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February, 2019
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Tallygarunga: Term One, VMU: Summer Break

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An AU non-canon Harry Potter-inspired forum roleplay set in Australia.

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    Artemisia Bellerose

    Musician, Artist, Gallery Owner
    23 year old Pureblood Human ☆ She/Her ☆ written by ★ LilyCat
    Full Name: Artemisia Elene Bellerose
    Age:  23
    Date of Birth:  November 30th, 1995
    Birthplace: Melbourne
    Occupation: Musician, Artist, Gallery Owner
    Blood Status: Pureblood
    Species: Human
    Playeru:  ★ LilyCat
    Pronouns: She/Her
    Patronus: Mongoose
    Wand: 9" Alder with Unicorn Hair core
    Play-by: Danielle Campbell
    • 2007 - 2010: Beaubatons
    • 2010 - 2011: Ilvermorny
    • 2011 - 2013: Tallygarunga

    Having moved from one country to the next and then the next, Arti often had a problem making, or keeping, friends when she was younger and so gave up trying for the most part. This is generally because she can be a bit of a firecracker, stubborn mule, and does what she wants and rarely listens to others. This is also possibly in part due to the fact that she has on many occasions been involved in fights. Though, if one were to look into her family then they would find that she has her reasons for being quite volatile in nature at times and having a trigger temper. Though in recent years, her temper has toned down slightly, and she has a lot more patience for people.

    On the other end of the scale, if one truly managed to see past the tough exterior and the general trouble-making nature of the teen, then they would find someone who was quite loyal to those she was close to and would do anything to look out for them. Unfortunately, this 'anything' occasionally comes in the form of some kind of scheme or vengeance toward someone who wrongs the person she cares about.

    Despite the occasional volatility of her teenage years though, there is also a devious mischieviousness to her too, and she can be reckless and very much a risk-taker when she wants to do something. If she wants something, then she will get it, not matter what, even if she's putting her own safety at risk. She's not one to shy away from challenges and she will face most if not all things head on with the attitude that she'll either beat it or she'll take it down with her.

    Artemisia's a masterful sketch artist and painter, and has been playing the piano and violin since she was a young girl. When she is enthralled in her art or music then she can become somewhat unaware of the world around her and its probably one of the few times that a person might see the real her if she's comfortable enough in her environment and with what she's doing, though its rare that she'll share those things with other people. During her time at Tally though, she softened very slightly, something that is in large to do with her relationship with fellow student and boyfriend, Reade Ainsworth, as well as being taken in by the Tallenerys, who showed her a great deal of love and care.

    Thanks to the people she became close to in her later teen years, Artemisia has become a woman who not only has strength to stand up to others, but also to let others in. Though, sometimes it can still take a little pushing to get past the rough exterior.


    Artemisia was born in Melbourne on December first, only 11 months after the birth of her older sister, Demeter, and almost immediately she was showered with love from her parents who were more than happy to have had two girls, even if they were close together and Arti had been unplanned. It had only been a couple of months before her birth that they'd found out that their first daughter could not hear, which didn't affect how much they loved her at all, but had made them concerned about whether their second child would have the same problem.

    Within a few months though, they could tell that Arti was fine and in fact didn't sleep nearly as well as Demi always had, simply because she DID have sensitive hearing. The two girls grew up basically side by side almost as though they were twins rather than almost a year apart in age, and when Demi first began learning sign language, their parents thought it smart that Arti would learn as well, and that way their oldest would always at least have her sister to fall back on whenever things were tough in the company of other people. Everything was fine for a while, their mother worked at the Ministry in the Department of International Magical Cooperation, and their father came from old money, so they had a fairly easy lifestyle, though when they were ten they were moved to a whole other country, France, in fact, due to their mother getting a promotion to be an ambassador in Europe.

    Unfortunately, that was also when things began to change for the girls, quite a bit. Even though they were born to pureblood parents who come from well bred pureblood families, her sister turned out to be not only deaf but also never displayed any magical ability before the age to start magical school, something which concerned their parents greatly.

    There was always the feeling that their parents wanted to hide her sister while they were always proud to show off Arti and her early magical abilities, but despite being a squib, Demi was still allowed to attend magic school in the hopes that maybe it would awaken the magical blood in her, and so the girls started at Beauxbatons in the same year, so that they could be together.

    However, this was also when the trouble began. Naturally, Demi was picked on quite a bit because she was impeded not only in communication but in magic as well, and this led to Arti becoming very protective of her sister, to the point where she would get into a fight if someone said something mean about Demi. Over the years, people calmed down a bit, though Arti still maintained a very strong opinion about them -- she loved her sister more than anything, they'd always been close and shared their special communication, so when someone tried to come between that, Arti would snap. Many potential friends she could have had, she ended up pushing away because she didn't want Demi to feel left out of anything. Though, this also caused a slight rift between the sisters, eventually, and Demi finally requested that she go to school elsewhere in order to keep Arti from getting in trouble.

    It didn't quite work though, with Demi having transferred to Hogwarts, Arti became even more aggitated and restless, and it didn't take much for her to end up in a rather large fight and being expelled from Beauxbaton's.

    Deciding that they needed to start fresh, the girls' mother decided that they should move and for two years they tried out Ilvermorny, before Arti caused more problems there, and eventually the girls' parents decided to move back to Australia, and the girls were to go to different schools still -- although by this point it was looking less worth it for Demi to continue magical school when she wasn't showing any progress.

    Originally Arti was meant to go to Penrose, and Demi to Tallygarunga, however Arti threatened to punch the first Penrose brat she saw in the nose if Demi wasn't send there, so the girls were swapped around -- Arti was sent to Tallygarunga, where maybe (hopefully) she would find some people that she could befriend without worrying about her sister being in another country, and Demi might hopefully be able to discover her potential without her protective sister causing trouble for the both of them.

    Unfortunately, the shift back to Australia seemed to have been a snapping point for Arti's father, who began progressively abusing her whenever she was home -- usually when she argued the point or was found out having done something she shouldn't have. While things at school seemed to be going well, with the addition of the girl falling for a mute muggleborn boy in her year level, at home it became worse and worse. The breaking point was when her father found out about her boyfriend.

    For a week, Arti was beaten and abused and locked away in her room, only then to be given to a Pureblood man so that he could continue his bloodline. The girl barely managed to escape after one bedroom encounter, and almost died on the street before she was found and rushed to hospital. Swiftly, she was placed into foster care, moving in with the Deputy Headmaster and the Minister of Education as their foster daughter, though has had a difficult time accepting any kind of permanency there.

    Over the summer of 2011-2012, Arti's father was caught and jailed... and then mysteriously murdered, and with her mother and sister having fled to France, Arti was left with a large fortune and the family estate. Since then she has avoided a lot to do with her past family life, settling very gradually into life with her adoptive parents, and happy in a steady relationship with her boyfriend, Reade who proposed to her halfway through their final year of school. Naturally, she said yes, enthusiastically.

    Graduating with top marks in Musiciary and Transfiguration, Arti was rather happy to leave study behind her as she delved straight into the cultural hubs of Melbourne and began promoting her own art and music. She was also able to access her family's fortune and estate that she had inherited, upon turning 18. She sold the house her family had, and bought a large townhouse for herself and Reade to live in together while renting out a couple of rooms to friends of theirs as well.

    Though engaged to Reade, at the start of the year when Arti was offered the opportunity to travel the world with her special brand of music combined with art, it was a chance that she couldn't really pass up, and after some discussion the pair decided to have an amiable break while she was gone, rather than deal with the stress of a long-distance relationship. While Arti did go on a couple of small dates, they never went anywhere, due to ghosts from her past that still haunted her.

    Upon her return, the young woman is happy just to be setting up a gallery with a friend, as well as pursuing her music, while she decides what else she might like to do with her life. She hasn't heard from Reade in a long time, and so assumes that he has moved on with his life as well, and she figures she may as well see what life holds in store for her, and be ready for whatever may come.


    Petite and almost demure-looking... at first glance, at least. It doesn't take long to realise that there is a lot more beneath the outer layer of the young woman who stands at only almost 4'11 and is rather fine framed with developed curves. Even with the dark brown hair and the seemingly large eyes and lips that can form a cute and almost innocent-looking smile, there is always a trace of something else. It could be a glint among the blue-grey irises, or the small twitch of a smirk that makes her smile not quite a smile, but after studying her properly it can be seen that she is not necessarily someone to mess around with the wrong way.

    Arti carries herself confidently enough, appears nonplussed by anything negative thrown her way, and generally is the kind of person who can radiate the 'keep away' feel at times, and then excude a more open and welcoming feel at others, depending on the situation and people involved. She keeps up with the latest trends, though doesn't have much if any love for uniforms of any kind and is glad that she doesn't need to wear one. The closest she might come is wearing a nice dress suit or gown for an event or showing or something.

    Despite her small stature and attempts to go unnoticed though, the woman stands out, especially having developed into a rather stunning woman since her awkward teenage years. But she continues to gives off the air of someone who obviously doesn't look for attention, simply because she just is what she is.

    • Understands and speaks AUSLAN as well as a couple of international variations of sign language
    • Not as thick-skinned as she likes to pretend to be
    • Was severely abused by her father
    • Has scarred vocal chords, as well as occasional issues with blacking out due to severe head trauma during said abuse
    • Inherited a fortune when he died
    • Conceived and lost a child a couple of years ago, doesn't talk about it
    General Knowledge:
    • Comes from a wealthy pureblood family
    • French accent, thanks to living in France for half her life
    • Plays a number of instruments: violin (favourite), paino, guitar, harp, some cello
    • Is a talented artist, and was on tour in Europe with her art and music the past year or so
    • Was adopted by Adrian and Mereditha Tallenery when she was 16
    • Was engaged to Reade Ainsworth, her school sweetheart, but they broke it off when she was given the opportunity to travel Europe
    • Was top of her class in Transfiguration and Musiciary
    • Is a registered Animagus: Sugar Glider
    • Came across a phoenix during her travels and it took a liking to her and is something of a hidden animal companion now
    • Dating Derrick Ackers
    Connected to Artemisia Bellerose
    • Artemisia Bellerose begins relationship with Derrick Ackers 2018
      May 15th
      9 months
    Significant Dates:
    • March 2011 - Moved to Australia and started at Tally
    • July 2011 - Started dating her school sweetie
    • October 2011 - Abuse from her father reached breaking point, she was beaten and tortured for a week (with severe damage to her head and throat), and then 'sold' to a Pureblood wizard for the purposes of breeding. Found near dead in an alley after escaping, but not before suffering more trauma.
    • February 2012 - Adopted by Mereditha and Adrian Tallenery
    • April 2012 - Father was found and arrested
    • November 2013 - Graduated Tally and inherited her family's fortune (awarded to her despite a dispute with his family, due to what he did)
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