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February, 2019
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    Elektra Devereux

    International Wizarding Police Undercover Agent/Receptionist/Former Quidditch Star
    32 year old Pureblood Human ☆ She/Her ☆ written by ★ LilyCat
    Full Name: Elektra Lisette Devereux
    Age:  32
    Date of Birth:  August 31st, 1986
    Birthplace: Spain
    Occupation: International Wizarding Police Undercover Agent/Receptionist/Former Quidditch Star
    Blood Status: Pureblood
    Species: Human
    Playeru:  ★ LilyCat
    Pronouns: She/Her
    Patronus: Mountain Lion
    Play-by: Joss Stone

    Beaubatons Alumni


    Ely takes most of her life's problems on the chin. Most. For the rest, she usually hides it behind a mask of dry humour and sarcastic remarks and abrasive mannerisms. When truly angered she can be almost terrifying, when stepping up to protect someone she cares about, she is utterly fearless.

    Generally speaking, Ely is a caring person when it comes to people who she's close to - though they're few and far between. Whilst she's reasonably approachable, she also has a few quirks that tend to put people off a little or annoy them, not to mention a foul mouth that would do the devil proud. Not that she really cares much. When it comes to friends, she is loyal to a fault and would lay herself on the line to keep them from being hurt. This is likely because there are few who would put up with the often randomness she tends to display in what she says and does.

    The young woman is most peaceful when she's up in the air, flying around on her broom. She's always had an affinity for flying, and the freedom that she could find way up where very little could get to her. It is where she finds the most peace, and if not for general biological needs, some responsibilities, and the discomfort that comes from hours on a broom, she'd stay up in the clouds forever. She has some other small quirks and habits that most would find strange if not used to her.

    As far being a family woman goes, the sudden disappearance left her with her sister's daughters, and being a person who had never really planned to have children herself, this was a giant kick to the uterus that she already hated. She isn't sure how to be a mother, for most of the last year a nanny has done most of the work, but now she's responsible for the girls and is trying her best, even if she fails a little. She has discovered that she is at least scarily protective of them. That's something at least?


    The beginning of the life of Elektra and Emeline Deveraux was not an easy one. Ella was the second of the two by only a minute, but they were absolutely identical in appearance. It was just unfortunate for them that they were born to a woman who lived and worked in a bordello in norther Spain. She cared for her daughters, but didn't feel very connected to them, and they ended up raised mostly by her friends who also worked there. As they aged, they were given duties around the place, cleaning here and there, making sure each room was stocked properly. It wasn't an innocent life they had.

    To make things worse, there were occurrences that would happen sometimes, if one or the other was upset or had done something to gain the ire of the establishment's owner and their mother's pimp. He terrified the pair of girls with his threats and promises for what awaited them in their future, and they dreamed of getting away. Their mother held no interest in leaving, especially when she began the harder drugs, refusing to leave the place that provided her ticket to neverending bliss.

    Their reprieve came when letters and a representative arrived from Beauxbatons. Even though they were not exactly the kind of material that the academy took in, they did have a very strong connection to magic, and the girls were taken away without so much as a farewell from the woman who birthed them. Only a promise from the man who felt he 'owned' them that they would come back and he'd have them.

    Life was transformed overnight, as they learned that there was such a thing as magic, that they themselves were witches, and that they had the opportunity to learn everything they wanted. An anonymous donor had allowed them to be able to get the basics, and they used second hand books, but neither cared, it was a world that they'd only ever thought about in their dreams and now they were there. Without much ado, the girls fell into study easily, both having a natural aptitude for transfiguration, charms, care of magical creatures, and also flying and quidditch. For Ella, the first time she managed to get a broom to hover and then take her up in the air was one of the best moments of her life. Nothing could touch her there.

    When the holidays came, the pair agreed that they would not go home. What home was there really to go to? Though it unfortunately couldn't be avoided each time the end of the year rolled around. And with each year that passed and they matured more, the worse the things they would have to deal with, from leers to the promises that their futures were sealed.

    It was just before their seventh year, just after they had turned seventeen, when he took it a step too far and actually lay a hand on Ella. Her sister came to her aid and turned the man into a toad before then stomping him with her foot. It had shocked them both, but Emi also realised what she'd done and she told Ella to finish school before then disappearing into the night. The Wizarding police searched for Emi, but she had vanished off the radar for the time being, leaving Ella to return to school to finish off her last year alone.

    Due to her outstanding skills as a chaser, Ella was offered an internship with the Spanish Quidditch team, and it was when they'd traveled to the USA for a tournament match, that she was contacted by her sister. They met up in the dead of night and caught up with one another, and she was shown Emi's animagus ability, something they'd both been practising long before her disappearance; it was a mountain lion. Ella decided that she would practise again, and eventually she managed it as well, the same identical form as her sister. She had to be registered, of course, but was happy to have that connection to her twin.

    Ella rose in the ranks as well, as she became more famous as a star Chaser, while she also studied in Law and as an Auror on the side. On the opposite spectrum, her twin became more infamous, as an international criminal and one of the most wanted in Europe. Ella heard from her now and then, received photos of her first niece over the years. And though she had the skills, she opted out of joining any kind of policing force, both due to not wanting to be the one who may one day get her sister, and because she loved flying too much.

    It was on an eve when she was deciding whether to renew her contract, that Ella was intruded upon by the IWP. Unknown to her, Emi had been caught some years before and had joined them as a spook rather than go to Azkaban. However, she'd gone missing, leaving not only her now daughter and newborn without their mother around, but also an unfinished job that they needed her for. But Ella had training, and she looked exactly the same as her sister, and so they recruited her to stand in and pretend to be Emi for the job.

    The woman did so, which is how she came to meet Ashkar, who knew within moments that she wasn't her sister. The job was done successfully, criminals captured, and Ella stayed on with the IWP under her own name after that, retiring from Quidditch at the height of her career. That wasn't all, however. As the only living relative of Emi's children, Ella was given custody, and suddenly found herself having to be a guardian of all things. Even a year later, when she was given a new assignment alongside Ashkar, due to the known whereabouts of an internationally wanted criminal, she still isn't used to parenthood, and is still searching for her twin.

    Only now, Ella got to face even more children, as the former Spanish Star Chaser, and the new Quidditch and Flying coach for Tallygarunga. It was a position that only last half the year before an incident where Ele was attacked by someone who had mistaken her for her sister and tried to kill her. Her arm and shoulder were damaged greatly, to the point that she had to take months off to recover and even then she can't play Quidditch again, and still deals with pain fairly regularly. She decided to take up a receptionist position at the school upon returning to work, partially because watching the students flying around and playing the game she loved so much causes her some inner turmoil.


    Elektra isn't a model by any means, but she does have a unique look to her that can make her somewhat memorable. Almond shaped eyes of a light golden brown hue usually glint with some kind of mischief, and lips are often tugged into a smirk that matches the gaze. Her skin is tanned, from a great deal of time outdoors, and she has naturally golden blonde hair that has on occasion seen it's share of oddly coloured dyes. Though she isn't overly tall, at around 5'7, she does have legs for days, which she honestly is not a fan of, often comparing herself to an ostrich.

    She enjoys loose clothing, light colours, and generally being able to keep her hair down whenever possible (though knows well enough that it's just safer to tie her hair back if she's flying). She doesn't like anything that feels too heavy, or scratchy on her skin, and tends to break out in a rash to any of a number of things that cause reactions on her sensitive skin. She'll avoid wearing  any kind of uniform if she can get away with it, and even in freezing temperatures people are more likely to catch her in a skirt (long or short) and light blouse.

    • Identical twin to an international criminal-turned-black-ops-agent who went MIA a year ago
    • Been searching for her sister since she went missing
    • Is the legal guardian to her sister's children: Nina (11) and Elena (2)
    • Still doesn't really have any idea how to parent, but she tries her best
    General Knowledge:
    • New Quidditch and Flying coach at Tally
    • Possibly romantically involved with Ashkar - purely speculation, but they argue with each other a lot
    • A registered animagus - cougar/mountain lion
    Significant Dates:Optional. Remembering dates is hard, so if there are particular dates you want to list that are important to your character, here is a nice field to put them in!
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