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Those of you who have not encountered my over-emotional speeches before, welcome to what will be the first of many! Today marks the s...
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A couple of farmers have been talking about sightings of a large wild cat of some kind, but when the try to chase after it to get a better...
Music to your Ears
Bet you didn't know that the latest news is the performer on the net who goes by 'BlueEyed' is taking up schooling in Tallygarunga! Even s...
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It's official. Papers have been filed, and the unexpectedly long marriage of @Adele DeVylissea is over. Dear oh dear. At least the Drunk...
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Posting Gossip Small towns are notorious for gossip. The wizarding community that inhabits Narragyambie and Tallygarunga is no exception. B...
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Blacky's Characters Always up for plots and new things, so feel free to toss in ideas!   Amanda (Amy) Lee7 | Description ...
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Plots! Splots! Spots! Lots! Socks! ... okay I'll stop now As a general rule I'm pretty much down for anything. I don't hugely enjoy f...
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Savannah Ryan - Profile Link:  15 ] Bourke Student ] 5th Year ] Auli’i Cravalho  Wants:  I am all for basically anythin...
Rika's Plotter
Savannah Ryan - Profile Link:  15 ] Bourke Student ] 5th Year ] Auli’i Cravalho  Wants:  I am all for basically anythin...
Rachel was like that floater that just refused to flush... And it was Audrey's self-designated job to be there for him and the kids whenev...
Miss Piggy Del
"What a delightfully ugly snort there, Adele! Don't tell me the pink cheeks are spreading and affecting your brain, I'm not sure how I'll ...
Blood to Blood, Shade to Shade
"...The other part owner is basically dead, and his wife is a swamp donkey. She let the place go and refused to do anything to save it, so...
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"Mamiere will cook." Caleb interjected, before looking squarely at Zane. "And then you will die." ...
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Tally Staff ☆ Tallygarunga Librarian★ Mousie
35* year old Halfbreed Sorceraic ☆ She/Her

She'd got Alex's message, and the news about his father. The poor kid couldn't catch a break. Now, she figured that she--and the rest of their clan--were his only reliable family, and that meant she had to step in here and do... something. Adele didn't really know what, but Alex had mentioned alcohol, so that seemed like a step in the right direction.

About alcohol, she had a lot of big sister-ly wisdom to impart. Adele had assembled a selection of her favourites for Alex to try, curiosities in a variety of colours and most in ornate bottles. Bitter winters on the island had spurred her people to brew ever more potent elixirs to fight away the frost, and the results were mostly flammable---often worked as paint stripper, and made the regulated spirits available in stores look like harmless lollywater. 

Caleb slept in the room next to her office, still clutching his guitar. She hadn't been able to peel it out of his hands from the day he got it, and it was refreshing to watch as the very serious boy began to express himself with music. He couldn't play anything yet, but he tried with such a passion that Adele couldn't help but feel proud of even the hideously wrong notes. 

"Door's open," she called softly as she heard footsteps through the library, and pausing on the outside of her office door. Was she ready to emotionally support someone at a difficult time like this? Adele didn't really know. Her relationship with her adoptive father had broken down very early in life, and she'd never known her father before he died. She had no personal insight that she could offer to Alex, and she'd reached instead to the good old books... which were proving also useless.

Why wasn't there a manual on how to do this stuff?

Quietly she shoved the book away, stashing it under her desk and retrieving two glasses. Maybe she just had to do this her way. Not... what most people would recommend, but it was all she knew.

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Spencer ☆ Sixth Year ☆ Guitarist/Vocalist - Local School Hero!✩ Kaitore
19 year old Halfbreed Sorceraic ☆ HE/HIM

A Month of Hell - That was one way to describe everything he had been going through in such a fast pace and while not all of it had been bad it was outweighing the good on so many levels that he couldn't even comprehend where anything had begun and where it all would end up. When he had called Adele's line back at the school to leave a message the first time he hadn't expected the lovely early Easter egg from their Mother. Information that had blunted every bit of him on the inside even as he tried to grasp for a way to properly deal with the massive loss and hole that was created in his life. Something that would never be given back and that he'd have to move through never getting over. Just learning to deal bit by bit. 

The second message was in his haste to make sure she could see and prepare ahead of time rather than hear it in some shaky or grim voice because what he had to tell her would have been more than enough to alert the woman. He needed her in an environment where she wasn't already expected the worse of the knowledge he held and he had hoped she wouldn't be enraged enough to call for Lillian again, not that he'd blame her for wanting answers much like himself. But on his list of people to deal with in the moment? She had dropped down on the list faster than he could play a guitar. 

After one of his classes he made a straight B-Line towards the Library making sure to at least shoot Cass and Gerry a message that he'd be late to the next class most likely, that he had to deal with family business. Family. . . That was such an intricate thing. His steps were hastened and easy to be made out it seemed with Adele's voice call out to him that the door was opened. He took a deep inhale from his nostrils and tried to keep his thoughts contained knowing that running them rapidly was another way that he could be found out before he could articulate his words. That wasn't a fun thing to happen because it meant he had no control on how he'd phrase things, which could potentially lead to more issues. A hand clutched around the knob and it turned while being pushed opened. 

Alexander didn't look all too well in a few manners which perhaps the most noticeability was that his energy wasn't as high as it usually would be. "Hey there, Del." But at least he tried to keep up a more positive tone in his voice even if it lacked majority of its usual strength. He closed the door behind him tightly and ran a hand along the lock to close it into place. At least a sign that they shouldn't be disturbed but perhaps not for the reasons she might think, at least not all of it anyways. As he fully turned around he saw there had been a lining of bottles on the desk a soft smile perched, genuine at that. She was trying and that perhaps was another shimmer of hope in him that he could get through the dark time. 

"You're like a personal brewery." Alex's eyes gazed around the room but there had been no sign of Caleb which was perhaps more for the best he must be in the back and the lack of any strings being plucked meant either studying or sleep. Either way he was about to feel horrible because the young boy would be aroused from whatever he was doing soon enough. His feet started to move and he took a seat in a nearby as he watched the two empty glasses at first. 

"Wait a moment. . . I haven't ever seen any of these kinds of bottles before." There had been something very peculiar about the spirits before him almost as if they were largely much more potent for some reason. Well, he did say the hard stuff didn't he? "Well, surprise me! Because I don't think you'll like any of the surprises I have. . .  To help with a good choice? Mother visited myself and Cass at the hospital." Yes, easing her into it was much better, she didn't need a sudden dump. He wasn't Lillian.

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Tally Staff ☆ Tallygarunga Librarian★ Mousie
35* year old Halfbreed Sorceraic ☆ She/Her

Adele kicked back in her chair a little as Alex came in, her own smile small and a little sad. It sucked that they had to be doing this at all, and she gestured for him to take the seat opposite her desk. The room was neat, but looked lived in. Adele had all-but abandoned her house in Narrie for the time being, the school was both safer---and didn't hold quite as many memories of her brief period of being happily married.

Her smile grew a little as he noted the bottles were unusual. Oh, the boy was in for an education. She actually felt a little proud to be the one who would introduce him to these wonders, and she chose a bottle after some deliberation and began to pour a glass.

"Wait---" Adele stopped. "You've got classes after this, right? You actually going to go?"

She could write a note, if she had to. It wouldn't take much of this to put the uninitiated Alex on his arse and---Adele set the bottle back on the table. Given her brother's condition, sending him to the hospital wing with alcohol poisoning probably wasn't the best idea. Inwardly she cursed herself, her incessant lack of responsibility. She really had to do better. After a moment, she took a different bottle from another drawer, and topped the glass up. It was just a mixer, but it would help dilute the alcohol just enough.

"Take it slow." she said, pushing the glass toward Alex. "This stuff isn't for newbies."

It was still probably too much, and she would have to watch how he responded to it. For herself, she selected a third bottle. It was incredibly ornate, and she opened it to take a sniff of the contents. With a frown, she put the bottle back and chose another. Her stomach was turning again. She poured herself a generous helping of the clear liquid, re-capped the bottle and took a long drink. Adele's face twitched as though she'd consumed something strong, though in truth the bottle contained only water.

A beverage she almost regretted as Alex delivered his news.

"What?" she hissed between her teeth, immediately angry at the gall of the woman to turn up at a time when Alex was clearly grieving. "Why on earth would she do that?"

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Spencer ☆ Sixth Year ☆ Guitarist/Vocalist - Local School Hero!✩ Kaitore
19 year old Halfbreed Sorceraic ☆ HE/HIM

To see her in sadness especially with such a smile did tear into Alex much more than one could expect. Perhaps it was because he envisioned his sister as always strong and a raging storm that could be easily fed, yet, in this moment there was a difference to the woman most would probably ever get to see. A gentleness that he dare not bring up if only to get a scowl from such poking. At least, not now anyways, there was a time and place for all that. Blue eyes cascaded around the room once more and its extremely lived in condition and he often wondered why she didn't just move in with Stu. Of course, that's probably another of can of worms all in its entirety wasn't it?

The way her smile seemed to grow three sizes that day like the Grinch seemed to show him that she -really- enjoyed her alcohol. How far along was she before opening up her own brewery called 'Put some Hair on your Chest Spirits. Inc.'? Her question caused his eyebrow to arch upwards he had to consider whether he would or not. 

"I'll be honest, Imma have to play it by ear. I told Cass and my friend Gerry I'd be in class later." After saying that aloud he bit the inside of his cheek and sighed shaking his head. "Gaaah, yea, I'm going back to class. If I suddenly change up on them now they'll get too worried. " He also didn't want to leave his tabby cat alone too long due to recent events. 

A soft snicker escaped from him as she seemed to change her mind on the bottle. "Hey, it's cool, this is all new for both of us." Well, not so much the condition bit but he knew that he needed to be a lot more careful so that he didn't put himself out of commission for days. He didn't view her so harshly as to think she wasn't responsible after all when you have pretty bad role models then the very ideal of keeping stuff in mind almost always seemed to slip. Even when taught by at least one parent he found he didn't make all the right choices but at least tried. 

"Do I look that green?" His eyes darted towards the lining of green on his vest that indicated he was a Spencer. "Oh, I guess so. Hehe." He tried to lessen the possible tension with a very bad joke. At least he was funny to him. 

His hand reached out to grasp around the glass once she had poured it and he started to swirl it around gently to mix it up a bit and get a sense of what he was drinking, honestly. The small was weakened but it still was strong, stronger than what he asked for at the dinner that was for sure. He pressed the edge of the glass to his lips and only took a sip. Eyes, watered and widened almost feeling the freshness of the air anew and his nostrils took in the crispiest breeze through the airways. Merlin! This was a punch in the cognitive! He shook his head once more and held it just to pace himself. If he got sloshed too hard he wouldn't be able to give all the news. 

"She got it in her head that she was being 'Helpful'. By. . . Telling me my Father wasn't my real father." He raised his hand up a bit. "Don't get angry yet I haven't even hit all the pets yet. The reason my name is Rheldor. . . Is because that is my father's name. -Our- father. We're full siblings and from what she said? He's alive and has no idea about me at all." He lobbed his head back and forth the conversation from the hospital gave him a headache and put him in a souring mood the more he dwelled on it. "She said she couldn't do that to him, to have a child that he knew would just die. Go figure, eh? The one time she wants a heart. She actually wanted to off me early but someone stopped her.

Alex truly hoped he didn't need to expand on -who- stopped Lillian, he knew Adele was an extremely sharp and intelligent woman and just that alone would perhaps give her a good grasp. 

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Tally Staff ☆ Tallygarunga Librarian★ Mousie
35* year old Halfbreed Sorceraic ☆ She/Her

Adele frowned slightly. She had a feeling this was the moment where she was going to get into trouble with two teenage girls. She would have to find a way to ensure that Alex didn't turn up to his next class messy drunk, she really wasn't in the mood to be lectured by teenagers about being responsible. Even if she probably would deserve it. The frown turned into a smirk as he joked about his green-ness, and just waited until he'd sampled the wares.

She was about to tease him when he continued speaking, and what he had to say made her wish she'd poured herself something more than water. Anger ignited into full blown rage that her mother would pick that moment to tell Alex that he wasn't really a Winfield, and---Adele absorbed the rest, her furious shakes subsiding into an icy stillness. She was beyond angry now. 

It took her some time to process what she was hearing, and she did it all with utter silence. She barely blinked as the new facts organised themselves in her brain. It wasn't the fiery ball of anger that perhaps Alex had expected, it was worse than that. This time, Lillian had gone so far that Adele could barely even feel how angry she was. The years of lies that had been told, the guilt she had carried after finding out her existence had been one of the reasons for her father's alleged death. 

And he was alive? He was Alex's father too? Adele was in no place to appreciate that this meant she had a full brother, she opened and closed her mouth, trying to form words but unable to make more than guttural noises of quiet fury. How was this fair? How was this okay

"He's. Alive." she managed, eventually. Adele wasn't sure what to think of that either. Did he know where she was? Why hadn't he come to see her? Why hadn't he come to meet the kids? Was he like Lillian, and also didn't care? Or... had Lillian lied to him about her too?  

"She wanted to do the same to Caleb too..." Adele murmured, quite unsurprised that Lillian would have felt the same way about Alex. But---if she had, why hadn't she acted? "Someone stopped her?" Adele furrowed her brow, confused.

"Who could possibly have enough influence to stop her?"

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Spencer ☆ Sixth Year ☆ Guitarist/Vocalist - Local School Hero!✩ Kaitore
19 year old Halfbreed Sorceraic ☆ HE/HIM

She was probably right on the trouble at least on one of their parts, Gerry could be a flaming ball of fire and scolding when she wanted to be. Cass was more subtle unless it was extremely dangerous which... Okay, maybe in this situation they both would have gotten a stern talking towards. He even got a bit of resistance when he told Cass he needed to meet Del alone. As much as her support and proof of presence that his Mother was a bit much, she didn't need to see his sister in a various amounts of emotional state. That was something he can keep between the two of them in this room. 

He did warn her it'd be a doozy though being warned and hearing it sometimes just wasn't on equal footing no matter how much time one had to brace it all. Lillian just did whatever she did and with a purpose that suited herself, it was a fact he had started to understand and take it as a reason to rebel against her idea that he wouldn't survive. Alex expected anger but not on this level, there wasn't a searing rage but a chilling overcast that threatened to freeze over in the strength and brutality of a glacier. The only reason he brought this particular thing about their father up had primarily been due to the fact it had been brought up that he died. 

"Alive and hidden away. . . The way she talked about him 'He'd have been happy to know you were his son'. . ." The words cut into like a deep wound because their father had the right to know regardless of what it may or may not do to his heart. A person just knew when something was missing on the inside of them. "I think he'd want to see us, both of us. After we settle this whole thing with me I think we should try and find him even if she pushes against us. He has the right to know we're okay, that we're surviving." That Lillian couldn't have her way just because she felt it was in some design. 

"What a bitch. . ." That was all he could say at the thought that she wanted Caleb to be killed off too? That was a cool kid who endured, he earned his life as any person had. "Someone stopped her, and you're not going to like who. I can tell you this person is one of the reasons I've been able to survive this long when the pain was bad. And that I'd need to talk to this person because just -maybe- they'll know how to survive the Acceptance."

One of the few times in his life, Alexander's expression dropped from the playful and happy faced to a more serious one. "She named the person 'Anna'. Who supposed looks like Cass. She's the one who 'Championed' for my life. I need to know the why, what her motivations are. I am on the side that she did it just to piss Mother off, which I am all for. But I need to know if she has the knowledge that mother lacked, the knowledge that can boost my chances. She's helped me along this far subtly now I am hoping for a more vocal and straightforward answer.

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Tally Staff ☆ Tallygarunga Librarian★ Mousie
35* year old Halfbreed Sorceraic ☆ She/Her

Adele wasn't even sure what to feel anymore. How did you respond to any of this? In her earliest memories, her adoptive father had resented her presence in the family, she had never known what it was like to have a father. Of any kind. And all along, perhaps her actual father had been alive and well? Lillian had been hiding him? From who? Adele knew the answer, but she didn't want to believe it. What mother would hide away the father of their child? A father who might have loved her? A father who might have been there when she needed someone, who didn't just sit in the shadows and watch

And Lillian had told her so many times, the stories about Rheldor. How excited he'd been with the pregnancy, how he'd wanted to be around and watch her grow up but fate intervened. If only he hadn't died... these had been Lillian's words! If only he hadn't died, he would have loved you so much. Apparently he also would have been proud that Alex was his son. Adele had thought she was used to Lillian's betrayals, but this was a whole new level. 

"Anna." the name was flat on her tongue. It made sense. Bethianna was the only equalising power against Lillian, but Adele's history with the woman had not been a calm one. Lillian and Bethianna were opposing forces, or agents of the same task with different objectives---she couldn't remember how Lillian had phrased it now. As a child she'd believed that Bethianna coveted her future as head of state, and for that reason she had conspired against Adele. She'd still believed that when she escaped with Ameliana, and they had moved regularly to out-pace a danger they believed was always on their heels.

After her own Acceptance, and finding out her true heritage, Lillian had explained that it wasn't political power at all that Bethianna wanted. Adele was an abomination that should not have been born of both bloods. That Anna did not want the possibility of another strong force to oppose her, and so she had sought to remove the problem. Had Bethianna looked at her and seen the potential for another Lillian? Adele wasn't sure she wouldn't try the same thing, now. When Améa was born, she'd been terrified that Bethianna would go near her, and yet---it was the opposite. Bethianna had always defended the girl.

Now Anna had also defended Alex. And she acknowledged Caleb's existence, which was more than Lillian ever did.

All her life Adele had believed that Anna was the dark force, but perhaps she'd always been wrong.

"She... doesn't do things simply to spite Mother." Adele answered weakly. "I don't know her reasons, but they're not so petty as that. Bethianna---Anna, she's a healer. Of sorts. She married my adoptive father to try and get access to me, so she could... fix Mother's mistake, I guess."


A cold voice rang over Adele's shoulder. Behind her, the tall and pale figure of Bethianna stood with her hands clasped in front of her. She wore a heavy dress of emerald velvet, her hair loose in long copper ringlets. She looked older than Lillian in that she actually looked like she had some age. But her eyes, green and very sharp, were as eternal as Lillian's were. 

"I understand you wish to talk to me, Alexander." she said, ignoring for now the paranoid fear that Adele seemed to be experiencing. The girl had never quite got over the past.

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Spencer ☆ Sixth Year ☆ Guitarist/Vocalist - Local School Hero!✩ Kaitore
19 year old Halfbreed Sorceraic ☆ HE/HIM

The news wasn't a very happy news and he hadn't expected anyone to take it lightly or happily, least of all, Adele. This had been something that rocked and changed their world on various levels and with Lillian so willing to 'divulge' the information at such a critical moment it showed she had no touch or perhaps lacked the touch to sense the tension within a moment and an environment. Maybe more along the lines that she didn't care for those moments finding them fleeting and a non issue to even be paid attention towards. He didn't know the pain and harm that his sister had been through in length but the anger and deathly silence spoke volumes than words and a story could ever impart on to him. 

Mention of Anna had been another minefield that had to be crossed and it seemed he stepped out and blew himself up on that front. Because it had been one of the many people had been a thorn inside of the woman's life. He knew this and while he wanted to protect her from that kind of pain as if it were his job there was the lingering thought that it couldn't have been avoided given the circumstances. It wouldn't have been brought up at all if Alex didn't think it was not only important but possibly pertinent. "Yea, Mother hadn't said much but I get the idea the two are worried about this idea of a 'Grand Design' just in different spectrums." On what spectrum? He wasn't sure because he didn't know a lick of anything about the society, what it had been about or focused on. Timing was just always bad to get into an in depth conversation on  the things he should have known about his own heritage. 

Whether Bethianna was evil or good he didn't know, perhaps she was Neutral or more accurately, Chaotically Neutral. Never to wavering to one side or another but doing whatever deemed fit in a critical and calculating manner. Someone in such a mindsight was not only dangerously brutal but also scarily adept at letting their plans be privy mostly to themselves. It hadn't escaped the irony in him that she had been horrible to Adele yet managed to stand and speak up for him when he had no voice and not only that, had been one of the major factors in keeping him going with the random touches. 

"A healer. . .? Fix her mistake?" Did she mean herself? His head shook lightly because he couldn't imagine the woman before him as a mistake. Adele and Lillian were margins away from one another in similarity but maybe it was the cruelness of the world and what she had lost that changed towards the fact. A cold voice cut swiftly through the air and his eyes darted upwards to see a woman with red hair and illuminating green eyes. Merlin, she did like Cassandra! "You. . . Really do look like Cass." He hadn't believed it when Lillian answered the Half-Fae's question about the similarities between her and Adele's step-mother. Yet here she was in the flesh and he still couldn't believe it. 

Alexander's hand reached out to gently hold onto Adele's noticing the tension in the woman but also to gather himself the proper strength to speak before the woman who had now appeared. She was different from Lillian and he knew it by the countenance. "News gets around fast." A soft smile formed on his face towards Bethianna. He owed her, more than he knew until recently. "Wanted to say a first things - first among them is thanks, I appreciate you not having me snuffed out early in life." His head tilted a bit a bit having just as much trouble deciphering the woman as he did Lillian. That, was perhaps the most frustrating thing for his mind - usually he's able to gleam an idea of a person by connection unless there had been a clear emotional distance. 

"That and all the touches you gave through the years, keeping me going. " It was clear he wasn't naïve enough to push aside that her generosity whatever inspired it had been a standing reason on his survival. "I'm curious, why? Saving me and helping me stay on my feet as I fought to keep this life. " She had been a healer from what Adele said which meant a there had been a chance she just may know. "And more importantly do I better my chances here? I'm not planning on going down without a fight so getting all the information I can is helpful one way or another." Even if he had to scour the entire wizard world picking apart the secrets of the past. He -will- survive and keep what gift was given to him. 

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Tally Staff ☆ Tallygarunga Librarian★ Mousie
35* year old Halfbreed Sorceraic ☆ She/Her

The most noticeable difference between Lillian and Anna, aside from their opposing colouring, was that Anna somehow managed to be even less animated than Lillian. She stood in absolute stillness, barely even a hint of her own breath as it passed through her, and her expression remained fixed as though the stern lines had been carved into marble. Even the ringlets cascading down her back did not shift without purpose, every aspect of the woman was measured. No movement was ever wasted. Bethianna did everything with purpose, and she wasn't given to the interference of opinion or emotion. Alexander may have thanked her, but she saw no need for it. 

"You existed." Anna replied, the two words apparently the whole of her answer. Seeing that it was not enough, Bethianna watched the young boy impassively for a moment. He was much like Rheldor. That fool smile, the abundance of emotion. That need to understand the how and why of everything there was. "It is not my place, nor Lillian's, to decide when an existence should cease."

Adele opened her mouth to speak, but Anna had expected that.

"Unless," Bethianna cut over her. "That existence should threaten the balance we keep. In such a case, my duty is to the balance---not to life itself."

"But Améa was not a threat to that balance? I was?" Adele struggled to understand.

"Lei'ruella Accepted before it was prudent to act." Anna replied, the implication that perhaps she waited before she decided that a child was a target. Why? Adele had no memory of Anna coming after her when she was especially small, it had started when she was four? Five? Why wait? Surely, the sooner the better? Unless it was some sort of moral objection that Bethianna had to harming children?

But that couldn't be it, could it?

"I sought to rectify her influence in training. You were entirely Lillian's beast. At least, for a time." And there it was---Anna didn't want the creation of another Lillian. Adele was more than willing to help with that much, but... what about Flora? Even Adele knew that kid was going to be a problem. Anna turned her head slightly, enough to indicate that her words were now for Alex.

"Lillian had no interest for you. It was not reason enough that you should die." she answered. "In championing your life, I was duty-bound to support it. To insist you survive birth and do nothing more would be no better than she had in mind for you." It was all about duty, apparently. Adele frowned. Something about that didn't ring entirely true, but she left it. Anna continued.

"You were to survive. To be accepted or not, as your own strength will decide." Bethianna regarded the boy, and Adele wondered if she didn't see just the tiniest hint of affection there. No---she had to be imagining that. This was Bethianna. The same stone-cold gaze as always. She was definitely seeing things. 

"As with all our power, it is your own strength and will that determines your worth." it was the same old answer, but what did it mean? It sounded so simple, but Adele wasn't sure how it could be leveraged to help Alex. Maybe... it couldn't? Maybe it was something already determined? 

"So... like Améa." Adele sighed. "And how she got sick, because she started living for that... asshole husband?"

"Precisely." Bethianna nodded. 

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Spencer ☆ Sixth Year ☆ Guitarist/Vocalist - Local School Hero!✩ Kaitore
19 year old Halfbreed Sorceraic ☆ HE/HIM

It felt odd that such an answer was given, that Anna and Lillian found a cryptic wording to suffice as understanding and yet he couldn't find a reason to truly hold it against either of them. The social understanding was vastly different and while both may have seen his more passionate and inquisitive nature as more of an issue towards understanding he felt it was the only way he could be, he could only be his Father's child. His gaze never left from the woman as the unnatural stillness about her felt more unnerving than anything because it was in the moment he realized the woman only moved with purpose and not a bit more. 

"Because I existed. . ." Whether or not he was intended the fact did remain he came into life and meant there was a path of prophesy that expected this outcome. Fate wasn't always certain and held many branches which meant had any moment he could have fell. A gaze shifted from Bethianna to Adele in slight realization, did the one champion for her death while Lillian championed for her life? The two siblings, ironically, were on different tracks on that alone. He sat and listened to the tidbit of information because it seemed Adele also had questions that linger for her, something that needed to be answered for her own understanding. 

Lillian's beast. . .? A slight gaze narrowed away from them as the though washed over him, like Flora, perhaps even like what they're trying to do towards Lei. He shook his head he couldn't let that happen so easily not without his own influence. 

"Yea, I'm getting the feeling that lack of interest enjoys being persistent." Consistency was something he was going to give to these women especially with their answers and the way they upheld themselves. "That is. . .An excellent point. It'd be like tossing an unsuited warrior into a crowd of devour beasts unable to defend themselves." That was the easiest way he could rationalize it and garner a greater depth of a small piece of the puzzle. Just a tiny one. But was it duty alone? She could have stopped at anytime letting fate take its full course but even into memories that he could vividly remember her features were there, unique, ever present but also fading with time itself from the brief exchange. 

It hinged on his will and from what Adele had related about Améa's Husband - which he had no idea she had one - it laced not into putting your reason for standing into a single person alone. The strength, the ability to pull through it all hinged on prioritizing your survival for yourself - as Lillian had told him. .. Selfishness. In his mind that only meant to cement his reasoning's not because it was for the heart of other people but because he wanted it more for himself. It didn't matter if they wanted it for him or not. 

He could only find his 'worth' if he saw himself as worthy. A quote rang into his mind and escaped from his lips. " 'A man's worth is no greater than the worth of his ambitions.' My ambition to find my power and force of will comes in turning inward to myself. Selfishness, but with a reason behind it." His strength wasn't in people, it never had been so he shouldn't make it his focus. His strength came in the form of wanting to live and that strength he could put towards protecting those that he'd greedily guard from everything if possible. 

"Yea, I think I understand bit better now. A lot better than I had before. " His head slightly tilted as he returned his gaze back towards Bethianna. "I appreciate the knowledge." Now more than ever in his life he needed to prove to himself that he had the strength to endure. "I know which choice I'll end up making, now, it's just a test of building and strengthening my resolve in myself. "

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Tally Staff ☆ Tallygarunga Librarian★ Mousie
35* year old Halfbreed Sorceraic ☆ She/Her

"You ever were Rheldor's child." Bethianna remarked, coolly. "The both of you."

Adele wondered what that meant. Was it a compliment? An insult? Coming from Anna, it almost certainly had to be the latter---but then she seemed to have some sort of favour toward Alex. The more Adele thought about it, the more she realised that for all her brusque nature, Bethianna had probably been more help to her in past years than Lillian had been. When had that happened? When had Lillian and Bethianna switched roles as hero and villain?

Once upon a time, Lillian had wanted to repair their relationship. She'd been insistent on it. Adele had pushed her away, and pushed her away, still hurt by the lie she'd lived. Lillian had pulled her from that wreck, made her whole, and briefly... briefly she'd had a mother of sorts. When had that stopped? Adele didn't remember denying her after that, but at some point Lillian had become less and less involved, and the bitterness grew again. Was it before, or after, Lauren died? Lillian's response to the infant's death had been lacking.

A matter of fate, she said. Such things will happen. Adele had not seen her mother shed one single tear for her granddaughter. Maybe that was it. Maybe she'd been so angry in her grief that she'd blocked Lillian out again.

"Our father. Who is alive." Adele clarified, still trying to wrap her head around that.

"Yes. He was never deceased." Bethianna answered, clear in that moment that she had also known all along. What else did Bethianna know that she kept obscured? Adele was starting to feel as angry at Bethianna as she was at Lillian.

"And you said nothing." Adele hissed through her teeth.

"It is not my place to interfere with Lillian's family matters, Kendr'aellra." it seemed that too, was a theme. Bethianna was many things, but she wasn't one for idle gossip. She would have to care enough to break that secret, and what difference did it make? Enough for it to have value to her? Apparently not. "She may scatter them where she likes. The pieces will find each other in time, without my hand to help."

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Spencer ☆ Sixth Year ☆ Guitarist/Vocalist - Local School Hero!✩ Kaitore
19 year old Halfbreed Sorceraic ☆ HE/HIM

Lightly laughed as air expelled from his nose from the sudden grunt. "Thanks.

Whether it was an insult or a compliment, he took it as a compliment. After all the woman had shown much more 'affection' towards him than his own mother. That at least made him much more partial towards her. Even if she never told him a thing or interfered and allowed for the cards to make their way towards it's 'intended' place she had been there when his life mattered for her to be. How long that presence would actually last within his own life he wasn't sure but he wouldn't take that for granted and respected the woman for it. Something that he kept to himself for the time being. 

A guardian angel had been much more comforting than his own mother which was an irony to him. The greater irony being that both were watching him and seemed to put their hand into the mix only when it seemed proper or something along those lines. Motivations were often hard to pick and decipher with those that never showed even part of their actual hand. 

It made sense to him that Bethianna knew of their father's extant considering his own birth had been a topic of discussion between her and their mother. "That always seems to thicken just a bit more, doesn't it?" A gentle narrow of his gaze shifted to Adele as he tried to smile just a bit to alleviate any of the irritation that built up within her. How much did they truly know or more accurately how much did they even truly understand about the choices on why their father had been hidden away? A secret and told nothing? Was he Lillian's weakness that had to be safeguarded from enemies? He had no doubt that the woman had a long list of enemies. Longer than the student roster of Tally that was for sure. 

"We know now, Del. That's a start somewhere. Not what we wanted but at least we have a bit of something to work with now." Nothing in life was fair and when it came to the circumstances of both of their lives that had been doubly so. Ripped of proper relationship and knowledge of one another and the things that surrounded around their life that could have been some semblance of a family. His eyes squinted a bit by Bethianna's words. "The scattered pieces will eventually find their way together, huh?" That could mean a lot which the largest meaning to him had been no matter how far Lillian tried to keep them apart from their relatives that eventually they'd meet and have to face the impact of it all. 

They were like magnets pulling at one another - polar opposites. That was the best way he could assign the circumstances that would dictate such a response and while it had been in his plan to somehow find their father he wasn't sure if it was entirely possible, yet, anyways. 

"Miss. Anna, I do have personal question. . . Why are your eyes so different? They eerily remind me of a mark of the Fae or at least someone who has the blood inside of them."

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Tally Staff ☆ Tallygarunga Librarian★ Mousie
35* year old Halfbreed Sorceraic ☆ She/Her

"My title is Tahaern'anna." Bethianna corrected Alex. Very few called her simply "Anna", she wasn't about to allow it from a child. She certainly didn't allow anyone to call her "Betty". 

"I really think we can forgo the title business," Adele replied irritably. There were some things she wasn't ready for yet, and she wanted Alex to focus on what was most important at this point: getting him through Acceptance. We only call her Anna behind her back---I... probably should have mentioned that. Apologetic, her thoughts rang in Alex's mind.

"I think we can forgo the secret discussions, Aellra. You know well that I can hear." Bethianna said aloud. Adele cursed inwardly. She'd forgotten that. However strong her blocks, even the ones that stopped Lillian, she'd never managed to fully block Bethianna.  It bothered her that she never knew when Bethianna was listening in, found it exhausting being on her guard all the time. 

"No. I am not fae." Bethianna answered the question that was not asked. "We have the ability of many forms, with one limitation. Our eyes do not change. No matter the shape, the colour stays. It is a marker of our strength, our wellbeing, and most importantly: our bloodlines."

"Which is why Améa looks... faded. Compared to the rest of us." Adele explained to Alex. "When we are well, we are full of energy---our physical images are easily maintained. You start giving away that power as Améa did, or drain yourself too fast, it shows." Bethianna nodded, it was correct enough.

"We are not of the same line, that is why our eyes differ." Bethianna stood as absolutely still as ever. It was weird how her lips moved, and yet the rest of her never did. "In the first days, there were six. The Blue, as you both. The Green, as I. But also the Grey, the Gold, the Brown, and the Violet. In centuries past, some lines chose to rest eternally. Others were taken for their power. If any remain, where they are I could not be sure. I have seen none of the Gold, Brown, or Violet in many generations."

This was a lesson that had not been passed to her from Lillian. Adele frowned. Six? There were six families? 

"But you have seen the---Flora?" Adele supposed she'd known that much. Bethianna nodded.

"A bastardisation of the Grey, yes." Bethianna replied. "But in all appearance, very much one of them."

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Spencer ☆ Sixth Year ☆ Guitarist/Vocalist - Local School Hero!✩ Kaitore
19 year old Halfbreed Sorceraic ☆ HE/HIM

Alexander's eyes fluttered several times. The title meant nothing to him because he knew nothing which wasn't entirely his fault but there was a sense of a responsibility on his end for the ignorance. When chided by Bethianna is gaze lowered a bit almost as if it were a child being scolded by a parent but at least Adele had spoke up in his defense in that regard with brought a smile to his face.  

He had thought the mental message to him had been private but Bethianna was quick on the take and picked it up which caused his fingers to rub at his forehead a bit. This was what it felt like to pass a note in class and get caught wasn't it? "Can I get just a small break today? Titles and the culture of everything I don't know of at all yet. I have a lot of things to catch up on in reading and understanding." He was humble in his tone knowing that he had been given more than anyone was expected to give in any situation. But learning and understanding didn't come in a flash of a second and catching up on the years he should have been enlightened about  whatever society that they held would take quite a bit. 

The breakdown of being different aside from the present of the eyes never changing made sense. It was much like different cultures and heritages across the world this one just seemed much more centralized. Perhaps giving credit to how closed in the society is that their major similarities is their greatest difference. "Giving away the power? I'm sorry I am not really caught up on Améa's situation. The whole bit of her not really liking all too much makes trying to see how she is just a tad bit difficult." He wasn't aware of how deep that well had went or how deep any of the many wells of despair and chaos that's surrounded the family had sunk. Though it seemed even with the massive amount of energy care needed to be taken as to not be foolish with it. That was important to know, extremely so. 

"So not of the same line but the same people." The eyes were their heritage, the race had been Sorceresses or Sorcerer in his case. "Six families? Haha, it sounds like some kind nobility setup. " As if each their own purpose and intention in the little plan but with the extinction of the others it also seemed as if the population had dwindled even to the point that not every job that needed to be done could be done. 

"Oh, Flora. . . Yeah she's a peach, isn't she?" He wasn't sure what to make of the young girl but it was clear enough that she was close to Lillian. A 'Beast of Lillian's' as the woman before them would probably note. But bastardisation simply meant that Flora wasn't a true idea of the 'Grey'. Who the hell was she? 

"You say it in a way that shows you disapprove. " Words were what he had to go on and one didn't use 'Bastardisation' in a flattering manner.

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Tally Staff ☆ Tallygarunga Librarian★ Mousie
35* year old Halfbreed Sorceraic ☆ She/Her

"She chose to live in service of someone not herself." Adele explained. "We are... wells of energy, I guess is the best way to explain it. We get low at times, and other times we are overflowing. Sometimes, when one well is low---you use another to top it up. As we do with you. Améa decided that all her water should go to someone that was not a well as she was, someone who doesn't have the ability to store and use energy as we do. Like a bathtub that hasn't been plugged. It was wasted on him, because it drained away as fast as it was given. Boosting full mortals is dangerous like that. It can help in a pinch, but they are dying at such a rapid rate every minute... the energy burns up fast."

Bethianna frowned slightly, but seemed to decide this was an apt enough explanation. It was, by far, oversimplified. But then if she were to go into the full mechanics of transference and the siphoning effect, she doubted either Adele or Alex would follow. Besides. The boy had more questions yet to answer.

"No. We were never designed to be nobility." Bethianna said this with a particular firmness. "Such power in hands that also control populations would be a catastrophic imbalance between the people and their leader. We are guardians. Teachers, healers, advisors, watchers. We do not participate unless required. We do not involve ourselves in what will become history, we are the invisible hands that guide the world."

Adele was wondering where this lesson was. She'd never heard this before either. She could understand why Lillian had left certain details out, but some of this would have been damn useful. Like explaining why Bethianna had been so against her birth. Why it was such a terrible thing that Lillian had begun a relationship with their father. 

At least they agreed on Flora. The girl was a problem, or at least would be in time. Wherever Lillian had found her, Adele was certain that girl lacked any sort of moral compass. Or concept of human emotion. Or anything that even remotely resembled compassion for anyone outside of herself. That was worrying when you considered the sort of power they were capable of. Bethianna may not have been the most emotionally responsive person around, but she always had reason. Adele wasn't sure that Flora was bound by any sort of code beyond just doing things that amused her.

"I disapprove of most dealings Lillian orchestrates." she said, which seemed to be the most complete answer at hand. Everything else was far too complex for the moment, and not really detail that neither Alex nor Adele had need of.

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Spencer ☆ Sixth Year ☆ Guitarist/Vocalist - Local School Hero!✩ Kaitore
19 year old Halfbreed Sorceraic ☆ HE/HIM

Alexander wasn't sure how to respond to that kind of information, it seemed giving oneself over to live for another was a detriment. From the sound of it even if simplified Améa had allowed for another to tap into her power to keep their own ideals alive with no care for herself, no focus on a desire for herself. His forced contorted as a sense of sadness sprang at the center of his chest. In all that mistrust she held, the distance that she kept from her family and still she managed to give another person all of her. It was a twisted irony. "So she was literally killing herself for this man?" His hand rubbed at his forehead uncertain on how to feel about the news. Anger? Disgruntled? Not, pity, he didn't pity the woman because that was the last thing he'd ever want himself. "Hopefully she gets better and realizes she needs to put an importance on herself." An advice he had to take himself as time goes on it seemed. 

While there had been much more he wanted to understand about the concept he knew there was a time and place and that eventually, should he make it, he'll end up knowing and understanding it more. Maybe even get why the two women he's met so far that have taken up their paths act the way that they do. 

To guide the world? What kind of system put them in charge to take up such a burden? Though he wasn't surprised that there would be those that were long-lived who take up such a precedent. His eyes closed gently as he rubbed at them remembering the various strands that he oft could see in dreams or through the Tarot Cards. There was always some kind of deeper system in place and most often it was missed or skipped. "The things you've must have experienced. . ." He remarked lightly, he didn't expect many to understand the fascination with the idea of having an encounter with things people now could have only dreamed about. Even though they shouldn't have gotten involved it seemed that Lillian had and it only grew a single question in his mind. . .

What delivered such a desire, an unsatisfying life, that she had to move into the world to their Father. Yet is so adamant on returning to what apparently she had wanted to escape even for a brief moment?

'Most' dealings. . . He wondered if that included himself or Adele. No, he knew that it most likely did. "I've been curious about something else. . . The words used. Your title and the way that Améa, Jez and them call Adele 'Mamiere'. Am I prohibited from knowing or understanding their meaning until I go through this Acceptance? Most times I feel kind of lost in it all." Which was acceptable to him, it was an entirely new culture - a little culture shock.

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Tally Staff ☆ Tallygarunga Librarian★ Mousie
35* year old Halfbreed Sorceraic ☆ She/Her

Bethianna's eyes clouded just briefly as Alex mused over what her experiences may have been like over such a long lifetime. Very little of it was worth repeating. As they had become fewer in number, and separated, she and Lillian both had taken on more and more roles. Lillian had always been the one to dally with the mortals, even from the start. The Violet had suggested that her affection would be what finished her off, and yet he was the first to go. None of this was really important now.

These stories belonged to another life, and Anna spoke very little of them. Only the sparest scraps were given to Lorelei, and at times to Améa. Who this lot would be depended on how the centuries would shape them, and they would not be with the same burdens as their matriarch. So long as Lillian existed---and Bethianna felt it would take a lot to get her to relinquish power---there would be no need for another to step into her role. But would she push to fill the gaps as she had with The Grey? That was a concern.

Still. It was a matter between herself, Lillian, and the abomination.

"The language is that of your sister, and the life in which she was raised." Bethianna answered smoothly. Adele's expression twitched, more than a little annoyed that the answer was given so freely. "It is not something that belongs to the blood. We exist before that. We are born understanding the tongue of our mother, but as Lillian is a woman of many languages it seems it selected for you the language of your homeland. What you learn from now is not for me to teach. That is the business of your sister."

Adele's expression suddenly became a very stiff smile. Great. It was always wonderful being dumped into a vat of boiling hot oil. Or thrown under a bus. Bethianna wasn't wrong, but did she have to be so damn direct about it?

"I'm not Australian, that's not exactly a secret." Adele recomposed herself, and did her best to sound dismissive. It was true. She did have an accent. It was hard to place, and in most cases it was identified as French. Adele tended to just run with that. Hopefully Alex would just assume the same.

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Spencer ☆ Sixth Year ☆ Guitarist/Vocalist - Local School Hero!✩ Kaitore
19 year old Halfbreed Sorceraic ☆ HE/HIM

So many questions, so many answers and yet all of it meant that he needed the time to assimilate or even if they were truly relevant. Curiosity didn't always mean that it was a need to know simply that a desire for knowledge needed to be satiated. Knowledge, it was power and even with forgotten history there was a sense of power in knowing and understanding it. He just wasn't sure what the benefit currently would be other than understanding not only more of himself but the people that he came from, the people that he had been related towards if not in blood then by power. Bethianna had been more accommodating than she needed to be, considering that she had not been blood but she had bene a savior in the literal sense of the word. 

Maybe all of the past didn't need to be known now, in time, everything unraveled in time and there would come a moment where it'd be laid before him. But now wasn't even remotely the true concern and he had to slowly remind his mind of such a fact. As far as it went with Lillian and what she had done with Flora. . . He wasn't sure. She was certainly a protégé of his Mother in all of the cold and knowledgeable aspects. Part of him? A bit spiteful that she was so close to the woman and he'd never be able to get to that point and yet, the irony that Bethianna still had been of a 'Mother' still didn't escape him. 

The question had been answered and his eyes shifted towards Adele - how much did he really not know? A hand pressed against his forehead and rubbed as if a headache had started to form. "Yea, seems to be how everything is going these days." It laid square on Adele's shoulders to teach him and he wasn't sure why and that inquisitive curiosity started to burrow within his mind even further. Where were they from? Their mother? Some other country like France? The accent was certainly similar and yet there had been something slightly off? "I guess that isn't really an important question or concern for the time being. Focus on what's in front of me, conquer that trial. That's all I need to see ahead." He needed to do it all for himself it seemed at that. Teeth bit at the inside of his mouth 

"Step at a time, yea? Rushing most things is a sure way to mess up and we have larger concerns at the moment that require just a deft hand and determination."  A smile graced his face. In a time like this. .. Self confidence was only a step but not the sole driving force that he'd need alone. 

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Tally Staff ☆ Tallygarunga Librarian★ Mousie
35* year old Halfbreed Sorceraic ☆ She/Her

The truth was that Adele herself didn't know where her mother, or Bethianna, were from. Lillian spoke of so many lives and locations that it was very possible that neither woman could really be considered as being from any place in particular. Adele on the other hand was most definitely from somewhere, and while she hoped that her brother would survive long enough to learn those particular secrets---she wasn't ready to divulge them yet. Goodness, the boy had already had enough upsets in his life. He didn't need to be trying to process all of that on top.

It did pose an interesting question, though. If Alex lived, he had a rightful place as their father's son. As with Jezebel, Adele had no desire to suddenly drop that weight on Alex. He was a kid. Young, stupid, and so incredibly idealistic. They would eat him alive over there. He needed to have a few more wits about him, six or eight painful heartbreaks, and a fortress of thick skin before she subjected him to all that they were. If he'd been just Lillian's son it wouldn't be a concern. But.

Rheldor was alive.

"You know where he is, don't you." it wasn't a question. Adele cut sharply over Alex's positive affirmation, folding her arms. Bethianna's level gaze didn't change, though a weird shift in the air gave the impression that she was rather bored with this line of questioning already.

"Yes." the answer was simple, true, and clearly not enough for Adele.

"And you will take us to him. Or bring him here." the demand sounded almost childish out of Adele's mouth. Her arms folded, Adele looked every bit the petulant child. Still Bethianna's expression stayed fixed. When she spoke, there was a steel chill in her voice that raised the hair on Adele's forearms and the back of her neck.

"You forget your place again, child." said the elder woman. "Save your tantrums for Lillian. If it should be that uniting you with Rheldor serves the greater purpose, then it shall be done. By myself or any other. If not, it was never designed to be."

"Serves the..." Adele scoffed. "What if it doesn't serve any purpose? What if it's just... I don't know. A nice thing to do? Give us one parent that might not suck, and let Rheldor know he's got two damn kids?"

"Everything serves something, Aellra." Bethianna replied firmly. Her gaze flicked back to Alex. "What of you, Alexander? What desire have you to know your true sire?"

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Spencer ☆ Sixth Year ☆ Guitarist/Vocalist - Local School Hero!✩ Kaitore
19 year old Halfbreed Sorceraic ☆ HE/HIM

Alexander wasn't really in a position to hold anything against anyone, well, except Lillian for obvious reasons. But from his standpoint Bethianna had kept him alive for much of his fighting and Adele took him willing to teach him, didn't cast him way or try to do away with him. At least. . . When she found out he was actually the real deal and not whatever she thought he was originally. All in all, he felt she was entitled to the secrets that she held so dearly since they seemed to work for the woman and more importantly he wanted her to open about them when she felt more secure, when the storm had passed. This particular storm anyhow. 

His eyes shifted to glance at Adele's statement, yea, it didn't have the inflection of a question and the truth was both he and her understood that Bethianna was only able to watch over him as she did. . . Know of his both and be engrained in his life. .. If she knew of Rheldor being alive the entire time. Much like Lillian had known only in keeping it up as a lie rather than avoiding it as a topic at all. Alex never interjected leaving for his sister to make more of a command towards the red-haired woman that stood stoically almost as if she had expected the woman to obey. It came to the point that his blue eyes watched the two women switching between one to the other and then back again, this was going to be awkwardly bad, wasn't it. . .?

He did believe it served a purpose but in the long scheme of things, perhaps from Bethianna and Lillian's perspective it'd hold no true worth or weight towards it. It'd be ephemeral, a brief dalliance in the long life but that meeting alone could be much more impactful and long lasting than what could be expected. At least, from his own personal belief and understanding. Both he and Adele were still young, much, much, younger in comparison to their mother and the woman before them. This meant that the time of impression to strike and cling to the heart and shape them into better and stronger people would be now.

If their father is alive, if he truly would be happy and proud of who they are, of surviving - Meeting the children he had sired.. .Was that not enough of a purpose behind it? More ever, he wasn't a Sorcerer which meant that same impact would be negative or bad for him and yet there could only be a positive upside for the man. Even in his own state he was the son that held his namesake. But his sister did have a point. . . Even if it held no purpose the fact it was a nice gesture and nice to be made aware of such knowledge was in itself a form of a blessing.

"Huh. . .?" That was a voice of confusion as he stared at Bethianna, he should have known by now to expect the unexpected yet her actually asking his important caught him off guard. He was. . .Humbled? That was the best way to describe the feeling that she'd regard his opinion even if it were for a quick moment. "I. . . " There had been hesitation while his eyes narrowed towards the side considering everything he had heard. He had a father, a good father, but it's rare that a person is able to meet their blood relatives after being fostered.

A heavy breath exhausted out of him taking in great consideration of his answer then lifted his gaze to settle back on Bethianna and Adele alike. "I would like to know and meet him too. It may not hold a true purpose or even fit into a plan. . . But it is a right as beings that live that we take the chance to know where we come from and to understand those people no matter what the truth of them is." The image that he held of a caring mother had been shattered and while he had been given an idea of how their father, Rheldor, was he didn't want to put too much of an image up that it'd crumble once more. 

Alex found that he was starting to want knowledge for the sake of having it but to truly understand the world around him and even further the world he had never gotten the opportunity to understand or grow up being tutored about. 

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Tally Staff ☆ Tallygarunga Librarian★ Mousie
35* year old Halfbreed Sorceraic ☆ She/Her

Bethianna nodded ever so slightly as Alex spoke. This griped at Adele, the woman had all but dismissed her own desire to meet their father and now was showing some consideration for Alex’s wishes. He was right, it didn’t serve that much of a purpose, it was just something that would be nice. Even if Bethianna wasn’t in the habit of doing nice things, it looked like she might just make an exception for Alex. Apparently the chosen one.

What did she have against Adele, really? The more kindness she saw come from Bethianna toward her children and Alex, the more she really wondered what was so wrong with her that she’d been saddled not only with her mother’s indifference but Bethianna’s as well.

”Perhaps in time.” Was all Bethianna would say, though it was clear she was at least thinking about it. More than she would do for Adele. With a huff, Adele opened her mouth to protest, but Bethianna held up a hand first. “You leave. Now.”

“What?” Adele snapped, the abrupt rudeness of her stepmother not unfamiliar, but this was her office. Her living quarters. And Bethianna was asking her to leave? Not asking—demanding. Adele pursed her lips and began formulating a response, ready to stand up for herself. Where were her rights in all this? DIdn’t she matter? But the cold look in Bethianna’s eyes advised against speaking up, and instead she grumbled under her breath. “Whatever, your majesty.”

With that, she slunk out of the office door like a wounded cat. Bethianna didn’t seem to notice or care for her injury, turning her attentions back to Alex. In a smooth movement, she sat herself down in the chair behind the desk, the one Adele had just vacated.

”There is more we must discuss. WIthout her influence.” Bethianna said softly. “You have a momentous decision ahead of you, and already you believe it is made. I would ask you be not so hasty to go down this path. It will not be as simple for you as it was for them.” Her expression shifted slightly, a flicker of something—was that sadness?—passing like a cloud before her face settled back to its normal stone-carved stoicism.

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Spencer ☆ Sixth Year ☆ Guitarist/Vocalist - Local School Hero!✩ Kaitore
19 year old Halfbreed Sorceraic ☆ HE/HIM

Truthfully, he had resigned to the fact that no one would willingly allow either of them the chance to speak to their father and yet with a single nod it seemed the possibility had opened up wider. This was something that caught him off guard not expecting that it'd actually be taken into consideration so soon and yet there seemed to be the underlying tension before her and Adele. If it had originally been to keep her from turning out like their mother, then they were in the clear, right? But was that the true reason behind it? That was one of those questions he'd keep on the inside and never ask. Never ask because that is a situation the two would need to eventually face when the time came and something inside told him it was better that way. 

"Truly. . .?" That was a rhetorical reflection and his expression showed it as it shifted into a thoughtful brace. She wasn't a woman who spoke to waste words or time it was always taken to mean exactly what she's said, that much he had managed to pick up. Even her very presence and the airs she held about herself spoke volumes on that kind of a trait. "Then time leading into possibility is all I could ask for." Which was true in the sense that it wasn't by his own or Adele's timetable as much as both of them had wanted to meet their Father they had to step by the rules of those who knew the path towards him. 

Then. . . She told the woman to leave and this caused his eyebrow to arch upwards in confusion. He was to speak to her alone? The various reasons why ran through his head even as the two women spoke back and forth with Adele's questioning of the Elder woman before resigning. This was something he hoped didn't put a wedge between himself and her, he couldn't control the actions or perceptions of others. Once the door has closed tightly leaving himself and Bethianna into the room his attention shifted back to Bethianna. 

"Discuss without her influen-?" Alexander cut off his own words instantly realizing were this was headed, of course, the moment of his 'Acceptance'. A choice needed to be made and there had been numerous factors that could be considered an influence that swayed him one way or another either by a persons urging ways or expectations as well as the things he had experienced that made defined those choices. The brief moment of sadness hadn't escaped him and his usual cheery expression seemed to drop slightly - there had never been a moment within himself that he didn't view it as a serious situation. But in the view of others he often held up a façade to keep himself motivated from the possible depression of the atmosphere from the truth. The elephant in the room, so to speak. 

"I know. I know either way it's going to be. . . Rough is such a powerless word to emphasize it, isn't it? The pain, It's going to be unlike anything I've felt before all at once. " Hasty, that was one way to press it but did he truly have a choice in that regard? Such a choice within a short timespan would still be considered hasty. Then again, that just maybe the fact of being a Male. "There had been no illusions in my mind that'd it'd be easy it's why I've been. . . Trying to find a way to better those chances. Seeing what information, what methods could work." It wasn't all for naught, he knew a key component that it took and that was extremely valuable considering the necessity of it all. 

"The reason I consider my current choice is because I want to be there for my family through all the years, for myself. To be able to understand and get to know them. Support them in my own way. " Alex wanted to make sure that he could help Adele out from herself from time to time, be able to break through the barriers with Améa at some point - enjoy the casual love for music with Jezebel. He needed to be there for Caleb's life from beginning to end and he needed to make sure Lorelei didn't become too much like her Grandmother. Equal amongst it all he wanted to spend so much more time and build with Cassandra, it all had a purpose, his purpose that he designed. The purpose of the things he wanted in in life for himself that he treasured. 

"There is also the fact I wish to understand you further, who we are and you as a person. Even though you let fate decide the path and walk. . . You've been more of a mother to me than my own. Much more." In hindsight? Probably didn't mean much but he was often a person that gave credit where credit was due. 

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Tally Staff ☆ Tallygarunga Librarian★ Mousie
35* year old Halfbreed Sorceraic ☆ She/Her

Now alone with Alexander, Bethianna sat quiet while she heard him out. His points were all rational enough, but based mostly upon assumptions and experiences that Bethianna knew would not apply to him. This wasn’t anyone’s fault particularly, even Lillian was not as knowledgeable on this subject. For once Lillian’s information was simply incorrect, rather than deliberately misleading.

”You wish to live. That is human.” She acknowledged, and this alone validated her choice in giving him a chance. The boy had a fighting spirit that she admired, and perhaps it would carry him through. Whether it would be enough, and whether it would be worthwhile even if he did survive Acceptance remained to be seen.

”There will be pain, yes. The purge of blood will burn through your body until the last of it is gone, and you are no longer half but whole.” Bethianna had seen a few Acceptances and they were never comfortable. Whichever way they went, it was agony. But there was more to be known. Bethianna’s hand lifted, a jug of water fading into view. In her other hand, a thin glass.

”We are vessels, containers of energy.” She said softly, beginning to fill the glass with water. “As humans are, as all living beings are. What makes us different is our ability to store, process, and utilise that energy.” The glass now full, she tapped it once on the side. A large crack split through the surface, and water began to gush out. Calmly, she picked up the jug again and resumed filling the glass as it poured out onto the table.

”Humans cannot. Their energy is used in their constant struggle against death, a battle they invariably lose. They are like this glass. Always being filled, but forever losing more than they can hold.” Bethianna tapped the side of the glass again, sealing the crack.

”Your sister, her daughters, are as this glass here.” The glass now full and no longer leaking, she tipped some more back into the jug. “Until they make use of it, the energy remains. It will find things to do, heal wounds, keep their looks and health—ensure they are ever young and vibrant. But they do not lose it over time.”

Bethianna tapped the glass again, a small crack appearing. This didn’t leak as heavily as before, but the water level dropped steadily down.

”Even whole, this will be you. You will require always the support of the others to ensure you do not run dry. You will not have the ability to absorb or hold as much as they, and should they refuse to keep you filled you will perish.” Bethianna’s voice grew soft. “Such was true of the Violet. A male born whole, he was separated from his kin and locked away where he could not be found. Not until it was too late, he was too empty to refill. Too broken. He chose to cease.”

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Spencer ☆ Sixth Year ☆ Guitarist/Vocalist - Local School Hero!✩ Kaitore
19 year old Halfbreed Sorceraic ☆ HE/HIM

"When you're in a constant of worrying about death you tend to. . . Respect that which has life and a desire to claim it for yourself." Perhaps that sounded somewhat odd, maybe too assertive and aggressive but that was how he viewed it. It was common that Humans desired to live but that commonality becomes even more of a necessity when the choice to even do so has slipped even slightly out of ones grasp. Though he didn't realize how severe everything would end up being if he did choose the choice that was boggled within as an option. Was it truly no option? Unable to sustain himself he'd still be weakened, lesser. "I've already resigned in myself to live and I will do everything that I can to conquer that endeavor."

Why did that thought alone mark a slight irritation in his mind? Choosing to be a Wizard wasn't a bad choice or wrap it just hadn't been a route that determined a strength within his goals. Yet, what he saw as a strength inevitably becomes a weakness that places him in no better position than he was in now. 

"That. . . Sounds a lot more painful than my mind can even grasp. I mean. . .I had an idea that's what happened." Though he even knew that the scope of how deep and painful it would be could borderline near unfathomable. "But to be whole one way or another? That, in itself, is a gift. To be broken and imbalanced is harmful and aggravating on many levels." Alex admitted, albeit, something he rarely ever said to anyone so bluntly and broadly. 

Eyes pinned on the glass of water that had materialized and immediately understood what the concept was to be validated. There were the three, those, that were a clear breakage in themselves of this 'Energy', unable to contain or manipulate it, then there had been those like Adele and the others that were whole. Then. .. Himself, forever cracked, regardless of the choice he'd end up  Eyes lowered in contemplation while he started to chew lightly at his cheek. "So, in reality, I'd be no different than I am now. Just less of the painful coughing up blood bit." That changed a lot of how he viewed things by a massive level. "Haha. . . Relying on people, I tend to find myself in that situation more often than I could have ever realized.

It stung. Either he fell to the trial of time or risk that one day those that had been found as family may find that his usefulness had come to an 'End'. Yet, that wasn't the kind of people they were, not now in their life. They'd even taken the step at every turn to alleviate his pain when they could. "Locked away? Ngh. . . That's torturous on so many levels." Being confined to a bed was bad enough but to be purposefully pushed into a position to waste away? Though one survived, managed to come out on top to some degree. 

" 'There is nothing impossible to him who will try.' Alexander the Great. . . Even knowing this maybe I can find a balance that can seal up that very leak. With a problem there is at times a solution." His head shook lightly. "Even if the chances are slim in finding out anything, some kind of understanding and knowledge to uncover in a world that is limitless in potential and possibilities means there maybe a future for the men of that choose that route.

Hopeful, but determined. If he could pave a path than maybe, just maybe, certain concepts and views could change. Lives, could be saved. "So that causalities, like the male of the Violet do not occur so easily. That they needed feel a they have to give up because they gain no sustenance." Everything started with a dream before becoming a reality. This too could be of the same track if given time and precedence. 

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Tally Staff ☆ Tallygarunga Librarian★ Mousie
35* year old Halfbreed Sorceraic ☆ She/Her

“There would be less of physical illness, yes.” Bethianna confirmed, and in spite of herself she smiled. The boy was special—in her eyes there was no doubt. For one of Lillian’s mistakes he had a remarkable strength of will, a true passion for life and others. If he survived, if he maintained his strength—wizard or sorcerer, he would be a force in the world. This was what her life was about. Ensuring that forces for good were at play to balance out the bad. Keeping humanity on a peaceful track. Gods, but she had seen some wars. 

“None of us can guarantee eternity, you have my word that I will do what I can to keep you filled.” And she felt that Adele, Jezebel, even Améa would do the same. If this succeeded, there were still a lot of unknowns even to Bethianna. Nor could she predict whether herself or the others would choose to cease before Alexander was complete in his life. His life would depend on theirs, always. But then—hadn’t that been the case until now anyway?

And she had failed at this once. Bethianna was resolved not to fail again.

The quote rather amused her. It was as if he knew, and yet he couldn’t. The boy thought so much further ahead than his own natural life, eventually he would have a good eye for the overall design. The logic and compassion present in Alexander was welcome. They needed more of that among their kind. Adele had both too much, and too little, humanity left in her. The rest were far too young to understand much about the world.

”You are brave to commit against such odds. If this is truly what you wish, make your arrangements. Prepare for the end of your life, and we shall hope we are surprised.” There was little more to do on that front. Bethianna knew that there really wasn’t any secret to surviving acceptance, except to be strong of mind and body. Perhaps they would be able to catch him if he fell too low, keep him sustained while his body processed the change, but that in itself was dangerous. If Alex began to bleed energy at dying rate, their own energies would be caught in the whirlpool and all would be drained.

You could not save a mortal from dying. It was dangerous to try. It was how most of their kind ceased. Bled to the last of their ability, they could not bear to be full again. They would not wait and grow strength. They lost will and they chose sleep.

”You know well that your mother did not name you, except as an afterthought in her own mind.” Anna’s voice was gentle, almost soothing. It was possible to see now how the woman was a healer. “But neither did your father—your true father, the one who raised you as his own.” Bethianna’s hand lifted, an old and creased sheet of paper appearing between her fingers. She didn’t know if Alex himself had ever seen this, but given his predicament it seemed appropriate. Quietly she placed it face-up on the table, and pushed it across for Alex to view. 

It was the note he had been left with, a content baby in a basket on the doorstep. Ornate handwriting carried a simple message:

His name is Alexander, for he shall conquer.

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