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Welcome Tallygarunga is an 18+ post-Potter non-canon forum RPG set in Australia, featuring Australia's only public wizarding school Tallygarunga.

Location: Rural Victoria, Australia
Current time: January 2018
Term One: January 30th-March 29th

House Points
Flinders: 10
Sturt: 10
Bourke: 10
Spencer: 5
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Kay's Kiddos
hello loves! alright this is my little hoard of characters, they are all wonderful and full of the drama.... feel free to throw anything my way and we can work something out. Full disclosure i am terrible at checking this and you may need to poke me but i promise its just me being me and not something else!
36, Tally Professor,
Magical Law and Government professor, Shemar Moore
Anthony, or Tony is a man driven by his desire for justice. It was something that often came before his family. He was still an Auror when his wife died. She had gone out on a quick errand and he had not thought about going himself because he had a long tour that day. He moved to Australia to consult on cults. He rather liked Australia and so he stuck around and took a teaching job at Tally in order to ensure that he was around for his daughter now that he is her only caregiver. He has found int he past two years he had really enjoyed teaching.
CEO Athena Worldwide, George Clooney
A rolling stone gathers no moss has always been his motto. Atlas had five children, four of which grew up together, the fifth was a surprise and he was only made away when they turned 13. All 5 of them have different mothers from different countries. Aside from his messy love life he is the CEO of Athena Worldwide the magical shipping company his family has owned for decades. Atlas is gregarious in most situations. He is calm in all situations unless they involve his family. Atlas is a man new to the idea of commitment so as fr as romance goes it’s a guessing game to see what happens but I love a good slow burn along with some tension and drama…. And who knows maybe he needs another kid… .
30, Tally Staff,
Grade one teacher, Don Benjiman
Boaz is probably not what you picture when you think of a teacher, let alone one who teaches grade one. However, Boaz is in fact a Grade 1 teacher and he absolutely loves it. There is nothing he likes more than teaching and watching a student get a concept for the first time. Boaz loves kids in spite of not wanting any. The man is known for being very particular and event with his messy students his classroom is never left in disarray. He is by far a solid friend to have, he likes to spend time with people who are just as passionate as he is about their careers and he does enjoy coaching a few muggle sports teams for the same age group. The man however is rather unlucky in love and by his own fault. He struggles balancing his personal life and his work life. The kids always come first and take time away from other things.
30, Narrie,
Nanny, Sara Sampaio
Daria is estranged from her family in the united states. They do not agree with how she lives her life and she doesn't care so much about them. Daria has always had a thing for men in a position of power and that has not changed much. She is now pining away fro her boss Ketih Anderson while caring for his triplets. Daria is a fun loving person in general. She needs all the friends she can get! Anything and everything from those she goes out on the town with and those she is much closer to.
29, Ministry,
Auror, Gal Gadot
Elena is an Auror and she loved her job. There was nothing she really thought she would do aside from being an Auror. Elena is rather blunt and speaks her mind. She doesn't like the idea of pretending to be a shrinking violet. she is calm and keeps her cool most of the time. Elena loves her work, she makes sure she does everything by the book. I don't see her making too many enemies outside o those she may end up putting away but she could i am sure. Any sort of friends woudl be welcomed for her i imagine, someone to drink with. Someone to laugh with, someone to spend time with when she isn't at work, and of course she could use some romance.
33, Melbourne,
Creative Director, cote de pablo
Eudoxia lives and works in Melbourne, she is married to Jason Miller, she and Jason have two kids, Silas, who is four and Persephone who was born November 21, 2017. She is very happy with her family life. Dox teaches and is the Creative Director for Melbourne Dance, a studio she has been teaching at for the past years. She used to be an accountant for the Ministry. As far as what I am looking for- Friends she could always use them. She is a social, and ha no issues making friends. She could use a few mom friends too. People who dance or have children who dance.
16, Sturt,
unemployed, gigi hadid
Frankie is a sixth year Sturt. She is currently focusing on her potions due her dads owning Oliver Apothecary in Wizarding Melbourne. Frankie was adopted and as such has a bit of a complex about it. However she knows how lucky she is to have two parents who love her and care for her. Frankie however is in love with Fashion and the way it can be used to mold the world. She loves the idea of making a difference that way but she doesn’t want to let her parents down at all. She is a relatively nice person on the surface. So any plotting ideas you may have throw them at me.
Brewery Owner, Henry Cavill
Gideon owns Drunk Monk Brewery in Melbourne. He is a driven man, it caused his first marriage to end in divorce. Gideon is a workaholic, he loves his brewery and his life. he can come off pretty cold sometimes, however he has a very big heart, he struggles to balance his softer side with the customers with his otherwise cold exterior. Gideon could use just about whatever you could throw at him. Any sort of relationship however would be a slow burn
Ikedi Azikiwe
43, Ministry,
Head of Unfortunate incident and creatures Idris Elba
Ikedi and his family immigrated from Nigeria when he was a boy. He found he was magic mostly by accident. the one thing he absolutely and truly loves are the magical creatures he has worked with and read about. Ikedi is a very open and cheerful person, even when busy with work he prides himself in being compassionate and able to see all sides of the problem. He fights for the truth and finds kindred spirits in those who do the same.
Jackson Renner
17, sturt,
unemployed, christopher mason
Jackson is surly and in general a bit of a rough character. He was adopted by his family and they have always been very loving and affectionate, and he has no issues showing it with them. Especially his younger brother, He protects his brother above all things. He is not the happiest of guys and he will resort to violence to get his way… Once he makes friends he is friends with them for life and will do everything foe the, Until then you have to deal with Jack the ass.
15, Spencer
Front Desk Clerk, Taylor Hill
Kenna is the sort of person who is always on the go. She is always moving, always talking and often very fast. Kenna wants to learn and she can often be found fidgeting in a chair and chair and reading for a short period of time. she likes the more active and athletic aspects of life. Kenna is part Veela and thus she does have some charm to her. Kenna is a relatively open person making friends rather easily.
Keeley Monroe
28, Narrie,
Wildlife Conservationist, Elsa Hosk
Keeley is a bit of a rebel heart. She has never enjoyed following the rules and she has sent a decent amount of time giving people hell. Currently she owns Second Chance Ranch where she offers sanctuary for animals. Keeley is a rather fun loving personality and she is always up to have a good time and make friends.
Laza is an obscure person, he likes to take things apart and sometimes he puts them back together. He takes pride in being obscure, or weird. Laza has always been the sort of person who likes to do things in order to test people and see how they react. He has no trouble blending in because he knows how to mimic emotions though he himself is not someone who expresses them. Laza is not someone who makes actual friends but shallow ones. He is not someone who would have too many enemies, at least not that they would know about or he would care about. Romance is also a hard category but if you want someone who will have strange things for you to peruse then he is your guy… he also knows how to get what you may want if he doesn’t have it in stock.
38, Narrie,
ODD JOBS, Jason Momoa
Lot is a man who has been wanted for a murder he had not committed. Recently cleared by his brother in law he is adjusting to life as a civilian and not someone who has to run to survive. Lot has a 9 year old daughter Lilah. Lot has spent his time making it up to his daughter. Lot is a man ho has also been working odd jobs here and there. He is huge and therefore physical work tends to be the best thing for him. He does however do whatever he can manage for work. Lot could use just about everything as far as plots go. Friends, romance and he likely makes enemies, hes a big guy and he has pissed off plenty of people in his time.
Lux Hightowe
30, Narrie,
Herbologist, adriana Lima
Lux has come to Australia to put a bad divorce behind her. The father of her daughter was not interested in keeping up with his daughter and so when the job to consult with Potion makers and Healers with her herbology research came up she took it without a second thought. Lux can seem flakey at times but that is because she feels divided in her brain. She is often caught up in her work and struggled to see in front of her. However she does care about others a great deal and is a very good friend when you need one.
Scarlett Van Acker
28, Melbourne,
Caser, Minka Kelly
The most important things to know about Scarlett are, she probably will say something to offend you at some point, and she loves quidditch more than she loves just about anything else. She and her family do not get along that well but she has been trying harder and harder to make it work with them. Especially now that she is back in Australia. Scarlett had a very public relationship with the Seeker for the American Team, not only was it highly publicized but the break up was as well. She is just trying to keep her head down and get through the season without too much trouble. She is blunt but she means well, she could use anything you want to throw at her. Friends, enemies and someone to help her get over her break up.
Violet Kalifa
30, Melbourne,
Penrose Quidditch coach, Ashley Moore
Violet is the coach for Penrose, she is sometimes hard to get to know but overall she can be exactly who you want in your corner. She makes friends based on many reasons but if she does feel betrayed she will cut them off and there are no second chances. She likes to be in charge and she does well when she is. Violet has always liked having the attention and when she does she uses it for good cause. Mostly for Quidditch these days but that does not mean the struggles she has had growing up have just taken a back burner.
25, Narrie,
security contractor, stephen james
Vito is a private security contractor, meaning he is a hired wand so to speak. He has trained in various manners of magic and combat, and magical combat making him a decent man to hire if you need someone to protect you or an asset. He also does various consulting gigs as well. Vito is a relatively ballistic individual everything he does is always going to be explosive in some way. He is quick to temper though he has extremely good control over his reactions, he just boils on the inside. As far as what he needs, just about anything, he is is easy to get along with once you know what buttons not to push.
Kevia Hale
23, Narrie,
Park Ranger, Winnie Harlow
Kevia is your reluctant werewolf. she was attacked while backpacking in the Northwestern part of the United States. It has been rather hard for her to hold down a job until this job as a ranger. It gives her the space she needs and the company she needs to keep. Not only does she feel weird about being a werewolf she also has vitaligo that has caused her to spend a great deal of time alone. However when you get to know her she is very kind and enjoyed just spending time with those she loves.
20, melbourne,
bartender, madelaine petsch
Stella has only been a vampire for 3 years, she was attacked by a vampire when she deviated from the chore her mother had sent her on when she was headed to the market. Since then Stella has had a hard time adjusting to life as a vampire. She grew up in a very strict but nomadic family who did what they could to make money. They disowned her once she had transitioned into being a vsmpire. Stella has since been taking night classes and works in a popular club in downtown Melbourne. Stella greats life with biting sarcasm and enjoys being able to actually enjoy her life.


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Hey! I'd love to possibly have Penny and Elena meet at some point. Or perhaps they've already met. Penny was intending to be an Auror, but altered her course towards the DMLE with the intent to help create a new devision that deals with the protection of neglected and abused magical children. I think with the upcoming events, the Aurors and the DMLE would be working together, but I can also see them having known each other from training, if their timelines match up in that case .She got a bit of a late start with attending Uni and then getting into the ministry. Either way, its nice to see that its not all men up in the Aurors offices. 

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Frankie and Maddie are in the same year but different houses. Maddie is super nice to everyone, even if they're mean to her.

Kevia: Where is she a ranger at? Sean likes to go rock climbing so maybe they've crossed paths?

Sean is also a Quidditch player (beater) so there could be some threads there! (he's not as fun as Liam ;) )

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