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February, 2019
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    Lauren Burdett

    05. Fifth Year
    15* year old Halfblood Sorceraic ☆ She/Her ☆ written by ★ Sadrienne
    Full Name: Lauren Meredith Burdett
    Age:  15*
    Date of Birth:  February 20th, 2003
    Birthplace: Narragyambie
    Year Level: 05. Fifth Year
    Blood Status: Halfblood
    Species: Sorceraic
    Playeru:  ★ Sadrienne
    Pronouns: She/Her
    Play-by: Natalie Dormer
    Education: Optional. Here you can track what education your character has completed, and what institutions they attended. For characters applying for high-level positions, it is assumed they will have some form of additional education listed here.

    Fiercely independent and determined to prove she doesn't need her family, Lauren's attitude is what some might describe as bitter, arrogant, and generally terrible. She refuses to accept her mother and claims she will never forgive the woman for all the things she did before and in the time after Lauren's birth. The separation from her family only served to cause her wound of being unwanted to fester and worsen, loneliness seeping deep into her soul.

    She pushes back connections that may do her harm, believing that her own self is the only person she can truly rely on. She seems to delight in humiliating and hurting the members of her family, Adele and Améa specifically, as punishment for the things she believes they did wrong. Lauren speaks in sarcasm, sharp words in dry amusement but designed to harm.

    Her father is the one person she regrets leaving behind, though she's not particularly sure how to be a child as he understands it. She's not even sure how to be a daughter, or fit in with other people in a family setting. Her abrasive and aloof nature is likely to cause problems, she is difficult to relate to and very clearly sees herself as from a different world to others. 


    Technically Lauren was born in 2008, and to the best of public knowledge, died later that year just six months of age. Even her parents, Adele and Alan, had no clue that Lauren had already fully accepted her sorceraic blood, and was not in fact gone. She sought to escape what she believed was the humiliating prison of an infant form, and gain the freedom she felt entitled to. That Adele's life was in a shambles and her actions were getting progressively more and more destructive left Lauren in the belief that she had no other choice, she did not want to stick around for her mother to constantly prove how unwanted and uncared for she was.

    She took advantage of an altercation between her father and a Ministry official to feign an accident, throwing her family's life into turmoil as they believed her truly deceased. Her grandmother, Lillian, had spirited her away and left a decoy in place of a body. Lauren spent the next ten years under her grandmother's care, in the background of her own family's life but never able to truly participate. It was their job, her grandmother said, to watch over them and ensure their safety. Lauren did as she was told, and though Lillian hoped that the exercise would push the girl into rejoining the family, it had the opposite effect as Lauren watched her siblings and mother grow and connect, having the life she wished she could have. All the while, mourning her death in ways that Lauren didn't feel were genuine.

    Occasionally she stepped into the foreground, in the form of a young girl named Flora. This she did to help avert family crises, but always took the opportunity to land a few scathing blows while she did. Often by laughing at their foolish failures, or pointing out the flawed logic in their plans. 

    Still, loneliness plagued her. In ensuring her life, Lillian had fused her soul with that of a long-ceased sorceress known as the Grey. The Grey's matched pair, a non-romantic soulmate of sorts, was the Brown. Knowing that Lillian knew the location of the Brown's resting place, when her niece Lorelei was struck by a death-like sleeping curse and forced from her body, she formulated a plan to fuse Lorelei with the Brown to resurrect her pair. Lorelei consented, and the process was a success. Finally Lauren had that connection she had desired, but Lillian was not finished.

    She had decided that it was time for Lauren to rejoin the world, and her family. She put the girl into the body of a teen, approximately fifteen years of age, and stripped her of all magical gift. Now helpless to act without the assistance of others, Lauren was sent to live with her father and his growing family in Narragyambie. One of the conditions was that she attend Tallygarunga, and learn to relate to those she loved to look down upon.

    Lauren is not happy about any of this. Though she's happy to be back in her father's life, she's frustrated by her lack of independence and power. Being sent to Tallygarunga just adds insult to injury, but with her father as Headmaster, her mother as Librarian, and her uncle a student there---there's only so much trouble she can get into.



    Lauren is a perfect mix between her mother and father. With her mother's pale skin and her father's rounder face and light brown hair, there's no question as to who she belongs to. At least, not visually. Like the rest of her mother's family, Lauren's grey eyes have an unsettling quality that can't be quite placed. It's as if she can see more than most, and understand far more than any teenager should be capable of. 

    She is of average height with a slight build, and a very expressive face that soon indicates just how trouble you're in with her. Her favourite expression seems to be one of amused condescension. Her style leans toward more childish items, creating an innocent look that fools most. 

    Secrets:Optional. What secrets does your character hold most dear? Are they terribly embarrased about those tap-dancing competitions they compete in secretly? Do they have a sixth toe and that's why they never take their socks off? Items listed here cannot be used as general knowledge by other characters.
    General Knowledge:Optional. What does everyone know about your character? Anything listed here will be available for other characters to know and act on. For instance, it may be common knowledge in Narrie that your character has a terrible singing voice, or paints absurdly good pictures of igneous rock formations.
    Connected to Lauren Burdett
    • Death of Lauren Burdett 2008
      Narragyambie, Australia
      August 6th
      10 years
    • Birth of Lauren Burdett 2008
      Narragyambie, Australia
      February 20th
      10 years
    Significant Dates:Optional. Remembering dates is hard, so if there are particular dates you want to list that are important to your character, here is a nice field to put them in!
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