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Preparations for plotting pandemonium!
Plots ahoy! Ready to make some awesome happen? Behind the scenes, Lily and I have been drafting outlines for some epic plottage ...
Happy Six Months, Tally!
Those of you who have not encountered my over-emotional speeches before, welcome to what will be the first of many! Today marks the s...
Welcome Kai, our new Connections mod!
Welcome Kai to the staff team! As part of our response to the feedback, we've decided to create a staff position dedicated to ensuri...
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Cheers, Voter! We're doing so well in our World Domination project, that it's time for some rewards! And that reward is the most...
Lions and Tigers and Bears... oh my!
A couple of farmers have been talking about sightings of a large wild cat of some kind, but when the try to chase after it to get a better...
Music to your Ears
Bet you didn't know that the latest news is the performer on the net who goes by 'BlueEyed' is taking up schooling in Tallygarunga! Even s...
No longer "AT", but we saw THAT coming.
It's official. Papers have been filed, and the unexpectedly long marriage of @Adele DeVylissea is over. Dear oh dear. At least the Drunk...
Using Tally Gossip
Posting Gossip Small towns are notorious for gossip. The wizarding community that inhabits Narragyambie and Tallygarunga is no exception. B...
Welcome to the Black Parade
Blacky's Characters Always up for plots and new things, so feel free to toss in ideas!   Amanda (Amy) Lee7 | Description ...
Vil's wildlings
Plots! Splots! Spots! Lots! Socks! ... okay I'll stop now As a general rule I'm pretty much down for anything. I don't hugely enjoy f...
Rika's Plotter
Savannah Ryan - Profile Link:  15 ] Bourke Student ] 5th Year ] Auli’i Cravalho  Wants:  I am all for basically anythin...
Rika's Plotter
Savannah Ryan - Profile Link:  15 ] Bourke Student ] 5th Year ] Auli’i Cravalho  Wants:  I am all for basically anythin...
Rachel was like that floater that just refused to flush... And it was Audrey's self-designated job to be there for him and the kids whenev...
Miss Piggy Del
"What a delightfully ugly snort there, Adele! Don't tell me the pink cheeks are spreading and affecting your brain, I'm not sure how I'll ...
Blood to Blood, Shade to Shade
"...The other part owner is basically dead, and his wife is a swamp donkey. She let the place go and refused to do anything to save it, so...
Unwavering Faith
"Mamiere will cook." Caleb interjected, before looking squarely at Zane. "And then you will die." ...
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28 ☆ Halfblood ☆ Human Sage is very academic and very creative. She is sharp-minded but gets obsessed with one thing or the other. She is a good friend and she h...
Marcus Carsen
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Eudoxia Miller
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Tony Wolfe
38 ☆ hb ☆ hu Srengths: Compassion- regardless of what others may think of him Tony has a rather large heart. He keeps it hidden as much as possible, th...
Tory Pierce
22 ☆ pb ☆ hu Tory has always been a tomboy who loved getting into scrapes. She is more courageous than is good for her, and particularly susceptible to...
Maks Valentin
9 ☆ pb ☆ hu Maks is a cheeky little boy with a honey badger attitude to go along with it. Always cheerful, and willing to do whatever he wants and nee...
Sturn Haviland
26 ☆ Halfbreed ☆ Veela The surface of Sturn Haviland can be very misleading, looking at the way she holds herself, speaks and moves one would think that the res...
Jonathan Azai
25 ☆ Halfbreed ☆ Fae Jonathan is an enigma of switching phases and no one personality or image he shows is entirely true only a fragment of what he wants to b...
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Sean Rhodes
27 ☆ hb ☆ hu Sean is a serious soul, but that doesn’t mean that he won’t stand up for himself or others. He’s incredibly loyal and you can always...
Rue Delaney
28 ☆ hbr ☆ fr Rue is odd. She’s always been odd. There’s just something mildly unsettling about her. It could be her eyes, that startling shade of ...
Morgan Ohara
13 ☆ hb ☆ hu Despite her situation, Morgan is a very sweet girl. She is rather shy, and introverted, but isn't afraid to make friends. She just needs s...
Vladimir Valentin
527 ☆ pb ☆ hu Vladimir is a bit of a mix in terms of his personality, however the most noticeable feature of his is the fact that he is extremely calc...
Lucy Fischer
27 ☆ hb ☆ hu Headstrong | Stubborn | Spontaneous | Loyal | Adventurous | Strong in her convictions ...
Amy Lee
7 ☆ hb ☆ hu Amy is a very quiet, sweet little girl. She will go out of her way to comfort someone else, and tends to be always grinning and happy. She...
Artemisia Bellerose
22 ☆ pb ☆ hu Having moved from one country to the next and then the next, Arti often had a problem making, or keeping, friends when she was younger and...
Ethan King
24 ☆ mb ☆ hu Energetic | Hyperactive | Friendly | Focused | Spastic | Inquisitive ...
Lot Karras
38 ☆ hb ☆ hu ven when he appears self-controlled and calm there is a seething intensity of emotional energy under the placid exterior. Lot is like a vo...
Amea Nedvidek
25 ☆ hbr ☆ sc She's not easy to understand. She is for the most part, a cool calculating woman with a very serious look on life. She takes things person...
Alic Eron
24 ☆ Halfblood ☆ Human Alic is a very mercurial person; he can be your worst enemy one minute, and your best friend the next. How he treats you depends on how he...
Grant Thomas
25 ☆ hb ☆ hu Grant is a shy but smart guy, incredibly loyal to his friends. ...
Leander Hue
26 ☆ Muggleborn ☆ Human While Leander is generally fair in grading, he dislikes untidy workspaces and is strict on his students in this area.  Lee loves organiz...
Lorelei Valentin-Blair
15 ☆ Halfblood ☆ Human To say Lorelei's personality is complex would be an understatement. She holds a deep intelligence that is clearly abnormal for a young ch...
Caldwell Hughes
24 ☆ mb ☆ ww Clever - Stickler - Kind of a hard ass toward students - Can loosen up around the right people ...
Ashkar Gastrell
44 ☆ mb ☆ hu Ash is a man that seems to exude confidence. He wears this along with arrogance as a shield. Showing the world a Wizard who has little re...
Keith Anderson
45 ☆ hb ☆ hu Keith is a shy person when he is in a new place. However, once you get to know him, you realize he is a fun loving, down-to-earth kind of ...
Albertine Bellerose
Sixteen ☆ pb ☆ hu Albertine is an extroverted girl who due to feeling out of place in her current situation has become more introverted. She answers in cla...
Vladimir Valentin
27 ☆ hbr ☆ dh Vladimir is one of the quietest people a person could ever meet. The man hates intruding upon the affairs of others. He respects everyone ...
Kate Belmont
48 ☆ pb ☆ hu Kate is Daddy's little princess all grown up. She's never had much of an interest in romance, beyond creating the odd scandal here and the...
Dylan Connell
38 ☆ Pureblood ☆ Human Dylan Connell can be considered a very grim sort of man on the surface, more of actions than words. Often when he -does- speak it is short...
Alexander Winfield
19 ☆ Halfbreed ☆ Sorceraic Alexander is an extremely friendly young man and enjoys the better side of life. He has already dealt with what it felt like and even now ...
Eugenia Holtzer
16 ☆ Halfblood ☆ Human Eugenia has always liked to take the lead, it's not so much that she desires leadership as much as it's the simple fact that she naturall...
Matt Belmont
51 ☆ hb ☆ hu Matt’s obsession with neatness and cleanliness is a defining part of who he is. He keeps detailed records of everything, organises his m...
Thomas Sollozzo
53 ☆ pb ☆ hu Thomas is a dangerous individual who enjoys nothing more in life than money, murder, and torture. Sociopathic by nature, he shows very li...
Mary Ohara
29 ☆ mb ☆ hu Mary is a rather ordinarily happy woman, though she might choose to express it a little more vehemently than others. Always talkative, Mar...
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Caitlin Sullivan

DADA Term 2, Disarming & Boggarts

Class By Caitlin Sullivan, in Defence Against the Dark Arts

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Tally Staff ☆ Counselor, DADA Teacher, Profiler, Author★ LilyCat
36 year old Halfbreed Fairy ☆ She/Her

Having arrived early to the class, Caitlin had moved all the chairs to the side of the room, as there'd be no need of them this class. She was aiming for a mostly practical one, which would involve the students learning and attempting to implement a couple of minor charms that could give them major assistance if they found themselves in a pickle. She set her things down, and then moved to her adjoining office, where she levitated a chest she had stored there into the classroom, beside her podium.

The red-haired woman then brushed down her blouse and pencil skirt as she made sure there was enough room for what she wanted to do today, and got her attendance sheet out. As students began to enter the room, she greeted each of them by name with a warm smile. Once a number had arrived, she glanced around.

"I'm just going to wait a few more minutes, and then we'll begin," The woman began to mark down who had arrived so far, "In the meantime, did anything exciting happen with anyone during the holidays? Any fun adventures or tales that you'd like to share with the class while we wait?"

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Spencer ☆ Sixth Year ☆ Guitarist/Vocalist - Local School Hero!✩ Kaitore
19 year old Halfbreed Sorceraic ☆ HE/HIM

Sleep? Alexander didn't know the meaning of the world last night and it showed on his face with a slight hazed weariness. His hair had been tied back which was a rarity in every case of his life, never one to actually pull those lovely locks into a constrained tie. As he made his way into the classroom his eyes fluttered noticing the clear difference in the room with no where to actually sit and put his stuff down. . . . Merlin's Toads - this was going to be a practical magic session wasn't it? His teeth bit into his lower lip tightly enough to draw blood as the uncertainty washed over him. The kinds of spells that are used in these kinds of classes tend to need an opponent as a foci and that wasn't something he had been reveling in enacting considering the potential mess ups that already started to flood through his mind.

For once, Alexander actually took to standing at a spot in the room that was no where near the front and center as he settled his bag down. The less likely he'd be picked out to attempt anything or at least the longer he could prolong the more time he held in order to prepare his mind and focus it for a hope of the best, maybe. Then the dreaded question had been asked by Cate and it instantly made him cursed under his breath. 

Fun Adventures? It started out a good break gone to hell. One of the many chief complaints on top of it being him nearly being killed and this time not of his own actions! A huff exhausted out from him as he rubbed the back of his neck. "Aah... I went on vacation. Some sky diving and stuff." A mumble followed under his breath as he tried to mask it knowing it'd do very little good in that aspect. "Ended up married. . ." Not that he was complaining that perhaps was the upside of everything that had been stress within the last month moving into April. 

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Spencer ☆ Seventh Year ☆ Junior Dance Instructor★ LilyCat
18 year old Pureblood Fairy ☆ She/Her

For perhaps the first time ever, Cassandra was actually not looking forward to a practical class herself. Not only was she feeling drained lately, and not sleeping very well at all whenever she stayed at the school, but her... everything, was going wonky, and she couldn't explain why. She also wasn't sure how to approach one of the teachers or Cate about it. Or, perhaps it was more that she felt like Caitlin was hiding things from her and so out of a stubborn mild spite, she wasn't going to tell Cate about her own secrets. Or something like that. She wasn't entirely sure where her mind was going with it all.

Point was, Cass was feeling less like herself every day, and she didn't know what to make of it. The only constant were the people in her life, thank goodness. And as she entered, she saw two of them right away, and wandered over to stand next to Alex, after setting her things on one of the tables that were off to the side of the room. She gave him a small nudge and a smile. As the question was asked of the class though, she snickered softly and then snorted at Alex's words beneath his breath.

"Pretty much the same as my bae here, we went on a trip, had some fun... basically turned it into a honeymoon," The redhead had no qualms about being open with their relationship now. They were legally married, she was pretty much Mrs Alex, though she'd still kept her surname for the time being, unsure what she was doing about that still. She didn't know if she wanted to keep her family's name out of some small pride due to her survival, or take Alex's surname, even though it wasn't technically his birth surname and she also didn't know what he was doing regarding his family.

There was a lot of confusing stuff going on. But at least they could try to hang out way back and hope not to be picked together, right?

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Sturt Blackbird
16 year old Halfblood Human ☆ She/Her

Defense Against the Dark Arts. It was her first class back after the holidays, and she wasn't entirely certain what her opinion on that was. Like always, she was so glad to be back at Tally. Tally was the home she'd never had, after all. But her father had left her with some parting gifts, and so she worried about having Defense Against the Dark Arts first. Hopefully, although she doubted it since she seemed to have truly awful luck, they'd just be doing bookwork today.

As she walked to the classroom, she attempted to nonchalantly wave her wand, feeling her Glamors settled over her skin. What she couldn't cover with makeup, she had covered with Magic, and so all she needed to do was make sure it stuck. There was a slight, constant pull on her Magic, making her feel winded, but it was something she'd long gotten used to. Besides, it helped her practice her Magic, so that was a good thing, wasn't it?

She was beginning to regret her choice of clothing as she walked to the building that held the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom, feeling her face flush and sweat begin to bead. She was dressed in her uniform, of course, but the long sleeved versions of it. The sleeves of her beige shirt went down to her wrists, and just passed, to the point she rolled them up so she could use her hands. Her olive trousers, too, were long, and rolled up at the end, covering the lip of her scuffed leather shoes. It was a safety measure - it would train her too quickly if she tried to cover everything with Magic, and the cover-up wasn't fool proof.

Samhain attempted to smoothe her stride as much as she could, killing her limp, as she approached the door to the classroom, slipping inside. She inclined her head to the red-haired teacher she recognized from her previous classes, and made her way to the opposite wall, offering a polite smile and wave to Alex and Cass. When she got to the wall, she began to lean back against it, pausing only for a moment and bringing her hand to her ribs in an almost imperceptible movement, before resting her weight against the wall, pulling out her wand.

Once the majority of the students were there, the teacher began, quickly taking roll. Then, she addressed the class, asking them to share anything exciting that might have happened during their holidays. Samhain held her tongue, not having anything to add in.

Alex, it seemed, did.

He went on vacation, and sky dived, and got married. Her eye brows rose into her hair, going even further when Cass chimed in in agreement. Good for them! She couldn't imagine having a partner like they did, and she offered them both a thumbs up.

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Bourke ☆ Third Year Blackbird
13 year old Halfblood Human ☆ She/Her

Morgan frowned as, once again, her wheelchair wheel jammed, getting stuck in a dent in the dirt. The rightmost wheel was acting up again, and it felt rough under her hands. But no matter how hard she looked, she could't find a hole or visible problem, and she hadn't learned a fix-all spell yet. So she simply had to (reluctantly) rely more on Roe, the poor dog having to help her get unstuck several times.

Roe, recognizing that she was in trouble, stepped over to her side, so she could grab onto his harness. He stepped forward as she pushed on the other wheel, until finally her wheelchair came unstuck, rolling forward. "Good boy," she murmured, releasing his harness to pat him on the head. He padded beside her as she began to push her way to the school building, struggling with the wheel on her chair.

Thankfully, it wasn't too long before she arrived at the DADA classroom, Roe stepping aside so she could get to the doorhandle. He stepped through the doorway before her as she rolled in, before wheeling herself to a position where she could be out of the way but still observe the teacher. The chocolate lab sat down politely at her side, and she reached down to rest her hand on his vest, which read: SERVICE DOG AT WORK - PLEASE DON'T PET ME.

The students began to tell about their holidays, a pair of them having gotten married. Morgan smiled, and offered them a polite, "Congratulations!" while feeling rather baffled. Why would you get married while still in school? When it was her turn, however, she perked up, saying, "Roe and I went to a Special Needs Camp! Roe won first place in dock diving, and I was the third highest scorer in our basketball game!"

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Spencer ☆ Seventh Year ☆ StudentBlackbird
17 year old Muggleborn Human ☆ He/Him

"Make us free na Splash! Kasaneta hikari no KONTORASUTO abite
Feel so free na kyō tobikomu ore-tachi no Brand new blue, yeh
Omou yō ni sei! sei! sei! a-oh
Jibunrashiku kick! kick! kick! a-oh
Tsukamitainda pull! pull! pull! a-oh
Todokisō na deep! deep! deep! Splash Free!"

Naoki, compared to a great many of his peers, was in a great mood. His spine was straight, his head high, a cocky grin on his lips, and a skip to his step. His hands swung loosely at his side as he strutted through the school, looking for the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom.

Vacation was over, and it made him sad, but he missed classes. He loved doing magic, and learned now Magics, especially foreign ones that he'd not have learned otherwise. Naoki entered Tarnagulla Center, hands sliding into his pockets.

"PURE nai hi ga nai kurai back and fill na BATAFURAI! Shikōsakugo no shōritsu wam, Atode īdaro."

Naoki slipped into the Defense Against The Dark Arts class, waving a lazy hello to the other students, and calling, "Ohayou gozaimasu sensei!" to the professor. Looking around, he chose to sit on one of the desks that had been shoved aside, sitting cross-legged lazily. He hummed the rest of the song until the teacher began to speak, and then shut up to listen. A pair of students announced they'd gotten married, and he flashed them a congratulatory grin, calling out, "Kekkon omedeto!" cheerfully.

Another girl revealed that she and her dog had placed well at a camp, and he called out a lazy "Omedeto!"

And then it was his turn, and he grinned, sitting up proper. "I want back to Nippon, er Japan, for my break! Visited my family, got to stay at an 温泉 and eat home-made カツ丼!" his stomach rumbled, and he grinned unabashedly.

温泉 is pronounced (Onsen)
カツ丼 is pronounced (Katsudon)

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Bourke ☆ Seventh Year ☆ Quidditich Player - Chaser , Muay Thai Assistant✩ Kaitore
17 year old Muggleborn Human ☆ HE/HIM

A hand grasped around his phone a she walked into the classroom, a smirk pressed on his face. This was a pretty amusing conversation he had been texting to Vi but immediately had to close up his phone and slide it into his pocket. Head lifted up to gaze up to see the tables and chair spread away from the center of the room and it seemed a few people were already packed inside ahead of him. From the look of it all, it seemed like practical magic was about to be put into fruition in this class and that meant it was going to take up the slope of a good ol' fun time, that was for sure. 

Moving into the room further he'd drop his backpack onto the table and turned to face the Professor fully with his hands delved into his pockets. It seemed Naoki was going to be upbeat like usual, he didn't mind it, added more diversity to the classroom in a lot of ways. Spotting Morgan and Roe once more his hand rose up to shift into a peace sign as a 'Hello' greeting. He hadn't considered until now how many classes he actually shared with the underclassman which was probably an upside considering he could always help out in tutoring her if her health ever made it difficult to get about. 

Everyone had seemed to have went through some interesting things in vacation - Wait - something about congratulations? He shifted his gaze towards the lovebirds in the corner spotting the matching rings that hung on their fingers an a eyebrow quirked up. Guess everyone was in a rush to 'start their lives' one way or another, weren't they? Tyson shrugged it off that wasn't his business and it certainly wasn't his relationship to ponder on. 

"Uhh. . . I just hung around really. Met a friend, chatted a bit about some stuff they're helping me with and ate out a couple of times." He kept it as little information as possible not wanting it to some how bite him in the butt later on, at least, not until he was fully out of Tallygarunga as a graduate. Or at least, as an Adult which technically meant both at this point. 

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Spencer ☆ First Year ☆ Studentpyjamaviking
11 year old Halfblood Human ☆ She/her

Scarlett dropped into a chair, hyper aware of her gangly arms and legs. She didn't say anything but her eyes were sharp and taking in everything carefully. She had her DADA notes and textbook on her lap. Scarlett didn't have much to share about her holidays. They'd mostly consisted of supervised Floo Powder chats with Rosemarie, painting and reading books. Her parents were at work all the time and she didn't know anyone in the local area. She put it down to boarding school, mostly, but also because she didn't have friends from the local primary school, like she would have had back in England. 

The best part of the holidays was the space to paint. Scarlett hadn't dedicated any less energy to painting at school, but she was restricted to the common room or the odd empty classroom she was occasionally allowed to use. Even then, she had to be careful not to make any mess. Scarlett was a messy artist by default. Not making a mess while she painted was like telling her not to paint while she painted. Completely impossible, and stupid! At home she could splash and flick and do whatever she wanted. She couldn't wait until she learned enough magic to be able to cast cleaning and vanishing spells. 

Scarlett's mind wandered to what happened to vanished things. She almost blurted her thoughts out loud, before remembering where she was. With a startled glance at the kids around her, she buried her face in her bag and dug out her ink and quill. 

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Flinders ☆ Sixth Year Vildea
16 year old Halfblood Human ☆ She/Her

Eugenia had slid into the classroom a moment before the teacher began talking, using the time that her classmates spent telling the class about their break to settle into a spot off to the side where she hopefully wouldn't stand out too much. It wasn't so much that she was worried about the class itself, she did well enough in DADA, but she didn't really fancy talking about herself if she didn't have to. Her break had, after all, been spent at school after arguing with her father for weeks beforehand about letting her stay and then getting no peace during it either as he and his wife had taken turns trying to make her feel guilty about not coming home. To what exactly? A family she didn't know? A strange house she hadn't grown up in? Yeah, she didn't think the class needed, or wanted, to hear that so she kept mouth shut.

Her eyebrows did shoot up behind her fringe at the marriage announcement which seemed mighty young for her to get married, but each to their own. She didn't say anything though, but she did cast a bewildered glance their way before settling her gaze back down on her shoes. The rest of the class seemed to gotten up to far less surprising things although far ore exciting things than staying at school. But hey, she hadn't had to spend her break attempting to avoid her father as he asked her questions she was pretty sure was taken out of some "20 questions to ask the daughter you left behind years ago and now have to live with"-article he'd read at the doctor's office or something.

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Sturt ☆ Sixth Year ☆ Student/JanitorShell
16 year old Muggleborn Human ☆ She/Her

Geraldine made her way into the classroom. She'd had a couple weeks to adjust to the news but it was still.... weird.  Alex and Cass were married.  They'd just...gone off and done it.  All by themselves.  Well as far as she knew.  She remembered giving him a million questions over that one, like if he'd at least told his sister.  Nope.  She imagined Adele was incredibly displeased over that.  Geraldine never really took her as the sort of person that liked surprises -- particularly large ones like that.

She couldn't lie.  She was more than a little upset about it.  And about being left out of the loop for a big life event of his--again.  It was a habit he had that she hated with every fiber of her being.  Him and his secrets.  Him and keeping her out of everything until after the fact.  But at the end of it, what could she do?  He was determined to be that sort of asshole, and no amount of crying, or yelling, was going to change it.  More than anything though?  She was shocked.  He went from flirt, to having feelings for [as far as she knew] two girls, to dating one, to getting married in four months.  He was absolutely fucking crazy.

She was reminded of all these thoughts when they brought it up as part of what they'd done over the holiday,and she shook her head, remaining quiet.  She had nothing of note to share, and nothing new to say on the matter.

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Flinders ☆ Fifth Year ☆ StudentShell
15 year old Halfblood Human ☆ She/Her

Iris liked this class, even if she wasn't necessarily stellar at it.  She was excited when she walked in, still having to constantly check herself to keep from touching the dog, and waved happily at Caitlin, Cass, and Alex.  She noticed the brunette from the party was sitting with the group, but she'd long since forgotten her name.  Oh well.  She then moved to find where she wanted to plant herself, waiting for others to arrive.

Then it was story time.  She already knew of the marriage, of course, but she was still so excited over it.  "Isn't it just amazing!~  They're so cute."  She found their strong love to be like a beacon for other people, like look what you can find if you only open your eyes.  She hummed to herself and tapped her foot, shrugging.  She hadn't really done much herself.  Hung out with her family, worked in the studio a lot.  Not something she was terribly willing to share with the class.  Her music was still a very personal, touchy subject for her that only a very select few were allowed to be in the know of.  And by few, she meant two.  Exactly two.  And only one was in the room.

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