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  • Sage Morgan

    Waitress at Bewitched & Bewildered Gallery Cafe
    28 year old Halfblood Human ☆ She/her
    Full Name: Sage Morgan
    Age:  28
    (Legacy Field) Date of Birth : 6th May 1990
    Birthplace: Narragyambie
    Occupation: Waitress at Bewitched & Bewildered Gallery Cafe
    Blood Status: Halfblood
    Species: Human
    Pronouns: She/her
    Patronus: Arab Mare
    Wand: Oak with unicorn tail hair
    Play-by: Emma Stone

    OWLS: DADA [O], Herbology [A], Potions [A], Transfiguration [O], Flying [E], Muggle Studies [O], Ancient Runes [O], Arithmancy [O], Wandless Magic [O], Elemental Magic [O], Astronomy [O], History of Magic [O], Charms [O]

    NEWTs: DADA [O], Transfiguration [O], Muggle Studies [O], Ancient Runes [O], Arithmancy [O], Wandless Magic [O], Elemental Magic [O], Astronomy [O], History of Magic [O], Charms [O],


    Sage is very academic and very creative. She is sharp-minded but gets obsessed with one thing or the other. She is a good friend and she has several close friends. She is an itrovert, preferring quiet conversation and plenty of alone time. She has good flying skills but you would rarely see this, since she doesn't really enjoy flying. 


    The Morgan sisters attended Tally from early 2002 to the end of 2008.

    After school, Sage attended a muggle academy in England to gain A Levels. She studied Art, Textiles, Business Studies and Design Technology. She went on to University in Cardiff to study Business. She did well and achieved her degree, but she was unhappy with the subject. She missed art. She missed her sister in Australia.

    Sage moved back to Narragyambie after five years in England, at the age of 23. She spent a year working as a waitress in a muggle cafe, before she was able to get a place on some art courses. Suddenly the world felt right again. Art became increasingly important and at 26, Sage applied to Victoria Magical University. She is now in her second year. She focuses on fine art, with some textiles and design, and how magic can be used in and affect art.


    Her hair is red but she dies it blonde. She uses a straightening potion too. Her eyes are blue. 5ft 7. 


    Sage is desperate to locate her mother. She was particularly bad during her late teens. Salt had to dissuade her from taking Divination classes, as she was hoping to use that skill to find her mother.

    Sage is appalling at Herbology and Potions due to her OCD.


    General Knowledge:

    She has a twin - Salt Morgan, and a niece, Acorn.

    She was a Sturt. Her twin was a Flinders.

    Significant Dates:

    1st October - her niece's birthday

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