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    Calixta Karras-Pappas

    Curse Breaker
    45 year old pb hu ☆ her
    Full Name: Callixta Karras-Pappas
    Apparent Age: 45
    Date of Birth: March 10
    Birthplace: Santorini Greece
    Occupation: Curse Breaker
    Blood Status: pb
    Species: hu
    Pronouns: her
    Patronus: blue crane
    Wand: 11' Ash Dragon scales



    Being the only daughter of a powerful family had it perks, but it mostly had them treating her as the breakable child.  She was never good at being coddled and as the youngest she was coddled quite a bit.  Calixta hates to be treated like she is made of glass.  She has taken on the role of strong Matriarch for her family.  She is the Woman King.  She is the leader, and takes on the responsibly of her family, her brothers, her children and those who are employed under her.  She has taken the great responsibility and acts with the burden the crown has placed upon her head and does so with the greater good in mind.  She has suffered loss, and though it has pit dents in her armor she has refused to let it change her. She refuses to let anything change her.  


    ”And she speaks in a voice that sets men trembling, with eyes painted gold and a throne built on the bones of those who would challenge her rule. “

    Calixta is the youngest of three, and the only girl.  When she was born her father was doomed to be wrapped around her father’s finger.  Spending her childhood searching for a way to fit in with the boys she was constantly making her own way.  She was younger than her siblings by 15, and 10 years.  She was annoying as she tagged along and soon Calixta found that she did better when she found her own way and independence.  It was one that kept her from becoming soft and delicate.  Something she found to be a crime in women who waited to be saved.  She learned to save herself and she rode the stallion, and it was hardly white. 

    Cults of ascetics’ dance ecstasies in her honor and write her words in blood across their altars. Her body is a holy temple and her power springs from the divine source of her own terrible will.  

    She came into her own at school.  She found that all she needed to be successful was within her.  The shipping company was something for the boys and she would find something greater to use her ability on.  Calixta was intelligent, she caught onto things quickly and was often bored in school.  She spent years looking to challenge herself until she found a professor who was willing to mentor her.  The hours she spent with her mentor proved rather fruitful as she found her skills and her confidence in her competence. 

    She is not of mortal flesh, they will whisper, as she wheels on her stallion and screams war chants to the heavens, emerging from battle wreathed in the blood and soil of a new kingdom.

    Though she was a woman of great personal drive, she found that even the Woman King could fall in love.  Kosta was man who loved her drive and ambition and Calixta loved that the man was not threatened by her want and desire to be the best.  They were married young and Calixta started her career at the family company as a curse breaker.  It was her brother’s death that had inspired the interest.  Athena Worldwide is known for shipping all magical items including the unstable and cursed ones.  It was her instance that they have curse breakers.  Her brother’s death was senseless. 

    She rules with iron fists, with the cracking of cathedrals, with the love and the fear of her vast wild armies. She harbors a sword within her unquiet roaring heart, and with it has carved herself a new space, outside of law or nature or humankind.

    It was not long before the couple had three children 2 boys and a girl.  It was a good thing for her she softened for the children.  Not in the way something becomes lumpy and unshapen but in the way it was not so harsh when you leaned against it.  It was not until her oldest son was murdered that she found the softness fade.  Calixta had been lost for a bit.  He had died senselessly in an argument with someone at a restaurant.  He was just 18.  Shortly after that Kosta died.  He had been ill for a few years but it sent her into a spiral to find herself. 

    She is the mother of an empire; she is the mother of herself. 

    Having no choice but to move one and protect her family she has come to Australia due to her brother’s move.  Calixta needs to be near her family and the business.  She has been training the new curse breakers here, having found the various location for such training optimal.  Calixa refuses to give in to the grief and will instead find something more. 

     Watch her rise.


    Quotes from: here


    Eyes: Blue 

    Hair: Brown 

    height: 5'8"  

    Calixta is a woman that is often noticed.  She walks into a room commanding that she be noticed.  she is of average height and weight for a woman and has been sure to keep herself in decent health over the years.  She has always been known to dress to impress.  She feels the need to look and be pristine no matter where she is.  it is one of the many things the Karras family is known for, a pristine and well polish outside that often gives way to the chaos that lurks below the surface.  


    Far too many to recount simply- though with enough to drink and a comfortable chair she may recount one of many.  

    General Knowledge:

    Is the lead curse breaker for Athena Worldwide 

    Lost her oldest son when a spell backfired at his research facility 

    Her husband of 24 years recently passed.  

    Connections:Optional. As your character meets and collects new friends and foes, you can note down the connections here -- or list existing ones if they already have them!
    Significant Dates:

    December 31- Married Kosta 

    March 1- Oldest son is born 

    March 22- Middle Child, a daughter is born 

    March 30- Youngest Son is born 

    June 23- Death of her oldest Son 

    December 1- Death of her husband 

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