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February, 2019
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Tallygarunga: Term One, VMU: Summer Break

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    Audrey Adagathguarde

    Headmaster's Assistant
    26 year old Pureblood Human ☆ She/Her ☆ written by ★ LilyCat
    Full Name: Audrey Adelaide Adagethguarde
    Age:  26
    Date of Birth:  June 6th, 1992
    Birthplace: Forthyngton, England
    Occupation: Headmaster's Assistant
    Blood Status: Pureblood
    Species: Human
    Playeru:  ★ LilyCat
    Pronouns: She/Her
    Patronus: Holland Lop Bunny
    Wand: 10" Alder with Unicorn Hair
    Play-by: Olga Kurylenko
    • 2005 - 2010: Hogwarts
    • 2011: Tallygarunga
    • 2012 - 2014: VMU, Magical Education

    Happy, hyperactive, and peppy -- if there was a cheer squad then Audrey would be it. She can be almost childlike in her natural bubbliness and bouncing around, though still maintains some kind of semblance of someone who is nearing adulthood. At least as much as her energy allows for it. To some it might seem like she never runs out of steam since she just seems to be constantly on the go and always brings extra bounce into the vicinity when she comes across people. Of course, this is offset by her ability to sleep through just about anything, including her alarm on many occasions. Audrey isn't much of a morning person in the respect that it takes a long time for her to wake up, but once she's up then she's on fire.

    Naturally friendly, Audrey tries to make friends wherever she goes and is especially kind toward people who she thinks could really use a friend or someone to talk to. This can get on some peoples' nerves since often she doesn't know when to back off or leave things be, but her heart is in the right place and even if she gets quite easily hurt when people get annoyed with her, she'll bounce back easily enough and try again another day.

    It probably doesn't help her hyperactivity that she also loves sugar and especially chocolate and its rare that she isn't carrying something around with her that's sugary -- occasionally sneaking snacks in whenever she can, and making sure she has dessert with every meal. Its just a good thing that she's very active in normal every day life otherwise she would probably be quite overweight by now. She plays tennis, and generally any other sport that catches her eyes when she has the time for them since she has so much energy to burn.

    Audrey can be a bit of an oddball as well, having little to no fear of much if anything she's quite likely to be found sitting on a roof in the middle of a storm or dancing outside in the rain. She'll be the first to climb a tall tree, stick her hand inside a hole in the wall just out of curiosity or wear her pjs to work if she hasn't woken up properly and get changed there. It's rather funny that she's able to organise Alan's life so well, considering her own can sometimes be in chaos. She feels like she's found her calling though, being able to organise someone else and make sure their life is running well.

    A very loving and caring person, Audrey adores her family and any friends she makes, making her a very loyal woman and also very empathetic toward the people she's close to. She hates to see someone dear to her suffering and will do anything to try and make them smile again. She especially loves Alan's kids, and dotes on them horribly.


    Born the baby of her family with quite a number of years between herself and her older sister, Audrey had been loved and spoiled from day one, having a close and influential family in Forthyngton, England. She never really wanted for anything and from the time she could walk, she would try to follow her sister around, always curious about what everyone else was doing and wanting to be able to do it as well.

    This followed into her childhood years as well, Audrey's curiosity never seeming to leave and her love for her family seeming to grow stronger all the time. She idolised her sister, Mereditha, and wanted to be very much like her, even to the point of finding the perfect husband and having a happy and perfect wedding and marriage just like Meri had. Unfortunately, Audrey was still a little too young to understand when tragedy struck and Meri lost the baby that had been growing in her tummy, something that had fascinated Audrey. And all the little girl knew was that there was no baby anymore and she wasn't going to be an aunty.

    Things seemed to change a little with her sister after that, but at the same time Audrey saw less and less of her as time went on and she grew older and was enrolled into St Katherine's, where she quickly made many friends and seemed to become lost in her own world as the Magical world became the new exciting thing to learn more about. She focused on her studies between doing other activities and meeting boys, though when Meri returned to England for a time after she and Adrian had divorced, Audrey's focus returned to her sister and trying to cheer her up. She worried for her having remembered Meri as such a happy and outgoing person when Audrey was a child, to seeing her as somewhat a wreck was scary.

    During this time Audrey's grades slipped a fraction, and with the departure of Meri when she returned to Australia, they didn't get a whole lot better either. Audrey tried her best, but her sister was always on her mind, and then there was news of the floods in Queensland that wiped out Fox Heights, and she became ever more concerned with the world outside of school.

    It came to a point where her studies had suffered right when they were most crucial, and after a long discussion with her parents and the heads of the education, Audrey proposed that she study for an extra six months in Australia where she could live near Meri and experience a different place, and pick her grades back up so that she could have more options for university. After much consideration her parents agreed, and Audrey moved to Australia to study an extra semester at Tallygarunga.

    After graduating with pretty good marks if she says so herself (and she does), Audrey decided to get work experience while deciding what she wanted to do with her life. So she began working at Tally as a receptionist, a role she enjoyed and decided to stick with while she studied teaching via correspondence. Once she graduated, she occasionally filled in for teachers now and then, at least until she ended up becoming the Assistant to the Headmaster, and boy does she take the responsibility seriously.


    Standing at around 5'8, Audrey is on the taller side of average thanks to their father's genes. She has had all her growth spurts that she knows of though and is quite happy with her height. She's a little on the skinnier side, despite her not so awesome diet, mostly because she's a very active person and never stops moving. There is some shape to her lean frame, enough to mark her as an attractive young woman and catch the occasional eye. Her complexion is fair, with just a hint of a tan that tends to darken during the warmer months when she will spend time at the beach, and her eyes are a dark grey that seem to shine with mirth and curiosity.

    When it comes to clothing, Audrey likes to feel comfortable much of the time, quite happy to get around in baggy jumpers or shirts and sweatpants or shorts -- or even her pjs if she so chooses. She's not really hung up on how she looks to other people, however from time to time and for work she likes to dress it up a little, and can change her appearance completely with something simple as a nice dress or a bit of makeup or different hairstyle. She love bright 'girly' colours and has a penchant for extras like bracelets, badges, hair clips, and other knick-knacks that she can use to decorate herself up.

    A definite noticeable thing about Audrey though is that she tends to smile, a lot, and its very rare to see her upset, and even more rare to see her angry. She almost to always looks excitable and has a tendency to make silly faces a lot as well.

    • says she came to Australia for the experience, really came over to be close to Meri, stayed because she likes it here
    • like her sister, tends to go for men a bit older than herself
    General Knowledge:
    • LOVES chocolate
    • prefers to be called 'Addy' or 'Auds'
    • excitable and loves a big party, especially planning them
    • basically organises Alan's entire life, from work, to making sure the groceries are done properly and not just microwave meals or junk food, to running the kids to and from pre-school, to getting him to family gatherings, to... well, you get the point
    Connected to Audrey Adagathguarde
    • Audrey Adagathguarde begins relationship with Alan Burdett 2018
      February 26th
      11 months
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