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Plots ahoy! Ready to make some awesome happen? Behind the scenes, Lily and I have been drafting outlines for some epic plottage ...
Happy Six Months, Tally!
Those of you who have not encountered my over-emotional speeches before, welcome to what will be the first of many! Today marks the s...
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A couple of farmers have been talking about sightings of a large wild cat of some kind, but when the try to chase after it to get a better...
Music to your Ears
Bet you didn't know that the latest news is the performer on the net who goes by 'BlueEyed' is taking up schooling in Tallygarunga! Even s...
No longer "AT", but we saw THAT coming.
It's official. Papers have been filed, and the unexpectedly long marriage of @Adele DeVylissea is over. Dear oh dear. At least the Drunk...
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Posting Gossip Small towns are notorious for gossip. The wizarding community that inhabits Narragyambie and Tallygarunga is no exception. B...
Welcome to the Black Parade
Blacky's Characters Always up for plots and new things, so feel free to toss in ideas!   Amanda (Amy) Lee7 | Description ...
Vil's wildlings
Plots! Splots! Spots! Lots! Socks! ... okay I'll stop now As a general rule I'm pretty much down for anything. I don't hugely enjoy f...
Rika's Plotter
Savannah Ryan - Profile Link:  15 ] Bourke Student ] 5th Year ] Auli’i Cravalho  Wants:  I am all for basically anythin...
Rika's Plotter
Savannah Ryan - Profile Link:  15 ] Bourke Student ] 5th Year ] Auli’i Cravalho  Wants:  I am all for basically anythin...
Rachel was like that floater that just refused to flush... And it was Audrey's self-designated job to be there for him and the kids whenev...
Miss Piggy Del
"What a delightfully ugly snort there, Adele! Don't tell me the pink cheeks are spreading and affecting your brain, I'm not sure how I'll ...
Blood to Blood, Shade to Shade
"...The other part owner is basically dead, and his wife is a swamp donkey. She let the place go and refused to do anything to save it, so...
Unwavering Faith
"Mamiere will cook." Caleb interjected, before looking squarely at Zane. "And then you will die." ...
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Iris Glauert
15 ☆ Halfblood ☆ Human Iris is the type of girl that can easily overload herself. She likes to start projects, but not necessarily finish them, and her dreams ar...
Artemisia Bellerose
22 ☆ pb ☆ hu Having moved from one country to the next and then the next, Arti often had a problem making, or keeping, friends when she was younger and...
Stuart Blair
51 ☆ pb ☆ hu Considering he's the father of five Blair kids who were all Spencers (and a secret other one who ended up in Sturt), it would be fairly ac...
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17 ☆ Muggleborn ☆ Human Driven and Ambitious, Tyson's major noticeable traits is that he always finds something to work hard towards living under the shadow of h...
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Bryan Hawthorne
45 ☆ hb ☆ hu Bryan Hawthorne is a down-to-Earth kinda guy. He enjoys the simple things in life such as the great outdoors with camping and hiking. He l...
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32 ☆ pb ☆ hu Liam is a very quirky soul. He's extremely depressed from previous life experiences but he hides it well by constantly joking around and b...
Morgan Ohara
13 ☆ hb ☆ hu Despite her situation, Morgan is a very sweet girl. She is rather shy, and introverted, but isn't afraid to make friends. She just needs s...
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24 ☆ mb ☆ hu Energetic | Hyperactive | Friendly | Focused | Spastic | Inquisitive ...
Gemini Demetra
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27 ☆ hbr ☆ dh Viktor is a fairly quiet man, but is more than comfortable with engaging in conversation with others, even those he has not met before. No...
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38 ☆ hb ☆ hu Srengths: Compassion- regardless of what others may think of him Tony has a rather large heart. He keeps it hidden as much as possible, th...
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16/17 ☆ Pureblood ☆ Centaur Evony is by default, a happy person. She enjoys the chance she has been given to attend schooling within the magical world and strives to...
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Elektra Devereux
31 ☆ mb ☆ hu Ely takes most of her life's problems on the chin. Most. For the rest, she usually hides it behind a mask of dry humour and sarcastic rem...
Rue Delaney
28 ☆ hbr ☆ fr Rue is odd. She’s always been odd. There’s just something mildly unsettling about her. It could be her eyes, that startling shade of ...
Vladimir Valentin
527 ☆ pb ☆ hu Vladimir is a bit of a mix in terms of his personality, however the most noticeable feature of his is the fact that he is extremely calc...
Tory Pierce
22 ☆ pb ☆ hu Tory has always been a tomboy who loved getting into scrapes. She is more courageous than is good for her, and particularly susceptible to...
Susan Summers
22 ☆ mb ☆ hu Frank and serious with little regard for easing the blow of opinions and facts. It’s not that she doesn’t care about people's feeling...
Lot Karras
38 ☆ hb ☆ hu ven when he appears self-controlled and calm there is a seething intensity of emotional energy under the placid exterior. Lot is like a vo...
Josie Wilson
22 ☆ Muggleborn ☆ Human Josie is, for the most part, an optimistic young woman. She loves life as it is, and wants to explore it--but one day at a time. She deals...
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Adele DeVylissea
35* ☆ Halfblood ☆ Sorceraic There are two very distinct sides to Adele. One, is the happy, carefree, laid back person she would like to be all the time. During these ...
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Cassandra Sullivan

Might As Well Be Walkin' On The Sun (Dec 15, '17)

Complete By Cassandra Sullivan, in Games Room

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Spencer ☆ Seventh Year ☆ Junior Dance Instructor★ LilyCat
18 year old Pureblood Fairy ☆ She/Her

Holy crap, why had they decided that Australia would be a good place to live, far enough away from all the stuff back home? It was a land of scorching desert heat.

It was with great relief that Cassandra had found the school's games room, and then found out that it had fantastic air conditioning. She sighed as she slouched back in a beanbag beneath one of the vents, and closed her eyes, sunglasses lazily resting over them. Her shoes were kicked off, and she was wearing a cropped shirt and short denim shorts, because when she'd woken up at 5am when the sun was almost rising, she realised it was going to be a gross day.

To be fair, the young woman knew she could have stayed home, where she knew it would be wonderful and cool all day. But that's what she'd been doing a lot of since the move down under, and since Caitlin was going to be at the school doing a little prep work for the coming school year, well Cass figured she could scope the place out.

So it was that the girl lazed, since there appeared to be no one else in the room at the moment. Apparently most kids had already gone to their respective homes since it was the last week and the classes were basically filler stuff. She couldn't decide whether it was a good or bad thing.

Then again, it would be nice to have someone to play pool with. The pool table was one of the first things that her gaze had fallen upon when she entered the room, surprised to see it there. But that was hella cool. No way she was going outside though, she was pretty sure the sun would burn her to a crisp within moments, on the inside and outside. She quite liked not being cooked, thanks. That thought in mind, she rested her head back again, and started humming to herself.

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★ Admin ☆ Resident Mamacat & Sorter of Awesome★ LilyCat
100 year old Pureblood Fairy ☆ She/Her

This had to be one of the hottest days of the year.

The Brit could help but think as he wacked another bludger away from him, putting a bit more force into this particular shot and channeling some of his frustrations into it, as if somehow hitting the ball harder would make the heat more bearable. Yeah, not likely.

Finals had come and gone, with classes finishing up and homework handed out in the last few days of the semester. Seeing as most students were excited about their up and coming days of sleeping in late and sun tanning on the beach, and no one really had the mindset to pay attention in class after a grueling few weeks of studying and tests, the teachers have practically given up on teaching new stuff, knowing all too well that they would have to repeat the same lectures at the beginning of the next semester anyway.

Quidditch though, was another thing. Since members of the quidditch teams usually spent a large amount of time in practice, it meant that they had a lot of school work and catching up to do before their finals. Even though most of them helped each other to study and keep up during the school year, the usually aggressive and quidditch-crazed captains had to admit defeat and cancel practice when tempers started to surge and panic attacks broke out amongst the more nervous students. No one wanted their teammates to fail, or worse, get suspended.

And so, with the passing of finals week, quidditch team practices were once again scheduled along with new training regimens. Apparently, their captain believed that rigorous training during break would give them an edge in the following quidditch season. Taking a break for finals was understandable, but slacking off during the off season wasn’t. That’s why, despite the insane temperatures today, the Bourke quidditch team was still out in the field, flying their asses off - quite literally I might add – with sweat pouring out of their skin. It’s a miracle really, how no one actually got cooked in this weather and turned into an over-sized grilled chicken.

Clyde was as big of a quidditch junkie as anyone, but even he had problems remembering why he even put up with this kind of shit. There’d likely be no team to play for Bourke next season, seeing as they were only a hair away from evaporating from this earth. So it was with great sorrow – and an insane amount of gratitude – that their head of house came and pulled them from the pitch, forbidding them from even thinking about training until the weather had gotten a bit more humane. Their captain had received a good tongue-lashing from their professor after the team was dismissed for the day.

Too hot to travel home and too lazy to even go get a cold drink from the kitchens, the Bourke beater made his way to the Southern Cross Tower nearby, knowing there was a small mini-fridge in the games room, stocked with snacks and drinks for the students, curtesy of the house elves. Merlin bless them.

Upon entering the game room, a strong cool breeze of air-conditioning hit his face, instantly making the young beater feel like he had died and gone to heaven. Fuck I’m never gonna leave this place… the teen thought absent-mindedly as he made his way over to the mini-fridge tucked into the far east corner, oblivious to the fact that he wasn’t the only one in the room.

After taking a healthy swig of mind-numbingly cold butterbear, the former Gryffindor felt life slowly start to seep back into him. And that’s when he noticed an unfamiliar girl slouched on a beanie under the vent. Clyde was sure he had never seen the girl in Tally before, even if she seemed to be his around his age. It was strange really, how her brilliant red hair seemed to tickle something at the back of his mind…

“Hey.” Clyde called out to her, grabbing another chilled butterbeer from the fridge before walking towards the girl. Was she a student he had never noticed? Not likely. The red hair was a dead giveaway.

“Um…sorry, do I know you?” though he regretted the question as soon as the words left his mouth. It sounded cheesy to his own ears, though he couldn’t shake the feeling that he had seen this girl before. Something about that red hair…

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Spencer ☆ Seventh Year ☆ Junior Dance Instructor★ LilyCat
18 year old Pureblood Fairy ☆ She/Her

The small redhead was near the edge of dozing off when the telltale sound of a door opening and closing, as well as accompanying footsteps, reached her ears, and she turned her neck ever so slightly so that she could peer secretly at the new arrival while they appeared to get something for themselves from the fridge. She had seen that earlier, but wasn't sure whether the contents were owned by specific students, or if it was just a free-for-all.

Either way, that butterbeer looked pretty damn good right now.

And then the young woman was noticed, and a small smirk tugged at her lips as she lifted a hand in a very lazy wave/salute. She rolled her head back again, her curiosity of the new arrival sated for the time being, until she heard the open and close of the fridge once again, followed by approaching footsteps. Then a question was asked of her, and she snorted quietly a moment at how much of a pick-up line it sounded like, at least until she considered the accent of the curious person, causing her to pick her head up and take a good look at him.

"Hmm..." Cassandra's lips pursed in thought as she studied him from her position. There was something oddly familiar looking about the guy, though she was pretty certain she would recall a cutie like him. Of course, given the events of the year just gone, it was any wonder if she really remembered anything of her former life. Faces were sometimes forgotten when running for your life.

"Go to Hogwarts?" The young woman's own voice wasn't quite English, not quite Irish, but something in-between as she spoke, shifting in the bean bag so that she was sitting up a bit more while she scrutinized the young man from behind her sunglasses. "If so, then perhaps. Either way, Cassandra Sullivan... Cass. Former Gryffindor, just transferred over."

A small nod was given, before she gestured to another beanbag that was nearby, an invitation to stay and chat if he wanted. She certainly didn't mind the company. Besides, his question and the niggling thought that she had seen him before now piqued her interest, and wasn't going to go away until she figured it out.

"You in Gryffindor too?" The question fell from her lips as her gaze narrowed. She'd been sorted into that house, even though a part of her had wanted to be in her aunt's. But it seemed that what she'd got suited her, just like here oddly enough. She hadn't really paid attention to the other drink that the lad was carrying either, since she was busy trying to put a name to the face that was in front of her.

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★ Admin ☆ Resident Mamacat & Sorter of Awesome★ LilyCat
100 year old Pureblood Fairy ☆ She/Her

The stranger had piqued his interest when she mentioned his former school, making him suddenly curious as to who she was. It had been three years since he and his mother left England, and he had just assumed that he could go on with life, never having to see anyone or be reminded of that particular time period. He had loved Hogwarts, it had been a home and a sanctuary when his actual home had failed to be one. But they had had to leave the country, too much had happened to make them ever feel comfortable living there again.

Three years seemed like a lifetime ago. The former lion had tried so hard to forget the horrors that had haunted his past, diving into his new life at Tallygarunga with vigor and a new sense of determination to have a happy life that belonged to him. And before he knew it, three years had gone by without a hitch, three years of blissful numbness and hardly any thoughts of his former life plaguing him these days.

But seeing the pretty red head sitting before him, explaining in no uncertain terms that she was also a former Hogwarts student – and in the same house no less – brought on a wave of nostalgia for the teen, forcing him to acknowledge the life that he had so desperately tried to leave behind. Memories of crimson and gold ties and laughing classmates tangled with those of his father beating him into submission made his head hurt from the sudden onslaught. Fuck, this wasn’t supposed to happen.

Her voice broke him out of the confusion in his mind, pulling him back to reality. And for a minute there, Clyde had forgotten that she was even there, too lost in his own flashbacks of a darker time. It had taken another second or too for him to realize that he probably should have handed her the other butterbeer, because his knuckles were already turning white from the fierce grip he had on the poor bottle. It was a miracle that it didn’t break.

“Clyde Atkyns.” relaxing his hold a bit as he held out the cold drink for her. Probably best to give it to her before he actually broke it. “Cass?” suddenly able to recall the redhead in his class. They hadn’t really known each other back then, seeing as he was much more of an introvert and mostly just kept to himself at that time. “Gryffindor too…you probably knew me as Clyde Bonham though.” trying to smile politely as he introduced himself to his former classmate. She really did bring out mixed feelings in him.

“You know what house you’re in?” Clyde flopped down on the beanie next to her, taking a better look at the other lion, trying to picture the girl he remembered sitting by the fireplace. Apparently, puberty hit them both hard, because Clyde could barely recognize her without the trademark red hair. She was quite beautiful now…or had he been too wrapped up in his own world to notice back then?

“I transferred here in fourth year…in case you were wondering. ” not feeling comfortable for the reasons behind their move and having to explain them to someone. He extended the same curtesy to her, though it was more to stop her from inquiring more about his past. He didn’t like talking about it, and he doubted she’d want to hear something so heavy today either. “I’m in Bourke now, and beater for the house quidditch team.” suddenly glad that he had cast a scourgify on himself when he left practice. Yeah he’d reek of sweat now had it been otherwise.

“Starting next semester huh?” Since he knows he hasn’t seen her previously, he deduced that she would be starting in the coming semester. “Well if you need help with anything….getting around, which classes to pick, juicy gossip, etc. I’ll be happy to show you around.” smiling more comfortably now, feeling his usual self returning as he relaxed more into the beanbag chair.

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18 year old Pureblood Fairy ☆ She/Her

Had she said something wrong? The young woman watched as the arrival appeared to stare at her... or perhaps it was through her, at the mention of Hogwarts and the House she'd been a part of for all of her magical academic life to date. Maybe he didn't know the school she was talking about? No... the expression he wore seemed far too nostalgic, if holding something that was part unhappy about the mention of it all.

Well, it seemed that perhaps he did know the place at least. But Cassandra guessed that maybe the other school held bad memories for him, and felt a little guilty for bringing it up if that was the case.

Except, then he finally spoke, introducing himself as he passed across the extra bottle, which the redhead accepted only too happily.

"Thanks!" Cassandra chirruped lightly, as she pushed herself up to sit a little better again, preferring not to spill drink all over herself if it was possible. And then she looked across to the guy when he seemed to recognise her, causing her to frown a little, before she finally pulled her shades from her eyes and set them on top of her head, squinting a little as she studied him, until she thought about the name.

"Clyde... wait, quiet Clyde?" Yeah, Cass was pretty sure she could see some of the younger boy in the now young man as she studied him. That was so strange, and she offered a small apologetic grin at the use of the descriptor. "Sorry, really didn't recognise you. You got taller, and older. But don't think I forget smacking a Slytherin kid for picking on you one time."

Then again, Cass had smacked a fair few kids during her tenure at Hogwarts. All of them deserved it though! And she was pretty good at being discrete about it, so that no one knew, not even the people she was sticking up for. Certainly, she doubted Clyde had any idea.

Well, until she'd just opened her mouth. Ah well. Cassandra took a drink from the bottle while she considered the questions she was being asked, before rocking her head side to side a little.

"I'm in some green House. Spencer, I think? Wouldn't be so bad if their main colour wasn't green," Slytherin was green. But she'd heard that Spencer was far different to those guys, and perhaps more like Gryffindor than any of the other Hogwarts Houses. That worked fantastically for her, and meant that she would at least get along with some of her House mates, hopefully.

"Yep, have to do school for the whole of next year... can't tell if it's weird, or a better idea they have here, starting their school year at the start of the new year, instead of halfway through the year," Probably smarter, and less confusing than the system in the Northern Hemisphere, but she wasn't going to admit that. She already felt a little homesick, "And still playing Quidditch, huh? That's good. I might offer my excellent skills as a seeker if the House doesn't have one next year."

The young woman offered a small shrug. She still wasn't sure what she wanted to do in this place, but at least they had Quidditch. She could maybe handle getting into that here. It would at least give her a small feeling of normalcy. She did appreciate the offer of help though, and the bright smile she offered to Clyde said as much.

"Hey, that'd be great! I mean, I've wandered the school a bit already. My aunt's decided to step down from her investigation stuff and be a counsellor and DADA teacher, so we've been here a few times," Cass nodded a little, before a smirk rose on her lips and she narrowed her gaze at Clyde, "You could help keep me from getting absolutely bored over the summer though. You'd have to know a few good places to hang out and do stuff by now, yeah? I've been wanting to check Melbourne out, could absolutely use a guide there."

The young woman smiled sweetly and batted her eyelashes at Clyde as she asked if he'd be her city tour guide, hoping that her feminine charm would be enough to get him to jump at the opportunity. Of course, there was the possibility that he swung the other way though, but he at least seemed nice enough that he would agree with or without being charmed.

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100 year old Pureblood Fairy ☆ She/Her

Clyde just couldn’t resist flashing his former housemate with his brightest smile, finding the fact that he was now almost the complete opposite of his former self quite amusing. He’d bet anyone would be hard pressed to recognize him as the quiet and scrawny little boy that he was back then. Thank Merlin for growth spurts. He could almost see her wanting to do a double-take and do a mental comparison similar to what he was doing with her. He couldn’t blame her really, they had both changed a lot in the last three years.

“Not so little and quiet now though.” winking flirtatiously at the new girl, letting his less than pleasant thoughts leave him. Part of him was wondering when she had actually smacked a Slytherin for him. He didn’t know if he should be offended that she had protected him without his knowledge or be grateful that she had cared enough to do something on his behalf…probably the later.

“Ah, still thinking Slytherin right? They’re…ok I guess…Spencer house I mean, a bit loud and obnoxious though.” clearly teasing the redhead with an over-exaggerated version of her future family. He had a few friends from Spencer and they all got along like a house on fire. Inter-house relations were so much better here than they were at Hogwarts. House sorting here felt more like assigning you to a team, along with a dorm that you all sleep in. No two houses actually disliked each other here, and everyone was much more at ease without house rivalry or blood status being an issue.

“Such modesty…what would spencer house do without your superb flying skills.” not batting an eye as he shot back a sarcastic remark, rolling his eyes inwardly at her words. Yup, same confident chick he remembered. Though now that he wasn’t just watching his classmates from the sidelines, he could appreciate the playful banter much better. “They’re gonna need all the help they can get….Bourke is gonna wipe the pitch with them.” Clyde smirked victoriously at the redhead, infuriating their enemies like any respectable quidditch player would do.

“Oh, so she’s the new DADA teacher we’ve been hearing about. Cool!” Yeah he was so winning the betting pool on the new DADA teacher. Next semester seemed better already.
Seeing the gorgeous redhead’s obvious attempt at charming him, smiling in a way that only accentuated her good looks, the former lion felt a strange tug in his chest, though he quickly ignored it and gave as good as he got. Two could play at this game.

“I could help you with that…” his lips curling into a lopsided smile “…when my busy quidditch schedule permits…” smile quickly twisting in a playful smirk “…though what do I get in return?” His blue eyes dancing with mischief as they locked onto hers, daring her to accept his challenge and proposal. Oh he hadn’t had this much fun in a while.

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Spencer ☆ Seventh Year ☆ Junior Dance Instructor★ LilyCat
18 year old Pureblood Fairy ☆ She/Her

"Hah! I can see that," Cassandra chuckled as Clyde made a point to mention the change he appeared to have undertaken. Flirtatious winking? Bold words and confident stature? Definitely different from what she remembered of the former house mate, back in the UK. She had to smile at that though, it was good to see since there'd always been something... off, or sad, in the way he held himself. "Looks like Australia's been good to you," She decided to remark with a nod as she opened her bottle to take a drink.

The teasing was more amusing than anything, and had the redhead chuckling quietly as she lifted a brow at him, still amused that she had run into someone from her old school, and that they had changed a great deal. Sadly, she was still a shorty, but no longer the thin and lanky girl, having filled out a little over the years. She tutted softly though, with a small roll of her eyes, though it was in good jest.

"Wow, calling me obnoxious and loud already? And here I thought we were going to be friends," A melodramatic sigh filtered through her lips and she rolled around on the beanbag, shifting it beneath her with an uncommon amount of skill, so that she was resting on her belly over it as though it were a slightly flat ball while she watched him, kicking her legs up behind her.

"I did excellently for old Gryffindor, thanks. So they just may appreciate my skills, even if some people don't," Cass poked her tongue out briefly at Clyde, before raising a brow in a 'yeah right' expression. "Sure thing. Just promise me you won't cry when I snatch the snitch and the win, hm?" She winked with a cheeky grin and then nodded again, "Mhm. We, uh... well, our family's history caught up with us, so it was decided that placing some distance between us and home might lessen the threat."

It was a subject that Cass didn't really speak about much, but everyone at Hogwarts had known that she lived with her aunt, and who her aunt was as well. Not only for solving as many dead-end cases as she did, but for her novel series too. Unfortunately, it meant that most people back home also knew what had happened to the Sullivan family.

"Get in return?" Cassandra's gaze lifted from the bottle she was studying for a moment, and her intense green-gold gaze focused on the guy sat nearby as her expressive visage shifted to a gentle pout, almost mournful in it's perfection. "You mean, my company isn't a good enough reason to want to spend time with me?" She asked quietly, her demeanour now that of almost a sad puppy that had just been rejected. She then offered a small nod as her gaze shifted, "I suppose that's understandable. You must be too cool to hang out with new kids now."

The redhead then bit her bottom lip a little as she continued the expression of a downtrodden and disappointed girl, playing with the bottle in her hands gingerly.

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“It is.” his blue eyes softening as he thought about all he had experienced here. Yes, the blazing Australian sun gave him a nice tan while quidditch practice seemed to just cultivate muscles in all its team members (pft, they practice how many hours a week? It’d be blasphemy if he were still the scrawny little boy) But changed him the most was the people here - people who smiled and treated him like a person, people who welcomed his mother and him with open arms…they were the ones that made this place so amazing, and it was largely thanks to him that Clyde had managed to find his way and become the confident young man he was today.

“Well I’ve always wanted an obnoxious and loud friend so we should be fine.” not letting up on his teasing as her movements drew his clear blue eyes to her slim back. Realizing that he was starting to stare, the former Gryffindor quickly tore his eyes away from her body, instead focusing intently at her face. That wouldn’t have been awkward at all.

His eyebrows shot up as her challenge was delivered. Challenge accepted. “Well if you do catch the snitch and win the house cup, I’ll buy you lunch at the equivalent of the Threebroomsticks here.” smirking as he shot back with one of his own “And if we win…you’re going to the cinemas with me and watch a movie of my choice. Deal?”

Clyde’s playful smirk fell a bit as he heard her comment of her family’s reasons for moving here, hearing the undertone of something painful and complicated mixed in with her words. He decided to just brush past it, understanding more than anyone that it was rude to pry, and if she really did want to talk about it, she’d say it on her own terms. “I’m here if you ever wanna talk about it.” not saying anything more on the subject.

Though any thoughts of sympathy for the redhead flew out the window when she responded to his flirting with her own brand of play. Dirty play at that. Cass’s sudden change in demeanor was anything but innocent. The girl was cheating with her cute pout, and it was taking everything he had not to let his jaw drop to the floor. Merlin she was killing him. “That….” closing his mouth as he tried to find the words to say. Bloody tease. “…fine. I like your company and I’ll take you wherever you want.” admitting defeat as he slumped back in his beanie, wishing the damn chair would just swallow him whole right now. Talk about pathetic.

Damn her puppy dog eyes and pout.

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Spencer ☆ Seventh Year ☆ Junior Dance Instructor★ LilyCat
18 year old Pureblood Fairy ☆ She/Her

"Pfft, as if you don't already have loud, obnoxious friends. I bet you've got plenty, probably a bunch of girls who hang around you as well, eh?" Cassandra chuckled lightly as she grinned, stretching out on her belly, causing her back to arch and the young woman herself to almost appear cat-like. She then flopped back onto the beanie, still on her front, her head tilted a little as she watched Clyde from where she was laying.

The challenge, however, met with an apparent proposition, caused her lips to tug into a smirk as she snorted quietly, her gaze narrowing in a mixture of amusement and suspicion.

"Sounds to me like you're angling to get a date out of this, no matter who wins the House Cup. But here's the thing, Romeo," Cass smirked as she lifted her head up and began kicking her legs back and forth behind her playfully again, "Firstly, the Cup isn't going to be until like... late next year? So that's an awful long time to wait for a bet. And secondly... what happens if neither of us win the Cup?" The young woman's brows rose as she smiled cheekily at him, before then tutting softly.

"And so forward of you too. Here I am, innocent little me new to the country and you're already trying to trick me into a date, goodness," Cass half gasped as she feigned bashfulness and lifted a hand to playfully cover half of her face, thoroughly amused at the holes that Clyde was was digging himself into.

It was even better when her pout proved too much for the young man, Cassandra was a master at being expressive, however, and knew what kinds of looks really worked for her, and how to use them to her advantage. With her small stature, pretty red hair, fair complexion, and green and gold eyes, she could artfully pull off a look of innocence that also apparently looked pretty darn sexy, she'd been told. And it won out right now, much to her amusement.

"Awww, that's so nice to hear! Aren't you just the sweetest?" The admission that he would enjoy her company, and thus showing her around wherever she wanted caused those large eyes to now blink widely at him as her lips tugged into a small smile. Though, he looked right now like he wanted to disappear into the floor.

"So what else has been happening for you in the past few years," Deciding to spare the guy even more embarrassment for the time being - there would be plenty of opportunities for that - Cass rolled back a little, onto her side, and watched Clyde curiously. "Decided on a direction for after school next year? Girlfriend? Boyfriend?" A brow lifted as her lips tugged into another cheeky smirk. Alright, so maybe she wasn't quite done yet.

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100 year old Pureblood Fairy ☆ She/Her

Clyde quirked an eyebrow at that “Is that jealousy I detect?” smirking like a cheshire cat as he turned his head fully towards her direction while taking another healthy swig of his cool beverage. “Don’t worry, I’ll keep a slot open for you.” The beater shot back teasingly. “Didn’t peg you for a quidditch groupie though?”

The kangaroo didn’t even try to contain his eye roll at her obvious twist of his words. This girl was honestly the biggest flirt he had ever met. And to think he’s thought his life here was oh so peaceful up until this point. Shame it was going to end now that the red terror had moved in. “Pft, don’t flatter yourself.” snorting at the Romeo reference and the part where she insisted on her innocence. Her innocent? Yeah, he was fucking Santa Clause.

Girl needed to be taken down a peg or two. “You’re working under the assumption that I want a date from you at all. Maybe you are the one that wants to go on a date with me? Since you so eagerly assumed that it was an proposition for a date.” Clyde shot back at the redhead, not letting up even for a second because he knew she’d bury him at this point if he was not careful. “Merlin girls move so quickly these days.”

“Yeah, yeah.” not at all happy with his quick defeat. Damn manipulating redhead...

He was more than a little surprised when she had changed the subject, having been all but certain that she would continue to milk his promise for all it’s worth. The girl was seriously giving him a mental whiplash…

Clyde didn’t feel like sharing the past few years, especially with someone he had just met (technically they knew each other way back but they’ve never actually talked to each other much before). He never did actually. The past few years have been… better, but it had been a long and painful road towards recovery, and he wasn’t sure if he was ok with anyone seeing that side of him just yet. “This is the second time you’ve mentioned girls in my life...” arching his brow in her direction “You sure you aren’t just asking for yourself?” smirking victoriously while the corner of his lips lifted into a lopsided grin. Payback was a bitch.

“I’ll admit that I’m a bit shy. We’ve only just met and now you’re asking if I have a girlfriend… already making a move on me.” pouting in fake innocence, putting on his best puppy dog eyes as he lifted his clear blue eyes to his attacker. “You really did’t have to go through all this trouble you know… I’m still single.”

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Spencer ☆ Seventh Year ☆ Junior Dance Instructor★ LilyCat
18 year old Pureblood Fairy ☆ She/Her
"Oho, ladies, check out Mr Casanova here... keeping slots for various women? Well, I don't know if I should really get involved with a player now," Cassandra laughed lightly, not at all fazed by the returned teasing and the attempts to knock her down. If anything, they only seemed to add duel to her fire, as her eyes lit up with amusement and mischief. Looked like she was going to have fun at this school after all, especially now that she knew someone who was going to be in her year level.

A devious grin pulled at her lips, white teeth showing as she rolled once again on the beanie and then pushed up onto all fours as she crawled over it, her gaze dark and almost promising.

"What if I were jealous? Think you'd even know what to do, hotshot?" Cass approached where Clyde was sitting, before leaning forward a little to rest her forearms beside him, resting her shin on them as she watched him from up close. Her gaze was almost penetrating in it's intensity, as though she could look straight into him.

"Would it really be such a terrible thing if I was asking for myself? Though, I did mention boyfriends as well, so convenient that you seemed to just breeze over that. Don't tell me you're in hiding or something... I sense embarrassing stories," Cassandra's brows waggled lightly before she leaned in gradually closer to the young man. The scent of jasmine and oranges floated around her, while she seemed to hone in on her victim.

Cassandra bit her lip as she watched Clyde's eyes, apparently the puppy dog look didn't work on her, and if anything only seemed to egg her on more. Her eyelashes fluttered and she inhaled deeply before releasing a small thoughtful sigh as her gaze seemed to assess his features.

"Well, you are cute," The young woman practically purred, "Is that what you want though? For me to make a move on you?" The question was asked innocently as she leaned in close as though she was about to kiss him, only for her hand to suddenly come up at the very last moment, between the faces, in order to press the tip of his nose, "Beep! Gotcha."

Cassandra sat back with a cheeky grin and chuckled lightly, before grabbing her butterbeer and pushing herself to stand as she took a drink and then wandered over to the pool table.

"I might be a flirt, but I'm certainly not easy," The young woman said with another soft laugh, "You're fun though. Want a game of pool?"

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100 year old Pureblood Fairy ☆ She/Her

Oh how far from the truth she was… Clyde chuckled inwardly at the thought of himself being a player. Pft, yeah, that was never gonna happen. If anything, it had taken this long for Clyde to feel comfortable with his friends, he wasn’t sure how long it’d take him to not bulk at the idea of letting someone in. It was all well and good when there was just flirting and games involved, but the kangaroo just couldn’t seem to be comfortable enough to be more with anyone before…

His eyebrows shot up into his hairline when she practically crawled over like a lioness stalking her prey, eyes dark and intense as she moved in for the kill. Fuck. Clyde was in deep shit. “I could think of a few things…” defiant as ever as he locked on to her forest green eyes, unwilling to back down at this point. His eyes roving to trace along the lines of her face teasingly, lingering on her soft pink lips a bit before raising darkened blue eyes back to meet hers in a smoky stare.

Though even he was caught off guard at her blatant admission of her motives. Talk about being bold… Damn her Gryffindor spirit. “I could think of worse things…” deciding to just act nonchalant for now and not think about her question. From what he’s deduced of her so far, it’s better to wait and see what she has up her sleeve before he says anything else. She’d likely bury him with his own words. “Don’t bat for that team thanks.” Clyde didn’t have anything against other people’s preferences, but last time he checked, he was still into girls.

Clyde’s eyes crossed comically as the redhead leaned in impossibly close, completely invading his personal space as she feigned kissing him. He could feel her breathing against him, making his own heart beat start to race, though just before she could close the gap between them, a delicate finger came up and pressed against his nose. Blood tease. What the hell was that? Shaking himself mentally from his shock. She was gonna be the death of him at this rate.

“I don’t go for easy.” regaining his ability to speak as he stood and trailed after her to the large pool table in the center of the games room. “Not my best game, but ok.”

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Spencer ☆ Seventh Year ☆ Junior Dance Instructor★ LilyCat
18 year old Pureblood Fairy ☆ She/Her

This was too much fun. Despite the decent facade that the young man was managing to hold up without freaking out too much, Cassandra had flirted with enough guys to be able to tell when they were bluffing and when they weren't. This poor lad was basically hanging onto a thread through sheer pride, but Cass was rather certain that despite his small bold sentences, he was likely not very experienced in the realm of romance.

And, since Cass wasn't an actual predator - at least not in the creepy sense of the word - she was more than happy to ease off a little after the threat of a kiss. Call her old fashioned, but she wasn't much for 'breaking in' people or being someone's first kiss or girlfriend. It just left all kinds of awkwardness in her experience. Besides, playing hard to get until someone couldn't resist was much more fun anyhow.

"I get the feeling that you haven't really gone for anyone," Cass grinned and offered a small wink and good-natured chuckle to show that she wasn't trying to be mean, but simply pointing out the obvious. "Nothing wrong with that. You're ready when you're ready, I say."

A small nod was given, though Cass leaned against the pool table and tilted her head as Clyde trailed behind her, not looking all too enthused about her choice of game. Hm, she didn't really want to make him play something that he wasn't all that interested in.

"Tell you what, since I'm the newbie, then you can pick out something to do, or some place to show me, so long as it's not in the sun, since I do have very delicate skin and will turn into a boiled lobster out there today," The redhead chuckled as she ran a hand through her mess of hair and glanced out the window, yeah she wasn't a fan of sun burn.

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100 year old Pureblood Fairy ☆ She/Her

If Clyde had been any other teenager, he’d likely be trying to fight down an embarrassed blush on hearing the redhead’s comment on his non-existent love life. But seeing as he had been the victim of years of domestic violence… he could hardly blame himself for wanting to keep his distance from people. It was the sense of self-preservation that had kept him alive all those years ago after all.

Though instead of going in for the final kill, the former Gryffindor had backed off and even comforted him…sort of. Weird. But even if Clyde was nowhere near able to understand the female mind, he appreciated her thoughtfulness when she stopped her advances, however playful they were, because she had noticed that it had made him uncomfortable.

It wasn’t so much of the fact that he found her repulsing – quite the contrary really– and she was really quite pretty…but his instincts had started screaming at him to pull back, unaccustomed to unfamiliar territories such as this.

It was ironic really, that by pulling back from him to respect his personal space, the redhead had managed to make him feel closer to her in an inexplicable way. Clyde felt much more comfortable in his own skin now that he wasn’t relying entirely on bravado. “That obvious huh?” chuckling weakly as all pretenses melted away.

“I suppose…I haven’t wanted to before.” deciding to be honest with her. Clyde had never wanted to actually be with anyone before. Sure, there were girls that he had found attractive or cute in the past, but there was just always something missing. Besides, the lion realized a long time ago that liking someone and actually wanting to be with someone were two very different things. He had yet to meet someone that he felt could reach him, and despite recent changes, he still wasn’t sure if he was ready yet. But maybe he had focused too much on his parents’ failed relationship and marriage to realize that not everyone was like that, and that he was basically just shutting himself away from anything that could harm him.

“I don’t know, think you’d make a cute lobster.” laughing more like his normal self now as he wracked his mind for a place to take her. She’d kill him if he took her to the quidditch pitch, the library likely wasn’t open at this time, the great hall and classrooms were empty also… Bourke common room! “I have an idea.” smiling more genuinely as he motioned for her to follow him as he led her towards his house common room. He was more than a little relieved that she wouldn’t be whipping his ass in pool as she had earlier with their banter. That would have been pathetic.

“You know what this is right?” the former lion pulled an old pensieve from his trunk and placed it gingerly on his four-poster. The pensieve had been his mother’s idea…to help him sort out his thoughts and memories and…come to terms with what had happened to him. He hadn’t been using it as often now, but it was still something he kept on hand, plus it made for a wonderful and efficient way of studying for his tests.

Lifting the wand to his temple with practiced easy, Clyde pulled out a few threads of his memories and casted them inside the metal basin, swirling the silvery liquid a few times before he turned towards his former classmate. “See you on the other side.” winking playfully at the redhead before he dove down into his memories, landing on his feet inside their old charms classroom at Hogwarts.

From the little bit of information that had slipped out earlier, he ventured a guess that she might still be missing her former life in England. He couldn’t surprise her with her personal memories, but at least he could show her Hogwarts in all its glory. Besides, it beats going out into the heat and no one would bother them as they wandered through their former school.

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Spencer ☆ Seventh Year ☆ Junior Dance Instructor★ LilyCat
18 year old Pureblood Fairy ☆ She/Her

There was no point in making fun of another teenager because they just hadn't done the whole dating thing. Not that dating was a big deal in itself. Sure, it was nice to go out and have a little fun with people, and kissing was definitely fun. But truth be told, Cassandra hadn't done much more beyond those. More... she was just very daring and confident, and didn't see the point in wasting a moment of life if there were opportunities to try something new.

"It's no big deal, just means you shouldn't bluff, in case you come up against another master like myself," Cass grinned and offered a small wink to Clyde before laughing softly. Not at him, but at the situation the poor guy must have found himself struggling in when he realised that he probably couldn't quite match her level of teasing.

"Well, perhaps in a lobster suit, I might look good," The young woman snorted softly, before lifting her free hand to open and close her fingers and thumb as though they were pincers. "I bet I could find a super cute costume somewhere. But I don't think I'd look all that cute if my skin was burned and peeling and I was in horrible, awful pain... that really doesn't sound cute at all, more like redhead hell." Chuckling again, the girl followed Clyde's lead as he took her through to his House's common area.

"Oh, hey, am I allowed in here? Enemy territory and everything," A faux gasp escaped her lips, before she smirked as she continued to where the other teen was bringing out an interesting tool. Yes, she certainly knew what these were. Her aunt had one, along with a large storage of memories that were under lock and key, and for good reason.

Cassandra managed to keep her expression relaxed and not wince at the idea of delving into a memory. She'd had a few nasty experiences, due to her own curiosity. But, this appeared to be something that Clyde had decided to share with her, so she inhaled deeply before delving in.

Once inside, the young woman immediately searched for the younger version of Clyde, since they would obviously be following his own memories of whatever he had seen or done in this specific one. And sure enough, there was the boy, much smaller and shorter than he was now, and she cooed as she scrunched up her nose with a grin.

"D'aaaw... look how li'l you are! So what's happening in this story anyway?" The young woman asked, before glancing around her, smiling as she recognised the building. It was almost too bad that it was just a memory and they could only follow who it belonged to. But it was still a nice sentiment nonetheless, that she appreciated.

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Clearly, the Bourke beater had taken one too many hits to the head today, as he so carelessly pulled his former housemate into a literal stroll down memory lane. Because obviously he hadn’t thought this through. Instead of focusing more on their old school, the redhead was apparently more interested in his younger self. He should have known.

Clyde didn’t even try to conceal the snort that had escaped his lips, rolling his eyes in embarrassment at her gushing about his significantly younger self. “Yeah yeah…” waving away her comment as he looked around for a particular shade of red amongst the sea of black the Hogwarts uniform was so well-known for. Gotcha.

“Mmm, just Charms class in first year…figured we could wander around the castle and grounds a bit?” Clyde tossed out absent-mindedly, his focus mostly on their surroundings as the students started trickling out the door, signaling the end of class. Now where was…Ah!

The former lion barked out a laugh at the sight of a familiar redhead knocking into an equally familiar little boy, causing both of them to end up on the floor in one small heap of tangled limbs. “I had forgotten about that….very nice, Red, completely had me floored.” sniggering at the sight of a much younger Cass, all cute and flustered as they both apologized awkwardly. Kids

“Planned to sweep me off my feet the first time we talked to each other?” teasing the redhead beside him as the scenery around them shifted with his younger self exiting the classroom, presumably on his way to his next class.

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18 year old Pureblood Fairy ☆ She/Her

"So li'l and cute! I just wanna pinch his cheeks!" Cassandra continued to grin as she watched the baby first year Clyde pack up his things at the end of class and seem to try and hurry out of class almost... only to apparently be bowled over by a redheaded bundle of energy. Looking at herself as a child was a strange experience, indeed, and Cassandra found herself amazed at how well a subconscious could store memories.

A soft snort was offered at the returned teasing, even as she watched the young girl who looked so worried that she might have accidentally hurt someone or damaged something of theirs. She still remembered first year and the source of her awkwardness and excitement was likely more to do with still feeling like she could become a superhero or something.

"Well, clearly even back then you thought you were too good for me. Practically ignored me and all after that," Cass pointed at the slightly dejected girl after Clyde had rushed off once he had all his things. Of course, the young woman knew that it had only lasted a moment, even as the scene appeared to fade and shift. Moments later, it was likely that some of her friends had grabbed her to do something, and she would have bounced happily off to get into mischief.

The shifting of memories was both a little confusing, and not great if someone had vertigo or something, and Cassandra thought she caught glimpses of various images of Clyde around the school. And then they came to the outside courtyard, where young Clyde was no doubt around somewhere. But more so, she looked up at the school from out here and smiled.

Cass had to admit, she did miss the old castle. Tallygarunga was so much different compared to Hogwarts. It was originally a sheep farm, for goodness sake! But still, it was better than the dangers that might be waiting back home.

"Sooo... where is the boy of the hour in this scene?" Cass turned her gaze from the structure then, in order to look around and see if she could find Clyde.

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The Bourke beater rolled his eyes at his new friend’s comment, remembering why he had left in a hurry after muttering a quick apology to the redhead he had collided with at the end of their first charms class together. He frowned a bit at the dejected look on the girl’s face, not realizing back then how his carelessness had affected the people around him. There had been so much on his mind back then to really have energy or attention for anything else, even if he had thought her to be cute. Then again, who knew she’d grow up to look like this? “Haha, very funny.” was his sarcastic reply. “If you must know” chuckling slightly at the memory, the Bourke rubbed the back of his neck in embarrassment while subtly walking ahead a bit towards the blur of memories shifting and changing, not really wanting to give her chance to tease him again should she catch his embarrassed red ears. “You were really cute and I was just too shy and flustered to figure out what to say, so I…I just grabbed my things…” It was mostly the truth anyway, even if it did sound embarrassing when he said it out loud.

Oh well, he’s been embarrassing himself a lot today, what’s one more?

“Probably following a certain redhead like a creep.” came his absent-minded sarcastic reply, snorting at the absurdity of it, though likely she’d tease him about it regardless. There were worst things in life than being teased to death by Cass. Now to find his younger self… “So you free on Saturday?” not really turning around to face her as his eyes swept over the familiar grounds of Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. God he’d missed this place.

He knew where his younger self was currently – likely just leaning against his favorite oak tree with his nose stuck in some novel or magazine he had managed to wrestle from his roommate. But what was the fun in telling Red where he was? She could play ‘I Spy’ while he watched.

“I hope you like coffee.”

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Spencer ☆ Seventh Year ☆ Junior Dance Instructor★ LilyCat
18 year old Pureblood Fairy ☆ She/Her
"Well yeah, of course I was a little cutie. Who doesn't love a tiny red-headed scamp?" Cass grinned cheekily, noticing the slight blush to the young man's cheeks, "D'aww, who'd've thought you had a crush on me back then? Shucks," The young woman poked her tongue out as she teased gently, but as the memories shifted around, she looked absently at the environment that shifted, until it seemed to find a place, humming quietly in thought while she searched.

"I'm free most days, to be honest. So, you know, whenever you have time to show me around the city or something, let me know," Cassandra offered a gentle shrug before turning her head to offer a warm smile to Clyde with a gentle nod. She figured he was asking because she'd already told him that he was going to be the one to show her around, so it was no big deal.

The young woman then spotted a kid who was sat under a tree with his face in a book, and smirked as she pointed toward him in a manner of 'found him', before then blinking and staring at Clyde with an appalled expression.

"What kind of Brit are you?" Cass exclaimed, before then shaking her head and tutting in disappointment, "Coffee is swill. I like my tea, thank you very much." She sniffed and lifted her nose in faux snobbishness, before chuckling.

"I'm sure there's plenty of places in Melbourne that have both though, so it's all good I guess," The young woman nodded before then concentrating on pulling herself from the memories. Gradually she returned to her own body and shook her head a little, before stretching her arms up a little.

"I should probably go find Cate for now though. Send me an owl when you've got some time, and we can hang out or something. Was good to catch up, take care, hm?" The young woman then offered a small wink and smile, before turning to bounce off from the Bourke common area.

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