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    Mary Ohara

    Charms Professor
    29 year old mb hu ☆ She/Her/Hers
    Full Name: Mary Ohara
    Apparent Age: 29
    Date of Birth: January 24
    Birthplace: Melbourne, Australia
    Occupation: Charms Professor
    Blood Status: mb
    Species: hu
    Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
    Play-by: Naomi Shimada

    Tallygarunga and VMU


    Mary is a rather ordinarily happy woman, though she might choose to express it a little more vehemently than others. Always talkative, Mary biggest fascination is people: all sorts of people and everything about them. She wants to know how people think, how people feel, and what people do. Open-hearted and generous, Mary isn't without a hint of selfishness. She will often ignore boundaries in order to see more of others - good or bad - and choose to deal with the consequences of an unpleasant relationship with someone interesting than to have them sit the borderline-anonymous acquaintances. It's curiosity towards people that drives her, and undoubtedly the reason why she is fascinated with the magical remains of people who have passed away. Other than that, Mary isn't particularly exceptional; moderately intelligent, moderately hard-working and moderately interested, just enough so she can do what she really enjoys in life. 


    Mary was born to Paul Ohara and Alice Thomas in a small apartment in Melbourne, shortly followed by her brother Mattie and his fluffy mutt. The 1990s went on fairly uneventfully, or so she recalled. Most of that decade seemed to have been passed on the living room floor playing with Mattie, ruining dinner in the kitchen with grandma Emi, and being told off at school for a lot of weird things that just had the habit of happening around Mary. Because Mary was a sort of weird thing as well, no one gave it much thought until the Summer of 2000.

    Even then, it seemed that Mary being a witch wasn't reason enough to stop and take a look around. After all, the Oharas had definitely seen better days. Paul Ohara had recently lost his office job and talked a lot about finding something more fulfilling to do with his life. For the time being, it was apparent that he wanted nothing more than being a stay-at-home-dad. Alice Thomas failed to see the greatness of any of it, being the only sustainer of her husband, her husband's mother, and two young children. So even when it was announced to the family that Mary had proper magical abilities and that she had a place at a proper magical school, it was only Mary and Mattie who had time to react. And they did, with unending vows of smuggling the little boy into the school, quickly forgotten promises of bringing him magical pets and enchanted books, and a thoroughly honest - if sometimes forgotten - guarantee that Mary would never love anyone or anything even a tiny bit more than she loved Mattie. Not even a cotton ball more. Not even a hair. Not even an atom.

    She probably didn't, but seven years is a very long time to be worlds apart. While Mary discovered Tallygarunga and the people of Tallygarunga - those witches and wizards that were so different from everyone she had ever known -, Mattie grew up surrounded by things Mary didn't understand so well anymore either. Unlike the two children, things at home didn't seem to change - they just seemed to get more crowded. Mary took too much space in Mattie's room as she studied days and worked nights through university, Grandma Emi cooked less and less and bickered more and more, Paul seemed to have carved a place for himself on the couch and find himself back there every couple of years, and Alice, as always, was unamused.

    She dragged her stay at her parents' for a couple of years after she left VMU, working in a local secondary school with an eye out for Tallygarunga's job openings. She hid her wand and Frank-the-keychain away and learned facebook with muggle teenagers. She helped keep the house acceptable and discussed the news with Grandma Emi. As he emerged out of adolescence, Mattie and Mary had conversations longer than five sentences. And so, when what Mary had always really wanted happened and she was accepted at Tallgarunga - only a couple of hours away - she left with a bittersweet taste in her mouth and hundreds of envelopes in her bag. 


    Mary is 5'6'', curvy in all the right places, and a delight to look at. Or at least that's what she actively believes, and shows in every one of the colorful outfits and unusual hats she wears whenever her work allows her to. If it's a mostly unfounded cliche that witches and wizards can't dress, Mary makes it her one-woman job to not be the exception that confirms the rule. It's always there, even under the sober clothes she puts on for classes: a pair of yellow socks, a rainbow-necklace hidden under a sweater, a bottle of emerald-green ink.

    Her face is round with big eyes and she's usually found with a wide smile on her lips. Her straight brown hair, falling to her shoulders, breathes some normality into an otherwise usually saturated look. It's not on purpose, though - it's just the very best way to wear a hat.


    Mary doesn't really believe in secrets. She doesn't believe other people should have them, and she thoroughly doesn't enjoy keeping them herself. She's an unreliably open book, and all her information is just one question away.

    General Knowledge:

    Mary Ohara was an average but motivated student at the Tallygarunga Academy of Magic who seemed to want everything but leave.

    Even though her academic achievements were considerably brighter, probably bright enough to land a teaching job in one of the country's private magical schools, Mary took a part-time at a secondary school in Melbourne until she was accepted at Tallygarunga.

    She seems to have a weird fascination with shrunken heads. It's not unusual for people to see her chat with her keychain-head, and anyone who has gone into her office might have heard voices coming from behind a bright yellow curtain.

    Connections:Optional. As your character meets and collects new friends and foes, you can note down the connections here -- or list existing ones if they already have them!
    Significant Dates:

    January 24, 1989 - Mary was born

    March 5, 1993 - Mattie was born

    Spring of 2000 - Paul loses his job and things are never really the same again

    Fall of 2000 - Mary goes to Tallygarunga

    Fall of 2007 - 2012 - Mary goes to VMU

    July of 2010 - Mary saves enough money to buy Frank-the-keychain, the first shrunken head

    Fall of 2013 - Mary gets a part-time job at a muggle secondary school             

    January 2016 - Mary starts working at Tallygarunga


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