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February, 2019
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    Aiden Longhurst

    05. Fifth Year
    16 year old Halfblood Human ☆ He/Him ☆ written by ★ Sadrienne
    Full Name: Aiden Matthew Longhurst
    Age:  16
    Date of Birth:  September 19th, 2002
    Birthplace: Wodonga
    Year Level: 05. Fifth Year
    Blood Status: Halfblood
    Species: Human
    Playeru:  ★ Sadrienne
    Pronouns: He/Him
    Play-by: AJ Kapa
    Education: Optional. Here you can track what education your character has completed, and what institutions they attended. For characters applying for high-level positions, it is assumed they will have some form of additional education listed here.

    Aiden is ridiculously protective of his younger sister Valerie, and treats all new people with caution - especially men. When he first came to Narrie, he idolised his father and resented Kate. 

    His turbulent life has made it difficult for him to fully settle, and Aiden is very opposed to any form of change. He blames Kate for abandoning him and Valerie after Matt's accident, though he does love living with Adam and Cass, and considers them the parents they should have had from the start. 

    Aiden is mostly quiet, and serious. He's a good student that works hard to get good marks, and shows more magical talent than Matthew ever did. He spends a lot of time researching various medical practices, especially experimental ones, and believes that one day he may find a way to bring Matt out of his coma. 

    Overall, Aiden is kind and compassionate. He believes he has a duty to help everyone he can, even if he doesn't particularly like them. Part of him is afraid of getting angry, so he squashes negative emotions down as far as he can. He does not want to be anything like his father.


    Aiden is the son of John and Angela Longhurst, brother of Valerie Longhurst (13), and younger half brother of Matthew and Adam Longhurst. His father was an abusive man, who regularly beat his mother - and already had prior domestic abuse convictions regarding his first wife, Valerie (Matthew & Amanda's mother). He grew up believing that the appropriate way to treat women was with disrespect and violence, adoring his father despite his faults - it was all he ever knew.

    In November 2008, Aiden's mother Angela made contact with Adam and Matthew - John's children from his first marriage, seeking out support from other family members as her family did not support her at all. While John didn't mind her desire to talk to Matt, he refused to acknowledge Adam (born Amanda) as family - and once he discovered Angela had been in contact with him, made his opinions very clear in the kitchen. He was afraid that Angela was seeking support to leave him, and they had an argument that ended in Angela's death and the two children witnessing the entire gory scene. The children were immediately rushed to Narrie, and left with Matthew while a police investigation arrested John, and had him sentenced for life.

    Aiden and Valerie then lived with their elder half-brother Matt and his new wife Kate, at the apartment on the top floor of the Drunken Roo, the pub that Matthew owned and managed. Aiden was enrolled in Tallygarunga's junior school, and the school has been his one stable home since then.

    When Matthew was hit by a tram and subsequently fell into a coma in 2012, Matt's brother Adam took custody of both Aiden and Valerie. They live in a small house in the outer-suburbs of Melbourne to be close to Adam and Cass's workplaces, but both Aiden and Valerie spend the majority of their week at Tallygarunga. Adam and Cass make plenty of time for them during holidays and weekends, often including Matt and Kate's daughter Hazel in family time.

    Aiden does love the school and has slowly grown into a respectful young man. He has his sights set on a future in the medical profession, wanting to be the one who can stop tragedy from happening to other families.

    Aiden knows what happened to his mother, and still has horrific dreams about it. He's glad that Valerie was too young to remember any more detail, and tries his best to shield her from the brutal truth.


    Like his brother, Aiden is tall for his age---and lanky. He has arms and legs that seem far too long, he is the ultimate awkward teen. Trying to find pants that go all the way to his ankles, but don't fall off his narrow hips, is always a challenge. His ginger hair is often a point of mockery, as are the freckles that cover his face. He has dark green eyes, and a gentle smile.

    Aiden tends to dress practically, if stylishly. Simple clothes in plain colours, but usually with a designer label on the collar. This is Cass and Adam's influence, as they believe the kids deserve the absolute best of everything.


    Aiden doesn't like to talk about what his early childhood was like. He does have far too many unpleasant memories. Ensuring that those memories never get shared with Valerie is very important to him.

    He also tends to hide his secret project to find a cure for Matt's coma... feeling that it would be laughed at, or he would be told to stop obsessing over something that was impossible.

    General Knowledge:

    It's generally well known that Aiden's family is... messed up. Most people know that he's the half-brother of Matt Belmont, and that Matt has been in a coma since 2012. It's also well known that he lives with his other brother Adam, and that some very horrible circumstances led to his mother's death and father being jailed. The exact circumstances aren't so well known.

    Aiden Longhurst's connections
    • Aiden Longhurst in Fifth Year 2018
      Fifth Year, Flinders
      Tallygarunga Academy of Magic
      Narragyambie, Australia
      January 1st
    • Aiden Longhurst in Fourth Year 2017
      Fourth Year, Flinders
      Tallygarunga Academy of Magic
      Narragyambie, Australia
      January 1st
    • Aiden Longhurst in Third Year 2016
      Third Year, Flinders
      Tallygarunga Academy of Magic
      Narragyambie, Australia
      January 1st
    • Aiden Longhurst in Second Year 2015
      Second Year, Flinders
      Tallygarunga Academy of Magic
      Narragyambie, Australia
      January 1st
    • Aiden Longhurst in First Year 2014
      First Year, Flinders
      Tallygarunga Academy of Magic
      Narragyambie, Australia
      January 1st
    • Aiden Longhurst in Grade Five (Primary) 2013
      Grade Five (Primary)
      Tallygarunga Academy of Magic
      Narragyambie, Australia
      January 1st
    • 2012
      October 28th
      0 year
    • Aiden Longhurst in Grade Four (Primary) 2012
      Grade Four (Primary)
      Tallygarunga Academy of Magic
      Narragyambie, Australia
      January 1st
    • Aiden Longhurst in Grade Three (Primary) 2011
      Grade Three (Primary)
      Tallygarunga Academy of Magic
      Narragyambie, Australia
      January 1st
    • 2009
      July 5th
      0 year
    • Death of Angeline Longhurst 2009
      Victoria - Elsewhere, Australia
      July 4th
      9 years
    • Birth of Aiden Longhurst 2002
      Victoria - Elsewhere, Australia
      September 19th
      16 years
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