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May, 2019
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An AU non-canon Harry Potter-inspired forum roleplay set in Australia.
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    Hugo Reed

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    Hugo Reed
    • Full Name: Hugo Warren Reed
      (Legacy Field) Date of Birth - Auto: 01/01/1970
      ☆ He/Him Muggleborn Human
      Birthplace: Bremen, Germany.
      05. Fifth Year Education: 

      Bremer Schule für Magie "Bremen School of Magic". 11years-15years.

      Tally- Present time.

      Patronus: Cat
      Wand: Ebony with Fairy Wings, 10 inches, slightly flexible.
      ☆ written by Caz
      Play-by: William Franklyn-Miller

      Hugo's gay. He's known for the past year and a bit, but so far only a certain number of his siblings know. Whilst he's pretty sure his family would be fine, they're still Catholic and the subject had never come up before. He's waiting for the right time to be open about it. 

      He speaks German! Naturally, he speaks it constantly to his father at home, to his paternal grandparents and his German friends that he made when he was little, but he hasn't used that skill in Tally yet. He feels like people would ask him about it.

      General Knowledge:

      Hugo's a drawer. He likes to doodle a lot, and has gotten quite good over the years. That's just to say he has to practice a lot before he can perfect a piece as he's quite the perfectionist. The general population around him could notice that. People may be aware of his accent, sometimes, if they're smart enough to pick up on the small German lilt in his voice. Not that he ever speaks German at the school. 



      Hugo is one of 12 children, being the 3rd youngest as a triplet set. This gave him so much leeway in deciding what style he wanted- after all, he had 9 older inspirations. The triplets are all wildly different, and Hugo's style represents him well. He goes for simple outfits, such as hoodies, jeans and converse. It took him a while to figure out how he liked his hair- long, short, medium etc and has finally settled on short round the sides and long on the top. He even has a side fringe! Which, honestly, can get in his eyes a lot as he can't be bothered to style it most mornings. A handy hair tie is always on his wrist so he can whip it back into a mini bun when he needs to concentrate. Being quite skinny, Hugo's clothes hang off him slightly since he usually buys them in sizes too big. His outfits are mainly darker colours, which doesn't help his already pale skin. Luckily, Hugo hasn't had much of an issue with acne. Hugo has a slightly feminine look about him, which he doesn't mind, with his slim face and dainty hands. 


      Hugo's easily looked over. Of course, being a part of a big family, it would take someone really noisy to be heard. That isn't Hugo. He's a sensitive, sweet and delicate boy. A typical wallflower, he is content to just watch his surroundings rather than be apart of them. Sometimes, this can cause events that Hugo really doesn't like to occur- like when a movie he hates is picked for movie night because nobody asked his opinion on it. He has opinions, mostly, but struggles to put them forward. "Shy" is usually how people describe him, as he lets his siblings do the talking at any public scenes and just gives smiles and nods when anything is directed at him. Hugo is sweet and polite when he does communicate, when he feels as if he's not going to be talked over or laughed about. He's gentlemanly and sincere with people, always trying to cheer them up if they need it. Anyone he doesn't like gets the same treatment as strangers; a blank wall. He's mastered the neutral face and the whispering that usually causes people to give up when they can't hear him.


      Optional. As your character meets and collects new friends and foes, you can note down the connections here -- or list existing ones if they already have them!

      Significant Dates:

      Birthday- 15th June 2003

      Ready for Review?: Yes - This character is complete!

    Lord, Hugo's history is certainly eventful.

    Originally, the Reed family started out in Paris, France. It was Fiona and Daniel Reed's honeymoon, and naturally, things happened and baby number one happened. Fiona was full British, from the North-East region and she'd met Danny when he came across from Germany as an exchange student. They dated, fell in love, got married, honeymooned and then stayed in England for a few years. Babies 1-4 were born here. Danny's job took them all different places. Spain (Baby #5), New Zealand, America (Baby #6), Canada (#7&8- Twins!) and Hungary, where baby # 9 was born.  Their next stop was Germany, to Daniel's home town. They spent another four and a bit years here before they found out they were pregnant again. For some reason, they had gotten incredibly lucky and this time it was triplets. Five kids in under 6 years, wow. The triplets were then born in Germany- Hugo being the eldest triplet, then Otto and Margo. There were gaps between each of the children, with the highest gap being 19 years from the eldest to the triplets. The parents worked hard with their family, Fiona teaching them English and Dan teaching them German.

    Up until the recent summer, the family still lived in Germany, even if it was a different part of it. Their father had gotten a job in Australia, which just happened to be where their mother's sister and brother in law, and their four kids, lived. This influenced the decision for the group to move over there, possibly for the last time as a lot of the kids were off doing their own things. The only kids they had with them were the triplets- who had just turned fifteen-, Harriet (17) and the twins, Olive and Peter (19), so it made it slightly easier. The main issue was that Hugo, who was a wizard, couldn't stay at his school since it was only a day school. This meant he'd have to relocate like everyone else to Australia, and when they did, the family eventually found Tallygarunga- and so they sent Hugo there.

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