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February, 2019
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    Bethianna DeVylissea

    47* year old Pureblood Sorceraic ☆ She/Her ☆ written by ★ Sadrienne
    Full Name: Bethianna DeVylissea
    Age:  47*
    Date of Birth:  September 5th, 1971
    Birthplace: Unknown
    Occupation: Healer
    Blood Status: Pureblood
    Species: Sorceraic
    Playeru:  ★ Sadrienne
    Pronouns: She/Her



    Anna's secretive and logical approach to life often makes her appear cold and unfeeling. She rarely bothers with things that she doesn't feel are worth investment, which---when you're several hundred years old---is most things. Human lives are fleeting and becoming too involved can be perilous. 

    She is not an expressive person, keeping herself as difficult to read as possible. Anna feels a responsibility to the natural way of things, and to reveal too much at any time would cause disruptions. Every move that she makes, even the smallest of her gestures, are done with purpose. Bethianna does not waste energy with pointless hand waving, she keeps herself still and composed. 

    Strict, and almost brutal in her teaching methods, Bethianna believes strongly in life lessons and learning things the "hard" way. She will never give out answers if they can be found through dedication and hard work, practice and discipline are also regarded highly by her. Anna's sense of loyalty is strong, but to what---she will never say. 

    Few things have broken her detachment from the mortal world, but once Bethianna invests her time and efforts into something, she protects it fiercely. Anna is a healer by nature, and a fighter by necessity.


    The details of her origins are as mysterious as the rest of her. Even those closest to her only really know that she came into existence around the same time as Lillian and the rest of the original six, and that she had a soul-twin brother known as the Violet. His very early death left a scar that will never properly heal, but also set her on the path to unlock the secrets of their kind, particularly why male sorceraic were born so much weaker than their female counterparts. Her efforts are yet to bear fruit, but while the remainder of the original six appear to have given up on their male descendants, Anna has not.

    Over the course of time, she has been known by many names. Her current choice, Bethianna, incorporates a variation on her true name---a nickname her brother called her by, and by which she was largely known in her younger years, "Thia". L'Arine tradition of nicknaming from the end of the name, rather than the start as in English, has led to her name being shortened to "Anna" on occasion, and "Beth" or "Betty" by English speakers with a death wish. She doesn't really allow anyone close enough to use nicknames, and those who do out of turn will soon see the sharp edge of her disapproval.

    Anna's primary trade is as a healer, nurse or doctor---whatever best fits the situation. Her position as head physician in L'Arindelle allows her access to the most powerful people on the island. She is married to the once-divorced Kheldere DeVylissea, with an adult daughter (Elscia) and step-daughter allegedly from Kheldere's first marriage to Ameliana Athrose, Aellra (Adele DeVylissea). The marriage was purely one of convenience and Anna has no time for Kheldere or her daughter, and denied her daughter the chance to accept her sorceraic blood. 

    When Lillian fell pregnant with a male child, it was Anna who persuaded Lillian to let the boy live and found him a home in the outside world. Knowing that his life would be full of illness, she visited him often under many guises, ensuring he survived without too much pain, though she could not intervene and explain his situation. She dropped in and out of his life like extras in a movie, a firm and healing hand when he needed it. 

    Now that Alexander is aware of his heritage, and her part in his life, she finds herself drawn to Narrie more and more. Her fondness for him baffles even Lillian, who had often been chastised by Anna for getting "too involved" in mortal affairs. 


    Tall, broad shouldered, with pale skin that never tans. On good days she looks younger, when she's tired her skin forms in wrinkles and her appearance dulls. In the past few years she has elected to use an older face in general, but even with visible signs of aging she still presents as strong, vibrant, and powerful.

    Her eyes, a deep emerald green, feel as if they can see beyond the mortal realm and into something deeper. Whether they can or not, she will never confirm. Her arms and legs are oddly muscular. Bethianna is far from fragile-looking, between her height and broad, toned physique, she can hold her own in a fight.

    Her hair is long, bright copper red, and typically falls in ringlets down past her shoulders. Most often she is seen in green coloured clothing, long sleeves and skirts. Modern styles don't sit well on her, and she almost never wears trousers.

    Although Anna has had cause over the years to alter her appearance and style to suit different ages, different purposes, and different eras, she is generally more comfortable in her own otherworldly style.


    Almost everything about Bethianna is either secret, or lost to history. She doesn't share her personal information, so even things that aren't particularly sensitive are difficult to know.

    General Knowledge:

    She exists, and that's about it. Bethianna is a face that is seen, but all that people outside of Adele and her family even know who she is. Or what she does. Or where she came from. During her brief time teaching at Tallygarunga in the mid-2000s, she was known for being an intimidating and harsh professor.

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