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Atlas Karras

to eris, with love

Invite By Atlas Karras, in Oliphant Lane

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Repository ☆ CEO Athena WorldwideKay
60 year old Pureblood Human ☆ he/him

Atlas had found, in the last few years, that being humble was sometimes a better way to approach things.  Though he was often a victim of his own hubris… something that would have angiered the Gods on Olympus, but luckily those who were nots gods or goddesses tended to be forgiving.  The last thing he needed was a nemesis.  It would however be a nice addition to the Greek Tragedy that was his life… There was love, loss, betrayal, lots and lots of sex and more children than he knew what to deal with.  Hedone and Algea would fare rather well in this passion play of his life.  Though he would have to admit he saw himself as a Christ like figure, which… he was not by anyone’s standards.  Though he supposed Christ hung out with the same sorts Atlas had hung out with.  He could make an argument for it if he needed to he supposed. 

However, that still did not make him a man who knew the ins and outs of Runology.  Which had never been his better subjects while he was in school.  His Runes expert had recently gotten rather sick and needed time off.  As much as Atlas hated the fact he was without one of h is oldest employees for a bit, he was glad the man was getting treatment for his conditions.  The sea was not always kind to sailors… even less so those who were made to share their knowledge on land.  Atlas was going to offer him early pension.  The last thing he wanted was to see his friend get sicker.  He had sent him and his family a few things in Greece.  It was rather useful that his son was attending Tally, and thus Atlas had the ability to get a consult from another talented expert. 

Though Atlas had not met Ms. London, he knew her name based on his Son’s classes.  He had managed to request a consultation on the item in question.  It was often that Atlas took to Authenticating items for clients.  He knew the who and the what for these things.  This however was a rather sudden need. He was just glad she had agreed to meet him in the office he was leasing on Oliphant.  Calixta was out for the day, she was completing an inspection of some of the items that they were a little worried about.  The woman from the temp agency let him know she was here and Atlas smiled.  ”Ah Ms. London, I am glad you could make it, I have some things I would like you to look at.  A Client had inherited a few things.  I wish to learn if this will cause a problem in shipping.”  He said as he offered her the seat across from his desk.  ”I am hoping you can help me with this- they are also concerned about the items authenticity.”  he said.  The item was in his vault but he wanted to talk a bit first. 

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