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Welcome Tallygarunga is an 18+ post-Potter non-canon forum RPG set in Australia, featuring Australia's only public wizarding school Tallygarunga.

Location: Rural Victoria, Australia
Current time: January 2018
Term One: January 30th-March 29th

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This was ridiculous.

Alic Eron, Care of Magical Creatures Professor, bit down on his lip, fighting the urge to roll his eyes. He'd planned to spend his day without classes relaxing. Enjoying his nice, cool rooms and reading a book. Maybe work on lesson plans if he absolutely had to. But this? This was absolutely not what he'd planned.

But he was a teacher. And a soft touch. And the student had been a First Year, a worried little eleven year old lad with tears in his eyes. And Al had crumbled like a mountain made of sugar-blocks.

And that's how he found himself climbing a tree in the Centre Courtyard.

He'd sent the lad back up to his Dorm, not wanting to have to deal with the kid staring holes in him. The man hadn't dared using a levitation spell on the cat, and the kid had begged him not to. Apparently he was afraid it would backfire and injure the cat. So he found himself, struggling up the tree, chasing the cat.

He knew the cat would get down fine. You never saw cat skeletons in trees, did you? But the cat had been up there all day, and the kid was worried. So he'd agreed to get the cat. But now he was heavily regretting it.

The tree was starting to seem rather tall, and he was several body lengths off the ground. The cat had run out of branches to escape to, and was standing desperately just out of reach of his fingertips.

He stretched...

The cat leaped.

It bounced off of his chest, before ping-ponging down from branch to branch, hitting the ground and rocketing towards the school. Alic whirled, desperately trying to get his grip, only to be knocked clear out of the tree. The fall seemed both impossibly fast and molasses slow, and then he was impacting with the ground.

The impact knocked the breath out of him, and he gasped without drawing breath, desperately trying to get his wind back. He laid sprawled out on the ground, trying to reorient himself.

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Cal had to admit that his day off was going quite spectacularly. He was left alone mostly, since he was new enough not to be bothered by children, and he had been able to quickly figure out which areas of the castle he could roam if he wished to be bothered even less. What made his day great? Well perhaps it was the fact that when he looked out of the window he saw the familiar face of his coworker, and old Hogwarts rival climbing a tree to get.. wait for it...

A cat.

Man, that just made his entire life so much better. Laughing the entire way, Cal just had to let Alic know that he saw. They had not gotten along at all in school so poking fun at one another was certainly on his usual list of things to continue. They just needed to keep it somewhat professional, which was somewhat easier for him since he had a bit more patience since the usual Slytherin seemed to be able to muster. He made it into the courtyard just as he fell out of the tree, somewhat curious whether he was alright, he made his way over, leaning over him to see if he was alive and awake. 

The moment he saw that he was fine Cal's face immediately turned into a grin before a boisterous laugh escaped him from deep within. "Beaten by a cat? Did you leave your dignity in England or did it run when you fell out of that tree?"

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Alic groaned as the air was knocked from his chest by the impact, jaw dropping as he attempted to catch his breath. But it was as though his lungs had seized, refusing to do their job. He knew he needed to relax, to not panic, and simply wait for his lungs to start working again. But that didn't mean the tightening in his chest was comfortable.

He wheezed as he was finally able to draw in a breath, eyes furrowing shut as he felt as though he were breathing through a straw. That had hurt, and was very embarrassing. Salazar above, he hoped none of his students had seen that. That would destroy any reputation he'd managed to build up, if he even had one.

However, a very familiar laugh made his eyes snap open, and he groaned at the familiar face before him. It was older than when he had last seen it, less boyish and with some wrinkles, but there was no denying his school rival. Where most Slytherins despised the Gryffindor house, most having a certain Gryffindor they competed with, he'd been lucky enough to end up in a rivalry with a Ravenclaw. "Ah bloody hell!" he groaned, throwing his arm over his eyes.

After a moment, he got to his feet, stretching until his back popped. "What're you doing here Hughes?" he growled, before recognizing the man's uniform. "Aw, bloody hell! You have to do everything I do, don't you?" he groused.

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Seeing Alic's reaction was extremely priceless, especially when he realized that Cal was also a professor at the school. He offered out a hand to help him up, though honestly he wasn't sure if he would accept it or not. "Now, you do realize that there are easier ways of getting a cat out of a tree, right?" he asked him, raising an eyebrow in mild judgement. "And for the record, I've been in Australia for years now. I couldn't give two shits what you've been up to... until now"

Shoving his hands into his front pants pockets, Cal shook his head and looked around to see if anyone else had seen the brilliance that was Alic's life, and to make sure that he hadn't just sworn in front of ickle students. Seeing that the coast was relatively clear, he looked back at him. "On a serious note, you alright? That was one hell of a fall. Quite impressive actually." He raised an eyebrow as he looked him over, never really realizing how cute he was..

No. No. NO. Those thoughts were NOT allowed inside of his head. Not even a little bit! It was Alic Eron, the kid who made school dreadful at times. He could absolutely NOT find that dimple on his chin adorable.. SHIT! "I think you lucked out that it was only me that saw you. Guaranteed everyone would have known my supper".

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The Care of Magical Creatures professor glowered up at Caldwell, fighting the urge to huff like an imputent child. But, no, he was a grown man now. He needed to act like one. He eyed the man's hand uncertainly, before finally deciding to accept it as his back twinged. Alic reached up to take the man's hand, getting to his feet. "I'm well aware." he huffed. But the kid had begged him not to use magic, and so he hadn't.

However, he couldn't deny his curiosity. What were the chances that two rivals from England would end up moving to Australia, and teaching at the same school? "What have you been doing in Australia?" his voice wasn't suspicious, just curious. After all, what would Caldwell of all people be doing in Australia?

The Slytherin groaned quietly, reaching down to press his hands against his lower back as he stretched, feeling the bones pop. Ah, much better. Impressive? It would've been impressive if he landed on his feet, not on his back like some sort of idiot. "I'm fine, I'll be sore for a few days, but nothing serious." he rolled his shoulder, as though to double check.

As he looked back at Caldwell, he had to admit he was rather surprised. The boy had grown up into a man, and one who wasn't half-bad-looking at that. Damn, if they hadn't been rivals, and he'd been out in school, he might've even pursued him. But that wasn't something for him to think now, so he brought those thoughts to an abrupt stop.

He bit down a groan at the thought; Caldwell was probably right. "Probably. I'd appreciate it if you didn't say anything, though."

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