to.

    - Don't ask her to make potions, she is horrible at it. She does try her best, though!

    Significant Dates:

    - When she was five she and her mother moved to Flinders Island.

    -  Age 10: Ava  received her Letter of Acceptance. She began her first year at Tally, sadly her mother was not able to have the funds to have her attend a more prestigious school.

    - As she turned age 11/12, her mom moves to the Narragyambie as she continues with her farmhand work.

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