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Welcome Tallygarunga is an 18+ post-Potter non-canon forum RPG set in Australia, featuring Australia's only public wizarding school Tallygarunga.

Location: Rural Victoria, Australia
Current time: January 2018
Term One: January 30th-March 29th

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Flinders: 10
Sturt: 10
Bourke: 10
Spencer: 5
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On Saturday, February 17, 2018 at 2:25 PM, Alexander Winfield said:

Quick and decisive he had opted to ditch his shirt as she took hold of it sliding it off entirely from his body and over his head while his arms slipped out. This left him bare-chested with no clothing stuck to his torso. Just glistened skin and while he wasn't fully toned he had a well enough ship and curve towards his body and waist. Something that could be considered him taking some form of exercise serious enough to keep his body healthy.

It was a wicked smile that curved upwards at his lips while his hair stuck to the back of his neck in a drenched mess. His arms extended to try and wrap around her tightly and hold her close against himself. "Is this surprise enough?"


On Saturday, February 17, 2018 at 2:28 PM, Geraldine Richter said:

She could feel her eye twitch with the new annoyance.  Closing her eyes, she drew in a breath as her own arms slowly snaked around his back.  Her insides practically screamed at her.  This was weird, she hardly knew him, what the hell was he planning, why was she touching him, he felt really nice... 

The last thought struck a nerve.  "Can't say I was expecting you to do that."  She spoke in a soft tone.  She moved closer, then tried to maneuver one of her legs to twist around his.  Maybe if she were lucky, she could take it out from under him with a pull.


On Saturday, February 17, 2018 at 2:29 PM, Alexander Winfield said:

He hadn't thought anything of it before but it caused his face to heat up some from the closer proximity, not to mention the presence of skin being smoothed against one another. Words were one thing he said those kids of words in songs all the time but the actual acts? That was something that seemed to twitch at his cheeks in redness.

"Ha, between you and me I didn't expect it either. But hey. . . I'm not complaining about it." Something that he had no problem stating as a form of truth. The soft tone of her voice rung in his ear enough to make his pulse race faster than he was ever used to, there was only one time he could have thought of that had a similar effect. The very idea of the feelings was weird to him as much as an alien spying on the world with all of its advanced splendor.

She was a much more mobile person with skill and a trained strength that he couldn't achieve. Gerry was a quidditich player after all, a beater no less. Someone who was aggressive and perhaps even much more competitive than himself. Alex, however, enjoyed a challenge and would give her every bit of a struggle even while he was going down into the water from her pulling his leg out from under.

Alexander needed to grab something, -anything- close by that would over him an advantage on trying to stay up or at least attempted to level the playfield of their water wrestling. For whatever reason his hands grasped towards Gerry's rear and squeezed on instinct almost as if to try and pull her along the descent to fall on top of himself into the water.

If successful, He'd have used his back to break both of their falls while his arms tightened inward to wrap up the red-haired girl to keep her safe from any probable scrapes from the fountains rough material.

"Urgh! Nearly forgot. . . You were a rough customer. Play for keeps, don't you?" All the while not realizing exactly where his hands were.


He didn't even know what he was doing.  His body was like his mouth, it seemed--it ran with whatever idea came to it.  That spelled a certain level of trouble.  She needed to get his voice out of her head.  It was like a godsend that when she pulled, she felt that imbalance, that wavering feeling of leaning and falling.  

She had expected to end up landing on her own back, or perhaps on her side, but that wasn't in the cards.  It happened to fast to think, to analyze, to realize what exactly had happened.  She was now laying atop him in the water.  It didn't even register at first.  All she could think was that she had won.  She got him down in the water with another large splash.

He spoke, and a proud smirk played at her lips.  "And if I do?"  Awareness began to set in, of her laying atop of him, of the closeness of their bodies, and her hands, trapped between his arms and sides.  Her thumbs gently slide across his skin as she watched him, mind going in a hundred different directions while remaining silent somehow all at the same time.  What was it about him?  That drew her in, that kept her pushing, rising to every challenge, reacting to every small thing he said or did?

There were so many different pieces he was already showing her, parts of his personality, but spoken and not.  What would the finished puzzle look like?  She tilted her head.  She was still determined not to give him any satisfaction.  She was going to win..whatever it was they were doing.

"Got you back down into this fountain, didn't I?  That's a victory. "

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Alexander could tell she had a very full and well worked behind. Probably not the thought he should be having considering how they had just ended up. The presence of her thumb that drove across his skin sent odd shivers through, enough for a sharp inhale through the nostrils to spike up. What the hell was that? The presence of the water around them probably didn't make the imagery in his own mind any better and yet he seemed to allow it to just linger within the depths of his mind without much worry of it. He didn't even move once he had realized that a challenging smirk strung across the young woman's face, the gall.

"If you do? Well then I guess it'd have to make the chase worthwhile, don't I? Prized ponies are treasured for a -very- good reason!" A smirk plied across his lips. While his blue eyes lowered to linger at Gerry's plump limps that seemed to glisten from the drops of water. She was a daring sort in her own way and something that he could admire in her considering he had his own streak most days if not every day that passed on by. The lower portion of his lip seemed to casually be bitten down by the top row of teeth with her voice pulling him from a carnal urge that nearly took over. The though still held within his mind and had only been set aside for the moment. 

"Is it a victory? It just sounds like you wanted to pin me down in a wet place. That's pretty daring and. . . Suggestive." Alexander's head tilted a bit as the black locks clung to the back of his neck from being completely drenched over causing it to be sop and wet. "I noticed you haven't moved either." An eyebrow arched up and very slowly his hands squeezed firmly at her rear. "Unless you're saying -this- was your victory, then by all means, yea, I think you've won. Hehe."

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She could feel goosebumps starting to spread across her skin at the sudden, sharp sound of his breath, and a tension in her abdomen that hadn't been there before.  Why..?  

He went on about a chase, and ponies, and she both lost and vaguley aware of what he was getting at--mostly lost.  She was beginning to hear the sound of her heart beating in her ears.  Her eyes narrowed at him.  "You're no pony.  You're a siren."  Something she'd already been thinking anyway, but her body's reactions just cemented the idea more.

His gaze practically burned, senidng unwanted color into her face.  She was glad for the distraction of conversation.  "As if you didn't get me into this wet place first.  Had to payback the favor."  Her eyes looked down at his torso, then moved back to his face as he noted her position.  "Are you complaining?  Yu didn't seem to mind it when we were standing.  Besides--"

She became suddenly very aware of his hands as they squeezed, and her breath hitched as her eyes shut for a moment, exhaling slowly as her pulse shot back up.  She had to take a moment for the feeling to settle.  "You were the one that made sure I landed this way."  

She drew in another breath and exhaled again before opening her eyes.  He was handsy.  And hers were stuck.  Now that was entirely unfair.  "I'm not the one groping someone."  She finally said, though she wasn't complaining.  The sensation was new, certainly, but not unpleasant.  "You better at least be enjoying that."

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He glanced around for a moment as she declared him a Siren and his blue hues scanned the cooling water that had surrounded them. "Well I am in water. . . You did crash into me. . Huh! I guess I am a Siren. Well - you know what usually happens when the sailor's are lured by the song right?" A playful and suggestive smile tweaked at his lips He couldn't imagine why being close to women with such full bodies created a warmth in his cheeks and a running shiver up his spine, this he knew wasn't the work of the water alone.

Alexander caught the color strike at her face as a soft smile formed afterwards, it was at least a sign that he wasn't imaging this new form of 'heat' between the two of them as she laid above. "You splash me, I take it up a notch and decide to submerge you. Just upping the game and changing the battlefield. Sometimes you do what you have to for your victory or at least an attempt at one." He followed her own gaze towards his body while in tandem his eyes followed upwards to lock in the stare even further. She didn't get much chance to expand on his complaining or not as he breath picked up and her eyes shut from his groping hands. "I was just trying to make sure you didn't take too much of the fall from my own actions. I take the hit for those.

When had he ever truly played fair? That wasn't his style what so ever. "Nope, you're just the one enjoying it. Closed eyes, heightened breath. . . You're -really- enjoying it." He shrugged casually as he lifted his head up gently to press a soft kiss against her lips. A tease, if one would, as his hands slowly started to trail form her rear towards her waist to hold her gently. "Oh, I was taking all the fun and enjoyment that came along with it, you can beat on that. It's a pretty nice ass too, gotta' say, fun to squeeze."

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