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    Eugenia Holtzer

    06. Sixth Year
    16 year old Halfblood Human ☆ She/Her
    Full Name: Eugenia Veronica Holtzer
    Apparent Age: 16
    Date of Birth: 9th of November, 2001
    Birthplace: Melbourne
    Year Level: 06. Sixth Year
    Blood Status: Halfblood
    Species: Human
    Pronouns: She/Her
    Patronus: Otter
    Wand: 11 1/2 Poplar with unicorn hair
    Play-by: Emily Bador
    Education: Optional. Here you can track what education your character has completed, and what institutions they attended. For characters applying for high-level positions, it is assumed they will have some form of additional education listed here.

    Eugenia has always liked to take the lead, it's not so much that she desires leadership as much as it's the simple fact that she naturally assumes it if no one else does. She'll excuse it by saying it makes tasks take less time if someone steps up and gets people organized, which is partly true as she is pretty impatient. She's also pretty finicky and likes things done her way and done well the first time. That said, Eugenia used to be really nervous about people seeing that side of her and especially the side of her that cares about rules, structure, organization and getting things done. 

    Up until recently she was pretty sociable and generally likely to say yes to most invites, she seems a little more reluctant this year, excusing herself by needing to study. That said, she used to be the one that kept an eye on people and made sure they were included and was frequently someone who would come up with some activity that they could do. She's not the life of the party or the one in the spotlight as much as she is the one scurrying around making sure other people are having a good time.

    Eugenia does like things her way and doesn't necessarily take kindly to her ideas being challenged, she also likes to know where she stands with people and tends to be pretty direct and honest.


    Neither Eugenia's mother or father where particularly well off or very close to one another when Eugenia's mother discovered that she was pregnant. They moved in together because it seemed like what they should do and it lasted for about three years before the yelling started. A year later, Eugenia's father had moved in with a new girlfriend and Eugenia's maternal grandmother did most of the care-taking while her mother worked.

    Eugenia and her mother lived with Eugenia's grandmother who had a small greenhouse (nothing particularly dangerous and mostly a hobby) where Eugenia used to spend time with her grandmother as she tended to her plants and told Eugenia all about Europe and the fairies that lived there. Her grandmother was also the one that took care of the homeschooling for Eugenia and a couple of other children who lived near.

    Eugenia's mother meanwhile worked a lot and when she didn't, she was often out and about, staying with friends or getting home late. Her grandmother became more like a mother to Eugenia which her mother didn't take kindly to which frequently resulted in arguments between her grandmother and her mother as well as Eugenia and her mother when she grew older.

    When she started Tally, her grandmother was the only one Eugenia really missed and wrote to and she really looked forward to coming home for break to see her again. However her grandmother got very ill and was eventually moved to a hospice that didn't allow for many visits and so their communications ended up being mainly by letters with a few visits to the hospice here and there. Not really wanting to see her mother, Eugenia eventually began spending her breaks at school when she could.

    Sometime during her fourth year, Eugenia's mother left, sending only one letter to Eugenia's grandmother and father before leaving. Once her fourth year was over, Eugenia moved in with her father and his family, which was more than a little awkward as he'd gotten married, had children and gotten a lot more financially stable than he'd been when she was little. 

    Although she now had somewhere to return to during her breaks, she originally planned on staying at school, but her father bribed her by being willing to take her to her grandmother as frequently as she wanted if she came home instead.

    During the break between her fifth and sixth year her grandmother had a stroke and passed away and it shook Eugenia's world and she returned to school pretty shaken and quite different from how she had been before. A little bit more of a recluse and a lot more focused on her work, she seems to be pulling into herself more and more.


    Eugenia seems to have been growing her hair out forever. At least it seems that way if you're one of the people who've asked her if she's planning on cutting it anytime soon (the answer is still no). Although she's dyed it a few times, she's tended to stick to natural shades of brown for the most part. She'll braid her hair and put it up, but she generally doesn't do all that much in terms of curling or strengthening it, letting it be however it dries that day. 

    When it comes to clothing, Eugenia does enjoy putting together an outfit so that it's just right, but she's not necessarily a fashionista and tends to go for items that feel comfortable. Sweatshirts, sneakers, jeans and t-shirts are probably some of her favorite items and though she might wear fancier version of them, they don't lack in comfort.

    She'll wear makeup if the occasion calls for it, but she's comfortable enough to go without any, although she prefers to wear at least one layer of mascara before facing the world. She has quite a few freckles and depending on the day she'll either love them or contemplate whether or not to make them vanish.

    Besides that, Eugenia is pretty average as far as both weight and height goes. She does pay some attention to what she eats and keeps an eye on how she fits in her jeans, but as of yet that's all shes' doing. She does enjoy the sun, which makes any plans for removing her freckles a moot point.

    • You can get away with calling her Gina (but she won't admit that out loud)
    • When she first started school she used to pretend that she didn't know much and that she did her schoolwork late, but in reality she always did it early.
    • Unless she has to, she doesn't go home during school breaks and claims it's because her parents are travelling.
    • She hasn't seen her mum since fourth year.
    General Knowledge:

    Eugenia has always had some form of organization in her life, although when she was younger she went to great lengths to disguise that fact as she thought it was pretty embarrassing that she cared so much. That said, after her fourth year she became even more organized than before, as well as focused and hard-working. She used to be pretty social and willing to join in on events and the like, but sometime during the break before her sixth year that seemed to change and she spends more time on her own. It's come pretty naturally to her to take the lead, especially if it means getting a task done sooner. She's also a little bit of a stickler for rules, although much like her organizational habits, she used to keep that part of her secret. She likes things done her way, with as much energy and enthusiasm as she has and might be a little bit of a pain to do group projects with because of that.


    Iris Thomson - grandmother, deceased.
    Karina Thomson - mother, absent.
    Stanley Holtzer - father.
    Jackie Holtzer - step-mother
    Mariah Holtzer - half-sister
    Noah Holtzer - half-brother


    Significant Dates:

    8th of January - her grandmother passed away.

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