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February, 2019
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    Caitlin Sullivan

    Student Counselor, Author, Criminal Profiler
    120* year old Halfbreed Sorceraic ☆ She/Her ☆ written by ★ LilyCat
    Full Name: Caitlin Marie Sullivan
    Age:  120*
    Date of Birth:  July 17th, 1898
    Birthplace: Ireland
    Occupation: Student Counselor, Author, Criminal Profiler
    Blood Status: Halfbreed
    Species: Sorceraic
    Playeru:  ★ LilyCat
    Pronouns: She/Her
    Patronus: Fox
    Play-by: Amy Adams
    Education: Optional. Here you can track what education your character has completed, and what institutions they attended. For characters applying for high-level positions, it is assumed they will have some form of additional education listed here.

    Cate would be considered a no-nonsense woman, which may sound strange when someone is told about her personal gifts and the fact that she is an expert in Divination - a talent that only a few wizards truly appreciate. She has over the years managed to prove herself however, due to her natural stubbornness and unwillingness to believe in dead ends.

    That aside, the woman is quite caring, especially of her niece, and if someone manages to get past her emotional barrier that she tends to maintain for the sake of herself and Cassandra, then they will find her to be a rather loving and protective woman. She has felt too many losses in her life to be able to trust or let people in easily, so there are few who she can actually call real friends.

    Responsibility drives Caitlin, as well as a desire to see others achieve happiness and/or justice. And though she is haunted a great deal by some of the things she has had to bare witness to in the past, she refuses to allow anyone else to hold those burdens if she can help it.

    As far as teaching goes, she is perhaps a little more relaxed than one might think upon first glance. But she finds the idea of being able to help provide encouragement and assistance to the youth to be refreshing in comparison to her life back in the UK, and looks forward to her rose as Divination Professor and Student Counselor.


    Early childhood was a fairly normal wizarding one for the young girl born to a pair of magical folk in Ireland, and growing up around her family who were all wizards or witches. She had an older brother, who was well into his teen years by the time she was born, so was rather spoiled by bother her parents as well as him. She was a lighthearted and loving girl, at least until she neared the age of ten. And that's when the voices started.

    They began as whispers, something she could barely hear, but gradually the voices became louder, impossible to block out. It left the girl awake at nights, and unable to concentrate on anything during the day, pulling her into hysterics because of it. Telepathy. It manifested at such a young age that she didn't quite understand what was going on until her parents realised it and explained that it came from her mother's side and the rumoured ancestry that involved a witch being impregnated by a male fairy.

    After that, charms were used in order to give her mind some peace, and soon after she turned eleven she received her letter to Hogwarts. Excited, she ended up being sorted into Hufflepuff and enjoyed learning more about magic. By the time she was thirteen, the girl at least had enough control of her telepathy to be able to pick and choose when she would hear thoughts, however she had to be careful with timing, because she was still learning how to control it between individuals, rather than opening up to a torrent of thoughts from all around her.

    At fifteen, tragedy struck home, however. Christmas break had begun and she was going home to spend it with the family, but was never prepared for what she saw. Upon arriving at the coven house, she witnessed a horrific scene. And, as a dizzy spell washed over her, she gripped the wall, only to become drowned suddenly in images and sensations of what had gone on. Pain, terror, malevolence, she could almost piece together the entire ordeal.

    The girl fell to her knees with her hands to her head, trying to block it out as she shrieked until she was found by someone. The next few days, people could barely get a word out of her. It was when her brother - who had moved to England a couple of years prior - arrived, that she finally was able to collapse into his arms and tell him everything. It appeared that another talent had manifested as psychometry.

    With their parents gone, the young man gained custody of his teenage sister, and she was taken back to the States with him, where she had to adjust to a new life. It was a little overwhelming, especially since she had a new gift to try to control, but at least she still had Hogwarts as a constant, and was actually relieved to return there eventually. She started taking to wearing gloves much of the time, finding that without the skin contact with objects, she didn't have so many issues. The attack on the coven still sat in the back of her mind, however. Luckily, one of the teachers was able to help her learn to adjust a little, and control her gifts, though cautioned her against letting too many people know about them.

    What also helped her adjust to everything that overwhelmed her was a couple of years later when she became an aunt to a beautiful baby girl. She doted on girl, named Cassandra, whose mother was a metamorphmagus it turned out. Having the red-haired girl to smile at her and cheer her up when she visited made the adjustment easier on the teen.

    So it was that Cate threw herself into study, now with a better grasp on her gifts, focusing a lot on Divination, Charms, Care of Magical Creatures, and Defence Against the Dark Arts. Considering she'd spent time trying to learn how to not be stuck in others' heads when younger, and what had happened to her family, it seemed to make sense to her to learn a great deal about those things.

    The rest of her school life passed relatively well. She made friends, dated a couple of boys, and ended up with high marks in a lot of subjects. As soon as she graduated, she then went on to University, where she continued study, moving also into psychology and the workings of the mind. She also studied Magical Creatures and the types that were known, wanting to be able to help others on another of levels, wizards and other species.

    Cate had barely graduated with her degree, however, when tragedy hit hard a second time. This time it was her brother and his wife who were the victims, and she had to rush back to their home in order to console a very young, confused and broken-hearted Cassandra. The crime scene was familiar, but after months of investigation by both Muggle police, and Aurors, they'd ended up with no trail, a dead end.

    The now-guardian of her niece found that something snapped then. She returned to University once she had settled into a new place with Cass, making sure that the girl was alright in her new school and making friends. Cate finished studying Law and Criminal Psychology on top of her previous degree, gaining a PhD. Once she gained her doctorate, she began her own investigation into her brother's death, not believing that it could really have been a complete dead end.

    Through her gifts, as well as a snooping around and investigation on her side, the woman eventually was able to discover who it was that had not only killed her brother, but had also massacred her family in Ireland years ago, as well as a couple of other related lines, as though picking them off. She took her evidence to the right people, and a hunt was made on a wizard who was a death eater that seemed to belong to a group.

    In order to work through what she'd discovered and been able to do, Cate wrote a book on the whole thing, one that became a bestseller, though was considered crime fiction, and she was more than happy to label it that. She decided to continue work as a criminal psychologist and became a consultant who gained a reputation for her ability to assist Aurors with locating criminals and solving mysterious crimes in the wizarding community. This also began a series of books based on crime investigations and the psychological profiling involved.

    Caitlin did take a little time off when Cassandra received her invitation to Hogwarts as well, in order to spend some time helping her get prepared and make sure she was alright to go to the school. The girl had also turned out to be a metamorphmagus, which made things interesting, if a little stressful.

    Unfortunately, a young Cassandra also wanted to help, and Caitlin had to keep wards and spells on the door to her office so that the teen wouldn't go snooping whenever she was home. She knew that she meant well, but she wanted Cass to have a normal and enjoyable life, and not worry about the bad things that happened. It was a task, that was for certain, since the girl seemed adamant that she was going to follow in her aunt's footsteps, going so far as to get into fights now and then when standing up for other students who were being bullied.

    Aside from a few notes from the school regarding those incidents, everything was great until the last crime Cate had been involved in solving, and the two women ended up finding their own lives on the line when it seemed that they were actually the target of the shadow group that had hunted the rest of their family years prior. They ended up being stalked and hunted and were so close to having ended up on the victims list before being rescued that Caitlin decided it was time for a change.

    And so the woman decided to move, heading to Australia where a friend pointed her toward and set her up with an interview at a Magical school in the middle of nowhere, to apply as a school counselor and perhaps a Professor, due to her experience. Cassandra, meanwhile, even though she should be graduated, had taken too much time off in her last year due to the situation they'd been in, and has been enrolled to study at least another semester to try and make up for it.

    And so currently Caitlin prepares for the coming year, unsure what this apparent centenary anniversary is going to mean, but simply trying to get herself and Cass used to a quieter life, while she writes yet another book.


    If the fair complexion, bright red hair and very blue eyes didn't give it away, then her accent would certainly let someone know that she's an Irish lass through and through. She carries herself with confidence, and always dresses well. Her hair is kept neat and falls in just the right amount of wave and curl to rest over her shoulders and the top of her back.

    There seems to be a near constant aura of calm openness around the woman, and she appears to know without being told the boundaries that individuals have. She does not really appear as one might expect a Diviner or DADA expert to look, her blouses and knee length pencil skirts appearing stylish (and usually are designer wear), as well as the pumps that add a couple of inches to her usual 5'3 height.

    • born from a family who have fairy ancestry in their blood, making her half-fae
    • moved to Australia to escape a group that were hunting her and her niece
    General Knowledge:
    • is a bestselling author who has published a series of fictional crime novels that are loosely based on her experiences as a profiler/investigator
    • is the legal guardian of her niece, Cassandra
    • recognised by the Ministry of Magic for her Divination and Psychometry skills, and assistance in locating criminals in the wizarding community
    • also works as a psychologist and counselor
    • very clearly a workaholic
    Connected to Caitlin Sullivan
    • Caitlin Sullivan begins relationship with Dylan Connell 2018
      February 14th
      1 year
    Significant Dates:Optional. Remembering dates is hard, so if there are particular dates you want to list that are important to your character, here is a nice field to put them in!
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