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    Leander Hue

    Potions Professor
    26 year old Muggleborn Human ☆ He/Him
    Full Name: Leander Edward Hue
    Apparent Age: 26
    Date of Birth: March 5, 1992
    Birthplace: Melbourne
    Occupation: Potions Professor
    Blood Status: Muggleborn
    Species: Human
    Pronouns: He/Him
    Patronus: Porcupine
    Wand: 12 1/4 inch, Pine, Unicorn core, highly flexible
    Play-by: James Taylor
    • Greyheme Wizarding College
    • Post-secondary in North America

    While Leander is generally fair in grading, he dislikes untidy workspaces and is strict on his students in this area.  Lee loves organization and can point to a number of potion accidents to back-up his strictness. Leander is still new to teaching and is still developing his style and lesson plans.  Lessons can be a bit unpredictable and don’t always follow a linear path day-to-day. 

    He is creative and a puzzler, but this also feeds his risk-taking and experimentation habits.  It’s not too hard to convince him to try something new and/or risky. 

    Lee is very observant of small details, but this leads him to not always see the big picture. 


    Leander was the second child (of 3) born to muggle parents, a lawyer and an electrician living very comfortable life in Melbourne.  He liked to bake which his brother made fun of him for.  Occasionally, something would go array during the process, and not always was it explainable by young Leander who would be just as confused as his parents as to how cookie dough chilling in the fridge managed to catch on fire or how the chocolate cake managed to turn out lime green when there wasn’t any food colouring in the house (and food colouring wouldn’t have masked the dark brown colour of chocolate anyway).  In school Lee excelled at mathematics and did better than average in science.  Teachers generally had a favourable attitude towards him for his tidy desk and careful lettering. 

    When it was revealed he was a wizard and required special schooling, Lee’s parents were stunned but determined sending him to a private school (Greyheme Wizarding College) was more favourable and socially acceptable than a public school, especially one with a reputation in muggle society as being a place for delinquents.  Leander was glad to be away from his bully older brother and hoped that his sister would join him when it was time (she did not). At Greyheme’s Lee quickly took to potions as well as herbology, charms and muggle studies, but hated history of magic and transfiguration.  The potions master at the school, a favoured mentor of Leander encouraged him to pursue extra studies after he had completed his time at Greyheme.  

    He followed that wisdom and chose to study in North America researching new and different potion ingredients.  Coming from Australia which has very unique flora and funa, and thus atypical potion ingredients compared to other places in the world there was an adjustment period for Lee.  Adjustment being code for many things blew up.  It was at this time Lee learned something that had always kind of known but never quite realized: he liked experimenting in potion making.  The second thing Leander learned during his time in North America was his liked teaching.  Leander took extra time to finish off his studies as he decided to also take on coursework related to teaching, uncertain if he wanted to teach or be the next big potion maker when he was done. 

    Teaching won out in the end, with Leander deciding to move back to Australia as he missed to comfort of his birth country.  A major fight with his best friend in North America also helped push him back to Australia.  Just over a year ago he took a position at Tallygarunga.  He hasn’t stopped experimenting, but has succeeded in only making one big potions mess in that time, at least officially.  Unofficially, it’s a different story.


    Leander has dark brown hair, brown eyes and typically sports a scruffy five-day beard.  He’s not quite 6 feet tall with an average build, though his arms are clearly muscled.  Due to a drunken night out during his time in North America, Lee has a tattoo on his left calf.  Unless explained it looks to most like a stylized group of 5 sticks and one feather, but it’s actually porcupine quills and a feather writing quill. Lee is right-hand dominate, however left is adept at many useful skills and potion making requires two good hands.  His wardrobe consists of sturdy dark coloured pants and long sleeved shirts as protective measure against splashes. 


    His underwear drawer is just as neat as his potion supply cupboard. Most storage places under his control are, in fact.

    Hates pumpkin-spice anything.

    General Knowledge:

    His supply cupboard is likely the neatest thing in the school and Lee is not afraid to get out his (specially purchased) label-maker in order to make it even more organized.  

    Lee likes to sing (very off-key) to himself while doing menial tasks.  Often times the songs are made-up and include puns.

    On occasion Lee will give house points for giant, epic failures in potion making, “because no one could have made a mistake that big if they planned to.”  He is also quick to remove points for messy workspaces.

    “What would happen if..?” questions are some of his favourite.

    Connections:Optional. As your character meets and collects new friends and foes, you can note down the connections here -- or list existing ones if they already have them!
    Significant Dates:
    • Born – Thursday, March 5, 1992
    • Employed at Tallygarunga – 2017
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