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    Kenna Westmore

    01. First Year
    16 year old hb vt ☆ her./she
    Full Name: Kenna Westmore
    Apparent Age: 16
    Date of Birth: December1
    Birthplace: Sydney
    Year Level: 01. First Year
    Blood Status: hb
    Species: vt
    Pronouns: her./she
    Patronus: black backed kingfisher
    Wand: 9" Willow Mermaid Scales
    Education: Optional. Here you can track what education your character has completed, and what institutions they attended. For characters applying for high-level positions, it is assumed they will have some form of additional education listed here.

    Kenna acts as though she is driven by a motor, she is constantly moving constantly doing something and constantly attempting to be productive. there are certain times she cannot stop talking, she likes to take note of everything in sight and has a very hard time staying still for long periods of time. though she can control this she find it much harder to keep herself still when tired. Kenna can be easily distracted and craves the novel stimulation, though she is highly intelligent most think she is lazy because there are times she simply does not do what she is supposed to be doing. they do not understand her need to constantly be jumping from one thing to another, they find her to be a conundrum she is highly organized but can appear disorganized in her behavior.

    she has a hard time paying attention and is a constant daydreamer, leading her to move slowly on such occasions. though she is a dreamer she does have extended periods of time where she does get things done and it is because of these periods of productivity that he has managed to keep decent academic standing. she is also very impatient; she often interrupts others and on occasion just blurts out what she is thinking rather than wait her turn. sometimes she comes off as rude and she does not edit her emotions, she just expresses them as they come.

    though she can seem difficult Kenna is actually very loyal and extremely impulsive. she’ll act without thinking of the consequence and is much more sensitive to the reward than the punishment and so the punishments do not seem to affect her as much as they should. Kenna is fiercely independent and is often trying new things on her own, this can lead her to break the rules, especially in a highly structured environment. Kenna prefers a more liquid setting that she can operate in, partially why she likes being on her own. the only rules she has to follow are hers. the young woman is often restless and tries too many things at once and opts for those with a quick payoff.

    though she is personable she has a lot of anxiety when it comes to school work, because of her high levels of performance most expect her to do well constantly. it just seems impossible. most do not understand she means well when she says what she says. Kenna makes friends and she never lets them go, she would die for her friends and family and is usually the one sticking up for the weaker party.


    James and Vafara were a considerably happy little couple she ran a bed and breakfast and he was a herbologist, No one really understood what a what Veela wanted to do with James Wilson but they managed to make it work and so when Kenna came along they just about busted at the seams with happiness. They were finally complete as a couple and even Gran was pleased with the children. James did his best to raise his children on the stories of the old days and Vafara did her best to keep the The bed and Breakfast running. Kenna and Frankie got along like cats and dogs. The two would do nothing but fight, until someone tore them apart. Vafara almost went crazy trying to keep the two from each other so she hired a nanny to help while she was at the The bed and Breakfast working. The nanny’s never really lasted long while children were young; they tended to burn them out within five or six months. 

    Both of the children were stubborn but luckily when they started school they were able to calm down enough that they stopped fighting as much. The distance was good for the siblings and once Kenna entered school they were closer and they didn’t fight as much, if at all. Kenna was sorted into a different house than her brother and she did her best to keep her thirst for knowledge at bay. The issue was that people didn’t move at the pace she did. Kenna had an abundance of energy and focused it completely into what she was doing, the only problem was she could never stay interested long enough to give anything the full focus she needed to. So instead of excelling she’s been more or less averages She tended to be popular because of her sharp tongue and the fact she has an incredibly bubbly personality. She just sort of created a welcome feeling until of course you wear out your welcome and then you best be advised to duck and cover. 
    Kenna has come to enjoy the days she has spent at Tally, recently however the family business has run into some issues in Sydney and the family relocated to Narrie in order to move in with Gran while the money problems get sorted out. Her mother has managed to charm her way into running another bed a breakfast in Narrie and Kenna works at the front desk on her holidays from school. While Kenna has her mother’s beauty she seems to be much shorter on the charm though her mother had attempted to get her to use it. Kenna doesn’t mind the job so much it gives her time to read and people watch though she struggles to remain at the front desk for very long and is often found in other areas of the Inn.


    Kenna is a very lovely young woman, partly due to the Veela heritage that she carries with her. She is colored more like her father's side of the family over her mothers, tan skin, dark hair and eyes. Kenna is roughly 5'8' and she had a slim build. She doesn't spend too much time on her appearance, she uses her natural gifts to her advantage


    She is terrified of getting lost 
    She is worried she wont live up to her seven older siblings success.

    General Knowledge:

    she can be slightly terrifying when she is mad. 
    She comes from a large family of successful individuals

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