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    Albertine Bellerose

    06. Sixth Year
    Sixteen year old pb hu ☆ She/Her
    Full Name: Albertine Bellerose
    Age:  Sixteen
    (Legacy Field) Date of Birth : 06/12/2001
    Birthplace: Dijon, France
    Year Level: 06. Sixth Year
    Blood Status: pb
    Species: hu
    Pronouns: She/Her
    Patronus: European Wildcat
    Wand: 9" Spruce with Matagot hair core, Springy
    Education: Optional. Here you can track what education your character has completed, and what institutions they attended. For characters applying for high-level positions, it is assumed they will have some form of additional education listed here.

    Albertine is an extroverted girl who due to feeling out of place in her current situation has become more introverted. She answers in class when she absolutely has too; otherwise she simply does her work and hands it in on time. She has spent the last year keeping to her and in doing some comes off as somewhat snobbish, since she replies in simple sharp responses when someone speaks to her. She still has some trouble coming to trust other students, sometimes which is because the way they speak means she finds it difficult to keep up with them.

    Sadly, she has learnt to deflect people who might be interested in getting to know her by being rude and on more than one occasion cursing them (and on more than one occasion hitting them). Since she has a very dry and dark sense of humour she isn’t often short of a nasty remark when needed.

    Though, for those who manage to somehow put up with her long enough to gain some semblance of trust, they get to see the mad inventor underneath the crusty shell. Bertie loves experimenting and it is a common sight around her houses common room to have some mechanical thing chirping away or a caldron that really shouldn’t be there exploding.

    This Bertie is a lot freer in her actions; this is the girl who is happy to do a silly dance whilst singing off key and at the top of her lungs into a brush. The girl who is up for almost any challenge, especially when it scares the pants off her. She laughs at bad jokes, makes many of her own and isn’t afraid of making a fool of herself.

    One of the few attributes that pass over between her public and private selves, is not only that she can be stubborn but also that she has no problems standing up for what she believes in and for other people.


    Albertine is the only child of Vivienne Bellerose and her Husband, Marceau Bellerose. She was also the second Granddaughter to both sides of the large and affluent Bellerose family. As a young child she was dotted on by her Father, spoiled by her Grandparents and generally treated as everyone’s little darling. Vivienne was a slightly different story, though she loved her daughter, she had a passion for expensive things and living the life she felt, as a procreating Bellerose, that she deserved. She, however, wasn’t a thrifty person and before Albertine had reached the age of three, the small family was bankrupt.

    The strain of money problems and the changing moods within Wizarding circles against the dying ways of the Pure Blood families eventually led to her parents’ marriage dissolving. Her Father left and cut off all ties with his family, including his Daughter. This left her Mother with almost free reign over her Albertine and after a brief conversation with a woman she’d met whilst letting Albertine play in the park, she put into motion the next stages of Albertine’s life.

    She started entering the three year old Albertine into Muggle child beauty pageants, something that took mother and daughter far and wide around France. A few years passed before the young girl was spotted by a talent agent and thrust into the world of child modelling. As her Mother negotiated contracts and shoots, the young Albertine was left trying to find her way in the muggle world, dealing with children that she had very little in common with.

    Albertine became rather popular and in the years leading up to her attending Beauxbatons, she was taken all over Europe for various shoots and even once got on the cover of a famous muggle magazine. Albertine was only aware of her success due to the fact that the financial situation of her Mother got better. It wasn’t something the young girl thought much of until she started school.

    She attended Beauxbatons, the best Wizarding School in France and was soon settling into what would become her normal routine. This was when she started going by the nickname Bertie instead of her full name. Bertie excelled at school and it was during these years when she strolled the halls of the Grand Beauxbatons that she discovered her keen interesting in experimenting with no only magic but how it could be applied to muggle items.

    Though, every time there was a school holiday her Mother would whip her away for more modelling shoots she had booked, even branching out so that by the time the events took place that lead Albertine and her Mother to relocate to Australia started, she was also modelling within Magical Magazines as well.

    Then one Christmas her Mother broke the news that they would be going to Australia to live for a while. When Albertine protested, her Mother simply told her that she had a cousin over there that needed the embrace of her family and support.

    So the pair went. Vivienne first tried to get her daughter enrolled at Penrose, the only school she felt worthy of having a lineage like the Belleroses walking its halls. That, however, fell flat and much to Albertine’s pleasure she was instead sent to Tallygarunga.

    A year later, Albertine is heading into her second year at Tallygarunga and this mysterious relative that caused the uprooting of her life has yet to materialised.


    It has been said by some that Albertine Bellerose clearly won the genetic lottery standing at around 168m with a frame that is slender but has enough curves that she can also be cast in the feminine side of it as well. Symmetrical features, a small but neat nose, full lips and big blue eyes are framed by long blonde hair. Her hair tends to lean towards the side of dark or dirty blonde, a failing in the eyes of some.

    Due to be encouraged to look older than her years from a very young age, Bertie is actually very good at doing make-up in both wizarding and muggle methods and has a sense of what looks right and what the latest fashions are. Desoite this and her tendancy to wear at least some light make-up during classes she somehow still seems to get in a bit of a mess. Her hair is often holding on to one of the remains of an experiment and she is also seen with scratches and bruises in various places on her.

    Bert favours darker or more neutral colours in her dress style. She does, however, have a affection for boots and high heels. Her clothes often have splashes of her most recent failed experiment on them - and they are usually expensive clothes.

    • Her love for terribly written romance novels.
    • Has a large collection of stuffed animals.
    • Has a strong affection for muggle music.
    • Was/continues to be a child model in Europe in both Muggle and Magical circles (open secret)
    • Her Mother and Father are second cousins.


    General Knowledge:
    •  Is a boarded student at Tally, only goes home to her Mother during the Summer Holidays
    • Is know for her love of experimental magic and tends to get in trouble because these experiments explode alot.
    •  Is French.
    • Can speak Three languages (French, English & Spanish)
    • Has a pet cat (who is half Kneazle) who is one-eyed, three legged, male, grey/black and was a feral that she rescued him when in Spain. His name is El Bestia. He stubbornly only responds when spoken to in Spanish.

    Artemisia Bellerose (Cousin)

    Significant Dates:
    • 25/02/2015: The date she found and was allowed to adopt El Bestia, a stubborn one eyed, three legged, scraggly part-Kneazle.
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