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Preparations for plotting pandemonium!
Plots ahoy! Ready to make some awesome happen? Behind the scenes, Lily and I have been drafting outlines for some epic plottage ...
Happy Six Months, Tally!
Those of you who have not encountered my over-emotional speeches before, welcome to what will be the first of many! Today marks the s...
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Welcome Kai to the staff team! As part of our response to the feedback, we've decided to create a staff position dedicated to ensuri...
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Lions and Tigers and Bears... oh my!
A couple of farmers have been talking about sightings of a large wild cat of some kind, but when the try to chase after it to get a better...
Music to your Ears
Bet you didn't know that the latest news is the performer on the net who goes by 'BlueEyed' is taking up schooling in Tallygarunga! Even s...
No longer "AT", but we saw THAT coming.
It's official. Papers have been filed, and the unexpectedly long marriage of @Adele DeVylissea is over. Dear oh dear. At least the Drunk...
Using Tally Gossip
Posting Gossip Small towns are notorious for gossip. The wizarding community that inhabits Narragyambie and Tallygarunga is no exception. B...
Welcome to the Black Parade
Blacky's Characters Always up for plots and new things, so feel free to toss in ideas!   Amanda (Amy) Lee7 | Description ...
Vil's wildlings
Plots! Splots! Spots! Lots! Socks! ... okay I'll stop now As a general rule I'm pretty much down for anything. I don't hugely enjoy f...
Rika's Plotter
Savannah Ryan - Profile Link:  15 ] Bourke Student ] 5th Year ] Auli’i Cravalho  Wants:  I am all for basically anythin...
Rika's Plotter
Savannah Ryan - Profile Link:  15 ] Bourke Student ] 5th Year ] Auli’i Cravalho  Wants:  I am all for basically anythin...
Rachel was like that floater that just refused to flush... And it was Audrey's self-designated job to be there for him and the kids whenev...
Miss Piggy Del
"What a delightfully ugly snort there, Adele! Don't tell me the pink cheeks are spreading and affecting your brain, I'm not sure how I'll ...
Blood to Blood, Shade to Shade
"...The other part owner is basically dead, and his wife is a swamp donkey. She let the place go and refused to do anything to save it, so...
Unwavering Faith
"Mamiere will cook." Caleb interjected, before looking squarely at Zane. "And then you will die." ...
Morgan Richter
Seventh Year Parents: Mason Richter & Carlotta (Last) Raised solely by her mother Mother is at least half Brazilian, father is parti...
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Sturn Haviland
26 ☆ Halfbreed ☆ Veela The surface of Sturn Haviland can be very misleading, looking at the way she holds herself, speaks and moves one would think that the res...
Artemisia Bellerose
22 ☆ pb ☆ hu Having moved from one country to the next and then the next, Arti often had a problem making, or keeping, friends when she was younger and...
Daria Bishop
28 ☆ pb ☆ hu Many would say that Daria is the very definition of stubborn. The traits she has are almost a shock when you get to know her, she is outsp...
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Ikedi Azikiwe
43 ☆ mb ☆ hu Ikedi is the type of person you want in your corner. He is compassionate and caring, and incredibly driven. Because he was the eldest of t...
Hine Parata
16 ☆ hb ☆ hu While she likes to define herself as strong and athletic, her strength is in persistence. She has a tendancy to complete what she starts, ...
Salt Morgan
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Professor Head of Spencer ☆ Professor at TallygarungaGuest
26 year old Halfblood Human ☆ HE/HIM

The day had started out pretty well enough for him even with the STACKS of school work he needed to grade and certain documents that needed to be done every day to be filed off towards the office. That was the one thing that good old Sparky HATED about this new job opportunity, when he was travelling? He didn't nearly have as many papers coming across him unless it was a card he needed to send out. But this was a new life and a new walk so it was something to get used to even if he had been a Teacher for a couple of years. A pit of hunger growled within his stomach as he held it and looked down. "Oh hah! Looks like I'm a hungry fire elemental, aren't I?! Let's see. . . Oh, Maybe Auds is up to something. Well, she ain't got a choice now! Bwahahaha." Self-monologue's always gave him a nice little spark within his day as he pushed away from his desk at home and pulled out his phone in order to shoot Audrey a text. 

'Addy~ I'm hungry. Chinese? Taiwan? I'm in the mood for rice and chicken, maybe Sushi. COME ON! Get up and at em'! Not a choice!' He could be a bit demanding when he needed to be and mostly only with friends he enjoyed having a sense of presence around them. Especially on these boring days where he still had a bunch of papers readied, he wished he was the Headmaster at times! But then again. . . Auds could get pretty scary when she wanted to and so he opted that of the two? He was the luckier one to avoid the wrath of the Brunette. At least she'd know this meet up would inspire a good and fun time like usual. Like a bunch of juveniles he haven't learned this entire time. 

This began his trip towards the Central Business District where he waited in front of a few select shops that all had a mutual interest in what he had wanted to shove down his throat. He narrowed an arm inwards to cross in front of himself checking the special made watch and the time. "I wonder if I caught her at a bad time? Aaaah, Oh well, who knows? It's all good, I'll make it up to her some how. She'll probably make me add extra for bossing her around. Haha." The arm shifted upwards with the opposite one to stretch out his body a bit, he could feel the tightening of the joints crunch around like a self massage. Both of his hands pressed on the lower portions of his back to bend it back slightly as he let out a happy groan of sorts. "Now lets see. . . I'll grab me up some of the rice, chicken - you know what? I'm in a Bubble tea mood too. This is going to be a pretty good snack and grab."

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Tally Staff ☆ Headmaster's Assistant, Fill-in 'Mum'★ LilyCat
25 year old Pureblood Human ☆ She/Her

Derrick's invitation had actually been somewhat of a blessing, since Audrey had also just got a message from Alan that Tavi had a fever and was refusing to calm down or go to bed unless Audrey came home to read stories to her for a while. This meant that her night with Arti had to be put on hold, even though the two brunettes were already on their way to find a place to have something to eat and a few drinks. She felt bad, since the other woman hadn't been back in the country for long, and hadn't heard from any of her old friends or even the guy she'd been engaged to for a couple of years before her European tour. But, now she had a plan! And it involved tossing together two people she really cared about, who could use some company and a good time. She was certain that she was a genius of some kind.

And so, the two women apparated to an alley near where Audrey was to meet with Sparky, and the taller woman practically dragged the very short one along as they weaved through the few people who were wandering the city. Little Bourke Street was where most of the Asian restaurants were located, and they were damn good as well, Auds was actually a bit jealous that she was going to miss out on dinner, but at least she might be able to make it back for further fun.

"Sparky!" Spotting the man, the taller brunette waved her hand up high. Already no doubt deciding on what he was going to eat. She swore the man was like a bottomless pit sometimes. But then, so was she. She tugged on Arti's hand and the pair of dark haired women arrived, Audrey smiling widely, while her slightly warier friend simply watched the tall man through her eyelashes, her head lowered just a fraction, either out of shyness or some kind of hesitation of sorts. It appeared Audrey was completely oblivious to this fact, however as she released Arti's hand and gave 'Sparky' a big hug.

"Hey! Look, I'm really sorry, I gotta take care of something at home. Tavi's not feeling well and wants my special awesome stories before she'll go to sleep. So, I might be back later, but before that..." The woman then grabbed the shorter one by the shoulders, and pushed her forward, practically at Derrick, pausing a moment to chuckle as she noticed the height different between her friends. "Sparky, this is Arti. Arti's a very good friend of mine. Arti, this is Sparky, same deal. Arti and I were supposed to hang out, but, again... kids need me! So maybe you two can have some fun together! I mean, you're both awesome and want to do something, so bam! Alright, I gotta duck, so take care, and do everything that I would do! I'll let you know if I'll be able to meet up with you later! Ta-ta!"

And with that, Audrey dashed off, leaving Arti to awkwardly step back from the man's arms with an awkward cough as she pushed a strand of hair behind her head.

"She certainly is something," The soft French accent was clear as the short woman spoke, before glancing at the sign of the shop they were outside of, "Japanese then?"

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Professor Head of Spencer ☆ Professor at TallygarungaGuest
26 year old Halfblood Human ☆ HE/HIM

Surprise were always good! Especially wrapped into two, in this particular case, as he could see that Audrey had been pulling along another young woman who had been a degree shorter than the both of them. Instantly his mind thought 'Whose the shorty. . .?" But that was a question that would eventually be answered. As she called out his name once they had both spotted one another a hand rose up in a fearless wave of a greet. "Hey there, Addy!" His arms wrapped around her into a tight hug while they swung back and forth, almost as if the two hadn't seen each other in a while. They literally worked together.

"Little Tavi is out of the fight eh? Wait at home. . .?" Wasn't Tavi Alan's kid? An eyebrow perched ever so high as he stared at his long time bestfriend. "Audrey. . ." One of the few times he actually spoke her name had been when there was a degree of seriousness behind it. The degree often wasn't much in public place, in this case, it was about half of a notch from his usual silliness. "Did you just end up getting married and not invite either of us here to be witnesses? I am hurt, really, truly hurt. I had this lovely Bridesmaid dress for myself picked out that had flames that ran along it. It was beautiful!" A gentle sniff came from him as if the idea was truly serious and heart piercing. "Nice to meet you, Arti, welcome to the abandoned Single peoples club. Where the only real requirement is to be abandoned by a friend who got married and didn't tell you!" Derrick's smile widened with a hefty wave of amusement. "You know, Addy, this sounds -awfully- sketchy to do. Trust me, I know sketchy. " This felt all too much like a date, impromptu as it was, but he'd just roll with the hand given to them. That's all one could do since he wasn't in the game of letting a moment just leave because of a few changes. 

"Just remember you owe us both now!" He seemed to call out after her as she retreated to handle her 'Wifely' duties. He noticed that Arti stepped back and a gentle chuckle escaped from him. "It's okay, I don't bite. Much. I do set stuff on fire! In case you were wondering about the whole, Sparky bit." The shrug shown was so casual that it was if he was used to explaining just how deep the nickname went with him. "Hahaha, Yeah, Addy can be crazier than I am which is a pretty large jump itself. But knowing her, she wouldn't have done this if it wasn't fully important to her to be there for that squirt, so that's a pretty good bright side." Hands pressed partially into the pockets of his pants as the thumbs hung out and pressed along the lining of the stitches. "Japanese for the French, Gotta' say I am always surprised about that! Not a bad surprised always just the way it's spoken. Gives a nice thrill.

Derrick's elbow angled towards the Little Bourke Street strip as he started to walk down it at a gentle pace scanning the various establishments from the corner of his eye. "So, how did you end up meeting up with the Happy Bride?"


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"Hah! Married, that's a good one... trust me, you'll be my maid of honour if that ever happens!" Audrey managed to call back cheekily, waving off the threat of owing the pair that she'd left to their own devices, as she ran off back toward the alley so that she would be able to apparate back to the farm as quickly as possible. There was a sick kid who was in need of Audrey cuddles and stories and no way was she going to let that little girl down.

"It's alright, I wasn't worried about you biting, though I doubt your actual name is Sparky either," Arti responded almost instantly after the man's assurance that he didn't. She managed a small smirk, even if she still seemed a little bit shy after having basically been thrown together with someone she'd never met before. He was right, it really did seem sketchy to just be pushing two friends who didn't know one another together to go have dinner and a night out on the town. Then again, there wasn't a lot else that Artemisia had to do, so she could roll with it. "Oui, the children are rather important to her. She'd been living at their place since her sister moved back to England, it seemed a waste to be living alone and paying rent for an extra place when she was over at the farm so often, helping Alan with the children," Arti explained for the man, since it seemed he'd been confused by Audrey calling the place home.

"Well, I wasn't born in France, even though most of my family live there. I was actually born here, in Melbourne. I just lived overseas for most of my life," And then moved back here, and then returned there, and there was a lot of traveling. It made Arti feel a little worn out to think about. "But I do enjoy Japanese food... and bubble cups, they're always yummy," The small woman added with a little smile and a nod as she looked along the street, checking out the various Asian restaurants. The question of how she and Audrey knew one another caused her to glance back at the man before she nodded and spoke again.

"She'd technically my adoptive aunt. Her sister adopted me when I was sixteen. Mind you, Audrey's only a few years older than me, so it drives her a little mad when I call her 'Aunty Auds'," The young woman chuckled quietly, a hint of devious amusement in the sound, before she then extended her hand toward him in a formal greeting, "Artemisia Bellerose, by the way. But Arti is still good. So what about yourself? How do you know the crazy woman?"

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"Or is it? Who knows? It may as well be!" Derrick gave a goofy grin towards his retort back towards her. "Oh? So you're the one that bites? Ah, I don't mind. I'm pretty tough though, bad for the body." A gentle shrug formed afterwards but figured she did deserve to know his -actual- name versus the nickname that had stuck around for years. "My name is Derrick but folks just have called me Sparky for a long while because of my affinity and fascination with fire. " He had managed to catch the smirk from the corner of his eyes as a smile formed on his face. "Oh~? You do know how to crack a bit of a smirk even with the whole smiling bit! Shorty isn't fully shy! I sure hope you don't think people are insane too quickly." If she did then he'd really be on that list faster than he could count to one Mississippi. The least the man could do is offer her a bit of a good time to have. "I feel like I've missed so much. . . Well, those are the downfalls of always travelling, Right? You end up missing a lot of things and before you know it there are so many changes and questions that. . .  Poof. You end up a bit lost on things happening."

"Born in the land down under and dragged across the seas, huh? That must have been pretty exciting in some ways, well, the things you could see anyways. Probably one of my favorite things about not being around Melbourne for a good chuck of my adulthood. The stuff I got to see and experience were pretty breathtaking." Volcano's, Undersea reefs, the whole works were the kind of things he went searching out to investigate and see first hand. Others went to see what man built, he went to see what the world built. "Perfect! I know there was this one place around here that did a bit of a hibachi grill style, have to love when you can see people cook with skill in front of you on a grill, am I right?" Derrick shined a smile back towards her and listened on how she had been related to Audrey and her sister. 

He had never personally got a chance to meet the woman but had heard bits and pieces about her from the time he had spent with Auds when he had been around. "Oh man, -Auntie- Auds!? Please, you have to let me be around when you call her that. Just to see her face I need to have that memorized. I'll need to grab a camera too, Kodak moments." He sighed lightly at the idea but knew that only meant the woman would get him back for that, like trying to pawn off his Piano technique. She had been the only person whom actually caught him in the act playing the Eighty-eights. Something that he wasn't ashamed about but it could cast a very odd image on his usually up-beat and random personality. 

Such a formal greeting at that! His hand extended out to grasp hers gently. "Oooh, Slender and silky. Names Derrick Ackers, some call be Der or D, most who know me well enough just slap on Sparky." A nearby Hibachi Cuisine had caught his eye as she started to subtly direct their path towards it while her question probed through the air, returning his own inquiry. "Oh that was back in my. . . Second year of VMU. We'd been studying the same degree when I came across her in the Library. She was minding her business and I thought 'Hey, maybe I can make a friend by being random!' and decided to toss a wad of paper at her and try to look as innocent as possible. " Derrick turned a gaze towards Arti as he grinned roguishly. "Unfortunately, I have a really bad poker face when I am in the act most days. She caught me red handed and well from there between her helping me out studying and getting through University, and us tossing random paper balls and goofing off - It was like a friendship in heaven.

Surprisingly enough, the two of them had never been attracted to one another even with the chemistry. There had always been this Brother-Sister relationship. "She's kind of like another Sister to me. One that will almost always go along with my crazy ideas even if she protests a few times. Like this one time I dragged her to light a bunch of enchanted fire crackers in front of the Enrollment building on campus. Had it so that the powder when ignited would read 'Sparks and Addy rule the skies' in the brightest lights possible. Let's just say a lot of people didn't enjoy THAT kind of a wake up."

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"No one names their child quite that fittingly," Arti chuckled softly with a small nod before then lifting a brow as he remarked on her shyness. She wasn't entirely sure how to explain that one, but she could try, "Shorty isn't so much shy as she is just... wary." She could offer that much, and he would probably understand that there was a deeper story there, but clearly not one that would be told upon a first meeting. Still, she found herself feeling a little at ease with how the man reminded her of Audrey in a lot of ways, and she was somewhat surprised that the pair hadn't dated or something. "It's alright, I'm rather used to the crazy, you have to be to survive Audrey, Alan and all their bunch," She offered a gentle shrug and chuckle and then nodded a little. She knew a lot about traveling and missing things.

"Oui, I know the feeling. I just returned from traveling myself a couple of months ago, but during those couple of years, my adoptive parents separated a second time, and both moved away from the area, one moved overseas even," A gentle sigh was released from the petite woman's lips as she thought a little about the whole mess, wondering if things might have been better if she'd stayed in the country, if perhaps then Meri and Adrian wouldn't have fought over whether to have children or not. She mentally shook the thoughts away though, better to save them for another time. "I have to agree, there's a great deal of beauty to be seen in the world... funnily enough, it was me that everyone else wanted to see in my travels," It was spoken cryptically and if he asked, she would explain what she meant, but she nodded in agreement over the place he mentioned, that sounded like a perfect spot to eat.

"Yes, Auntie Auds," Arti's smile grew into a grin before she laughed lightly herself, "She complains that it makes her feel much older than she is. But I think she secretly loves the title sometimes," She was pretty sure Audrey would love the title of 'Mum' even more, but the other brunette had about as bad luck with relationships as Arti did herself. She did listen intently however as he spoke about meeting Audrey and the seemingly instant friendship that occurred. She could picture it, they were both quite lighthearted and seemed to be full of energy in that way. "Did she throw the paper ball back at you? I can  picture her doing that if someone threw one randomly at her. I bet the pair of you were kicked out of the library often," Arti snickered quietly, but she smiled as he went on to explain the relationship between he and the other woman.

"That sounds about right," The young woman lifted a hand to cover her mouth as she laughed at the imagery that was painted for her, offering a few nods, "I never went to University myself. You could say I decided to step straight into my dream career from scratch the hard way, and  worked my way up gradually. Well, as gradually as one can call having one of their paintings plastered up on a billboard by a friend of theirs. Audrey decided everyone needed to see this one particular picture... saved up money for the space and all." Arti shook her head a little as she chuckled, "It sounds like you two had a lot of fun though. That's great."

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"Not true! I once met a guy back in Tally named 'Spud', he was every bit the idea of the name. Roundish, with a very heavy snorkel of a laugh that you could hear from two hallways away. He also was a jerk but I found that  a lot of people in that time kind of fit that bill." Ironically enough, -most- of the 'Jerks' came from his own House but each one had their own collection of jackasses that deserved a bit of a burning treatment afterwards. "Wary huh. . . " That much he could understand, well, not in the depth that may have been In her past. But wariness is what kept him at a friendship pace with most people since before he had started VMU. Even now, he found he connected with people - women - but held himself from ever letting it get even remotely romantic. "I don't blame you, crazily good looking guy - your Aunt drags you off to meet him cause he demanded food. I'd be wary too. He sounds like real fiend especially with a name like 'Sparky', what is he, a dragon?" He huffed his lips and cheeks outwards while giving her a playful narrow of his eyes. "Don't I know it! You need to have a certain kind of mind to either jump in or endure, no more no less. Either way you're involved! Kind of the unwritten contract all my friends agree to.

"Yeowch, must have been a rough change. Especially with that kind of distance. Magic makes things easier, for sure, but that doesn't stop the distance the heart still manages to feel from such things." It had been awhile since he had seen his parents, a long while. He always wrote to them especially when he found out that Xavier had left the house a long time ago. That's when it increased in letters but even then he couldn't bare to go back to the house that had more pains than good memories. "But, hey, just remember to always visit them. Get those good memories in even with the distance! Sorry, inner teacher! And without the fire following behind it." He shrugged casually a bit. "It was you? I mean, you're National treasure looking worthy - but I don't think you mean that all too much do you? Haha, what do you perform or something like that?" He could see that as there seemed to be some kind of air about her. 

Derrick held a stupid Cheshire grin on his face. "Maybe I should start calling her Momma Auds. How often she cleans up a couple of my messes with me, I thinks he's earned that title! That and I just need to see her reaction, keep it committed to memory." He knew not much bothered the woman but a bit of poking and fun probably helped her out more with the kind of stressful schedule she managed to keep herself on. "Not only did she throw it back she threw another at me! I couldn't let that go so I summoned up a water balloon I often kept in my dorm just for purposes. . .  The Librarian -definitely- wasn't happy." A hand rubbed at the back of his neck at the memory. It was fond, crazy, it was just them. "We got kicked out so many times I had to hire someone to check out books for me at a certain point. But I wouldn't replace those moments at all."

"A self made woman! Hard worked, I can respect. I knew someone like that. She made it a live to be an entrepreneur internationally, small businesses in different areas, connecting people to people and the different odds and ends they'd need around them." He started to snort a bit due to a withheld laughter before it broke out in a series of sniggles. "If she thinks you're good, one moment or another, she'll put you in a position to show your stuff. No matter how you feel about it. She got me like that one time too.  I uh. . . Play Piano. She caught me and some how, managed to get me setup for some kind of impromptu recital. " That was a day he'd never forget because as much as he had given Audrey a stink eye, she only seemed to smile and wave as if it were expected he'd play anyways. He caved. 

"Oh, Loads! Usually when I visited I'd take her out for a bit to a night on a town when she wasn't busy. Drop my very unusual gifts off for her before speeding off to the next big thing. " His hand lifted as he opened up the door towards the restaurant that he had chosen on a glancing whim. "Don't you worry, you're in for a fun time yourself! Something tells me she's going to keep setting me up like this for a bit. The woman has herself super busy." Derrick admitted, he often wondered what the -real- skinny was between Auds and Alan, if they were something he'd cheer them on! 

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The young woman snorted softly at the description of someone he went to school with named 'Spud', before laughing lightly. She could imagine it too, having seen the range of people that Tallygarunga had go through there. The school had accepted her however, with her slight violent record and all, and it had ultimately changed her life. She was fond of the school still, and still trying to think of a way that she could contribute back to it somehow. Her laughter continued as he described her very good reasons for being wary right now, and nodded.

"Exactly... next thing I know, he may try to set me on fire, or fly off with me to keep at his cave," The small woman snickered quietly, before then nodding a little with a little smile on her lips, "I suppose I should expect no less from a friend of Audrey's. Once she snags someone, then they are stuck with her for life. I had to figure that she'd have a gang of others like herself hidden somewhere. Just this society of people who force you to be their friend whether you want to or not." She raised her brows in a mock frightened expression, before then smiling a little brighter with a chuckle. At least he was easily enough to talk and joke around with. That's why Arti and Audrey had got along so well, even when Arti was still suffering from the abuse she was rescued from and wary of everyone. Audrey just had a way with people, somehow getting under their skin and making them feel at east. Derrick had the same gift. It made Arti a little jealous, she had to admit. "Oh, I visit Mereditha whenever I can, though Adrien doesn't really respond much to communication, but I try to see him and make sure he is alright," She offered a small gentle nod.

"I do perform, actually... and I also create art," Artemisia smirked a little and then chuckled, "Before you say it, oui, I am Arti the artist," She'd heard that one so many times, but it was an obvious one for people to pick up on. "I play a number of instruments, though me favourite is violin. But, well..." She waited until she passed a small group of people, to speak a little quieter, "I'm more known in the magical arts community for creating visual representations using sound, or music, as the tool. I paint by playing an instrument," She smiled after that, she knew it wasn't a common talent, and had been one that she'd worked hard on for most of her life.

"Audrey would probably like the 'mum' title, certainly more than Auntie," Arti snickered, before then laughing at the description of the trouble that Derrick and Auds got into. She could picture it very easily. She nodded at his assessment of the self-made part, though didn't bother to mention the rather large inheritance she had as well, the mention of it meant usually having to explain where it was from and... that was just something she preferred to avoid right now. "Auds is like that... she pushes people to explore their potential, she's good like that," The petite woman nodded with a small smile. As the door to the chosen restaurant was opened for her, Arti stepped on through and into the place, chuckling as a fun time was seemingly promise for her as well.

"I look forward to it, we'll have to see if you can live up to Audrey levels of fun," The woman smirked lightly as she glanced up at him, "Well, it could be worse. She could have set you up with someone who wasn't half as interesting as myself, right?"

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"Now you already know my secret! Not the setting on fire part, the taking you off to my cave part. Just pick you up and run off proclaiming 'Mwahaha, I have my next big target!' " That wasn't fully a joke at her height and his in comparison, but it certainly did amuse him that he could just pick up the small woman and run off to some random place. That's something he'll need to file away to do to her in the future. Audrey forgot to mention to the young woman he was increasingly random it seemed. "Sounds about right! Addy and I tend to play off each other that way, just gathering a bunch of people around us. People some even questioned that I would even know. While she takes care of Australia I made sure to jump to other countries, had to rally the rest of us friend-forcers. The world needs us!" He poked his chest out as if he were some form of superhero in the making as a large smile formed. Getting to people of various personalities and connecting with them had always been a talent of his even with his propensity to setting stuff on fire. He still remembered and cherished each person he met in Tallygarunga and VMU and tried his best to drop in on them suddenly, they weren't going anywhere after all his hard work with a few of them. "Ha! Sounds like my sister, Janet. I send her letters and she just ignores them. I have to pop in on her suddenly or else she'd avoid her ever watchful big brother."

"Actually, I was going to go in the direction of 'Oh, A Greek name and into Art? That's pretty coincidental yet neat.' But sure we can go with the 'Arti the Artist' too. " He was a learned man for the most part but he had to admit, Arti the Artist was pretty funny even in all of it obviousness. "If you're lucky you can paint my pure Adonis nature or something." He stated as a slight joke. As she leaned in to explain the depth of her talent there had been a look of being impressed that held on to his expression. "That's actually pretty neat, I think I may have seen a few of your stuff during my time around Europe. I would love to see that, honestly, music and the visual fun time. I promise, I'll be good! No Sparky antics! At least until it's over." He could choose to be good when he wanted, but choosing to be more fun often made it not so. 

"Hahahaha, She would, I know she would." It had surprised him that she hadn't tried to settle down and pop out a few little Audrey's and an Auburn or two. But with how busy she had been and lets face it, she has a worse romantic track record than he did, that made it even more difficult. Something he was more aware of than anything for some odd reason. "Yeah, that seems to be one of her many talents that tend to get people to cling to her even more. If only she knew I don't need the pushing! If she's pushing what am I supposed to do?" He shook his head and shrugged lightly with a smile on his face. "I just wish she'd finally choose to settle down a bit. Start getting her family and baby making on. She deserves that kind of life - if she'd stop working long enough anyways. But then again if she stopped she wouldn't be the Auds we love, adore, and have fun with." Somethings you can't change in a person even if you wanted a form of happiness for them. 

Derrick followed after her and closed the door behind them. "Table for two." He figured Audrey wouldn't make it in time to eat but if she did there wasn't a problem with grabbing a chair along for her to sit in. "Live up to!? That's offensive! She may not admit but I taught her true fun. Pfft. . . Jez never complained." He chuckled a bit as he shook his head remembering a past fling and a very good friend of his. Perhaps someone just slightly more crazy on the train than he was. Just slightly. "Oho, Pitching yourself already? What is this 'Dater's Anon - Choose your next mate here' series?" He poked fun at her a bit as they were led towards a small little window seat where he'd wait for Arti to sit first. "Okay, you got me, you're pretty impressive and interesting. But after that crack about Audrey levels you just bumped up yourself up to Sparky's 'Imma prove it' list.

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"Oh goodness, I had plenty of that in school!" Arti's features looked near horrified at the idea of someone just grabbing her and carrying her off to goodness knew what. Not that it hadn't sometimes been fun, but there had been one particular person who just didn't know the meaning of taking things too far. Not that she thoughts Derrick was like that. She was pretty sure he'd respect her boundaries enough if something really bothered her. She chuckled afterward, however, with a shake of her head, "The fate of us shorties." She sighed softly. Though her gaze narrowed as he spoke about the cult of his and Audrey's, "I'm keeping my eye on you two." The small brunette murmured with a wag of her finger. She didn't go further into her adoptive parents. It was a tricky and private subject, however, she nodded with an impressed smile as he displayed a little cultural knowledge, "Very nice. Not many people make the correlation between the Greek name and art. Of course, they're usually too distracted by the French accent. My mother's family was Greek," She nodded gently.

"I could paint something for you some time, if you wish. I generally charge quite a decent amount for requests, but I suppose I can cut you a freebie since you're a friend of Audrey's," The young woman pursed her lips in thought, though then chuckled softly, "Just give me a song that you'd like something painted to some time," She nodded gently. However, when he mentioned hearing about her in Europe, she smiled a little brighter, "Oui, I was on an art tour there, because some people had heard about my talent. I became surprisingly popular in Europe. It was actually nice to go back there and just... explore whatever I wanted for once." She smiled softly. The Bellerose mansion had always felt cold and unwelcoming to her, but that's where she'd been stuck most of her youth when she wasn't at Beaubatons.

"Audrey spends too much time looking out for others, to worry too much about looking after her own desires," Artemisia had to agree a little with Derrick. Audrey deserved to find a nice man and settle down, have some children of her own to dote on and just live a happy life. "Of course, you know as soon as she did become a wife and  mother, her mothering of everyone else would only get worse, right?" She had to laugh, because she could absolutely see Audrey becoming a matriarch, and one to be reckoned with too. She chuckled over that while they entered the restaurant and were directed to a table, before then laughing a little more at Derrick's apparent offense at the idea of having to live up to Audrey. The mention of Jez cause a brow to raise, so he knew her as well? Seemed they had a few people in common, which was rather interesting since they'd never met until tonight.

"Huh, Jezebel's family is actually good friends with the family who adopted me, small world," Arti chuckled softly, "And I hardly need to pitch myself. Why, if you cannot already see the quality that is held within this small package, then there's hardly any point in trying now." She tutted softly, lifting her nose in faux pomp, before then snickering and shaking her head, "I've not really been keen to put myself back on the market yet. Still... dealing with some things." She said with a small nod, "But I am quite interested in how you think you'll top any of my fun with Audrey. I'm not sure I'm convinced," The man was given a shake of her head as she narrowed her gaze at him. It was clearly a challenge, but one that seemed to amuse her because he seemed to have already decided that he wanted to prove himself anyway. At least she supposed, it wouldn't get boring around the man.

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26 year old Halfblood Human ☆ HE/HIM

Derrick chuckled as he shook his head. "You wouldn't need to worry too much. The most I ever do is kidnap for something to eat or go somewhere randomly fun. " A grin pressed on his lips as she remarked about the fate of shorties. "Outfitted to be lifted and hugged and plopped on a lap! Comfortably fitting at that." The tiny people in the world had a lot to contend with when it came to the tall variety of folks. A lot of gentle pokes about their height and how they're stealable but he wasn't of the mind to actually think of taking her back to 'his cave'. He barely was there these days anyways. "Keep your eyes on us too much and you'll miss the fun. Better to join in, follow the wave, Arti." His arms extended out and made a wave pattern with them in emphasis. "I've traveled a lot with a friend. She enjoyed picking apart the cultural connections. The French accent and last name are telling, but the first name, that is awkward even by French standards. Figured either your parents -really- liked it or it came from another part of your heritage." He nodded gently. 

"That'd be pretty cool, I'd like that. But no freebies! That's not my style. I'll pay you for your work, it's worth the penny and effort." While he didn't have much he knew of ways to make things last and gather up funds, it's just how he managed to survive. Sell off his talents that could garner in some big bucks. "I'll make sure to have something picked out with the -utmost- scrutiny! Can't have it be any old song for an exceptional artist." The tone of his voice went into a flair but it was still linked in being generous and genuine. "Oh, yeah, -a lot- of people like your stuff. The friend who had me travelling with her enjoyed Art as well. Said she can often feel the artists intentions and pains when she looked over them. I personally wasn't any good at it but I'm hoping to learn that critical eye and touch one day." A lot of his knowledge he owed to Eleza. 

"Ugh, tell me about it! I keep telling her to stop worrying about me and go get hers. She has a big heart but isn't kind to herself." He knew how she was - constantly pushing him to move on but when he pushed back she'd just avoid around it as if it were a non issue. "Oh, I know! It's exciting to see if she'll get mad at me for not wearing or coat or purposefully leaving my shoes untied just to get her started." He laughed happily then shrugged afterwards. "I have considered being the nice guy that I am . . . Stealing her schedule book and seeing if I can handle some stuff for her for a single day and send her off to just have fun. To find her own desires. She has such horrible luck with guys and at times it feels like it's on purpose." He was still hurting, she wasn't, in his mind the order of priority should be her gaining the chance of being happy with someone who cherishes and respects her and the work she does. 

A slight shake of his head formed. "I don't know her family too well, just her. Back in school - Same house. Dated for a bit. One of the few people in the world who pushes the note of crazy beyond me." He hadn't expected her to actually know Jezebel as he did but it seemed she may know the woman even better! "Oh, you -want- me to see all you have to offer? You're sounding more and more like a dating ad there, Arti! Okay, where's the camera." He started to look around as if he's ready to spot some blatant producer in a charge followed by a man with a very invasive camera. A narrow gazed shifted back to the brunette and a playful smirk donned on his face. "Ah the good ol' piecing stuff together. . . Yea, I'm trying to do that myself. Addy keeps pushing me to go back out there but I don't know. " Uncertainty struck through him on that kind of thinking, when ever was the proper time for that kind of event? Reasonable, time. 

Luckily, Artemisia managed to strike him out of that thought with her challenging notion. "Just you wait!" As the chef came to the table he gave a gentle bow asking what would they like to order while he prepared the grill nearby them for the 'Eat and Show' aspect that came with the restaurant. "Oh, I'll have the salmon. Can I also get a honey dew bubble tea and give me.   . .  A nice big bowl of tapioca balls?" SHe wanted to know? Oh, she'll know.

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Melbourne ☆ Musician & Artist, Gallery Cafe Owner★ LilyCat
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"Ah, but who decides what is good to eat or fun to do? The kidnapper or the kidnapped?" Arti's gaze narrowed on the man as she watched him with some scrutiny. She'd have to be careful, she decided. Especially if he found out where she lived or worked. "Just be careful, us shorties have great aim for sensitive spots too,"She smirked slightly, before chuckling a little at the strange wave motion the man made with his arms. He was a little bit of a weirdo, but at least a fun kind. "Oui, my mother, she demanded her children have Greek given names. I think it was the only time the sperm donor let her have what she wanted with no argument," She didn't like speaking about her birth parents, especially her father, and that was probably quite easily noticed in her choice of words. She preferred to think about her art, and chuckled as he insisted on paying, "Fine, but you still get a discount, no arguing." And she meant it, she didn't want to charge a friend an arm and a leg.

"So long as it matches the kind of art that you'd like created. Often people will choose something that reminds them of a place or a happy memory. Not that I can tell what those are, nor can they be visually seen in any case, but the art always seems to hit something for them," The young woman smiled softly. There had been some truly touching moments in her travels, where she had created the perfect artwork that seemed to truly speak to the person who had commissioned her craft. She smiled when he spoke about his friend's love of art and ability to read into it better than most people, "It takes another creative soul to be able to read one's work, I'm certain you can do it, you see your interpretation. If there is one thing that is true, it is that no one sees the same image," She offered a gentle nod.

"Audrey does have terrible luck with men, it makes me feel sad. One would think a nice guy would have caught her up by now," Arti sighed softly for the other woman. Audrey really needed someone who would treat her well and give her the life she deserved. "I think she would find some way to strip you of your magic if you tried to steal her schedule," The small brunette laughed lightly as she joked, before shaking her head, "I am certain one day it will happen for her." She then smiled as he spoke about Jezebel, "Her family are about as nuts as she is. Or at least the triplets and her younger brother. Blairs were all Spencers, go figure," She snickered softly. It seemed that the pair of them had a similar thing going with picking up pieces of themselves though, and she had to wonder what happened with him to be in that situation. He seemed like the kind  of guy who would probably have a lot of women interested in him, simply because of his personality. But it wasn't her business.

"Oh, I'll wait... we'll just have to see if you can really impress me or not," The young woman grinned a little wickedly, chuckling lightly as the chef arrived, before biting her lip in thought. "Just the chicken for me, with teriyaki... and do you have tsukune? If so, I would love some wasabi mayonnaise ones please, and a side of rice," Ugh, just thought of the Japanese style chicken meat balls was enough to make her mouth water if she wasn't careful. She raised a brow at Derrick as he ordered some tapioca balls, though didn't pay it too much mind before thinking on what she wanted to drink, "Could I also get an apple green tea bubble cup please?" She asked, offering a small nod to the chef. She was actually feeling rather hungry, which was good for her, since she didn't always eat very much.

"So tell me something about yourself that not many people know," The young woman then said as she turned her attention back to the man, a small smirk on her features. "Or are you a truly open book and have no secrets? I'd call you a liar if you said that, everyone has a few things they keep to themselves."

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Professor Head of Spencer ☆ Professor at TallygarungaGuest
26 year old Halfblood Human ☆ HE/HIM

"Both, depending on the mood and day. If the kidnapped is in a good mood? The kidnapped decides, clearly, means they're more likely to agree with the idea of randomly rock climbing or randomly spraying silly string." Now THERE was an idea, he needed to stock up on his supply of canned silly string in the coming days in case he ever needed to go to 'war' with them. It's happened once in a while back in University but those were the days to remember when his roommate came back and found his entire body more tied up than his last girlfriend. "Hahaha, I'll keep that in mind. Only rough-approved things can be done to sensitive spots." As much as a dirty joke as that was, it was also just a fact for him. Ouch. . . Sperm donor? He wasn't going to touch that with a twenty-and a half foot pole."Either way, it's a lovely name." He opted to not press any further on that note knowing family could be a sore spot and had been for this young woman. "Okay, okay! But if you're doing that then you have to make me pay in something other than money." He was only going to pay full cost in cash for a discount he felt that it'd dwindle how much he wanted to support and show appreciation. 

A happy memory. . . As much as he tried to play the Jester there had been a deeper unhappiness that seemed to still linger around. But as they often say the saddest men in the world are those who seem just a bit too happy about everything. "That sounds like it's an impressive feat, I imagine a lot of people pick songs that they think are happy memories too. Only to realize it was a lot sadder on their heart." Knowing himself, that would most likely be the case given that there were just somethings his mind wouldn't let go, couldn't let go. "Look at you! All art curio style! Maybe, my 'interpretation' has been more skewered than I could remember. Then again it's been awhile since I visited anywhere art-like. Aside form you, I visited you today." A small teasing smile formed as he poked at the shortened version and first part of her name just because it was a good and open moment to do so, it was a form of playful affection. 

"I've been trying to push her to man-up and go for the old fogey of a Headmaster! She does way too much for him and his family that something tells me it goes beyond loyalty and devotion." He shook his head gently, she did a lot for her friends. But the extent she went for Alan had always been more than above and beyond the call of duty and job, it was a genuine care that on many levels? Reminded him of Eleza. "As long as it's stripping me of JUST my magic I'm fine. If she strips me of my clothes I may have another wedding crash fiasco. " He nodded towards Arti but he couldn't help but feel if she was pushing him, it was only fair that he pushed Auds back. "Ha! I believe it! Jezzy was a special kind of trouble. 'The kind of trouble you just can't say no to, that your mother warns you about. The kind of trouble that walked right through my door. . .'" The final sentence was spoken as if he were narrating a Casa Blanca remake. If he did have a lot of women interested? He either didn't know or purposefully kept himself at bay - except for when a brunette sets you up with another brunette. Then the avoiding just isn't possible. 

"If I didn't impress you? You wouldn't be sitting here. Trust me my darling, you're only a step away from being so enamored you're going to ask me when's the next time we're going soy-sauce watergun fighting." Which was another idea he'd need to shuffle away, that'd get REALLY messy and all sorts of hilarious when you target randoms that don't know you from a hole in the wall. The chef nodded and started to prepared the orders on the grill right in front of them even doing overly dramatic flips and tosses with the meat as they started to cook on the grill. In the meantime. 'You got it!' Stated the chef as he started to prepare the order of tsukune as well and started the process of preparing the rice on a small side burner that had been connected to the grill. 

Once both of their drinks had been ordered it was only a few moments that passed until the waitress swept on buy placing dainty cups before the both of them. High class fashion for a spectacular meal. Seemed as if Derrick made a good sudden pick in this regard! Score one for the team. 

"Well. . . You see, not many people know that I -really- like fire." He smirked back towards her. "But something tells me not only do you know that, but you're not looking for that answer!" A soft chuckle escaped from him while he focused on Arti for a moment in thought. "Well. . . You know that I play piano I don't really share that with anyone. Ruins my whole jokester wrap. I dunno, I mean, I do have secrets but it's. . . More of painful secrets rather than a 'I keep this secret because I like to be sneaky!'. I do often help out Non-Humans. That's something that I guess isn't really well known, I assist where I can in their communities make sure that they're all A-Okay aren't out putting themselves into bad situations."

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Melbourne ☆ Musician & Artist, Gallery Cafe Owner★ LilyCat
22 year old Pureblood Human ☆ She/Her

"Rock climbing and spraying silly string don't sound that bad. Here I was thinking there actually might be some kind of concern about being kidnapped," Arti smirked lightly as she watched him, before snickering with a shake of her head. "There's a list of approved things?" She asked, slightly amused. She offered a small smile and nod as he complimented her name, and then chuckled when he insisted on paying with something other than money if he was getting a discount. "And what did you have in mind?" It was a genuine curiosity, over what it was the man would offer to pay for some of her art with. He was quite correct about the strange way that the art could turn out sometimes, however, and she nodded gently, "Oui. Sometimes the result is not what the client expected from the song they offered, I'm not even certain sometimes how I am able to create something so touching to an individual." It had been something she'd noticed more with the tour, and she wondered if it was just an intuition she had.

"Well I am an artist," The young woman snickered as he commented on her words about interpretation. She knew she could sound like an art nerd, but she fully embraced it. She was one. And a music nerd as well. She released a small sarcastic laugh at his terrible pun with her name, but gave him a small nudge with her elbow, before then raising a brow at the man's thoughts on Audrey and Alan. Artemisia had known and watched the both of them for long enough to know what he was talking about. Originally, Audrey had more kind of idolised him in that way a student or young family friend would. But in the years since, she'd matured in ways that showcased her general mother-hen nature. She'd taken care of his kids when their mother wouldn't. And looked out for the man himself. "Perhaps one or both just need the obvious to be shown to them," Arti murmured softly, still in thought.

"Do I want to even know what wedding crashing and stripping have to do with one another?" Arti snickered quietly, though had to laugh a little more at his description of Jezebel. He wasn't really wrong about that, "The woman has more energy than a power plant." She murmured with a shake of her head, but she could see how he and Jez would have had a connection of sorts. Perhaps they were just too similar  to have really blended as a couple though, she wasn't going to ask. Instead, Artemisia held a hand over her heart as she tilted her head at him, "How did you know? Of course I cannot resist that devastating charm or the promise of soy sauce fights." She sighed dramatically, before then releasing a soft giggle and shaking her head lightly. At least they could joke about these things, she didn't honestly sense that he was actually interested in her, and she was honestly just happy to have some company to at least enjoy the evening with.

Arti leaned an elbow on the counter as she watched the chef begin to prepare the food, her gaze shifting to the bubble cup that was delivered before offering a light thanks to the waitress and lifting it to take a sip while she listened to Derrick respond to her request to tell her something about himself. Her gaze narrowed at the mention of his love of fire, but she chuckled all the same.

"You do?" The young woman had already known about the piano playing, but his mention of helping out non-humans interested her a little and she tilted her head at him before offering a small nod and smile, "That is quite noble. I know for a fact that they get a bad wrap. I... well, in a way, I can kind  of understand how that feels. I'm not one... but I come from a Pureblood and very Purist family. I never quite fit in with the fold, however, always managing to be a little different, refusing to meet their standards. It was a black mark against me with my birth family..." The small brunette trailed off with a gentle nod, before glancing at Derrick again with a small smile, "My biggest offense to my father was when he found out I was dating a Muggleborn wizard."

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Professor Head of Spencer ☆ Professor at TallygarungaGuest
26 year old Halfblood Human ☆ HE/HIM

"Well if I told you -EVERY- plan then you'd be prepared. I don't want you to be prepared. While you're sleeping in your small clothes I want to be able to pop in, pick you up, and run right out of the house." That wasn't beyond him to do either. Only thing that kept him from doing that with some people had been to avoid seeing someone in the heat of the moment. But something told him that Arti was as likely to be found in bed with someone as he was but most likely for largely different reasons than his own. Once his tapioca balls arrived his fingers reached for the spheres and just rolled the tips of them around for the time being. "It's such an exclusive list it gets updated and changed by the second. So exclusive there isn't even a paper copy!" He smirked towards the woman while a finger curled a single ball around it and pushed it into his palm to feel its squishy nature. "Hmm. . . What do I have in mind. . ." There were several things that could be offered and each of them had either been some form of challenge or utterly shameful in one way or another. "Dunno, since you're the person I'd be paying, I figured you would have something in mind. Oh! I know. You'll get a free pass to take me anywhere in the world you want.

He knew a few things he didn't want to experience again if the song were to write something that would touch a persons inner heart from the interpretation. But he also wasn't going to tell her not to show him his gift because of a small possibility, after all, what were the chances it'd actually be harmful? "Then I'll be looking forward to it, that is, if you don't back out from doing it." He grinned at her before taking the tapioca ball and tossing it straight towards her forehead while he poked his tongue out at her. He was being a bit juvenile but it was all in good fun. 

"Nerd. But that's cool, nerds can be endearing too! I don't hold your talent against you!" Both of his hands raised up in a semi defensive manner playfully as he cocked his head towards the side to grab up another tapioca ball and fling it at her shoulder. This at least meant he felt comfortable enough to toss food at her, comfortable enough to get tossed out of an establishment entirely if it really came down to it. He had experienced time with the Headmaster a bit himself and while he respected the talent of the man for being a Spencer, he had always found him even more of a goofball than himself! Which was rare, not at all bad, just meant he had someone to try and outdo in the future. "Well. . . Since Addy clearly pulled this on us purposefully, it seems only fair that we help her out. I think I may have just the idea too but we have to take care of some of the essentials. ..  School work, work load off her shoulders, the kids needing a minder. Take away everything she could use as an excuse as we kick her and the headmaster into a setup! Though they may need a third person to 'inspire' them." Out of the two of them it probably would be him to be the 'inspiration'. At least for the kind of throttle he had in mind. "What do you say? There's ice cream and probably a nice party and future wedding in it for you."

His hand weaved through his hair as he snickered. "Alright, alright. See, there was this one time that we crashed a wedding - it was awful in colors. The women wore turquoise dresses and the men this very vibrant purple. My eyes bled for the whole ceremony. Managed to get one of the best men and bridesmaids drunk which, of course, meant Addy and I had to join in! Got a secret game of spin the bottle and truth or dare going. Let's just say, someone dared me to streak through the -entire- wedding party and sit in the limo naked." Derrick's hand rose up as if to say 'Honest', there were some stories you just couldn't make up about yourself. A snicker followed after her comment on Jez and he nodded. "Oh, yeah, one of the best power plants around. I haven't. . . Really told her I am around again but that's mostly because I've been busy with settling back into everything. " They melded extremely well as friends, but as lovers? That didn't pan out because of the similarities which could be awkward but when both are just too crazy for their own good it can be a bit much on both ends. "It was the twinkle in your eyes! It just whispered in a sultry low tone. 'Gimme the Sauce, I need it in Soy'. "

Actual interest was far from his mind, she was fun and exciting - reminded him a lot of Audrey in some ways but there had been other ways that made her vastly different as well. Such as the weight she carried on her own shoulders that he could easily see, much like he expected she saw his own weight. The past and what it had left in terms of scars, he had no problem admitting she was a beautiful young woman but pain often made it difficult to step beyond those borders. 

"Imagine if he found out you're sitting here eating with one!" Derrick offered a feigned shiver, mostly? The man knew not fear of any other than that of the heart and its emotions with love. "I get that though, I've met more than my sure of purists after travelling the world. I highly support the Non-Human rights because well. . ." There had been a stall within him and his fingers grabbed another tapioca ball but instead of throwing it at Arti for a third attempt he just stared at it intently. She had been honest enough with something he didn't know about herself so he could offer up a bit more. "Actually, I dated a non-human, a Veela woman. Near. . .  Ooomph. . . She was at least Three Hundred years old. Saw and been through a lot before good ol' Sparky swept in and showed her life can still be spontaneous!" It wasn't the act of doing the same things over again that made life dull, but the operation on how you get there and who with. He could have hundred whip cream balloon fights with Audrey and it'd never get old for him. "Spent a lot of our time in Europe and Japan but those places are high in the ideals of purism, nobility. Not the most welcoming of time but she still loved the sights and the talents of people.

Thinking of Eleza only reminded him of the promise he failed to keep to her, the promise of coming back home - Meeting Janet, Audrey, maybe even Jez - the two were pretty similar in their snark. "I like to offer people a chance, a new route and possibility. Part of that is the reason I became a Teacher. "

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Melbourne ☆ Musician & Artist, Gallery Cafe Owner★ LilyCat
22 year old Pureblood Human ☆ She/Her

"That's an awfully big assumption, that I sleep clothed," Arti snickered with amusement at the surprise he'd get if he tried that. Clothing was horrible for sleeping in, she much preferred the freedom of sleeping with nothing on. She could probably imagine the list of approved activities for sensitive spots, most of them likely being very lewd, and simply snorted with a shake of her head. However, she pouted a little in disappointment when he failed to think of how he would pay her for a painting. At least until he suggested she take him anywhere, causing her to laugh softly, "Shouldn't it be you taking me anywhere I want? Trust me, there's no reason for me to back out of doing my art," She grinned and poked her tongue out briefly.

"Nerd and proud of it..." The small woman blinked as a tapioca ball smacked her on the forehead, before another hit her shoulder, and she picked each of them up before flicking them back at the instigator with a chuckle. She had to agree that Audrey and Alan would need some kind of help if anything was ever going to happen there. Both seemed absolutely oblivious, which Arti already knew drove their loved ones mad. "It would need to be a rather large kick... they are both pretty clueless, though Alan is the worst for it," The young woman nodded in agreement, "As long as there's chocolate sauce for the ice cream, I'm in. I do like a good Spencer-run party." She chuckled and grinned lightly.

"Eek, that colour combination," Arti's eyes hurt, just thinking about it, but she listened to the story of the wedding, before laughing aloud as he got to the conclusion, "I'm sure that was a wonderful surprise for the newlyweds. Naked man in the limo. Did you introduce yourself as a wedding present from their cousin who runs the brothel downtown?" She grinned and couldn't help but laugh some more as she tried to imagine it, though not too detailed, given the man was right here. She chuckled softly as she wiped one of her eyes andnodded again, "You should probably led Jezebel know some time. You know what she's like when she finds these things out secondhand. And soy sauce is definitely nice, but still doesn't even compare with chocolate." She shook her head with a soft tutting sound. She wouldn't have been surprised that he and Jez probably went out together, but could also see how destructive that would be with them being how they were. She could see there was something that weighed on the man though, similar to her own weight, and wondered if he was single for a similar reason to herself.

"We'll never have to worry about that, he's dead. He was murdered in the prison he was sent to for what he did to me," The statement was spoken so easily, just a fact, a nothing, even though deep down there were still wounds, things that stuck with her like a scar on her soul, that would never go away. Still, it was too easy to regard her biological father with little more than indifference. He was gone, he couldn't ever hurt her again. She took another sip of her drink as she listened to Derrick though, and especially to his voice and how he spoke of this woman he'd met and traveled with. She knew by that alone that whoever it was, she was the reason that he was still single. For whatever reason it was that had split them apart, he was still carrying pain from it. She didn't ask what happened to her, instead smiled softly as she played with the straw in her cup.

"I like the sound of that. I like to offer a release... a way to express one's inner feelings, it was something I needed a lot of growing up," Arti chuckled softly as she raised her brows at herself, "I still do really. For years, my school sweetheart and I used to play together... he was mute, and it was just one of our ways of communicating without needing words." She smiled gently again and took another sip before chuckling, "Not sure if I would make a good teacher though."

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Professor Head of Spencer ☆ Professor at TallygarungaGuest
26 year old Halfblood Human ☆ HE/HIM

An unclothed Arti. . . He had to admit the thought had its own appeal even as his eyebrow arched in consideration and just shrugged. "Just means that when I grab you during the colder months you'll be showing a lovely set of points." He had no problem pointing out that fact. Whether she slept clothed or unclothed it was going to happen, as long as she wasn't unclothed and meeting someone else in the sack. That was something he wouldn't interrupt unless he found it hilarious enough to do so maybe even unload a bunch of sticky caramel on them. Whatever they chose to do after that would be their own business! The pout she offered was a cute one in a caused him to grin deeply towards her until she made an addendum to his words. "Well if you wanted me to carry you around the world in my arms I guess I can do that too. You can sit right on my lap, your personal seatbelt.

His fist raised up in the air as she talked about being proud of her nerdhood. Then in mid transit he was smacked in the chest and cheek by the two tapioca balls that he had just launched at the woman. Oh, she was a retaliator was she!? This was going to be much more fun than he could have anticipated and it meant that the escalation would be met in the same manner. Oh, the possibilities. "Oh, I could only imagine~. But luckily enough I know Addy a bit better than I do Alan so I could play that to the possibility. Nothing more threatening than a man who knows the woman you're secretly into in a special way. Jealousy at a -true- prospect sends a man into something he wouldn't believe." A mischievous smile curled at his lips, he knew exactly what he meant by that too. Not that there would ever be anything between him and Auds, they were incompatible on that level. The moment she brought up chocolate sauce he instantly started to snicker. There were very few times when it was used that he didn't end up doing -something- else. "Arti, Chocolate Sauce is like the Spencer excuse to 'Lets have sex'. But hey, if that's what you want okay. " He offered a casual shrug not expecting her to take that too seriously. 

"You're telling me! I could have sworn I heard Addy scream out 'I'M BLIND!' after seeing it while wavering her arms around. But she also probably had been drunk by then too." When the woman was drunk -nothing- was off the table. "Naked with brain showing in all of its extended glory. The husband wasn't impressed but his new bride sure was!" His fingers danced along the edges of his forehead confidently. "Something along those lines. I vaguely remember but I do remember looking around as if someone was missing then saying 'Wait, your husband wasn't supposed to be here. That's an extra five-hundred for the First Time Brides long D special." Of course, when he was drunk it was practically exactly the same if not worse. Which was one of the reasons he had to regulate himself when he was alone. "Oh~ Yes. She didn't let me the half of it when I had -already- been out of the country and told her I was travelling. I'll bring her some cookies as a peace offering just in case. " His head tilted realizing now that Arti enjoyed the idea of chocolate, perhaps from her own endeavors. "Hahaha, Oh I get the hint. Okay after this we'll go stop by a store and get so much chocolate syrup, we'll see how it ends up."  He wasn't sure how it would end, honestly, he wasn't the same at all as he was back then. Would there be hesitation? A challenge that pushes that hesitation away? He was fiery, spontaneous and that often bred for a person to easily toss away certain precepts when the conditions were met. 

"What he did to you?" That was an echo response and his hand gently rose up and he shot a soft smile which had perhaps been a massive difference to the usual joking smirk. "You don't need to actually answer that, but as long as he can't hurt you anymore that is what's pretty important. Good people don't deserve the crap they go through. But. . .  At least you came out of it as a pretty awesome person." He could understand the idea of a family member hurting someone he still had been on the outs with Xaiver and as long as the older brother had never laid a hand on Janet than he was glad to be the punching bag himself. "I don't get anything to that severity but I had been beaten down plenty of times but a relative. When you're one of two really special siblings the other one left out tends to enjoy a. . .  Release. I volunteered. " It was much more severe than he made it sound but they didn't need to expound on something painful enough to bring it to Arti's memory. Wounds, never heal as adequately as many believe. "Eleza died herself but. . . Not because she did anything wrong by me. " His hand rose up to grasp the necklace that dangled at his neck. A tomoe shaped volcanic glass and it was if the memory was refreshed in his mind enough to cause him to bite his cheek. "She saved my life - Hers for mines.

Love, it made a person reckless when they wanted to betterment of the other beyond themselves. 

"I can get on that train! It was the reason for the fires later in life. Part of the reason I enjoyed hanging around all the people I did back in Spencer. Of course, bullies were something I always personally to make sure I pissed off. They hate when you attack their stuff and not them, it was great. Having to make a bully repay for all of their books again week after week. " Charred pages were the best of the best, that much he could say. "To be able to connect with someone without words. . . That is a talent and a gift at the same time. I mean connecting someone with practical jokes and pranks is different, most times it isn't intimate on that level. Well unless it's chocolate sauce." He snickered and shook his head, his Dorm room back in Tally was never the same after those moments. "Ha! If -I- can be a teacher? ANYONE can be a teacher. It's only about what you want to reach to the next generation kind of thing. Find your passion, teach them that passion, then teach them it's okay to have a position and constructive passion. They'll learn better that way."


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Melbourne ☆ Musician & Artist, Gallery Cafe Owner★ LilyCat
22 year old Pureblood Human ☆ She/Her

"So long as you are willing to risk having an eye poked out with one of said points," Artemisia snickered and shook her head gently at the idea, making a mental note that she may need to at least keep a robe beside the bed in future, just in case of sudden body snatching. She wiggled her brows as he suggested carrying her around the world, before laughing again, "What else is that height good for, if not carrying small people like me around?" She grinned cheekily, chuckling as he paused his fist pump action when his tapioca balls were returned to him. She nodded a little to his idea. It could work, and in all honesty, Arti was just glad that it wasn't her having to try to make Audrey jealous, because, a: there's no way she and Alan could possibly flirt without both busting a gut, and b: Audrey could be scary if she was provoked too much.

"Please, one does not have to be a Spencer to enjoy chocolate sauce in all it's glory and pleasure," The petite brunette smirked with a small roll of her eyes. In fact, Chocolate sauce had practically been a staple in her diet for a number of years, and not just because she liked it on ice cream. Arti then burst into giggles as Derrick continued to relay the story of the crashed wedding and his dare that resulted in him sitting naked in the limo, a small snort escaping her in her giggles when he went into near graphic detail, along with what he'd called his service. "The Long D Special? That's some confidence you have there," She laughed lightly, not that it didn't make her curious as to just how accurate that was. She knew men could over exaggerate when it came to their machinery, but she didn't picture Derrick as someone who felt like he had to bother, he wasn't someone who appeared as though he felt the need to overcompensate for anything.

"Cookies might keep her from beating you up, if you're lucky," Arti chuckled, and then smirked as the man suggested getting chocolate sauce after this, "Sounding a little keen there for someone who described it as an excuse to have sex." She snickered quietly before releasing a soft sigh. At least she could say that she'd had a lot of laughs so far, something she did need now and then. Though the repetition of her words about her father caused her to glance at Derrick a moment before he quickly said that she didn't need to tell him. She smiled softly when he called her an 'awesome person', though it dimmed when he spoke about his own life growing, and then even went on to mention the woman he'd loved. Arti was quiet for a moment before she spoke again.

"I grew up being told I was bad, wrong, a disgrace... until I started believing it. And then I met Reade..." Arti's features softened into a small fond smile, "He, and his family, showed me... they shared their family with me. As time went on, my father would start taking his anger out on me physically, until one day he saw me with Reade and his family. He took me home, destroyed my violin and art tools in front of me, and then... spent the next week beating me to near death." The young woman was staring at her cup at this point as she remembered those years ago. "Worse happened... but... maybe another time. Anyway, end result is he went to prison, died. I was adopted by caring people. And Reade and I were together for a number of years... we even got engaged in our seventh year of school," Arti chuckled quietly, they'd been so young and in love. And then... "We were twenty when I was suddenly offered the opportunity of a lifetime, to tour with my Art, showcase it, give lectures at art schools, speak with masters about how I did what I do, and... rather than be happy or supportive, he... he saw it as an ultimatum, that I would be abandoning him if I traveled." The woman shook her head a little, brunette tresses waving by her face.

"The engagement was called off... and he cut me out of his life, refused to accept any correspondence, or even talk about me from what I heard..." The man may as well have died. But he'd pushed her away when she'd spoken about how much she'd wanted this opportunity. To be able to do something for herself for once, without restrictions, without being caged. He'd wanted her to stay, to be with him, and hadn't understood that he was trying to cage her, even if it was with love. The young woman was still torn by it all, but after her tour she couldn't say that she regretted it. She offered a small smile as Derrick encouraged the idea of teaching, however, laughing softly.

"Perhaps... one day. I have been called a 'Musiciary savant' after all," Arti's brows wiggled lightly as she chuckled, "Always been good at using music to perform magic. Who'd have thought it was something people would admire?"

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Professor Head of Spencer ☆ Professor at TallygarungaGuest
26 year old Halfblood Human ☆ HE/HIM

"I'll be more likely to do more with my mouth than my eye in that kind of situation." Derrick offered a cheeky smile towards her. When he had gotten comfortable enough with someone things were more gutter thought provoked than most would think. He wasn't just 'Sparky' for the literal fire but the pervasive end of it too. He wouldn't want to embarrass the woman for full nudity but one had to be prepared when it came to his antics, it'd be on her to prepared accordingly! "Well. . .  I mean there are a couple of activities that kind of come in mind that a short person could do much, -much- better than a taller one." His eyes rolled a bit playfully as he grinned towards her and turned his gaze away slightly. Tables were around for reasons and a lot of things could happen under them in the most interesting of ways. Derrick knew his chances and Alan had often been much less scary than Audrey had been in many situations. Putting Arti in that position wasn't fair and at least he knew that Audrey knew one-hundred percent his stance on her which should make it even more fun. It looked like he had just found another partner in crime in the short-stack.

A course of 'Oooh's' pressed from him as he laughed at her change about the Chocolate sauce. "No, we just do it a lot better than anyone else. " While it hadn't been a staple in his diet, it had been in a few of his sexual 'conquests'. Really, it had been fun turned into something different but why would any proper man who hadn't gone through any romantic trials turn down the fun that came along with it? Now, he had to coerce himself more not to react on his usual instincts which had often been hard. His eyebrows wriggled at what seemed to be a curiosity in her eyes. "It isn't about the size but the confidence in knowing that you know how to use it. I've never had a complaint." The best compliments had always ended with a very excited 'Oh,Wow!' afterwards. He could be a savant when he wanted to be and all it took was the know how that it was about the other person and not himself. 

"I'm lucky, just not in that regard. Aaah, hopefully she'll understand I've just been pretty busy." Wasn't a lie either, he had to actually get a place and settle up communications with Janet all over again. Manage his teaching license to make sure it was still valid with his degree, then connect and suddenly surprise Audrey who had ended up vouching for him. Most importantly had been devising a lesson plan or at least a mental one at least. A hand rubbed at the back of his neck as he shrugged lightly. "Either way I'll need to face the wrath of her punishment." A small smile formed on his face even knowing that it was to come though it was also to her response about the chocolate sauce. "I like to leave things up to chance and see what happens. But, I mean, if you're afraid of it leading that possibility I understand." A challenged tone laced in his voice.

Derrick sat there silently listening to her speak about the situation with her father as well as the opportunity that had been given to her. The engagement and then it breaking apart due to the situation which perhaps was more harsh on Arti considering it seemed she grew up with no true freedom. The move, for her, had been a freedom and he could see the merits of wanting to take it as a sign that she was taking control back in his life. "Well, you are bad, but in the good way that I am bad." He gave a coy wink towards the woman to help sweep away the darker feelings that may have welled inside of her from the story. She didn't need to say it or go on but it did help him to understand her trauma and her desire for travelling and perhaps even using her talent to weave the beautiful art that she did. A hand reached out to gently grasp her hand firmly in a comforting manner. "For all of your trials you survived and managed to cut a piece of life and goodness. No one should fault you for that, not many get to make it this far but you proved you could with the right influences in your life." Perhaps that had been his own saving grace. There had been only so many times he could lie to Jez back in the day on 'How he got that black eye' over the break or 'Why is your lip busted?!'. 

"I'm glad that you managed to get out and see the world and explore your art. It helped to inspire someone important to me. Got me a chance to even be in the presence of such an amazing skill that is long forgotten in this age." No one truly appreciated the arts anymore and that was something he had hoped to change one day for many. A softened look settled on her as she continued on about the way her ex-fiancée had treated her, like a pariah. All that care and change to be tossed away must not have been easy. "Eh, his loss my gain." Not that he meant that in an entirely relationship manner but if she had still been with him they wouldn't even be going as far with these taunts as they were and he knew it. 

"Then you need to make some love to my ears after we get that sauce." The food had started to arrive for the both of them and while he had thought of tossing that clump of fish at her he needed to wait until just the right moment, she had opened up. That deserved a respect and focus. "You'd be surprised what people would admire if it touched their heart. For example. . . One could never understand the work it took into preparing the fish! Slicing and making sure it cooked properly." He started to pick it up with chopsticks that had been nearby and he examined it. Time had passed, it was now, as he started to fling it right at the woman with a grin on his face. "Oh! I'm -so- sorry. My hand slipped."

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The small brunette's brows rose at the response from the man, before laughing lightly, and then snickering at the continued innuendos. For someone who didn't seem to be that interested in dating, he sure had a lot of filth on the mind. Probably just one of those people, not that it wasn't funny, and fun as well. A lot of people took things far too seriously. But then Arti had been someone who once did take some things seriously too.

"Ah, the good old Spencer 'we just do it better' fall back, how original," Arti snorted softly, waving off his boast about knowing how to better use chocolate sauce because of the house he'd been in. She did have to agree that it was more skill than package that decided whether a good time was really memorable enough, and offered a nod to him, "Very insightful." Another gently chuckle followed as she took another sip from her drink. "But I have to agree, you're going to be facing quite the fiery wrath from Jezebel... at least her punishments are occasionally entertaining," Arti tilted her head from side to side with a soft laugh as she considered the kinds of things Jez might come up with, before then smirking as he challenged her, "I'm utterly fearless, I'll have you know. And play to win." She snickered.

The fact that she's survived such an ordeal that she spoke about with him quietly, confiding in the man while they waited for their food, was a testament to the petite woman's strength of character and will. She knew many people in her shoes would have given up, or would be far more timid than her, or less able to handle the world. She'd always been a fighter though. It was one thing that had remained true throughout her life, that she was not someone who gave up, no matter how bad things had become for her. The only reason she'd even managed to survive was she'd taken the smallest window of opportunity to escape when it had presented itself, despite how pain and weakness she was suffering at the time.

"B-b-bad to the bone," Arti lifted her cup to that with a small smirk after singing that single line quietly. She was taking another sip from it when she felt the grasp of a hand and offered a small smile and a nod. "There was never a question that I would fight as much as I could for that freedom. I just... giving up was never my style, too stubborn for my own good sometimes," The young woman chuckled with a few small nods of her head and then smiled warmly, "I'm happy I was able to inspire someone important to you then. It's... always nice to hear, really." And even though she still felt a little hollow about having been cut out of Reade's life, she couldn't help another soft laugh at Derrick's easy manner in stating that it was his gain.

"Wow, that sounds a lot like you're asking me to tongue your ears... but I have a feeling they're probably all full of ear wax and gross," Artemisia snorted out a quiet laugh and was nodding a little to his continuation until she felt fish splatter on her, causing her gaze to narrow at the man as she looked his way. Within moments, a clump of rice was sent his way, aimed for his head, before she then picked up one of the tsukune balls to examine a moment while her other hand brushed off bits of salmon from her top, "Whoops... slipped."

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Wriggled eyebrows had been her reward for the laughter offered up. One didn't need to be interested in dating in order to have such a filth addled mind. But he was lucky that Arti hadn't taken it in an offended way. Some people couldn't handle the intensity that followed behind it at least without thinking that he had been looking to only get in their pants with such words. Really, it was just part of one of his many styles, something that he got used to even more when hanging around Audrey. Which, in most cases, they were potty mouths. Sailor's would cover their ears from the kind of stuff they'd just casually say in one another's presence. He also couldn't forget the way he had been with Lucy more times than he could count, that was a trip to innuendo city left and right. 

"Some truths are timeless, like that one. It's like a well aged wine of a good design. Never gets old, always gets better and more succulent on the lips." The tip of his tongue swept along the lower rip of his upper lip. He had never been the type to boast about 'the size' he left that to the men that needed to prove that they could stuff themselves and it'd automatically mean it was good. He did what he did and it was pretty much as simple as that. "Ah, yes, I'm a sage in the making. I'm waiting for the 'Old Fogey's' department in the Ministry to ship me my license's, fake beard, and pointy starred heart." A grin started to form as he gave a light shrug at the idea of himself wearing a long white fake beard. Slowly he inhaled and nodded before exhaling. "Sometimes literally a fiery wrath." Perhaps one of the few people he had met that seemed to have a talent with fire themselves. Even beyond his own skills and capabilities, the only other had been Eleza and that was because she was a Veela. He figured Jez was just an insane prodigy in hiding. "Still pales in comparison to how Janet reacted. Stared at me with a very pissed off look then punched be straight in the gut yelling. 'You IDIOT! You should have told me you were in town! Not wait A MONTH!'. She didn't like being second to know and Auds being first. That sisterly competitive nature. " Janet still didn't know what prompted his return to finish University and then leave again. She had no clue about Eleza and he had wanted it to stay that way, protecting her had always been his job and position as her older brother. 

"Oho! Play to win do you? You have no idea what you're walking into then with then." His lips pursed together which had been followed by a click of his tongue. One just never knew what could happen around Sparky and even more so when he had been this comfortable with a person. A connection hadn't happened so fast since Audrey and Lucy back in his more juvenile days. This meant there was only more antics on the horizon and people would once again taste the name of 'Sparky' on their lips once more in either admiration or rage. Sometimes both at the same time. 

"Snerk. . .  That was such a bad joke." Derrick grinned at her as he stared at her in faux judgement. "Negative Five points to Arti House. Five Points to Sparky House for enduring it and surviving." His tongue stuck out at her mockingly with a wink that followed. "Stubborn can be good, never giving up better. Some people don't know what it means to stand back up after being knocked down again and again. I was beat like a punching bag daily by my brother just so Janet wouldn't take a fist or worse. Oh, boy, you could only imagine how difficult it was to avoid telling people why I had injuries over breaks." His eyes widened and he exhaled air out from his lips. "You've got skill. I may not have the acuity to give it all the credit it's due but I know when someone puts their heart into something."  

"Well if that's the case you can tongue me anywhere you want. I promise other places are much cleaner." He smiled widely as if he didn't say what he just said. Even to the point of having an innocent look on his face. It didn't last long as a clump of rice smacked him right in the face and fell down onto the table. Oh. Yeah. They were about to get kicked out of her in a second as he took up the bowl of tapioca balls and vaulted it forward only to release the plethora of the blackened orbs at Arti's head. "I do declare a food fight! You've been challenged by Sparks State! THIS IS WAR!

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Melbourne ☆ Musician & Artist, Gallery Cafe Owner★ LilyCat
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"Ahh... is the fake beard because you can't grow a real one?" Artemisia grinned impishly as she picked on the man lightly, snickering softly as he made his boasts, which at least were not serious, but they were quite amusing to the young woman as she sipped at her drink a little. She had to nod in agreement with his assessment of JEz. She'd seen the woman do some very scary things when she was really set off. She had to snicker again as he spoke about his sister's own wrath, before her laughter died down a bit and she stared at her cup with thoughts of her own sister. It had been years now, hadn't it? "Well, that's just her way of showing she cares, you should be happy to have such passionate sibling love," She chuckled and smiled toward the man, before wiggling her brows and nodding at his question of her determination. Indeed, she did play to win, it was the only way to survive sometimes.

"Only the best bad jokes for you," The petite woman smiled brilliantly, and then laughed at the points allocation, "I think that should be ten to me, and minus ten to you for not being insanely impressed with my vocal skills." She laughed softly, and nodded. Being stubborn was a gift in her case. Certainly, it would make her annoying as hell sometimes, if she was being obtusely so, and was digging her heels in while people were trying to guide her a way she didn't want to go. But that was all part of the fun, right? She frowned a little as he spoke about being beat up, however, and huffed slightly, "Sounds like a bully I knew in school. Embarrassed by his own inability to do some things, and so picked on those who could. He even locked Reade in a cupboard with a boggart once," She shuddered slightly, remembering that boggart.

"Whether you've the acuity or not, I appreciate the compliment still," Artemisia chuckled softly with a gentle nod as she popped a small meatball into her mouth and chewed on it, her brows raising as he spoke about her being allowed to tongue him anywhere, causing her to snerk quietly. "Tongue is about the best you'd get from me. I don't like stuffing my mouth too much," She snorted quietly. And then not long after she'd thrown her clump of rice, she felt herself get pelted with all the tapioca balls from the man's bowl while he declared a food fight. Her gaze narrowed at him a moment, "Oh really?"

Another rice clump was flung toward him, at his face, and while he would be distracted with that, the young woman grabbed a couple of the spicy wasabi mayonnaise covered meat balls and tugged the back of the man's pants away from him, so that she could drop them down there, before then looking away with an innocent smirk on her lips. The chef already didn't look too impressed with tapioca and rice going everywhere. They weren't going to be here for very long, Arti predicted.

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Professor Head of Spencer ☆ Professor at TallygarungaGuest
26 year old Halfblood Human ☆ HE/HIM

Derrick's eyes widened as if he had been caught within the act before shifting a gaze left and right and then honing back in on Artemisia while leaning inwards into a faux hushed whisper that was still on normal voice volume. "How did you know my secret!? It's a secret! You're not supposed to know!" His eyes started to roll around like he was some form of crazy miner that had been left in the gold absent caverns for a bit too long before leaning back into his seat with a grin. He snorted as she brought up it was his sisters way of showing she cares. "I bet she just wanted to make sure I didn't catch her in mid act of doing whatever with her fiancée. It also could be the fact she wanted me to meet the guy. . . I don't particularly care for him. But hey, he makes the squirt happy." A shrug flowed from his shoulders at the thought of it all. He'd have to actually wear a suit and NOT do something crazy. How could he be at a wedding and not do something crazy?!

"Oho? Just for me? I didn't know you had such a soft spot already formed! Thanks to my good looks and amazing personality!" He started to weave his head left and right while straightening up his shoulders and gripping the collar of his shirt as if he had on a tuxedo coat. The often boast look someone would give of their attire and pompous air. Not that he had any of those. "Now, see, that's why -I- am the teacher and you're in the art business! We gotta' stick to our roles!" His hands fell away from his shirt as he laughed. "But, hey, you get an extra Fifteen points for having an alluring voice. That puts you on top!" Okay, maybe that was way too much of a flirty sounding line but he was just being himself. "Locked in with a boggart? I probably should have did that to Xavier! No. . . No, nothing so fanciful. Mostly just physical bruises everywhere. At least until I could get Janet into the school and plead to have at least her stay there for full Housing. It's the least I could have done for her." She didn't deserve to be tormented because of something that triggered in their blood. He didn't mind it so much he had releases but the kid sister was always off limits. 

He bowed towards her graciously. "I look forward to continuing the compliments!" There was a curiosity in himself on why she'd choose to stay in Australia as well after being a person who traveled but maybe it was more personal reasons like his own. Something he wouldn't prod too much into, not unless it came up and had been something she wanted to discuss more thoroughly. Seemed she was cementing her own roots back into an old homeland community. Then his grin formed into more of a devilish one as she mentioned not enjoying stuffing her mouth. "I can always just bit a bit inside." The naughty innuendos these two were shooting. 

"You ain't ready for this, Arti Bear." At least that's what he would have liked to believe before a clump of ice followed through and smacked him in the face and his body shifted side ways to offer up a better defense and knock the bits of grain away. This had been used against him as he could feel the presence of an orb shoved down his pants that mad his hips curl inwards at the sudden invasion. Well, then, if she wanted to go that route he had only respond in equal kindness! 

Once he stood up to remove the mayo covered meatball and fling it back at the woman's forehead as way to distract her as well, then, took some poor patrons nearby drink that had been finished before tipping a few bits of the frozen water into each sack of her bra, then straight down her back at the spine before he started to inbound backwards to distance from her. "Mwehehehe-" That didn't last long before a very huffed up and irritated man dressed shoulder to toe in formal ware.

"EXCUSE ME! Ma'dam and Sir! You're disturbing our patrons and making a mess of our establishment! We're going to have to tell you to leave, and please, do -not- come back!"

Derrick shifted his eyes left and right and raised up his hands. "Alriiight. We get the jist, Chives, no need to get at us." His head jousted towards the door as he waited for Arti to settle her self before taking her hand and trying to casually walk out of the restaurant with the most innocent look painted on his face. 

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Melbourne ☆ Musician & Artist, Gallery Cafe Owner★ LilyCat
22 year old Pureblood Human ☆ She/Her

"Not a great secret with that fuzz you wear around," Arti grinned and lifted her hand to tickle fingers at the side of the man's chin where his slight scraggly part-beard grew, she laughed and nodded her head as he spoke about his sister, brows raising slightly, "Perhaps. I mean, no girl wants her brother walking in on her while she was in the act of getting a 'check up' by her man." She snickered softly, her nose crinkling a little, "Ahh, sounding like a typical older brother or father type, non-approving of the man who is diddling the baby of the family, hm?" She was teasing him, for certain, but it was clear that he was rather protective of his sister, and considering what he'd said about their brother, it make sense as well. "Ah, yes, how can a girl not fall for the dazzling charm of Sparky," Arti snickered softly, a small amused shake of her head.

"I am an art professional, I shall have you know, I have taught many other artists, does that not therefore qualify me to be a teacher as well?" The petite woman grinned at the man, before then offering a small appreciative bow of her head, "And thank you, I do have a wonderful voice." She then followed up with a soft laugh. While she could certainly sing if she felt like it, there was a great deal of scarring on her vocal chords, which meant she could never do it for very long. Yelling was certainly out of the question for her, and she lifted a brow at the man as he spoke about his brother again, "I am glad that you and your sister had once another to look out for. Sibling relationships... can be varied," She nodded gently.

"More compliments though? I will feel spoiled," The woman chuckled and then snorted aloud at the mention of putting 'a little bit' in her mouth, almost choking on her drink while she took a sip, before she laughed lightly and then fixed him with an amused smirk, "Not ready? I was born ready, Monsieur Sparky." She lifted her chin almost in the fashion of a challenge accepted. And of course, from there everything derailed into a mini food fight, the petite woman squealing as ice was dropped down her cleavage. It was soon promptly halted by someone who clearly held some authority in the restaurant. Arti giggled softly as she picked up her wallet and grabbed enough money out to cover the food and then some, setting it on the counter for the chef to pick up, before they were escorted from the establishment, Arti's hand clasped while her other was trying to pull her blouse from her chest a little.

"I think my nipples have frozen," The small brunette muttered once they were outside, chuckling as she checked her top and then held an arm over her chest. She definitely had high beams now, thanks to that ice. "Alright, well... now you owe me a party, and something else to have for dinner, since I am actually hungry," The woman narrowed her gaze at Derrick before then pursing her lips lightly, "Pizza bar? Oh, and if I catch cold, then you shall have to nurse me back to health."

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Professor Head of Spencer ☆ Professor at TallygarungaGuest
26 year old Halfblood Human ☆ HE/HIM

"The fuzz is for my disguise as an underground agent, a Teacher no less! SCANDALOUS!" His arms raised up and hung over his wrists gently as if to emphasize the idea and thought. "Wooooah, noooo! Why did you have to put that image in my mind?!" His head rubbed at his forehead as if he were trying to scrub it all away. His innocent sweet sister shouldn't be having her sewer inlayed with pipes! That wasn't the kind of sister he raised! "Hey, sometimes when you spent the time of taking care of someone you don't want some other person whose going to be taking up that mantle to be just -anyone-. They need to be either just as tough as you or better. Just the way things are for me, ya know?" Of course, she probably understood. It was less of a 'GET OFF MY SISTER!' As it was a 'You have to prove she doesn't truly need me around as much' anymore. "There's gonna be a day she won't ever need me around for that kind of stuff, just gotta come with the territory of it all." Even as she made it difficulty giving a coy wink in her direction. "All the ladies want it, few can handle the flame. It's a gift yet a curse." His eyes turned towards the window in a faux forlorn gaze, as if he were a widower standing off of a balcony to the ocean. 

"Hey, knowing it doesn't mean you can teach it!" His finger extended out and wagged in a tutting way. "You have to go through the training! How to deal with kids, how to set up a lesson plan! What not to burn!" That's the class he missed! A inside joke to himself as he started to smirk and shake his head in amusement. Though his eyebrows wriggled at the confidence she showed in  how catchy her voice had been. "Well, someone has to believe in you! I can't do all of it for you now! I'm a teacher not a muse!" He leaned back a bit and couldn't help but let out a snickering tone afterwards. A tilted head followed by a nod soon after. "Yea. . . I guess it's a good thing. I just always figured it needed to be done and left it at that."

"Aren't you already spoiled? I took you to a dinner, let you toss stuff at me. You're treated like a Queen!" He had started to take up a small bit of a cloth napkin twirling it around tightly and then tying the ends together before placing it on Arti's head like a rope crown. A small smile stretched along his face, it fit nicely! As she choked on her drink he gave a wider and mischievous smirk quickly interjecting. "Yea, that's the response when it hits the throat." So very lewd, but it was his style when he wanted it to be. "Ha! Born ready she says, You don't know the trunk you're barking up here little dingo." His head curved a bit at least until they had been kicked out of the place. 

As she mentioned her nipples an eyebrow arched up with a quirk. "I can warm them up for you if it's that big of a deal~." It was a tease but he wouldn't actively do it out here in the opened. He wasn't pressed or challenged to do so anyways so it was safe! "A party and some dinner. . . Okay, I can get with that program, a Pizza Bar sounds nice." Laughter pressed outwards from him. "Nurse you back to health do I? You just want to be laid up in my bed or something while I bring you a bunch of food and drinks."

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