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Kenna Westmore

Pawn to D4 (Feb. 2 2018)

Complete By Kenna Westmore, in Games Room

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Repository ☆ Sixth Year Kay
16 year old Halfbreed Veela ☆ her/she

The start of term was always Kenna’s favorite part of the year. Everything was so hopeful, and people tended to be a little nicer at the beginning, before the soul crushing homework and general teenage angst to break it up. The break had been good for Kenna she had been able to enjoy working at her parents’ inn and she had managed to save money from the holiday for once. Kenna had a horrible need to impulse shop, it didn’t take much for money to burn a hole in her pocket. She had set the goal of actually saving so she could spend a decent amount of money on things during the year. She hated to ask her parents because they loved to lecture on just how she had managed to bugger up saving… She liked things… what could she say? 

Still Kenna was pretty proud she had been able to save something. It was still relatively quiet around as people started to filter back in for the start of term. She had found herself growing bored of the common area and headed to mingle elsewhere. She had wondered if Noah had gotten back yet but she had not seen him. The holidays had not been so terrible having someone to actually talk to and chat about the guests with. They were something else sometimes. The game room always managed to offer a few interesting things. She had spent a lot of time in the room over the past few years. 

Looking around she smiled as she found an empty chair by a game of wizard chess someone had been studying the board and she smiled. ”Want to play?” It was one of the more sedentary games but she didn’t mind. She had always enjoyed it. A master of chess had stayed at the Inn and taught her when she was younger. She was by no means a master but she had enjoyed the game honestly and any excuse to talk to someone was a good excuse.

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