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February, 2019
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Tallygarunga: Term One, VMU: Summer Break

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An AU non-canon Harry Potter-inspired forum roleplay set in Australia.

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    Amiradysébelle Blair

    Actress, Princess, Supermum
    26* year old Halfbreed Sorceraic ☆ She/Her ☆ written by ★ LilyCat
    Full Name: Amiradysébelle "Jezebel" Jaime Blair
    Age:  26*
    Date of Birth:  January 1st, 1993
    Birthplace: Isle du L'Arine
    Occupation: Actress, Princess, Supermum
    Blood Status: Halfbreed
    Species: Sorceraic
    Playeru:  ★ LilyCat
    Pronouns: She/Her
    Play-by: Katie McGrath
    • 2004 - 2010: Tallygarunga
    • 2011 - 2014: VMU: Magical Arts/Education

    Jezebel is generally a friendly and understanding person in most aspects, this is because through her life growing up she herself has had to learn to deal with awful night terrors and strain on her mind. This development was due to growing up unaware of her true heritage as well as being a young child's way of dealing with problems involving dreams and nightmares in her sleep that she didn't understand at an early age, and years of therapy as she grew up helped her come to terms with it as simply a part of her and that was simply it. As it turned out, she was telepathic, and unaware of it for a very long time, believing her dreams and the odd voices she heard were her going crazy.

    Somehow Jezebel found an odd harmony in day to day life, made aware of it she was able to still live day to day without too many issues, and had even been able to use her 'issue' to her advantage in gaining an acting role on an Australian soap opera. Its not what she originally wanted to continue doing (she had plans to become an Auror), however she had realised over time that she does love acting and was considering branching out into teaching while looking at higher goals in her current career - like stage and cinema.

    A number of years ago though, a number of things occurred which have changed Jezebel's life dramatically. For one thing, she found out who her birth mother was, and about that side of the family -- resulting in her becoming a sorceress. It explained her sensitivity to thoughts and dreams. Probably a good thing to learn about, even though it worried her a little, because she was also offered a job in Hollywood, which she accepted and so traveled there via floo often until she decided to stick to more local cinema, and when not working is a mother and tries to learn more about her mother's family. Jezebel finds herself torn in a number of directions, but stays true to herself, and is more than a little happy that Viktor supports her decisions. She loves her own little family they seem to have created and can't dream of it being any other way.


    Arriving via the 'stork' on New Year's day, Jezebel was the prized first child of Stuart (a halfblood ministry worker) and Tanya (a pureblood healer) Blair, though not the birth daughter of Tanya, she was still considered such at the time. Deliriously happy, it didn't take much for the clucky pair to decide to have more children, and Jezebel ended up with three younger brothers and a sister (the triplets being a result of IVF).

    However, Jezebel inherited a hereditory gift from birth which wasn't discovered until she was about to begin school and showed signs of erratic behaviour patterns to go with the night terrors that had plagued her on and off since she was a baby. Having taken her to see a specialist straight away, it was discovered after a lot of studying that it wasn't simply behaviour changes, but she actually had developed separate identities in order to deal with various different situations in her sleep. The only solace was that because it had been discovered then she could be counseled and perhaps learn to control herself during her dreaming to an extent, in order to prevent more new 'faces' from being created in her psyche.

    And so, life went on, Jezebel's family aware of her and when she seemed to change and gradually getting to know the differences between Jezebel, Jezzie, and Jaz - their likes and dislikes, and general habits. She grew up looking out for her younger siblings like a good older sister, and between her gift and its side effect on her also gained a lot of skill in acting and fooling others. At the age of nine she found herself in a television ad, and from them on began to get the odd spot here and there.

    The day she received her letter to attend Magical Academy, it seemed a solid decision that she would go to Penrose like her mother had. This lasted about six months until such a time as Jaz began causing trouble in order to protect Jezebel from the other girls at the Academy who were giving the 'strange girl' a hard time. After a discussion with Jezebel's counselor, and the Headmistress of Penrose and Headmaster of Tallygarunga, they transferred her to Tally where her father had enjoyed his school years, and where she seemed to fit straight in.

    A definite change overcame the girl as she found her place and really got into her studies as well as making friends in her House and in a few others as well as a few friendly rivals. She soon found herself comfortable enough to relax and joke around - her first major prank being a combined effort between all her personas to actually convince many students and some staff that she was actually triplets. As she got older only added to her own 'big sister' attitude when it came to younger students - sometimes for the better, sometimes encouraging them in more mischievous ventures. But always looking out for them.

    Eventually, as she hit her mid teens, she also shifted from the odd television commercial, to a part time role on a popular soap opera filmed in Melbourne - something which, though enjoyable and paid well and provided great future opportunities, also put a small spotlight on her. She had little interest in being a celebrity (despite now much Jezzie loves it sometimes).

    A number of other things happened in her last year of school at Tally, discovering Tanya wasn't her real mother and meeting and falling in love with one Viktor Black being two rather prominent and life changing ones. Jezebel grew and came into her own knowledge of what she wanted to do and pursued it -- eventually being given the offer of a role in Hollywood in a new series, something she definitely couldn't turn down.

    Along with that, she discovered her mother's identity and heritage, going through Acceptance, which stabilised her strange power and 'removed' her extra personalities. She spent time learning more about what it means to be the daughter of Adele, and an heir to the throne of L'Arine -- while also trying to work things out with her father's family. Due to wanting to remain close to her families, Jezebel decided to keep her house in Melbourne, and is currently living there most of the time, travelling via floo to Hollywood for work until she decided to take more jobs locally. She and Viktor also came into knowledge of their daughter, who had been taken to L'Arine when Jez thought she had lost their child, so they are now raising Lorelei "Lei" and have formed a happy little family.

    Of course, the family has only grown happier and bigger with the arrival of triplets Valerian, Violetta and Veronika around mid 2013, although Jez harbours a secret regarding one of the children, that only she and her mother and Viktor's brother currently know about.

    Unfortunately, the happy couple STILL haven't been able to set a solid date for their wedding yet still, even after being engaged for years. There is still much business to be done regarding her mother's family and L'Arindelle. She's beginning to consider the idea of just getting married in secret, though doubts she'd be able to pull it off without someone interfering again, and so has settled for a non-official union for the time being.


    Standing at around 5'9, Jezebel doesn't often go unnoticed in most places she goes and from her appearance it wouldn't seem like she would ever care to either considering she had a part time role on local television and now a beginning career in Hollywood. Jet black hair that ends just below her shoulder blades is worn in all manners of various ways depending on her moods (and who's in control at the time) while bright blue eyes watch the world, absorbing as much as can grab her attention at the time as possible.

    Jezebel has a varied look, she has been known to change her clothes a few times during the day, including her school uniform to suit whoever's in charge at the time. Hairstyles have also been known to change, and even her general facial expressions. Those that know her can tell her moods usually: normally with Jezebel there is a sense of calmness and welcoming in her eyes; hyperactivity in the woman means she often has an expression of permanent excitement or happiness accompanies consistent bouncing or fidgeting; and when in a slight mood, she would carry a very stand-offish demeanour that warns others to be wary.

    General clothing style is dressy-casual when she's not in uniform, Jezebel likes everything from a a classier look especially for events and when being seen out, to colours (bright colours and as many as she can possibly wear at one time), and even to just ordinary casual and nothing that really stands out too much.

    • Jezebel's personal history with her condition is reserved for very few people
    • Is telepathic and a lucid dreamer, can fall into other peoples' dreams and read and speak into their minds
    • Has a love for guitar and is quite good at playing, she likes to play and sing on her own when she's feeling particularly worried or stressed
    • One of the triplets is actually the child of Jezebel's own twin sister, Améa
    • Has been taking mixed martial arts, and swordsmanship training for about 5 years now... for personal reasons
    General Knowledge:
    • Plays Sunday 'Sunny' Bright, who is now a very occasional guest character on local Aussie soap opera, Neighbours
    • An Australian musician with a few popular albums
    • Also played Korrine in a fantasy series filmed in Hollywood
    • Has starred in a couple of other Hollywood movies, but recently stuck more to local cinema and television
    • Changes her clothes a lot, and loves shopping
    • Openly encourages creativity
    •  Has four siblings on her father's side, Timothy, Thomas, Tamarah, and Stuart Jr
    • Has three siblings, one 'deceased', on her mother's, Améa, Caleb and Lauren
    • Naturally talented performer, acting, singing, and some instruments
    • Hopeless at domestic duties (has been known to set a pot of boiling water on fire)
    • Engaged to Viktor Black, with whom she has a 7yo daughter, Lorelei, and 4yo triplets, Valerian, Violetta, and Veronika
    Connected to Amiradysébelle Blair
    • Amiradysébelle Blair begins relationship with Viktor Valentin 2010
      May 29th
      8 years
    Significant Dates:
    • May 1st, 2013 - Valentyn, Violetta and Veronika were born
    • There is unfortunately no indication of the exact day of Jez's or Lorelei's births.
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