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  • Michael Grant-Jones

    Stay at home Dad
    27 year old pb hu ☆ He | Him | His
    Full Name: Michael Joseph Grant-Jones
    Age:  27
    (Legacy Field) Date of Birth : 21-09-1990
    Birthplace: Melbourne, Victoria
    Occupation: Stay at home Dad
    Blood Status: pb
    Species: hu
    Pronouns: He | Him | His
    Patronus: Coyote
    Wand: 13 1/2 inches, Fir, Dragon Heartstring, Supple
    Play-by: Hayden Christensen

    Tallygarunga Academy of Magic - Spencer, Class of 2008


    Michael is a complicated man, who has two distinct personalities; that when he is in public company and that when he is with his loved ones.

    Publically, Michael is a tight-lipped, steady man who smiles often enough, though they never reach his eyes and he rarely laughs. He watches the world around him with a calculating gaze, as if trying to determine where the next hit is going to come from. He is serious, quiet and reserved, rarely speaking without reason and almost never talking about himself, his daughter, or their life before they came back to Victoria. He can have a rather intimidating air about him, and while it came about by accident, he appreciates the way it keeps people at arm’s length.

    Losing the one person Michael thought he would grow old with so recently, he has additional airs about him of sorrow and mourning, with darkness across his face and in his movements that belie his anguish. He can often be found staring into space with drawn features, and while he has yet to lose control in public, it isn’t completely foreign for him to suddenly bolt away from a public setting until he feels alone and safe from watching individuals. In the privacy of his own home, there are few nights that Michael does not spend crying while he rocks his daughter to sleep.

    In a private setting – which is mostly the sole company of his daughter – Michael is a warm and loving individual who takes great pains to be the best father he can be for the little girl who is the centre of his world. With his daughter, the pain of his loss takes a back seat, leaving him free to enjoy her antics and laugh at her silliness. He takes great pains to make her feel loved and safe, and carefully balances spoiling her rotten with making sure she behaves herself and uses good manners.

    As a whole, Michael is reserved and private, keeping his private life private and his social life social; he does not feel a need to mix the two, which is probably how his affair with Kimberly lasted so many years without them ending up caught. He does not appreciate prying, and is quick to shut down unasked for questions and queries, often rather sharply or rudely. He does not take kindly to being told how to father his daughter – he and Kimberly had a plan, and he sees no reason to deviate from it, even if (especially because!) Kimberly is now gone.

    Michael is especially protective of the fact that his daughter is incredibly likely to be a muggle; he refuses to call her a Squib because that would imply she was a broken magical, and he will not call her muggle around his new friends, family and neighbours, because that would imply she was not his daughter. Instead, when questioned, he simply states that she ‘is not magical’ and leaves it at that. Anyone who attempts to push the subject is shut down. Hard.


    Triggers; All kinds of angst, death, mayhem. Etc.

    2006 - Began dating Penny. He found her pleasant enough, but was mostly pushed into the initial relationship via peer pressure from his mates. Despite that, Michael put effort into the relationship and found her company pleasant and enjoyable. He came to believe he loved her.
    2008 - Graduated from Tally. Did well enough, though he wasn't top of any of his classes.
    2009 - Penny comes to him, and tells him that she is pregnant. Michael is shocked, having been under the belief that hey were both being appropriately cautious. Despite that, accidents happen. He stepped up, discussing with Penny the actions they would take to make their relationship, and their new roles, work together. Unfortunately, August 12th,  Michael woke up in a cold sweat after a nightmare about what his life would be if he followed through. Horrified, and not really thinking, Michael threw his things together while Penny slept, crept out of the house, and never looked back.
    2010 - Micheal settled into a small apartment on the Gold Coast, Brisbane. He worked a muggle job at a local beach-side bar. It was there that he met Kimberly Jones, who saw something in Michael that Michael hadn't realised was there. The two hit it off, and began to spend time together after Michael had finished work.
    2011 - On the 20th of February, Kimberly officially asks Michael to go on a date with him. Michael agrees, surprising himself with how much he really wants to go. He realises pretty quickly that he's infatuated with Kimberly, and dangerously close to falling in love with him. It was on the first of April, however, that Michael learned that Kimberly had a girlfriend by overhearing a conversation. Confused and hurt, he confronted Kimberly before their next date. Kimberly acknowledges the fact, and Michael goes home in disgust, heartbroken and betrayed. Unfortunately, he's already in deeper emotionally than he thought, and when Kimberly comes to his place to reconcile, their relationship is renewed and things are finally taken to the bedroom, leaving Michael rather starry eyed and definitely in love.
    2012 - Nothing particularly interesting happens this year. The most exciting is that Michael gets a promotion to the assistant manager role in the cafe he's been working at since he arrived on the Gold Coast, and he thrives under the additional responsibility and extra hours. Additionally, he begins to expand his friend circle, becoming good friends with his manager's rather shy and lonely sister - Kitty -, often taking her on platonic 'dates', much to her pleasure.
    2013 - Kitty begins dating a nice guy who became a part of Michael's small group of friends, and he finds himself in the situation where he needs to reassure the other man that he and Kitty are just friends, even going so far as to laugh and tell him he's gay. It's a surprisingly liberating sentence to utter, and Michael is overwhelmed by the weight it lifts from his shoulders that he didn't realise was there. Most of his friends, who had already assumed as much, took great delight in teasing Kitty's new boyfriend about his fear of Michael stealing her away. Kitty took pains to point out the standard of dates Michael had set. There was much laughter.
    2014 - Nothing happened here; Michael lived, laughed, loved. As far as he was aware, life was damn good and nothing could ever spoil that. His only desire was that Kimberly would leave his girlfriend and go public with him, making their relationship real. Hesitantly, he brings the subject up to Kimberly, who doesn't say much and instead just looks at him with a sad expression that doesn't reassure Michael in the least. He loves Kimberly; doesn't Kimberly love him?
    2015 - On the 20th of Feb, Kimberly promises that he will break up with his girlfriend that year, and be with Michael only. Instead, Kimberly broke up with Michael on June 10th, informing him that his long time girlfriend was pregnant, and he meant to do right by her and the child. December 15, Alexandria Charlotte "Ally" Jones is born. Unfortunately due to complications, her mother dies during childbirth. Finding himself alone and with a newborn infant in arms, Kimberly turns to Michael, not expecting much but delighted with Michael welcomes both Kimberly and Ally into his home, his life, and his heart. Kimberly vows to make up his betrayal to Michael, and proposes to him a week later. Michael says yes.
    2016 - The pair are married in February - the 20th, which is also their official anniversary - and follow the ceremony by formally having Michael adopt Ally, hyphening her name to match theirs. With that taken care of, the pair decide to pack up and move, shifting their lives to Western Australia, where there are better surfing beaches for Kimberly to surf at, and further his career. Michael picks up a job working at a cafe again
    2017 - During a morning surf early morning on December 5th, while Michael and Ally were sitting on the beach watching, Kimberly was fatally attacked by a shark. Michael, who hadn't been carrying his wand for years, was unable to do anything to help as he held a confused and upset toddler who was picking up on his own roaring emotions. While the beach lifesavers reacted to the attack, they weren't able to retrieve much of Kimberley's body, and Michael was left to explain to his daughter why her father wasn't coming back in from the water.
    2018 - On February 7th, Michael moved back to Melbourne, with little Ally on his hip, and a wedding ring still on his finger. He's close lipped about his past.


    Michael's hair, which is kept relatively short and tidy, is of the dirty shade that is neither blonde - for it is too dark - nor brunette - its too light - but something murkily in the middle. He used to have lovely blonde hair, and sometimes it does bleach nicely in the sun, but mostly its just, well, hair. His eyebrows are a couple of shades darker, and his blue eyes are framed by long, dark lashes.

    Blessed - or cursed - with a baby face, Michael looks several years younger than he actually is, though he considers this (mostly) a blessing; it could be worse - he could be wrinkled and dour from the hardships and grief in his life, but somehow he isn't. He has full lips and high cheek bones, with a rounded chin and a slim neck, his Adam's apple rather noticeable. Michael has both ears pierced twice, and his bellybutton.

    Of build, Michael is slim and fit, toned from a healthy lifestyle of physical exercise and a good diet. He spent a good portion of the previous years swimming though he now mostly jogs in the morning and evening, sometimes with the stroller and sometimes while Ally is in daycare. He also has a treadmill in the house that is used when its simply too hot to be outside.

    Michael keeps a clean shaven face, and otherwise doesn't carry much hair on his body, a point of torment when he was a child but something he appreciates as an adult. His teeth are straight, thanks partly to genetics and partly to braces when he was in his teens, and while he smiles often and easily, it rarely reaches his eyes. Of clothing, Michael dresses sensibly and with good taste, though he is not above a pair of comfortable track-pants and an oversized tee when in the privacy of his own home.


    - Kimberly Jones is actually a man, though Michael has made no attempt to rectify the assumption that Kim is a woman.
    - Alexandria Charlotte "Ally" Grant-Jones is his adopted daughter, and the biological daughter of Kimberly.
    - Hasn't gone swimming in the ocean since Kimberly was killed.
    - He is a stay-at-home dad, currently living off the life insurance of Kimberly while he figures out what to do with himself, and his daughter.

    General Knowledge:

    - Michael packed up and vanished into the night after finding out Penny was pregnant, post graduation.
    - Until he reappeared in Melbourne in 2018, no one had seen nor heard from him since 2009
    - Michael was married, and still wears his wedding ring; his partner is deceased but the circumstances are unknown.
    - He has a toddler daughter, born December 15, 2015


    Penny Quinland - Ex-girlfriend, mother of his daughter Lily
    Lily - Daughter, born to Penny, 24 December 2009
    Ally - Daughter, born to Kimberly and Girlfriend, 15 December 2015

    Assorted individuals in Qld.
    Open for old and new connections in Melbourne.

    Significant Dates:

    12.Aug.2009 - Michael fled in the middle of the night, abandoning Penny and their unborn child.
    15.Jan.2010 - Michael met Kimberly. The two became friends.
    20.Feb.2011 - Michael and Kimberly begin their affair.
    01.Apr.2011 - Michael learns - via third party - that Kimberly has a girlfriend.
    20.Feb.2015 - Kimberly promises Michael that he will break up with his gf.
    10.Jun.2015 - Kimberly broke up with Michael; gf pregnant.
    15.Dec.2015 - Alexandria Charlotte "Ally" Jones; girlfriend dies.
    20.Feb.2016 - Married to Kimberly Jones; Officially adopted Alexandria.
    05.Dec.2017 - Kimberly is fatally attacked by a shark.
    07.Feb.2018 - Michael and Ally move to Melbourne.

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