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    Lilith H.R.A. Evenstar

    Student - Advance Elemental Magic (VMU), Mechanic
    24 year old pb hu ☆ She/her
    Full Name: Lilith Hera Ziz Auriel Redgrave
    Apparent Age: 24
    Date of Birth: October 31, 1993
    Birthplace: Chateau Redgrave, United States of America
    Occupation: Student - Advance Elemental Magic (VMU), Mechanic
    Blood Status: pb
    Species: hu
    Pronouns: She/her
    Patronus: Wolverine
    Wand: Ironwood, 34cm, Minotaur Horn Velvet
    Play-by: Emily Bett Rickards

    Ilvermorny 2004-2011 - Thunderbird House

    Miskatonic University 2011-2014 - Magna Cum Laude in Esoterics


    Lilith becomes known to any community she joins very quickly, owing to her outgoing nature. She is fair and frank, preferring to be honest than liked when forced to choose between the two. It is very easy to write her off as a space-cadet or air-head, mostly because she is absolutely both of those things. What is not so easily dismissed is her intellect, though her areas of expertise are highly specialized and so somewhat narrow.

    She also demonstrates a fierce devotion to those she cares about, which is the source of Lilith's character flaw. She isn't gullible or credulously simple, or even overly-trusting; she is, however, far too quick forgive and forget. She is also paradoxical in that she is unburdened by "stage-fright," but is also eager to avoid spotlights whenever possible. Modesty of early upbringing has made Lilith a fan of doing chores by hand and the simple, little pleasures; given her druthers, Lilith prefers a quiet, modestly comfortable existence in a community where she can pursue her Calling.

    Lilith is a Quodpot fan in the original sense, "fanatic." By far the easiest way to distract Lilith is to put a game of Quodpot on, or invite her to play. She specializes in long-arm passes and managing to maneuver across a wide range while in possession of the Quod (a player cannot engage in locomotive movement when in possession).

    A great part of the draw of Australia is the partial integration between no-maj and wizard.


    On Halloween 1993, the family convened for the annual ritual. In this year, the leader of the ritual was neither the family monarch nor her son but rather Lilith's mother, who used her labor pains to fuel and enhance the ritual. As a result, Lilith was infused at birth with a measure of the family's elemental magic. Owing to this infusion, she demonstrated from an early age a remarkable aptitude for elemental, wand-less, and other ancient magic, but has had a rather difficult time learning modern magic.

    Lilith's early childhood was an uneventful one, like all Redgrave children she was raised under modest circumstances among no-majes aware of the magical world (the 90s colloquialism was "briefs," as in "briefed on the magical world"). With "appreciate the value of money, not its worth" and "disdain "blood purity," and "always be aware of the needs of others" being core Redgrave values, her pre-Ilvermorny education consisted of a basic grounding in magical theory and a thoroughly comprehensive coverage of no-maj education. From a very early age, she demonstrated remarkable intuition and aptitude for mechanical engineering and repair and so was encouraged to focus her no-maj studies in math, science, and technology.

    Ilvermorny was an awakening for Lilith in many ways. In 2004, the Redgrave heiress was offered her choice of any house but Pukwudgie and opted for Thunderbird. During her first few years she came to appreciate that her family's broad and progressive values were not universally held in the wizarding world, being herself something of a pariah due to her lack of facility with wand magic in the early stages. As she came into her own as a young woman, Lilith discovered girls in a big way, falling deeply in love with her roommate. The angsty tendencies of teenager-hood led her briefly into a very quiet "like a fish needs a bicycle" mentality. She would soon find it much easier to make friends, however, and so outgrew it. In her second-to-last year at Ilvermorny, something in Lilith broke.

    Whether it was a mental block or biological barrier, something gave way that made her able to take the leap forward and catch up to her classmates in wand skill. While she was able to become competent and even capable in the use of a wand, she still prefers hand and elemental magics. She surprised many by turning down an offer from the Salem Institute when they wouldn't budge on facilitating her "expeditions."

    Miskatonic University in Arkham, Massachusetts was where Lilith chose to take her higher education. Considered strange by many and outright dangerous by some, mainly for being a mix of magical and non-magical both in curriculum and population, Miskatonic possesses a higher concentration of unique texts than any other extant library on Earth. For 3 years she worked and studied and poured over books you couldn't mention in civilized conversation, but it was the expeditions she loved. Lilith went on every school expedition she could while still completing her studies, magic was in high demand in risky areas like the open ocean and extreme climates like Antarctica. Graduating "only Magna" as Lilith herself puts it was nothing to sneer at, as Miskatonic awards exactly one Summa per year.

    During her years working among her family's best engineers, Lilith made it a point to become as expert as she could in no-maj physics and mechanics. When, two years after their graduation, Lilith's girlfriend from school left her, she went so far as to spend a summer working as hard as any Shop Dog in the family garage of the main no-maj line. Intense constant study of very ancient magical history, no-maj religion, and elemental magic have been Lilith's devotion in the time since, interspersed with the occasional clandestine escapade. During this same time Lilith has spent her time, romantically speaking, aggressively testing the bounds of the term "serial monogamy."

    Lilith is in Australia to apply for a research fellowship in Advanced Elemental Magic and Theory at the Victorian Magical University as well as to look into a number of promising artifact leads both on and off the continent. She is also recently come in to the first wave of her inheritance and is itching to do some good with it.


    Lilith is average height for a woman, this is usually augmented with heels. She has an ample bosom and hips for a woman of her stature but otherwise would be considered average (which she considers a vast improvement over "slight" and "petite" which described her before puberty). Her one area of absurd splurge is in the area of clothing, though she dislikes most jewelry and prefers simpler shoes even among her higher-end pairs. She can just as often be seen in casual no-maj dresses or semi-traditional robes.

    By far, Lilith's favorite trait is her hair, which she keeps in as perfect a health as she can manage, though she never allows it to be a color anywhere on the melanin spectrum; it is usually a layered mixed of pastel shades of pink, but she makes adjustments as needed or wanted. Her eyes are a red-golden shade of amber.


    Lilith, like all members of the main line of the Redgrave Clan suffers from what is known as The Calling. The Calling is a fixation which inevitably develops in all people with a significant portion of pure Redgrave blood. Very early Redgrave settlers in large numbers peacefully coexisted and then merged with a Native American tribe which had spent generations inter-breeding with the various magical species capable of human cross-population. Each fixation is as unique to the individual as it is rife with the potential to destroy him/er if ignored or indulged unsafely.

    For Lilith, The Calling is a deep obsession with the most ancient of magics, elemental and so-called "divine" magics in particular. She has both arranged for and engaged in activities of varying levels of legality in order to facilitate, further, and test her studies into this field. What practical end she is driving towards is something Lilith will most likely not learn until she is already there.


    Lilith is also an animagus. She keeps this a secret as best she can not because she is unregistered, but because of the circumstances of her transformation. During her youth, Lilith idolized her paternal grandmother. Grandmom Redgrave is a metamorphmagus, a talent which featured heavily in Lilith's childhood adoration. In her efforts to learn this unlearnable talent, Lilith studied the theory of Animagic thoroughly. Perhaps she did a little too well, because she managed to train herself to become an animagus without realizing it.

    The "condition" as she refers to it amounts to experiencing "attacks," coming in response to stimuli or just as easily out of nowhere. During these episodes, Lilith transforms into a large savannah cat with strawberry blonde fur, her eyes remain the same shade of amber. The only real danger in the condition is that Lilith's lack of control stems from not having tried to become an animagus. Entering the "animal mind" is one of the early stages and builds the foundation for the quasi-human animal mind the wizard will embody while transformed. Because she did not get into the practical magic, Lilith transforms too perfectly. In most such cases, the witch or wizard's brain would simply forget being human and the individual would be stuck forever. Lilith managed to doge this fate by luck and sheer force of will, though her cat self is still essentially its own separate being with her higher brain functions and critical thinking skills locked away. She is in the process of clawing her way to resurfacing and controlling her power.

    General Knowledge:

    Clan Redgrave is as well-known in the No-Maj world as they are in the Magical one. The Redgrave family has been a pillar of the American magical community since its earliest days and the size of their magical industry is dwarfed only by the conglomeration they operate in the no-maj world, the benefit of their practice of ignoring blood purity and investing as heavily in their non-magical offspring as in the magical.

    Lilith was the firstborn of her generation of the main family line. Fortunately, due to her family's distaste for dogma, she is not obliged to inherit the family business. As the firstborn of the family trunk, she IS obliged to become the family "monarch" when her time comes; luckily her grandmother is in exceptional health and her father takes after his mother, meaning she likely won't have to step into this role until she is in the twilight of her life.

    Lilith's only personal claim to fame is in being one of the rare magical Redgraves to work in the family's non-magical businesses. She is known professionally as an "electro-luddite," a reference to the fact that in spite of her immense intuitive aptitude with mechanical engineering, her facility with computer science and electrical engineering is average at best. As a result of her unorthodox career path, she is largely unknown to the magical world, even to those with close ties to her family.

    Connections:Optional. As your character meets and collects new friends and foes, you can note down the connections here -- or list existing ones if they already have them!
    Significant Dates:

    Lilith loves the Winter Solstice, the Equinoctes, and the dates on which Food Festivals fall.

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