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Preparations for plotting pandemonium!
Plots ahoy! Ready to make some awesome happen? Behind the scenes, Lily and I have been drafting outlines for some epic plottage ...
Happy Six Months, Tally!
Those of you who have not encountered my over-emotional speeches before, welcome to what will be the first of many! Today marks the s...
Welcome Kai, our new Connections mod!
Welcome Kai to the staff team! As part of our response to the feedback, we've decided to create a staff position dedicated to ensuri...
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Cheers, Voter! We're doing so well in our World Domination project, that it's time for some rewards! And that reward is the most...
Lions and Tigers and Bears... oh my!
A couple of farmers have been talking about sightings of a large wild cat of some kind, but when the try to chase after it to get a better...
Music to your Ears
Bet you didn't know that the latest news is the performer on the net who goes by 'BlueEyed' is taking up schooling in Tallygarunga! Even s...
No longer "AT", but we saw THAT coming.
It's official. Papers have been filed, and the unexpectedly long marriage of @Adele DeVylissea is over. Dear oh dear. At least the Drunk...
Using Tally Gossip
Posting Gossip Small towns are notorious for gossip. The wizarding community that inhabits Narragyambie and Tallygarunga is no exception. B...
Shio's Folks
Ignatius LarueAge: 16Gender: MaleHouse: Bourke Iggy is of the quiet sort, often keeping to the edge of social gatherings even though he r...
Cait Doesn't Know What the S in Splotting Means
Brinley Abraham Grisham 11 | Transfer Student | 1st Year | Profile Link   ABOUT: Sent to live with his uncles in Austra...
Welcome to the Black Parade
Blacky's Characters Always up for plots and new things, so feel free to toss in ideas!   Amanda (Amy) Lee7 | Description ...
Vil's wildlings
Plots! Splots! Spots! Lots! Socks! ... okay I'll stop now As a general rule I'm pretty much down for anything. I don't hugely enjoy f...
Rachel was like that floater that just refused to flush... And it was Audrey's self-designated job to be there for him and the kids whenev...
Miss Piggy Del
"What a delightfully ugly snort there, Adele! Don't tell me the pink cheeks are spreading and affecting your brain, I'm not sure how I'll ...
Blood to Blood, Shade to Shade
"...The other part owner is basically dead, and his wife is a swamp donkey. She let the place go and refused to do anything to save it, so...
Unwavering Faith
"Mamiere will cook." Caleb interjected, before looking squarely at Zane. "And then you will die." ...
Adam Longhurst
Interior Designer Is the twin brother of Matthew Belmont Currently has custody of his half-siblings, Aiden and Valerie Longhurst Has been in a...
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Seventh Year Parents: Mason Richter & Carlotta (Last) Raised solely by her mother Mother is at least half Brazilian, father is parti...
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Scarlett Fate
11 ☆ hb ☆ hu She is eccentric and very creative. She paints a lot and her favourite style of painting is abstract. She favours loud colours and messy ...
Kate Belmont
48 ☆ pb ☆ hu Kate is Daddy's little princess all grown up. She's never had much of an interest in romance, beyond creating the odd scandal here and the...
Iris Glauert
15 ☆ Halfblood ☆ Human Iris is the type of girl that can easily overload herself. She likes to start projects, but not necessarily finish them, and her dreams ar...
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Viktor Valentin
27 ☆ hbr ☆ dh Viktor is a fairly quiet man, but is more than comfortable with engaging in conversation with others, even those he has not met before. No...
Artemisia Bellerose
22 ☆ pb ☆ hu Having moved from one country to the next and then the next, Arti often had a problem making, or keeping, friends when she was younger and...
Keith Anderson
45 ☆ hb ☆ hu Keith is a shy person when he is in a new place. However, once you get to know him, you realize he is a fun loving, down-to-earth kind of ...
Tory Pierce
22 ☆ pb ☆ hu Tory has always been a tomboy who loved getting into scrapes. She is more courageous than is good for her, and particularly susceptible to...
16 ☆ Pureblood ☆ Fae Ignatius is a bit dreamy, easily distracted by a book or something new, which can make conversation with him difficult at times. He’s o...
Amy Lee
7 ☆ hb ☆ hu Amy is a very quiet, sweet little girl. She will go out of her way to comfort someone else, and tends to be always grinning and happy. She...
Eugenia Holtzer
16 ☆ Halfblood ☆ Human Eugenia has always liked to take the lead, it's not so much that she desires leadership as much as it's the simple fact that she naturall...
Jonathan Azai
25 ☆ Halfbreed ☆ Fae Jonathan is an enigma of switching phases and no one personality or image he shows is entirely true only a fragment of what he wants to b...
Ashkar Gastrell
44 ☆ mb ☆ hu Ash is a man that seems to exude confidence. He wears this along with arrogance as a shield. Showing the world a Wizard who has little re...
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15 ☆ hb ☆ hu Aiden is ridiculously protective of his younger sister Valerie, and treats all new people with caution - especially men. When he first cam...
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527 ☆ pb ☆ hu Vladimir is a bit of a mix in terms of his personality, however the most noticeable feature of his is the fact that he is extremely calc...
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31 ☆ mb ☆ hu Ely takes most of her life's problems on the chin. Most. For the rest, she usually hides it behind a mask of dry humour and sarcastic rem...
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22 ☆ Muggleborn ☆ Human Josie is, for the most part, an optimistic young woman. She loves life as it is, and wants to explore it--but one day at a time. She deals...
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25 ☆ hbr ☆ sc She's not easy to understand. She is for the most part, a cool calculating woman with a very serious look on life. She takes things person...
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26 ☆ Halfbreed ☆ Veela The surface of Sturn Haviland can be very misleading, looking at the way she holds herself, speaks and moves one would think that the res...
Lot Karras
38 ☆ hb ☆ hu ven when he appears self-controlled and calm there is a seething intensity of emotional energy under the placid exterior. Lot is like a vo...
Alic Eron
24 ☆ Halfblood ☆ Human Alic is a very mercurial person; he can be your worst enemy one minute, and your best friend the next. How he treats you depends on how he...
Stanley Pike
17 ☆ mb ☆ hu Pike struggles to take most things seriously when it comes to his education, magical or otherwise. While not outright disruptive, his eff...
Savannah Ryan
15 ☆ Halfblood ☆ Human You will find that Ava is bright and intelligent for her age. She has a playful kind of personality and an easy laugh. Ava enjoys being h...
Susan Summers
22 ☆ mb ☆ hu Frank and serious with little regard for easing the blow of opinions and facts. It’s not that she doesn’t care about people's feeling...
Bryan Hawthorne
45 ☆ hb ☆ hu Bryan Hawthorne is a down-to-Earth kinda guy. He enjoys the simple things in life such as the great outdoors with camping and hiking. He l...
Caldwell Hughes
24 ☆ mb ☆ ww Clever - Stickler - Kind of a hard ass toward students - Can loosen up around the right people ...
Michael Grant-Jones
27 ☆ pb ☆ hu Michael is a complicated man, who has two distinct personalities; that when he is in public company and that when he is with his loved on...
Lilith Evenstar
24 ☆ pb ☆ hu Lilith becomes known to any community she joins very quickly, owing to her outgoing nature. She is fair and frank, preferring to be honest...
Leander Hue
26 ☆ Muggleborn ☆ Human While Leander is generally fair in grading, he dislikes untidy workspaces and is strict on his students in this area.  Lee loves organiz...
Jason Miller
38 ☆ pb ☆ hu Jason is a very colorful guy. A fun-loving individual, he loves to be around a crowd of people, having fun and cutting up when it's accept...
Stella King
20 ☆ mb ☆ hu Stella is rather reserved and guarded.  Her family was close knit and traveled a lot.  She never had an actual home as a kid as the fami...
Adele DeVylissea
35* ☆ Halfblood ☆ Sorceraic There are two very distinct sides to Adele. One, is the happy, carefree, laid back person she would like to be all the time. During these ...
Thomas Sollozzo
53 ☆ pb ☆ hu Thomas is a dangerous individual who enjoys nothing more in life than money, murder, and torture. Sociopathic by nature, he shows very li...
Cassandra Sullivan
18 ☆ pb ☆ fr Wildcat, pocket rocket, little bundle of constant energy and amusement, there's a reason she needed to take up dancing to burn some of tha...
Grant Thomas
25 ☆ hb ☆ hu Grant is a shy but smart guy, incredibly loyal to his friends. ...
Gerry Richter
16 ☆ Muggleborn ☆ Human Gerry has always been very strong-willed. She knows what she likes, what she doesn't, and she seldom bends to any who aren't in her closes...
Albertine Bellerose
Sixteen ☆ pb ☆ hu Albertine is an extroverted girl who due to feeling out of place in her current situation has become more introverted. She answers in cla...
Maddison Harris
16 ☆ mb ☆ hu Maddie is like a rose, a delicate flower who can prick you with thorns if mishandled. She is a bit shy but a complete goofball around her ...
Lorelei Valentin-Blair
15 ☆ Halfblood ☆ Human To say Lorelei's personality is complex would be an understatement. She holds a deep intelligence that is clearly abnormal for a young ch...
Lucy Fischer
27 ☆ hb ☆ hu Headstrong | Stubborn | Spontaneous | Loyal | Adventurous | Strong in her convictions ...
Daria Bishop
28 ☆ pb ☆ hu Many would say that Daria is the very definition of stubborn. The traits she has are almost a shock when you get to know her, she is outsp...
Liam Somersfield
32 ☆ pb ☆ hu Liam is a very quirky soul. He's extremely depressed from previous life experiences but he hides it well by constantly joking around and b...
Audrey Adagathguarde
25 ☆ pb ☆ hu Happy, hyperactive, and peppy -- if there was a cheer squad then Audrey would be it. She can be almost childlike in her natural bubbliness...
Ikedi Azikiwe
43 ☆ mb ☆ hu Ikedi is the type of person you want in your corner. He is compassionate and caring, and incredibly driven. Because he was the eldest of t...
Holly Bennett
17 ☆ Halfblood ☆ Human Holly is a little bit like marmite. People tend to either love her or hate her, well, a less extreme version of that. She is self confess...
Penny Quinland
27 ☆ pb ☆ hu Stubborn, willful and determined to accomplish her goals, Penny has proven that even if there were some detours along the way, you can rea...
Tyson McKennis
17 ☆ Muggleborn ☆ Human Driven and Ambitious, Tyson's major noticeable traits is that he always finds something to work hard towards living under the shadow of h...
Tony Wolfe
38 ☆ hb ☆ hu Srengths: Compassion- regardless of what others may think of him Tony has a rather large heart. He keeps it hidden as much as possible, th...
14 ☆ Muggleborn ☆ Human When Teddy thinks of her personality, the term “prickly” comes to mind. She pictures herself like a rose, thorns used to protect the ...
12 ☆ Pureblood ☆ Human Brinley is a quiet boy with a stiff demeanor. He fancies himself older than his years, and as a result, rarely lets his guard down enough...
Derrick Ackers
26 ☆ Muggleborn ☆ Human A man who seems to always be looking for the next big thing in his life in the way of fun or simply an activity to do just to shake up th...
Boaz Izem
30 ☆ mb ☆ hu Boaz would tell you he has led a fate filled life, full of dramatic personal relationships. This has led him to believe that he has all th...
Alan Burdett
50 ☆ pb ☆ hu As a general rule, Alan is open, honest and likes to have a joke around. He was a Spencer student in school, and well known for his pranks...
Salt Morgan
28 ☆ Halfblood ☆ Human Salt is shy, anxious and has little confidence. She is nervous and insecure. She is kind and although awkward, she is welcoming and will o...
Caitlin Sullivan
36 ☆ hbr ☆ fr Cate would be considered a no-nonsense woman, which may sound strange when someone is told about her personal gifts and the fact that she ...
Igor Drakov
30 ☆ Pureblood ☆ Vampire Igor did have a fairly pleasant disposition, but through trauma inflicted upon him by his father, his attitudes and personality changed, ...
Eudoxia Miller
33 ☆ hb ☆ hu Eudoxia comes across to most people as cool and collected. She prides herself with always being in control of emotions, though she does no...
Dylan Connell
38 ☆ Pureblood ☆ Human Dylan Connell can be considered a very grim sort of man on the surface, more of actions than words. Often when he -does- speak it is short...
Samhain Eros
16 ☆ hb ☆ hu Samhain is very quiet, and prefers to be on her own. She views people as untrustworthy, and tends to avoid them. However, she desperately ...
Hine Parata
16 ☆ hb ☆ hu While she likes to define herself as strong and athletic, her strength is in persistence. She has a tendancy to complete what she starts, ...
Rue Delaney
28 ☆ hbr ☆ fr Rue is odd. She’s always been odd. There’s just something mildly unsettling about her. It could be her eyes, that startling shade of ...
Morgan Ohara
13 ☆ hb ☆ hu Despite her situation, Morgan is a very sweet girl. She is rather shy, and introverted, but isn't afraid to make friends. She just needs s...
Matt Belmont
51 ☆ hb ☆ hu Matt’s obsession with neatness and cleanliness is a defining part of who he is. He keeps detailed records of everything, organises his m...
Sage Morgan
28 ☆ Halfblood ☆ Human Sage is very academic and very creative. She is sharp-minded but gets obsessed with one thing or the other. She is a good friend and she h...
11 ☆ Pureblood ☆ Fae Squiggy is an extremely shy child, and rarely speaks unless spoken to. The one exception to this is in the classroom, when ze tends to as...
Ethan King
24 ☆ mb ☆ hu Energetic | Hyperactive | Friendly | Focused | Spastic | Inquisitive ...
Maks Valentin
9 ☆ pb ☆ hu Maks is a cheeky little boy with a honey badger attitude to go along with it. Always cheerful, and willing to do whatever he wants and nee...
Alexander Winfield
19 ☆ Halfbreed ☆ Sorceraic Alexander is an extremely friendly young man and enjoys the better side of life. He has already dealt with what it felt like and even now ...
Naoki Nakamura
17 ☆ pb ☆ hu Player Friendly Fake Outgoing Fashionista Polite Casual ...
Marcus Carsen
25 ☆ Halfbreed ☆ Dhampir To narrow it down to a 'playful sort' would do Marcus a grand discredit. Being in the business of news and socially active there is a cert...
Gemini Demetra
22 ☆ hbr ☆ vt A good egg for the most part, Gem has always been free-spirited. Always eager to use her knowledge to basically turn whatever she can into...
Jezebel Blair
25 ☆ hbr ☆ sc Jezebel is generally a friendly and understanding person in most aspects, this is because through her life growing up she herself has had ...
Stuart Blair
51 ☆ pb ☆ hu Considering he's the father of five Blair kids who were all Spencers (and a secret other one who ended up in Sturt), it would be fairly ac...
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Spencer ☆ Seventh Year ☆ Junior Dance Instructor★ LilyCat
18 year old Pureblood Fairy ☆ She/Her

Stupid man! Cass thought to herself as she moved through the corridors of the hospital, following directions that we're given to her. She'd thrown on a pair of leggings and large sweatshirt before tossing on a pair of sneakers, and then run to the outside of the school property so she could apparate to Melbourne. Her hair was a bit of a tangled red mess, but she didn't care.

As soon as Caitlin had been contacted about the student whose father had just passed away, she'd let Cassandra know what had happened, knowing that the young man didn't really have other legal family. She promised her niece that she would also inform the librarian, Adele, and then the girl had been off.

Now, Cass was only a little puffed and probably sweating too as she ran the maze of hallways, until she found the room where she'd been told she could find Alex. 

Knocking gently at first, the redhead then opened the door to peek in a little. The bed was empty, but had clearly held someone in it until recently, meaning they'd already moved the body. But there in the corner of the room was the dark haired young man, practically hugging at the neck of his guitar, and her heart near broke at the sight. With out a word, Cassandra walked into the room and pulled a chair next to his, before then reaching for the young man, to pull him into her arms so she could hold him.

Nothing had to be said, Cass was here for him and would wait until he wanted to talk or move or something. There was all the time in the world.

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Spencer ☆ Sixth Year ☆ Guitarist/Vocalist - Local School Hero!✩ Kaitore
19 year old Halfbreed Sorceraic ☆ HE/HIM

How much time had passed? Where even was he at this point? Everything seemed much less real than it had only a day before, sure there were complications but they were things that he often could see himself through. Fingers curled ever so tightly around the neck of his guitar as his teeth bit the lower surface of his lip in confusion and grief. His head barely lifted, only just enough that the blue tear veiled eyes could pin towards the disturbed empty bed before himself. The wound was much deeper than he could have ever expected and it was a wound that he wasn't sure how to get by in this moment. Even down to the part of what he should do now, from the papers left behind it seemed like his father sold the house and everything that his father owned in order to pay for the inevitability. 

Alexander hadn't even tried to stand up somewhat afraid that his legs would give out him before his mind could comprehend that it would happen. Did he have nothing left now. . .? His father's words rang into his mind - 'Don't throw away what you've started to build up in your life.'. He wanted him to cling to the support instead of the mentality that he only had his father in life. That in death all that was left had been nothing, as he had started to contemplate it between the heaviness of his chest and the sound of hastened steps growing towards the door. 

There it was, a subtle knock that wrapped against the wooden door. He could see it start to push open and his head only barely turned to see who it could have been, another nurse? Well, a Nurse in one manner, but he wasn't feeling much in a 'Foxy and Cheeky' mood to bring up that fact, yet, anyways. The plume of red-hair poked fully inside of the room and the woman took a seat right beside him and wrapped him up into her arms. The grip on Sapphire seemed to weaken at the sudden warmth embrace, warmth, he'd been without it for hours since he had been within the hospital. 

His head shifted into her shoulder to feel the pressure of something broad against his eyes, almost as if he wanted to seal them shut from flooding any further. "He's gone. . . The Old Goat still managed to beat me to it. . . " A hoarse voice etched from him as if to try and cheer himself up with the usual banter he held with his father. Yet, it only felt hollow in the moment and his head shook weakly. "Eighteen years with the man and. . . He's gone before I could accomplish anything he could be proud of.  Before he could meet anyone that mattered to me. . ." Alex wasn't sure how to manage any of it, how to funnel or weed out this inner emotions that fueled in a tyrannical rage on the inside of him. That strong cup on the inside that always took all of the pain, issues, the good and the bad nearly had been running over on his mind. "I have no idea what in Merlin's name am I even going to do."

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Spencer ☆ Seventh Year ☆ Junior Dance Instructor★ LilyCat
18 year old Pureblood Fairy ☆ She/Her

Once she'd sat and gently pulled the young man into her arms, Cassandra simply sat there holding him, a pillar for Alex in this time of grief and uncertainty. Her fingers tugged some strands of hair from his face as she combed through the jet locks soothingly and she remained silent for the time being.

Alex then began to speak, and Cass listened while he tried to work his head through what had happened, was still happening. Shock affected everyone in different ways, and even if this had been somewhat expected, the reality of it all was much different and painful when one was faced with it all. She sighed softly and placed her lips to his crown in a soft kiss.

"I got you," Came murmured words from the redhead, and have him she did. Cass wasn't going anywhere and Caitlin would leave a message for the staff as to why both students were absent. The redhead knew all too well the confusion he was going through. The questions and concerns, "I don't doubt for a moment that he was already proud of you. What father wouldn't be with a stubborn little fighter for a son?" Yes, she wanted him to not beat himself up about things that weren't in his control, but she also meant it. Alex would make anyone proud with how he'd battled with his condition.

"Well, first off, you should admit you're a silly Billy for not telling me what was going on," Cass huffed a faux indignant sigh, but then pressed another kiss to his temple, "Do you want to stay at my place? Cate already said you're more than welcome if you want to be somewhere other than school for the time being."

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Spencer ☆ Sixth Year ☆ Guitarist/Vocalist - Local School Hero!✩ Kaitore
19 year old Halfbreed Sorceraic ☆ HE/HIM

The feeling of her hands weaving through the easy locks of his hair offered a sense of security and relaxation within his body. Eyes closed gently as he took in a sharp course of air into his nostrils. He could smell the scent of Cass within the depths of his nose which caused him to nestle in closer to the woman trying to void his mind of the scent of death while trying to separate it from that of his own father. The two would forever be comingled inside of his mind and he knew that, nothing could change it what so ever. 

Alexander's arms wrapped around Cassandra even tighter while his finger tips pressed into her body to feel the presence as intent as possible. Everything had felt so much heavier to bear than he could have ever expected and in this moment she had been a pillar of strength by mere presence alone, something he knew would come back at him for leaving without thinking about his own emotional distress that would follow afterwards. 

"You got me. . ." The words repeated from his lips as he let out a sniggle. "Look at trying to sound so cool and supportive. . ." The way his arms started to curl himself more into her showed he did believe that she was both cool and supportive, to make her way all the way out here. She could have stayed in bed, left it for another day - left it for Adele or Jez to hear somehow and make their way to the hospital. No, she chose to beat everyone to the pace the moment she had found out, that was just the kind of person Cass was and he knew that all too well. "Hahaha. . . Ah. . . Even if he did say he was proud of me for what I have it just. . . There's so much more I could have given. A life hopefully where he didn't need to see a son have to fight all the time. . ." He had been lucky today, Jezebel's hug and energy had made his pain be much lesser. To deal with that and the emotional trauma he wasn't sure just how to deal with that. "Old Goat didn't even get the chance to meet my Sister or my Niece's and nephews. . . The woman that I love, or one of my closest friends. " The man didn't even get a chance to have grandchildren of his own just yet. He also knew that his father held no regrets, no violent death enough to waltz around like some specter, which he was glad about. 

He winced a bit but managed a weak smile mentally afraid of could happen if he were to ever let go of this red-haired beauty, what would he even do in his life if he ever lost her? "I didn't want to have you watch someone die. . . Nothing like what you went through but still. And I just thought. . . My own demons, something I needed to face alone but I never could have imagined the true impact. I thought I was ready." The truth is, being prepared to take on something physically painful was always different than the frailty that emotions were made up of, no one was ever ready and prepared to lose their parents. Especially when you knew the pain and sacrifice they had endured just to stay as your parent because they wanted you in their life. "I would have just went home. . . But. . ." He shook his head that was a problem for tomorrow, not the moment, something told him he shouldn't be alone. 

"Yea, I think. . . I'd like that. If you keep taking me to your house every time something bad happens people are going to start saying stuff you know. . ." He tried to laugh but the sound came out extremely dry. His throat had dried up from the heavy event. "I. . . I need to call Del or someone. . . They need to hear from me."

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Spencer ☆ Seventh Year ☆ Junior Dance Instructor★ LilyCat
18 year old Pureblood Fairy ☆ She/Her

Cassandra leaned back in her chair as Alex cuddled further into her, holding him securely and allowing him to lean on her own strength. She was annoyed that he had tried to do this alone, but it was done now and she was here when he needed her still. She hated seeing him this way, grief-stricken and broken down, he didn't deserve to lose the person who had been there all his life, kept him going, made sure he made it through to the next day every time he was unwell. Not after such a long struggle.

"I am totally cool and supportive, and don't you forget it," Cass retorted softly, her fingers continuing to run through his hair. She would never have left him to deal with this alone, she had promised to be the person he could always lean on, and more than that, she intended to be anything that he needed her to be. "And he saw you grow up against all the odds that were against you, you lived to adulthood. And he got to be there all the way. How can he not be proud of that accomplishment?"

The redhead understood missed chances though. How many times had she wished that her parents could see all her achievements? To see their faces in the audience at a dance recital?

"It's a cliche and corny as hell line, but a part of him will always be with you. He's the reason you are such an amazing person, and I'm grateful to him for taking such great care of you so that we got the chance to meet," Cassandra smiled softly, and then tutted at Alex, "I've dealt with death before though. I can handle it better than you think, so you didn't need to protect me. It's never easy, and it's important to have someone to lean on. You're not alone, you have stubborn li'l me now, so get used to it." A small squeeze was given, along with another kiss to his temple.

"You say it like people don't already talk every time we hang out in your dorm," Cass snickered lightly, and then offered a nod as she grabbed her phone from her pocket. "I'msurprised you don't just think at Adele. But Cate said she'd let her know what happened, and you should totally talk to her," The redhead handed her phone to Alex, with Del's school extension number ready.

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Spencer ☆ Sixth Year ☆ Guitarist/Vocalist - Local School Hero!✩ Kaitore
19 year old Halfbreed Sorceraic ☆ HE/HIM

The worse of it wasn't even finished and that was the though deep in the back of the young man's mind, that he hadn't even started to deal with the true ramifications and reality of it all. There was still the funeral, the preparations and making sure that the documents would get to all the right people and not fall on himself to manage while being able to barely provide for himself. No -home-, that was a trouble he'll need to face sooner rather than later, he didn't want to intrude on people anymore than he already had - simply being in their life he caused such a mess of a wave. 

"Heh, I won't, Love. . . I won't ever forget it. . ." Alex tried to keep his breath at an even pace trying to match the pulses with the movement of her hand that frolicked in his hair. He knew he had people, a lot of people now that he could rely upon. But it still was vastly different, many stood but they hadn't seen the worse of it all. Been the one on the other side of the glass hoping a small babe would pull through, following that same pattern day in and day out. "He should have waited... I could have gotten someone knocked up, gave him a grand kid." He tried to laugh it off weakly and shook his head lightly afterwards. "I've only really caused him trouble so I was always grateful. He did say he was proud which made it all the much harder. . . The jerk." Everyone wanted to hear that their parent was proud of them, no one wanted to -really- hear it as the final words. It was sweet but made the impact puncture so much more deeper. 

"Well. . . I do have his height. . ." He knew that wasn't at all what she meant but he took it as such. "He worked hard to do what he could to raise me. . . Sure, I wish he found a different vice but I understood. It wasn't easy on either of us, it could have been, but. . ." If fishes were wishes. He didn't know whether to blame Lillian for her inactivity or blame himself for ever having hope. "Ha, I think I already got used to it back at the hot tub you know. . ." She still had the greatest pair of breasts he'd seen. He stuck to that assessment even in this moment. 

"Whatever they're talking about I want to know, I need to hear all the stuff I am -not- actually doing." Like he would ever get laid in a Dorm, nah, he'd do it in a nice classy room. Not one where his neighbor next door could hear the headboard smack. As he reached for the phone he shook his head lightly. "I don't think me sending out something mentally would work all too well. . . If I am too distressed she might panic. You saw how she was a bit at the dinner." One thing he knew for sure, was that his Sister cared for him as much as he had for her. 

His finger slid across the button to dial the extension, though he wanted to reach the Machine. As it started to ring he pressed a few button sequence so that it'd kick him to just that. "Uh. . . Hey, Del, this is Alex. Just leaving a message to let you know I'm at the hospital, not for myself. My pops just passed away. . . Er. . . I'm going to be at Cass' tonight but I should be at school a bit late. Have to move some stuff around and get my head straight." The tip of his finger pressed the end button as he handed the phone back to Cassandra. 

"I just know she needs to know I at least made the attempt myself. . . I need to start having better communication with my family if I want to show them I am serious about being around. A lot of stuff to do this week for me." He huffed and shook his head. 

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Spencer ☆ Seventh Year ☆ Junior Dance Instructor★ LilyCat
18 year old Pureblood Fairy ☆ She/Her

"Good. Not that I'd let you forget it anyway," Cass huffed a small chuckle before sighing as she continued to soothe his hair lightly. It was something that Caitlin had used to do for her when she had her nightmares, or became upset over her parents all of a sudden and had worked for her. So far it seemed to be working for Alex as well. A small mixture between cough and chuckle escaped her when he spoke about giving his dad grandkids, "Oh? Were you planning on popping one inside me just so that you could run to your old man all 'Hey! You can't go yet! I just got my girlfriend fat with babyjuice!'?" She knew he wanted to have given his father more to be proud of, but the sheer odea of him actually doing that did make her want to chuckle. She almost wouldn't put it past him either. Not so much the purposely knocking her up, but running to his father as soon as he found out.

"I'm sorry, I wish he'd found something else to help him cope too," Cass knew well about coping mechanisms. For some it could be a simply vice, smoking, gambling, drinking. For others it was humour, sometimes strangely morbid or weird. And then others threw themselves into work so hard that they didn't leave themselves time to focus too much on the painful things going on around them. Cass felt like she'd made the good choice with humour, it seemed less life-risky, for sure. "Hey, that hot tub time really made me feel a lot better, you know. Maybe it'll help you too," It wouldn't lessen the sting, but would at least perhaps help him relax a bit. "Oh they're totally talking about all the kinky shit we get up to," Cassandra gave a nod, before then snorting softly. She doubted anything really bad was said about them.

"I think there were some underlying factors affecting things at the dinner, but yeah, I get you," Cassandra nodded gently as she considered Adele. She then went quiet as Alex called his sister's number, fingers still running through his hair while she listened. She thought about what he could do with his stuff, and it seemed only logical to move it to her place. When Cate had said he could stay, she'd meant he could move in if he wanted. They didn't use the garage, that could make a good place for him to set up a studeio for his videos and music.

"Yeah, that's fair. Need to keep them in the know about what's going on with you. I can respect that, it's important," The redhead agreed with a nod, and then canted her head at Alex as she slipped her phone back into her pocket, "Well, I'll help you with some of the stuff you need to do. You don't have to go through it all alone. And we can clear out anything in the garage so that you can repaint it or something, make it look good and set up your Youtube stuff in there. We've got a few spare bedrooms, so one of those can be yours. And maybe you can just... do the manly chores," She smirked slightly, "Mow the lawn and stuff. We could use a guy around the place."

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Spencer ☆ Sixth Year ☆ Guitarist/Vocalist - Local School Hero!✩ Kaitore
19 year old Halfbreed Sorceraic ☆ HE/HIM

Alex sniggled at her cheeky response as he sighed moving further into the embrace of her hand against his hair like -he- was the cat here, really, whose nick name was Kitty now? "You? Letting someone forget something? I perish such a thought. You'd make an Elephant remember that it's supposed to always remember." There was a calming presence to having someone not only press their hand along his scalp but the way his hair parted for her hand as if it knew to get out of the way for an important reason, why was it such a soothing thought and process for him? "Hahaha, yeah, I'd just have pulled you in here exposed your stomach a bit and tell him 'Look, A Little probably Alexa!'. Admit it, you totally want that in our future. Especially since. . . I will one-hundred percent roll in Adele's Library singing 'I just had Sex' from a Muggle band. Just to see her face and reaction." A mischievous grin shaped on him which only looked more odd from the tear stained cheeks. "Either way I'd like to have had the parent that actually gave a damn about me see a future being built. . ."

Merlin knows, Lillian saw only death for him. Which in this moment? Stung even deeper. 

"I guess you never really know how a person deal with adversity until the moment came a long. . ." That's how he found humor himself, albeit at times, dark and pointed at himself. But he also had found music in the same fashion of facing this and now? Now he wasn't sure what to do, what he could do. Part of him had staved off the natural instinct to blame his Mother for not being around, knowing she could have and just watched instead of actively helping. But what good would that have done for him? For anyone? "Haha. . . You just want me naked again. Not that I mind, but you don't even look." His eyes drooped to a puppy dog pout as if he were offended that she got so embarrassed about the idea of staring at 'What was hers'.  Then a ugly-snort of a laugh escaped from him breaking the facial façade. "All the kinky shit, huh? Well if you get some handcuffs we can see if they're right." What did people even do with handcuffs that made them kinky? Somethings he just didn't get but perhaps it was because he's never been there. 

He groaned lowly and nodded towards her in agreement. "Yea, that's a pretty fair statement." After his call towards his sister he felt a bit better, at least she'd know and won't be too worried. Not that she'd show it towards anyone anyways, there was a deep and strong pride in the woman. But the internal knowing and having it build up was something he didn't want to have her deal with. The less pain he could cause, the less of a burden he could be to everyone. "Mhm, I. . . Do want to try and build something up with them. Not sure where it will all end up and I am hoping deeply within myself that I don't cause them a deep heartache or pain. "

"You make it seem like if I did say no you'd go away. You're totally stuck to me. Like a bad habit~." Not that he minded, she was -his- bad habit. His own. His Precious. "Clear out the garage? Why-" Then it dawned on him exactly what she meant and he started to shake his head a bit as she continued to move on ."I don't want to be some sudden burden for you or your, Aunt, Cassie Kat. The last thing you both need is worrying about a guy who wakes up in utter pain every day." Unless he gained a gentle energy boost from Adele or Jezebel. Those were some of the most refreshing mornings he had -ever- had. "Besides, what's the point of a spare bedroom if we'd just end up in one another's bed anyways?" He managed to show a weak cheek grin towards her though a sigh followed after. 

"I don't know. . . The last thing I want is to be a burden on people. Being there for me is one thing moving in with people is just me intruding on their home lives."

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Tally Staff ☆ Tallygarunga Librarian★ Mousie
35* year old Halfbreed Sorceraic ☆ She/Her

(As Lillian)

She'd done some thinking, as Lillian tended to do---and perhaps she had things to apologise for. Adele had spent a good hour lecturing her on being a good mother (not that the girl could talk, a blind man could see how damaged Améa was), but maybe she did need to try just that little bit harder. It was very hard for her, at this point, to invest in things that were so likely to be short-lived. Passing Adele into the care of another had been a matter of politics and to ensure the girl's survival, but Alexander... well. He wasn't supposed to happen. Not like this. She'd known he was sickly from the moment he was conceived.

Lillian did keep watch, she always had. Lurking on the edges of life, unseen, monitoring the ups and downs, interfering when it suited her to do so. Like setting that teacher on fire. She was glad that Alex and Adele had connected as they had, and it was fortunate that perhaps her daughter would be able to provide the boy with some comfort and peace before the choice that would ultimately claim his life. 

But the boy didn't have peace now. She could feel it. He was in pain, and this was not by design. Lillian materialised silently, standing by a far wall as if she'd always been there. Even those who had seen her appear out of nothing would question their own perception. Surely she'd been there for the last fifteen or so minutes? Some of them even remembered her walking down the hall and standing there. Yes, there was nothing curious to see here at all.

"Oh, dear boy." she said, her tone the very sound of sympathy. "I am sorry that today is hard for you, but you mustn't be so sad. He was not your true father after all."

There. That would make it better, right? If the boy had no real claim to the man, there was no reason to be hurt. This made sense to Lillian.

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Spencer ☆ Seventh Year ☆ Junior Dance Instructor★ LilyCat
18 year old Pureblood Fairy ☆ She/Her

"Alexa, huh? Why not Casey?" Cass snickered a little as she gave Alex a gentle squeeze. At least she was getting some laughs out of him. It was better than nothing, and made her feel like she really was doing something for him by being here. Even if it was just some comfort by holding him, or giving him a chance to chuckle at their silliness. She laughed aloud as he spoke about his intent when they took things to the next step, "Alright, but I have to be there to witness the look on her face when you do that." Shame? Something that the couple had very little of. "But yeah, I know... really sucks that your dad isn't the one with long life..." Cass sighed softly as she rested her cheek on his head a little. "And hey! Maybe next time I will look, if just so you can have some kind of weird manly pride about your girl checking you out or whatever it is that you get out of it," The redhead nudged him gently, chuckling, though honestly wouldn't mind another relaxing hut tub time together.

"Handcuffs, huh? Not sure if I want to know what you'd have planned those," The young woman laughed softly with a small shake of her head, before then sighing as her fingers still ran through his hair, a part of her marveling at how soft it was. And then as they went on to talk about his maternal family, she wondered if all their hair was like that. It looked the same, very shiny and silky, much like their eyes. It was rather strange how they'd inherited such unique traits. "Most of them seem to love you already, even the Minister of Magic seems to really like you!" Cass grinned a little, giving him a nudge, "And hey, like we said... you're going to get through this, and no one's going to be heart-broken." She said it as though it were simple fact, despite knowing the odds. She would remain optimistic, even if he struggled sometimes.

"Psh, no... I say it like it's just the most logical thing to do, silly," Cassandra smiled warmly at Alex, before then rolling her eyes and shaking her head when he started to talk about not wanting to be a burden or something extra that they had to worry about, and she moved her hands to Alex's cheeks to turn his face so that she was looking into his eyes with that warm knowing look of hers. "Alex... I would be more worried about you if you weren't with us. It's not a hassle or a burden, because I care about you, and even if you lived somewhere else, I'd be there all the time anyway, you dope," She chuckled and pressed her forehead to his for a moment. "I want to do this... help you get through it. Please?" She asked quietly, and then pressed a soft kiss to his lips... though a moment later she darted back when she realised there was someone else in the room suddenly.

What in the...?!

This had to be the mother. Her appearance was a dead giveaway, she looked much like the rest of the family, but there was something... off about her. It was in her expression, the look in her eyes. Cassandra couldn't quite place her finger on it. When she began to speak, however, the redhead's gaze narrowed slightly. It almost felt like the woman was pitying him or something, though Cass was definitely not prepared for what she said and her eyes widened in a mixture of shock and horror, before anger flared up within her. How dare she?!

How DARE she take this away from him?!

"BITCH, WHAT?!" Cass's gaze flared with rage at the sheer lack of empathy or care. No matter who this man was, blood father or not, he'd been Alex's Dad, and here she was stating that he wasn't related by blood as though that would just make Alexander feel any better, "What is your damage, woman?! What I'd heard about you was pretty bad, but no one mentioned you were a pure sociopath!"

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Spencer ☆ Sixth Year ☆ Guitarist/Vocalist - Local School Hero!✩ Kaitore
19 year old Halfbreed Sorceraic ☆ HE/HIM

"Casey? Hmm. . . Hmm. . . Well I -guess- we could go with Casey but ya' know, most of the people in my family have A's. Well. . . Except for Lei. And the Triplets. . .  But everyone else!" He rose a finger up and started to laugh a bit, though truthfully, his 'True Name' wasn't even an A. She had been getting to the brighter side of him, managing to chip away the sadness that had built up in a quickened wave. While it didn't make everything right instantly, it did help. "Sounds like a deal, we'll record it for Jez, she'll -love it-. " He could understand the instant fascination with a family member, that draw he got from Lei and Caleb, it was the same way that he had taken to his niece and sister, oddly enough. Boy, wasn't the truth - he wished that it had been a bit more reversed but things were set in stone. "Haha, I get knowing that. . . I am appealing to you I guess?" Everyone wanted to be appealing to the person they're with, it wasn't so much about actually getting busy. But just know one was attractive in every way had its flattering aspect. "Just like you know you love my compliment on your rear and boobs." A finger jabbed playfully into her side. 

"Between you and me. ..? I have -no- idea what they'd actually be used for, I guess people find out when they find out?" It was a curious question but not one that was important in the moment. Maybe someday, in Vegas. "The Minister is a pretty chill dude and did you see his house? That guy must have worked hard to try and provide while also trying to make an impact in the Government. Heh. . . To think both of my dream ideas pale in comparison." That was stated as more of a joke instead of being serious, though he suppose he never actually did tell Cassandra what he wanted to do after School aside from wanting to pursue music, if he could never make it in Music a Doctor's path probably would have been for him. Even more so now. "That's the plan. . . I -need- to get through it. There's no other option." Death, death wasn't an option. Not yet. 

Alexander's face reddened intensely as she angled his head up towards hers so that their gazes could meet. "I. . ." He could feel the presence of her forehead against his own and her plead for him to accept her help. "Okay, My Love. . . I'll go with you and your Aunt." Their lips pressed together and it felt as if the moment it self had started to turn towards the betterment of the day. He could feel the heat of her breath against his lips and his hand reached up to caress at her first - that was- until it all went down hill faster than his first meeting with Adele. 

He didn't see her at first, no, that wasn't what tipped the black-haired male off. It had been the voice and the way his eyes ran instantly cold. 'Dear boy'?! Did she. . . Imply some kind of concern towards him in such an affectionate way!? "Hello. . . Mother. . ." It was such a cold and acidic tone within his voice, but could one blame him? In this moment the one person he didn't need to see had appeared and it only seemed to build up even further as she wretched back a doubly fisted strike against not only his emotions but his psyche. "W. . . What. ..?!" He had figured it wasn't his real father and yet. . . How coldheartedly she casted that away, as if blood fully mattered towards her. Maybe it did, he didn't know - what he did know is that she didn't understand. She was so far distant. 

A comforting hand reached up to caress Cass's neck as he gently massaged at it, not just to keep her calm but to keep his mind focused with which every passing second made it difficult. "You just don't get it do you. . .? That man raised me, took care of me. . . He dealt with what you expected and still expect to die off. He provided and put his life on the line so that -I- could be given a chance! Darryl Winfield was my -TRUE- father! My 'blood' Father I don't know, I never knew. If he's alive he never visited never called, and if he's dead?! Well. . . That's more of your fault still, Mother." Why!? Why did he insist on still referring her to such a title!? He was more angry within himself that he couldn't sever the tie, that fact she still bore him, birthed him and yet it was all mingled and merged into this searing detesting feeling that wreaked over him like rakes on coals. "You've never once came to me to check on me. . . Maybe watched. Maybe stayed on the sidelines amused as your 'Little Rheldor' writhed in pain." His hand had to move from Cass's neck because they needed to clench, to clutch, the fingers curled into the palms with sheer anger. 

"A true father or mother are people who regardless of blood take that step to actually caring or the kids under them. . . Nurturing and trying their best to make do with the hand that they had been given. The worse part is. . .? He didn't need to die this way."

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Tally Staff ☆ Tallygarunga Librarian★ Mousie
35* year old Halfbreed Sorceraic ☆ She/Her

Humans were such excitable things. Lillian stared, impassive as first Cassandra and then Alex said their piece. This wasn't the reaction she'd expected, and as Alex grew more and more agitated she assumed that there would be another lecture coming from Adele about this. At one point in her life, perhaps Lillian had parents and a family to which she was close, and on occasion she had developed affection for the ones she knew would stick around---but at this stage she was entirely perplexed at her son's attachment to this random, unrelated, and---if she was to be perfectly honest---rather unattractive dead human.

"Oh, your father is alive." Lillian explained brightly, hoping perhaps that this would lift his spirits. That was how it worked, yes? The guardian was gone, but here---here was one she'd prepared earlier, and wasn't that delightful? "He does not know you exist, my boy---I never did tell him. I could not cause him that sorrow."

When Lillian wasn't obscuring the truth, she was brutally and blindly honest. The moment she knew she was to have a son, she had resolved that no one should know. Bethianna had known, because of course Bethianna knew. Bethianna had argued for letting the boy survive. Lillian didn't think it a very worthy experiment, but Bethianna had agreed to keep the secret in exchange for Alex to be given the freedom to live or die as fate would have it. It was Bethianna, not Lillian, who had left the baby on Darryl Winfield's doorstep. Most men were loose enough in their morals that they could think back to at least one time where such a child could have been created.

And Lillian had kept her silence, not wanting Alex's father to feel the mortal pain of a child doomed to die. 

"He never did get over giving Aellra to his sister, you think me heartless but I could not do that to him again." Lillian added pointedly. "But now you know. Your father is not dead, and would likely love you deeply if he knew you existed. Does this feel better now?"

Lillian spoke without a hint of sarcasm. She truly did expect that this was all good news, and not at all a maddening and confusing shattering of Alex's world once again.

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Spencer ☆ Seventh Year ☆ Junior Dance Instructor★ LilyCat
18 year old Pureblood Fairy ☆ She/Her

Anything they'd been discussing before the arrival of what Cassandra was assuming to be some kind of hellbeast in disguise, was instantly tossed out the window to be continued at a time when the pair of teenagers weren't trying to just... figure out what the hell was wrong with this woman. Or at least that's where Cass' mind was. Though they were both clearly upset at this revelation spoken so callously, as though it should brighten up their day, it appeared she was genuinely confused as to why they were upset even more by her appearance and words.

What perplexed the redhead even more was the fact that while Lillian spoke so coldly about someone who had raised her son, the way she spoke about his birth father sounded almost as though... she actually cared about him. And not in the way she apparently cared that Alex was where he was meant to be or that he didn't grieve for someone who wasn't blood related to him. But on a level that could actually be considered love of sorts. Simply by the fact that she didn't want his father to be pained.

"Hang on, again..." It was Cassandra's turn to place a hand on Alex's shoulder and rub gently, having sensed his tension while he had spoken his piece before, but now it appeared there was even more to the story. From what she could tell, this woman had given another child away before and it had hurt this man. It only took a few moments for the pieces to fall together for Cass and he stared, "You and Adele are full siblings?" She murmured to Alex, surprised since she'd been under the impression that they'd had different fathers from what she'd been told and had gleaned from conversations.

But the 'not dead' part also hung in the air, and Cassandra internally deflated. Of course, no doubt the story about this mysterious father had probably been falsified, for whatever insane reason that this woman believed was necessary. The teenager was beginning to see why Adele hated the woman.

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Spencer ☆ Sixth Year ☆ Guitarist/Vocalist - Local School Hero!✩ Kaitore
19 year old Halfbreed Sorceraic ☆ HE/HIM

How. . . In the world was he supposed to respond to all of this at once? One moment he had been grieving for the only parent he ever truly knew, comforted by a woman who had stolen his heart with his permission and in one fell swoop taken by surprise from the woman who had always watched but never cared. His hand pressed along the side of his face as he tried to digest the information. His father was -alive-? His actual father?! Not only that he didn't know he was even a thing, he was secret, a dirty secret that his Mother didn't want damned to be tossed into the world without explanation. 

Merlin's wart-filled knickers. . . Why did he have such frustration and anger yet this very twisted idea of 'Care' about this woman before him!? But it was the way she spoke that seemed to somewhat. . . Redirect his anger? She actually knew how to care or how to feel, something? Maybe he should be glad that at least his Father received some form of nurturing hand from the woman but that still didn't make him feel any better. He could feel the presence of Cassandra's hand embrace the edge of his shoulder and it halted him from speaking out, kept his words bridled tightly. 

"Y-Yes. . . I think so, it makes sense though." He shook his head, Alexander had started to put the pieces together with the puzzle he had been given. "Adele was mad and at the time I was too I didn't get why the name, why -her- Father's name is my name. But it all makes sense, I'm my Father's namesake. . . Rheldor Junior." His voice was weak and he knew at least one thing was for certain, Adele was going to hit the ceiling. "Not that I'm mad about it. . . I'm even more glad to be her full sibling." As odd as it was to say or perhaps even hear from those that knew Adele longer than he ever had. "You love him. . . Maybe in some weird twisted kind of a way. " But then why. ..? Why give him his name, why cast him away without ever knowing a thing at all? 

"No, it's not 'better'. That isn't right, Mother. . . He should have known - we- should have known. " Alexander had been trying to find how to best understand Lillian, she was different, outside of Society and perhaps even saw herself beyond that very presence of society with how flippant she had been in response and reaction."Then don't do it to him again. . . You gave me his name, that has to mean -something-. -Anything- even if it's small! You keep information but that only means you're the best source. . . You set a lot of this in motion - back with that Teacher at the other School. " Was he really going to ask this? Even if she didn't say anything helpful something within himself needed to know because so many peoples hearts hinged on it, a future hinged on it. 

"Tell me, how. . . Do I better my chances of survival? don't claim you Heartless - Not much of a Mother? Cruel most times? Yea. But you stepped in when you could have just sat by so that had to have meant something. Help me live up to the name that you gave me, Mother, the name that belongs to the man you care deeply enough for to save -him- from the pain." Was that to much to request? To much to ask of the woman that had birthed him into the world?

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Tally Staff ☆ Tallygarunga Librarian★ Mousie
35* year old Halfbreed Sorceraic ☆ She/Her

"Yes!" Lillian beamed. "Yes, you are Rheldor Junior... I suppose that would be the word for it. Yes. I never did get to really name you, but... it is the name I would have picked." 

And he did look like Rheldor. In her years watching over him, Lillian had marvelled a little at how the boy so closely resembled and even acted like the man he'd never met. Genetics was truly a curious beast. Both Alex and Adele had the same fire that fuelled Rheldor, that same softness. She was rather pleased that Alex seemed to have taken on this information with some amount of ease, and she nodded as he acknowledged her love for his father.

Rheldor was an anomaly in Lillian's life. She had long since considered herself retired from having a true life alongside the fleeting humans, satisfied to simply guide the paths of those who needed it---and he had broken that entirely. Through Rheldor she had re-discovered the intensity of human life, the immediacy that could only be felt when death was only a few certain decades away. It had been a mistake, but a mistake made with a level of passion that Lillian had not felt in centuries.

It was for this that she loved him, and for his insistent belief in her. Though she still made choices that impacted on his life (that he was unaware of), and in truth---did still think of him as a brief episode of her extended life---Rheldor was someone to whom she had become most unwisely attached. There was very little Lillian wouldn't do to preserve the peace and happiness that she felt he deserved. 

"I could not give a daughter his name, dear boy." Lillian shook her head with a soft laugh. "And by your gender alone were you doomed to a short life---no, I did not give you his name because I had some hope you would beat the odds. I always knew. I knew that any son I ever bore to him would break his heart."

And as Alex made the plea for his life, Lillian could only shake her head more.

"If I knew such things, do you think I would not act?" she said, her voice soft and serious. "In my lifetime I have seen no male survive the choice. Caleb is fortunate that his father's side was already dominant. Were it not, as is the case with you, he would not be here today." Lillian tilted her head to one side, regarding Alex with a mild sadness.

"I did not bring you here to improve your chances, my dear boy. But in the hopes that you would know family and happiness before your time was up."

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Spencer ☆ Seventh Year ☆ Junior Dance Instructor★ LilyCat
18 year old Pureblood Fairy ☆ She/Her

Seeing a smile on this woman's features was almost as disturbing as it was confusing to Cassandra, who was finding herself a mixture between angry, disgusted, and simply puzzled and curious of the woman that was Alex's birth mother. She appeared actually happy that he was placing the pieces together that had been left, even though the two teenagers were aware that this was no small deal. There was going to be repercussion for the revelation of this information, the redhead only knew skeleton details but even she could sense it... there was a storm coming, and it's name was probably Adele.

Lillian loved this Rheldor, Alexander's father... and for that she'd wanted to save him the heartbreak of potentially - or apparently in the woman's mind definitely - losing a child. The entire thing was so complex, that it made Cassandra's head hurt, but there was something that she didn't like, and that was the certainty that the woman had, of Alex's apparent eventual demise. She was so certain of it, and it made Cass' defenses kick in as she wrapped an arm around behind him to hold Alex.

"In your lifetime, you haven't seen it. That doesn't mean it's not possible, right?" Cassandra asked rather boldly, her own strange green and gold eyes boring into the women without blinking. One could almost feel the younger woman's own energy buzzing in the air. Lillian hadn't said that it wasn't possible, only that she hadn't seen it and didn't believe it could happen. Even so... the redhead noticed that hint of sadness in Lillian's expression, there was actual emotion there in regard to what the woman believed to be his destiny. It was a sign that she did care on some level.

"So... what if he does survive? He's lasted this long, and I get the feeling that this is unheard of itself. What makes you so certain that he won't survive this 'choosing'?" At least there was one thing Cassandra appreciated, and that was Lillian's candid explanations and discussion with him in front of the redhead. Perhaps she simply didn't see Cass as something to care or worry about. A speck in the whole scheme of things. Or maybe  she actually felt that the teen already knew a fair bit, so what was a little more information? Either way, it was nice to not have people tip-toeing around details in her presence when it came to this part of Alex's life.

"Because we've already decided that he's not giving up... he's going to fight through this as best he can. Because if there's even a chance that he can survive and live a long and happy life, then that's worth aiming for."

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Spencer ☆ Sixth Year ☆ Guitarist/Vocalist - Local School Hero!✩ Kaitore
19 year old Halfbreed Sorceraic ☆ HE/HIM

That amount of chipper and happiness that sparked inside of her eyes. . . Was mildly annoying considering the moment. Did she believe this was her doing a good thing? That this knowledge was at all 'soothing'? All it did was add just a bit more weight to the jenga pile of a life that had started to stack up on the young man. To think he had his father's name for being a male, not entirely for any specific thought beyond that, but because it simply made sense and had been pretty much practical. He was the son that 'should never have' and something within him knew it. He wasn't aware of how closely he resembled his actual father nor aware that he and Adele had that same kind of fire as him, at least the trait of having that burning fire - power of will and passion was easily seen when he looked at his sister. 

At least she loved the man, that was enough for him that he had a sense of. . . Hope? Not in any easily repaired relationship, goodness no, but that his Mother had the ability to open herself up if she wasn't adverse to the idea. That she could find a way to balance her need to have things go in a way that benefitted her alone. She kept an arms length and it was all to avoid the pain. "Yeah, hearing Adele with that name definitely would have been weird." Albeit probably an insult and assault on the woman's senses to always be reminded of the father she thought was dead - Oh Shit. . .  A flicker of realization hit him as his gaze turned slightly away. Adele claimed her Father died back in that Library and that meant all this time. . . 

Cassandra's arm that embraced him from the back gave another fueled comfort as he instinctively leaned into her. This was his wall, the pillar in a moment where he had attempted to push everyone so far away to deal with it alone. Imagine. . . If his Mother had appeared and he had no one? But he knew that it couldn't have been that simple but he had to try, to see. "I don't know if you'd act or not. . . I am able to read people, really well, but you. . . Are the largest enigma that even my eyes can't peel apart." He knew enough that she could have alleviated the pain for a short time but to do that all the time, perhaps that wasn't the most logical but damn. 

On top of that there seemed to be a hint of sadness, he could only pick up what she'd shown and this a woman who never truly showed her hand. It was in this moment where he found out the most about the feelings she was willing to show, if they weren't simulated anyways. "Not impossible but unlikely. . . I'm playing the game of beating the odds." As his girlfriend asked of his mother's certainty a brief smile struck his face as he caressed her cheek with a wandering hand. "Pretty sure I shocked a lot of people on my whole surviving bit." But he knew the answer why it was because Males just didn't survive in their society not those strong in Sorcerer's blood. He was born with an expected death sentence. 

"Family and Happiness. . ." That was rather cruel in its own way. After all, that is -a lot- of people to put in the path of pain over something they couldn't easily help with. "I have known happiness, but tasting it, did you think I'd be happy to just waste away? You're certain because of your experience in your lifetime that men don't survive. . . Well, I've been pushing the odds for a while not. Like Cass Said, we both know it isn't normal for someone to come this far." The thought of the Father who raised him and had put the mantle of pushing forward with others on his shoulder helped to spurn this sense of defiance against dying. The tips of his fingers dragged along Cassandra's cheeks tenderly, a memory of who was in his future. 

"I'm not giving up and I am going to keep trying to beat the odds as I've always have. Because I can't. . . Leave what I have made and I can't abandon Adele or my Nieces and Nephews - They need me more than anyone." His support, his brand of touch - they needed the Brother and Uncle that they had started to connect towards. "And even now a new drive has been determined for me. . . To prove to you, that you can connect to your family better than you are now, Mother. That maybe, just maybe, you can open up a bit more and learn to understand - Even with age and time as your added wisdom."

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Tally Staff ☆ Tallygarunga Librarian★ Mousie
35* year old Halfbreed Sorceraic ☆ She/Her

Lillian tried to be patient, she really did. Humans were so obstinate in their beliefs, it was hard to convince them that although there was very little that was truly impossible, that statistics still had a tale of doom and gloom to tell. She just hoped that they would accept it before Alex's impending death crushed all of their hearts. For beings that did not live very long, humans held on to grief as if it was the very thing that sustained them. It was... very illogical.

"I cannot say it is impossible, but I am yet to see that it is possible." Lillian answered firmly. "And have no reason to believe that this time will be different, but with your guardian on the cusp of expiration---yes, I did feel it prudent to guide you toward a family that would continue to give you peace in your last years."

It wasn't a game as such, but it was very much a moving of the pieces in a way that made sense. Lillian knew herself enough to know that she would never supply the peace and security that Alex would need, but Adele had grown increasingly better at it. Adele, Jezebel and Améa would forget him in the course of their lengthy lives, and the rest would die in time---she didn't see that it would impact anyone overly much. 

Lillian also found it rather adorable the way that humans, faced with challenging circumstances, insisted on believing that they were special. That for some reason, they were the ones who could overcome the impossible odds. She knew this wasn't realistic. Perhaps Alex would survive, but before him had been hundreds of others that had also believed so passionately that they had what it took to survive. They were wrong. Statistically, Alex would be too. Lillian had a great many powers, but seeing the future was not one of them.

"A strong will to live is always required of us," she did agree---Améa had learned this the hard way. "If you cannot live for yourself, you will not live at all. Selfishness is seen as such a vulgar attitude, but the truth is that it is necessary. What can you do for anyone if you do not care for the self first?" Lillian shrugged a shoulder. At Alex's insistence that she too could be improved, she laughed. The sound was soft, like gentle bells.

"Dear boy, such a believer." Such a human trait, that. Lillian was very amused by this. Rheldor was the same. "My place is not to be part of you. I am not as you are. If your dreams are that I will become the mother figure you dream for, you will live disappointed as Aellra does. I am not an actor in this play, dear boy. I am merely the director."

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Spencer ☆ Seventh Year ☆ Junior Dance Instructor★ LilyCat
18 year old Pureblood Fairy ☆ She/Her

Cassandra had difficulty understanding this woman, and the more Lillian spoke, the more the redhead could see why Adele despised her so. This was not a mother. A teacher, perhaps, someone who could give you facts, information, direction. But definitely not a mother. Whatever nurturing instinct she may have had once upon a time didn't appear to exist, at least not in the same way that it did for someone of a short-lived raced. Even the things that she thought she was doing for Alex's benefit came from a warped perspective, one that Cass could only guess came from a very long lifetime.

Was this the kind of thing that Alex's sister and her daughters had to look forward to?

"Anyone who really wants to live knows that much," Cass said quietly, in regards to the use of selfishness to sustain oneself, one's willpower, "It's why someone who's diagnosed terminal could live much longer than the time given. They aren't ready to go because they want to experience more, have more or the world before the go. Mind can influence matter, when someone's will is strong enough." The young redhead knew that anything she said wouldn't matter to Lillian, she realised that she was basically being ignored, but she was listening intently to all the information that the woman was freely offering, keeping it stored to think about at a later time. Perhaps there was an answer in all of this, that could lead to some possibility of Alex's survival. Maybe there was something that others hadn't tried before. Or maybe it was as simple as having such a strong desire to survive that he would be able to make it through the process.

The redhead didn't expect that Lillian would consider Alex's belief in having a mother to be viable though. It appeared that she was someone who moved pieces on a board, who watched with a clinical and logical mind. The 'director', as she called herself.

"And what exactly do you direct all of your family toward?" The question was asked before Cassandra could stop herself. Was there some grand plan that this woman had in mind? Or did she just do things to suit herself, regardless of whose lives it messed with or upset? The idea of someone viewing their own family in such a cold and calculating way disturbed her, but also made her almost pity Lillian. Even so, her arm wrapped tighter around Alex as her own energy flowed around her, and then him protectively.

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Spencer ☆ Sixth Year ☆ Guitarist/Vocalist - Local School Hero!✩ Kaitore
19 year old Halfbreed Sorceraic ☆ HE/HIM

"Well. . . Lucky me for your astute sight to seeing that I need some idea of peace in the final hours." Sarcasm, that seemed to be his offensive defense when it came to her words these days. What else could he do? This was just the type of woman that was before him and the more that time went on the more he understood she was only a live giver, a poor one at that. Such a twisted and misunderstanding view, for all the wisdom and knowledge that she held, it seemed she the lacked the most pivotal of knowledge's to people. An irony in Alex's mind. 

What did he even expect? The one thing that he could trust in when it came to his 'Mother' had been that the words spoken were honest ones if not elusive, there wasn't a lie on her lips. Even in the face of uncertainty she didn't entirely stick to the idea that it wouldn't happen simply that the chances were more than just unlikely to happen. Whether to respect that or find that a flaw as a trait he wasn't sure at this point but he also knew that he couldn't just stop the path he was walking simply because the odds were stacked up higher than a cheeseburger. 

"And anyone who knows me knows I've been doing just that. . . I've long since chosen I planned to fight to live long, way before I found out anything about who and what I am." The moment he walked into the Headmaster's office he promised himself that nothing would halt him understanding and learning this time. That he'd push to find an answer to his question and over the course of the month he found his desire to fight on had only grown more selfish. He wanted to live to not only experience life but demand it give him what he deserve, not just time but the very presence of those he wanted in it. "And as long as I draw breath no matter the slim I will make sure my mind impacts the matter around me by any means necessary.

There were a few things in the world that would be immutable but chance made it so that many things especially in the magical realm didn't fall under such a category so easily. Maybe he'll die, maybe he'll live but if he wanted to actually have the chance he knew he had to -want- to live and a -need- to live that centered around himself. It couldn't just be bluster that he showed to the crowd but felt inward for himself. 

"Belief and willpower go hand in hand." Maybe he was barking up the wrong tree, but she showed her hand, she -could- end up caring even for all her will to fight it. Whether she distanced herself from his father physically she had already proven emotionally was not entirely so. "A mother figure? No. . . I don't think I could see you as that yet." He didn't expand on it but there was always that possibility that she could learn to truly grasp that which clearly alluded her, A Being's emotion. Not just Human. "You're a director? You might want to rethink your show piece then, I think Spielberg would disapprove." A gaze turned towards Cass as she asked a curious question, one that he had wondered himself. 

What was her larger aim? The question that hinged afterwards had been did he really want to know. "Now that I think about it. . . It feels very strange to want to move your 'family', and I use that term loosely because you don't really care about your family entirely. . .As some kind of game piece. Why? What's the point? "

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Tally Staff ☆ Tallygarunga Librarian★ Mousie
35* year old Halfbreed Sorceraic ☆ She/Her

"It is not a family that I direct," Lillian replied. How did she explain this? She couldn't, really. The task that had been given to her, and to Millea, and to Bethianna. Yes, Lillian had daughters, and granddaughters, but they were not carriers of the task as she was. None of them were anywhere near old enough to appreciate the impact of such work. They were all still so focused on what was here, and what was now

"Rheldor was a distraction I failed to ignore, you and Aellra are the result. You are not... part of this play. You were not intended to be." Which was cold, but true.  Lillian moved many things around from her distance, and moved things around within and about her family as mere habit. Some things were by design, often in the case of Adele and Améa, there were bigger things at stake there---but in the case of Alex, she had bothered simply because she did feel that he should have a chance to meet his sister.

"This is not something I do as light amusement. I have my task. You, dear boy, you don't see enough of the picture. That is not your fault, you could not... even begin to comprehend the chains of events over which I watch. What I set in motion for you is purely that---for you. There is no greater purpose to it." On one hand, it was almost affectionate that she'd bothered to have a hand in his life at all, but at the same time it was clear that Alex was not at all on her list of priorities.

"Interesting, however," Lillian leveled a steady gaze at Cass. "That this one should come to your aid. Most interesting."

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Spencer ☆ Seventh Year ☆ Junior Dance Instructor★ LilyCat
18 year old Pureblood Fairy ☆ She/Her

Cass continued to hold Alex with her arm wrapped around his back, her hand tugging at his waist to tuck them closer together. As much as she was optimistic and he was stubbornly refuting the belief that he was going to die, it didn't mean that the young woman still liked to hear it. And especially from the one who had birthed him, who claimed that his blood father still lived but would apparently never know him. There was just so much that felt so wrong to her, and the only explanation she could think of was that Lillian was so old that things like passion and the importance of individual lives had burned out within the woman a long time ago, long before she had her accidental children.

Unfortunately, as cold as those words had sounded, there were not something Cassandra was surprised by. Someone as cold and distant from humanity as Lillian wouldn't have children because she wanted to be a mother. They would either be a means to an end, or an accident. It sounded like neither had been intended.

This was all so beyond Cassandra that she wasn't sure if she could be bothered asking more questions. She was still rather certain that none of hers had actually been answered, it was only Alex's repetition of them that Lillian seemed to respond to. And so all the redhead could do was stand as a pillar of strength and support for the young man, unaware that there was a slight shimmering in the air around her as she focused on that desire to protect him. At least until Lillian suddenly did regard her, with a statement that made Cass frown a little.

"And here I thought I was invisible," Came a wry response, her green and gold eyes narrowed toward the woman, suddenly suspicious why she would say anything about her, "What do you even know about me? Of course I would come to his aid, he's my boyfriend, and I love him. I don't want him to be hurting anymore than you want his father to." Honestly, how could it be interesting? It was what people who cared about one another did.

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Spencer ☆ Sixth Year ☆ Guitarist/Vocalist - Local School Hero!✩ Kaitore
19 year old Halfbreed Sorceraic ☆ HE/HIM

"Nice to know I was a 'whoopsy in the ladies room'." He didn't need her to tell him that he was an accident, no, he expected that but maybe hearing it from the old battle axe's mouth made it sting just a bit more even with the obvious knowledge. A person who isn't an accident isn't left behind like yesterdays trash after a full bin. Was a distraction? No matter what she told herself, Alexander already knew, his and Adele's father would always be a distraction to Lillian. Probably why she kept her self so busy, why she did all she could to verbally and physically keep away from the man. A genuine form of twisted care perhaps considering he had been a final result of it all. 

The fact still remained and lingered that he wasn't even a primary concern or secondary, perhaps it was more of a whim on why she decided to intervene in his life. It certainly wasn't out of the fact that she had a plan for him, of course, how could one have a plan if they thought a 'Piece' would long disintegrate before ever being put to usage. It left a bad taste within his mouth. It was in this moment he regret not contact Adele sooner, not testing out the theory of how far he could reach his Sister. He even wondered if she could feel the sheer irritation that had misplaced grief, irritation and anger. 

As Lillian stared towards Cassandra and almost protective instinct took him over and he crossed half of his body in front of the redhead. "And I love her, we would be anywhere for one another - and do whatever it took to help one another survive. " A gaze shifted towards Cassandra because he knew even with the chance of death he planned on building some kind of life and connection with her anyway that was possible. The selfish desire to want her love had been one amongst many reasons on why he reminded himself life was worth fighting for that a willpower was worth honing. "She's mines and I am hers. We'd always show up to the aid no matter what is in our path."

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Tally Staff ☆ Tallygarunga Librarian★ Mousie
35* year old Halfbreed Sorceraic ☆ She/Her

"You bear a strong resemblance to the woman who first championed for the dear boy to live." Lillian replied with a shrug. It was a mere curiosity and nothing more, she could feel from the girl that there was no real connection. Just a very amusing similarity. The girl was something else entirely, Lillian knew that. Did the boy? Did the girl? Well, it wasn't her place to reveal such things. They would figure it out in their own time. Or not at all. It didn't matter much.

The way the teenagers proclaimed their love was... rather stupid. Short-sighted, Lillian felt. An experience of love that was built on ideals found in movies and books. Real love, it was not like that. Real love was pain. It was separation. It was sacrifice. Of the things Lillian had to do in order to protect Rheldor, chief among them was not getting too close. He lived a quiet and simple life, she visited on occasion. She loved him, but to be part of his life was to invite disaster for them both.

How could anyone possibly understand that when they had so little experience of the world?

"I suppose you are unlikely to know otherwise," Lillian sighed, mostly to herself. Really, it was so much better that the boy's chances of living were so slim. If he did survive the choosing, how ever would he bear the burden of actual reality? How many generations would he live through before his soul was entirely dead? She did not think it would be many. He cared too much. He was his father's son. Even if he lived to see a wizard's life, he would be gone before nature opened his eyes to how swift the river of time actually was. He would not be forced to connect and lose, to love and grieve, over and over in endless cycles.

This gave Lillian some solace. The boy would not live, but nor would he suffer. 

"Is there more you wish to know?" she asked, her head tilted to one side. Aellra was going to be rather upset over all of this, she felt. But all she'd tried to do was help.

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Spencer ☆ Seventh Year ☆ Junior Dance Instructor★ LilyCat
18 year old Pureblood Fairy ☆ She/Her

Cass wasn't even going to touch on the fact that someone had apparently championed for Alex's survival. She had a feeling she knew what that meant, that not only did she consider him the result of a mistake, but that she had actually intended to nip the accident in the bud. At the same time, given what she'd heard, she knew that in Lillian's mind it meant that he wouldn't have had to live suffering the way he had, that she'd have saved her child from a longer but still inevitable death. But still... the young redhead didn't like the thought that she might never had met him if that had happened.

"Then I'm glad she did," The young woman said with some vehemence, before then furrowing her brows in thought, "This person I look like. I don't suppose it's someone  else that Adele doesn't like?" That would actually explain Del's initial dislike of her, if she resembled someone else from... whatever warped family they originated from. But if the other lady had been the one to influence Lillian into letting Alex live, then she was damn cool in Cass' book.

There was no surprise that their own form or belief of love was different from Lillian's. That she viewed them as young and inexperienced. They were young and inexperienced. But that was the beauty of life and learning what was out there. Even if it was terrifying, even if it could cause pain in the end. What was the point of living if someone was afraid to actually live? What point was there to the long life of these people if they were simply observers, people who moved pieces on some giant playing board? Were they happy? Did they even remember what happiness was? Sadness? Fear? Perhaps on some level.

"It's your call, babe," Cassandra leaned her head on Alex's shoulder. If he had any questions for Lillian, now was probably the time for it. This seemed like a lady who just came and went when she wanted to, not exactly someone you could call up on the phone. Personally, Cass just felt a little tired and just wanted to go home and cuddle with Alex.

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