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    Caldwell Hughes

    Muggle Studies Professor
    24 year old mb ww ☆ He/Him
    Full Name: Caldwell Hughes
    Age:  24
    (Legacy Field) Date of Birth : June 29, 1993
    Birthplace: Cardiff, Wales, UK
    Occupation: Muggle Studies Professor
    Blood Status: mb
    Species: ww
    Pronouns: He/Him
    Patronus: Marten
    Wand: Pine - 13 3/4in - Phoenix Feather - Quite Firm
    Play-by: Nathaniel Buzolic

    Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry - Ravenclaw


    Clever - Stickler - Kind of a hard ass toward students - Can loosen up around the right people


    Caldwell Hughes was the seventh born son of the seventh born son, and man was that always weird to explain. There seemed to be no magical anything in his family, but nobody could explain the random "instances" that happened whenever Cal would get upset as a child; glass shattering, stuffed animals blowing up. It was a mad house sometimes. It wasn't much of a surprise when he received his Hogwarts letter, along with a wizard who was able to explain everything to him and his family, in fact it was almost like a breath of fresh air. Everything made sense and he wasn't just some strange demonic child.

    Hogwarts was great fun for Cal. After being sorted into Ravenclaw he made some really great friends, the kind that enjoyed finding things out and then using what they learned on the grounds. Things like exploding a soda bottle, setting fire to water, or whatever other crazy shenanigans they found themselves into. He really enjoyed learning things that way, but his studies sort of faltered compared to his other housemates. He eventually graduated with Excellent grades and an opportunity to attend a college in Australia.

    On Cal's first weekend in Australia he ended up taking a nice walk around the area, not realizing when it got dark. Australia was beautiful and absolutely nothing like Wales. As he was making his way back to his car he heard some rustling in the trees. That was when he realized that there was a full moon. As he worked to get into his car there was a huge pain in his upper thigh. He had been bitten by a werewolf. He somehow managed to get the creature off of him, got into his car, and drove like a mad man back to the university where he called out for help (not knowing where the magical hospital was). He ended up passing out and when he woke up, he was filled in about his fate.

    Ready for a change of scenery, Cal began attending Victoria Magical University where he worked toward becoming a professor. He wanted to be one of those "cool" professors that everyone liked, though that certainly might not be the case after all. After graduating with good grades he was given a job offer from the Australian school of Magic, Tallygarunga, as a Muggle Studies professor, which seemed far too perfect for him... so he accepted! Though aspiring to be the "cool" professor, he actually found himself being more of a stickler for the rules and a kind of hard ass. Some people seemed to respect that, but often it just meant that people feared him.


    Hair: Dark Brown

    Eyes: Dark Brown

    Height: 6ft 1in

    Build: Athletic

    Wand Hand: Left

    Clothes: Around the school Cal wears slacks and sometimes his robe, but away from school he is nice and relaxed in jeans and a comfortable shirt. He doesn't care much for fashion and just goes for what's not too expensive and looks good. 




    General Knowledge:


    Kind of a hard ass.

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