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Welcome Tallygarunga is an 18+ post-Potter non-canon forum RPG set in Australia, featuring Australia's only public wizarding school Tallygarunga.

Location: Rural Victoria, Australia
Current time: January 2018
Term One: January 30th-March 29th

House Points
Flinders: 10
Sturt: 10
Bourke: 10
Spencer: 5
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  1. Stanley's attempt at reading his text books had amounted in less reading and more pinwheeling in his position on one of the common room couches- from hunched over a coffee table to lounging horizontal and finally upside down with his feet hooked over the backrest. Back at home, his tutor had given up on getting Stanley to read anything compared to walking him through it with a handhold tactic. Now he was on his own though, and his brand new school books still creaked when he opened them. After another minute of squinting into his Magical Theory text, he groaned and tossed it onto the table, rolling over to pick up his Herbology book instead. "Alright. Memorising some plant stuff. I can do that." He announced to nobody, standing on the couch in his socks and pyjamas. Pike gave himself one stride across the 3-seater sofa to skim a page of details, and then the walk back to the other side to recite them without looking. Pike marched back and forth bouncing lightly on the cushions as he went, talking out loud to himself as he listed off plant species- looking pleased when he even managed to recall the names and properties in the short window he gave himself. The mild productivity came to a crashing halt however, as so did Stanley. Maybe the couch was at the end of its lifespan anyway, but his jumping around on the furniture was certainly the last straw to breaking the armrest from the body of the couch with an almighty crash. Pike went sprawling onto the floor as he lost his balance and tripped over it to boot, his book skittering and his limbs flailing. What was sure to have been only a mild irritation to any other Sturts in their rooms turned into a brief cacophony of broken furniture and cussing teenager, followed by silence. Stanley groaned quietly as he rolled over, wide-eyed surprise to have broken school property without the intent to do so. "Oh- oh shit. There has to be a spell for this." With brand new enthusiasm, he sat on the floor and reached for another textbook while drawing his wand. Ok, Pike. Time to be a wizard!
  2. Quidditch was not something Mary had ever particularly enjoyed. No, Mary could never relate to the thrill of speeding through the open skies on a broom so thin it felt like flying, while two evil black balls and seven probably lovely but momentarily misguided players seemed to desire nothing more than to see her fall. As a sport, Quidditch was dangerous and vile and thoroughly confusing, and something Mary had been suspicious of from day one. She still remembered it pretty well, finding out about Quidditch. The air of childish awe on fellow muggleborns, the careless excitement of the kids who were already familiar with it, and in Mary's mind only one very pressing question: How would anyone, ever, dare tell her mum she had tragically died after being forced on a flying broom. Mary didn't die, but her overall feeling towards the game remained the same. There was nothing that much fun about throwing balls around while trying not to die horribly, but there was something for sure exhilarating in watching someone else do it. One had just look at the dark room on the back of the Drunken Roo that evening. Mary wasn't the only one covered in Quidditch props, and while not everyone seemed to have gone as far as to turn their skins the color of their team, the whole place seemed pretty committed to what was about to happen. After all, even though the Thundelarra Thunders versus Woollongong Warriors was by this point pretty much an yearly classic, it was still as big an event as Australian-League Quidditch could get. And Mary, a sucker for the underdogs, (even incredibly powerful, multimillionaire teams underdogs), was a hardcore Thunder-fan. She made as much clear the moment she stepped into the room. Just in case her clothes, hat, and magically-decorated skin weren't enough to make it clear where she stood that evening, the first thing she did was to blow on her sports-whistle, which produced the thunderous boom of her team. Other booms followed from different corners of the bar, and Mary found herself beaming in the atmosphere. And so did everyone else, or so it seemed, as Mary made her way through the crowded room and towards the only empty stool in sight. She twirled around a couple of mates waving their beers around, ducked under a group hug and, just as she got to the chair, another bum sat on it. "No!" she exclaimed towards the stool thief with the overly dramatic tone of someone who had been mentally preparing to yell a lot, and then promptly blew on her whistle again. "One-zero and Mary's off to a bad start!" She smiled. "Can the Thunders recover from the morale-bust and make this their only lost tonight?"
  3. "Well it fucking stinks in here." was probably not the first thing Ash should have said when he wandered into Hoots & Whispers on his mission to buy his beloved Niece a pet or two. He hadn't even bothered to say it under his breath nor did he hide the movement of bringing his hand up to his nose to block the assault from the animals scents all mixed together. He should have been super posh and brought a handkerchief with a much more pleasing smell on it too hold over his mouth. The problem was he was neither posh enough to own such a handkerchief nor was he the sort of person who carried handkerchiefs. So instead he allowed himself to get used to the assorted smells, reminding himself he’d been in places that smelt much worse than this, so much worse. It also helped that he was here with a particular goal in mind. To get a pet for Nina, after all the girl had lost her Mother and now had to live with her Mothers doppelganger. She needed something of her own, something she could lavish feelings onto. Something that was simple minded enough that he wouldn’t really care who it went to live with or how many times it was shoved about from pillar to post. Taking a deep breath and pushing some of his curly hair back the man descended into the shop, passing the accessories and food for the various animals he could smell and heading to the part of the shop that housed such creatures. His dark eyes grazed over toads, rats and something small, spherical and fluffy. The round puffy thing interested in long enough that he stepped closer to investigate it, which was until a long and thin tongue whipped out from the middle of the beast and tried to insert itself up his nose. Stepping back swiftly enough that he knocked the display behind him, he pointed at the creature that admitted some kind of low humming noise “Here, we’ll be having none of that now fur ball.” He said, straighten up his shirt slightly and turning away from the creature and deciding something that was going to try and do things to his nostrils was not a creature he could bring into his home. Shooting the offending creature one last look that bordered more on amused than annoyed, he headed to what he knew would be a safe bet. The Cats.
  4. The move to Australia was not one that Calixta had planned for. In truth she was content in Greece, at least for a time. She found she was restless more often than not since Kosta had died. It was strange to sit still- to wake up and roll over and expect to see him. It was not something she would have considered before her husband had passed honestly. Then things had changed. Her children had grown up and had their own things going on. They would visit her wherever she was and with her brother moving to Australia and opening a new branch of the business, it made sense she base her operations here as well. They had not been using curse breakers for long, but they were now a standard. Which meant she took those curse breakers who had decided that a job at the ministry was not for them. There were things they needed to look for, and there were lots of bodies they would need. She had come with a few of the more senior breakers with her and they had been busy training. It was good for her, she was able to focus on things easier than she had been before. She had not though the change of scenery would have been so good for her. The moments she had been able to find free time, she had actually used it as free time. Spending time with Atlas, her nieces and nephews and grand nieces and nephew had been truly a blessing. That was one thing she knew for sure. That and she had come at the opportune time to meet her newest Nephew, though he was not a baby, but nearly a grown man. Cali had seen the stress that it had caused her brother. Though the fact he was making changes and working towards something made her wonder about him… She was rather worried about Atlas. Then again as the baby sister she had always worried after her brothers. That instinct had not changed. Atlas was not perfect, but then again none of them were. It seemed like the Karras family was hard wired to mess things up. They had been doing it long enough to know just how. Though she supposed they should really spend time learning how not to mess things up… but they managed to keep themselves too busy doing otherwise. Today however she had been exploring the shopping options in Oliphant. It was nice to have moments to shop from time to time. Cali had not been the big spender her brother was but she knew how to spend money when she had the chance. She was window shopping for the time being. That was one of the few things she could trust herself to do. When she went into the shops she had a difficult time saying no. Especially to shoes, but for now she was doing alright. She was standing in front of the pastry shop and she found that her resolve was beginning to crack. ”Please tell me that the pastry is horrible so I won’t be tempted.” She let out a soft laugh.
  5. Mary dropped Frank the Keychain on her desk to get everyone’s attention. Uncharacteristically, Frank didn’t make a peep. “Okay guys, is everyone here?” Mary pulled her hair away from her face as she checked for the usual faces, “Because you’ll be happy you are.“ A smug little smile pulled on her lips as she made the silly pun, and she had to bite down for a moment so she wouldn’t laugh. “We’re actually doing a great one today, especially if you any of you are stressed out with the end of the term workload. so today we’re gonna learn cheering charms. One cheering charm - a very simple one - but I brought a complete book on them -“ Mary tapped the book on her desk, “In case you guys become fans. You know how it works, just ask and come pick it up if you want to have a look.” Her hand searched for Frank on the desk as she sent an encouraging smile around, and once her forefinger was safely wrapped in the keychain ribbon she picked Frank up and showed it to the class. Frank was a very unhappy shrunken head that day, and the only reason it wasn’t more apparent was because Mary had carefully shut his mouth closed with spello-tape. “You can try the spell on the person next to you, but what I really want us to do today is to try it on Frank here. You know how properly moody he is, so it should be a nice challenge to try and make him cheerful, right?” “So,” Mary waved her wand towards the chalkboard with the other hand, and the word contentos was slowly written behind her. It was a nice trick she had learned before coming to teach at Tallygarunga, and pretty much the only bit of nonverbal magic she could do. “You have the spell there, and I’m sure you want to try it. But before you pair up and I start passing dear Frank here around, I want to know -” her eyes landed randomly on a student and she asked, “What do you think this spell does? How do you feel about it?”
  6. Vlad Zakharovich was not at all amused. The man had gone to the Bilby wing to collect his son, Katya having stayed at home with her mother due to a summer cold. However, as he walked along the playgrounds and the courtyards, he could not find the boy anywhere. A young girl informed him that she had seen Maksim 'do something funny with the fence and made it glow red', and the man could only assume that the young one's pyrokinesis was at it again, in conjunction with his mischievous nature. Vladimir let out a sigh; what was he going to do with that rambunctious son of his? Truthfully Vladimir could have turned into his animagus form and hunted the boy down much more easily, but neither did the man want to frighten the younger denizens of the school with the form of a cerberus running around. Thus, Vladimir continued by foot, and as a human, his piercing blue eyes on the lookout for the little boy. There was no quidditch currently, thus the Russian was able to rule that area of Tallygarunga out of his search. "Maksim Vladimirovich!" Vladimir called out, a frown on his face, some older Tallygarunga students looking at him wondering why the Head of Flinders house was out and about shouting such a Russian name out to the masses. Vladimir traversed the memorial garden and could not find him. Now, he was wandering the grounds. One thing was certain: the moment he found Maksim, the boy was getting another talking to. Vladimir paused in his wanderings as he made a mental checklist of everywhere he had checked thus far. If anything, perhaps he ought to head back to the Kookynie Halls. It could very well have been that the boy had wanted to surprise him in his office. And yet, well, considering Maks' nature... "I swear, Maksim..." Vladimir muttered as he turned about, nearly bumping into someone. "Извините!" Vladimir apologized. *Izvinite = Excuse me!/Sorry!
  7. The school year had gotten off to a good start and he was actually enjoying the class he had this year. There was some anxiety that came with a few of the students. Two relatively important people in education had their kiddos in his class. Boaz was not so much worried about his capabilities, he knew he was a good teacher, but he did worry a bit about what other parents were saying. Boaz was sure he never favored children, there were some who needed extra attention, but they usually needed help with something. They had been working on subtraction and it was a doozy for the kids but they were picking it up a little. Numbers and letters… he lived his life in numbers and letters. He usually dressed up like the count from Sesame Street every year for Halloween and talked in that accent and they did a lot of counting. He was still tickled by his behavior every year. There was a lot that he wondered about himself sometimes… he wouldn’t have done this when he was younger but he liked to do it now. He liked to make an absolute fool of himself most of the time. It was for the kids though, it was a good reason to be a fool. Today however he was headed into town. He wanted to enjoy a cuppa and he had promised to email his sister. She had been in Ghana for the past three months and he had missed their daily chats. It was a bit harder to catch her now. However she did have access to email intermittently. Boaz did not have a computer, he made that choice. Though he may end up getting one to keep in touch with her. When he went to Basil’s he had to wait. Luckily he had gotten up early enough to slide in before someone took all the open stations. He casually strolled into the café and smiled as he walked to the counter. ”Americano please.” he had always enjoyed the taste. Once he had his coffee he put in a splash of cream. The small indulgence he allowed himself in the coffee. It was a bit easier on the stomach when he added the cream. He moved to sit and then smiled once he did. Sitting next to someone who seemed rather wrapped up in what they were doing. ”Hey, mind passing me a few napkins.” He asked and then smiled at them. ’that looks good….what is that?” he asked looking at the pastry on the plate… it looked pretty damn amazing- and his stomach growled.
  8. The heat wasn't too bad today, a bit mild in comparison to the last few days and so Tyson considered doing a bit of extra training at the West Wall. While it was a place often used by people to get away and do other small things that they enjoyed it had been empty at this time of day which was quite fine for the young man. Donned from shoulder to feet in his exercising gear he bounced on the balls of his toes to bolster up the adrenaline and heart rate. Training at the Quidditich Pitch had its benefits but only if he were training up his body and instincts as a chaser and while it was cool for him to have ran into Gerry, a fellow athlete, he didn't want to wear out a good thing too soon. Once he dropped a massive gym back onto the ground a heavy thud echoed from it from the impact and the zipper came undone with his assistance. He started to set up a portable sparring dummy which was pretty much just an intensely blown up figured in a humanoid shape that had been laced with coarse and strong leathers that could endure the impact. Still he needed to be careful and make sure he didn't damage it too badly with an overly powerful kick or strike. "Wish they had a gym or something for this kind of training but what can you expect." He remarked to himself lowly and proceeded to set up heavy metal stakes that he could drive into the ground and pin the small loops that dangled off of the inflated object just to give it more stability and balance. Perhaps he could have used magic instead and charmed it a bit to make it a challenge but that wouldn't be nearly as fun yet not until he could get going on a better regiment for the year. It would be good to keep that in the back of his mind, however, for when he decided to go into competitions or needed to do an exhibition at the small place he helped to teach at as an assistant. Tyson unlaced his shoes and removed them from his feet then proceeded to remove his socks as well, then started to wrap both feet and hands in a tight compressive white tape. The process was always arduous and took more time getting them off than actually putting them on but it was a necessary for body safety and keeping the appendages from getting too injured in the process of movements. It also just grew as a thing to do as time went on somewhat similar to how he'd always maintain his broom and use special grips so that he could keep a tight hold on to it during the quidditch practices., Once he stood back up his feet planted into the ground and separated from one another at an angle while his arms rose up into an offensive positions after popping a mouth guard between his teeth. His right leg lifted up into a bend and then his waist twisted slightly while the leg started to extend out into an arc and course through the air with little resistance until the base of his shin collided against the head-region of the dummy. After the impact he started to step backwards slightly to give himself more room and keep his body moving and the blood constantly pumping through his entire system while his teeth clutched at the red mouth-guard that were snug between the rows of teeth. After a few more quick succession strikes that were a fluid motion of his hands and legs his momentum started to slow down a bit as he removed the mouth guard and sighed. "Man, it just doesn't feel right without it being in the dojo. Atmospheres way too different."
  9. She'd never admit it, but he was homesick. Samhain frowned, leaving the main building. She wasn't very hungry, and the majority of the students were at lunch. So she allowed herself to walk, one hand reaching into her bag to pet Bumble's head. She didn't know why she felt homesick. After all, life at home was hell on earth. But at least there, she knew what to expect. Do something wrong, put a toe out of line, get punished. If dad got drunk, you get punished. But here, she didn't have that. Kids seemed to attack her out of random, and nothing made sense anymore. She seldom get peace, so this was her first chance to breathe in a good while. Without thinking, she began to hum, walking down towards the Courtyard. For Australia, it was actually a pretty nice day. Not nearly as blistering hot as it got some days, and the cooling charms she'd applied to her clothes definitely helped. "Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high," she crooned, approaching one of the benches. Think she was alone, she allowed her eyes to close, head leaning back against the bench. "And the dreams that you dreamed of Once in a lullaby Somewhere over the rainbow Blue birds fly," It was nice, she thought, being able to sing without being mocked. She never bragged, and never thought so, but she had a rather nice voice. In her mind it was horrid, but it wasn't terrible in the least.
  10. To say Gideon was mad, would be an understatement. When he ad started the day it had been a good one or so he thought anyway… he frowned his brow furrowing as he walked. He had a daughter. A daughter. One that he had not a single clue about. How did she think it was okay to keep this a secret, she didn’t bother to seek him out, she didn’t think that he might want to know that he had a daughter. He took a deep breath. It hurt, finding out that he had missed out on the child’s life. He took another deep breath and unclenched his jaw. How did one get over that? Right now all that mattered to him was the fact he needed to step up to the plate. It was possible the young woman wouldn’t want him in her life. He couldn’t blame her, he hadn’t been there. But Gideon had not known that he needed to be there. Giddy hoped she understood. The worst part of the whole thing was that he and his ex-wife had tried for years to have a kid. Gideon wanted to be a father. They had spent a fortune on treatments, they had grown apart. The relationship had not been a relationship, it was all about how to make the kid thing happen. When they had finished that last round of treatment they hadn’t liked one another anymore. It had been an amicable divorce if you could even call the dissolution of a marriage amicable. Gideon had not wanted to throw in the towel but it had been so miserable for the both of them it only made sense. She sold her half of the brewery to him and that was that. The life they shared was divided up and given a value. He sighed. He needed a drink… he needed something to get over the news. The question was how did her get over the news? He sighed heavily. What was he supposed to do. He couldn’t just go storm the school and talk to her. In fact he wondered if she even knew that she had a father who wanted to be part of her life. He did want that, she was his kid after all. What if she wanted nothing to do with him? What would he do then? For as long as he tried to be a father… he had a daughter. He shook his head as he walked into a bar. He just needed to get a grip and calm his nerves. It was not too crowded luckily he would have been a little too overwhelmed in that case. He sighed. Walking up to the bar he leaned on the lacquered wood. ”Tequila and lots of it please.” He said as he shifted to sit on a barstool. He wiped his face as a clear glass with the clear liquor was placed in front of him. He then turned to the person next to him and raised his glass. ”To terrible days.” He said as he then downed the shot and placed the glass on the bar and signaled for another. ”and one for my friend over here.” At least he was not drinking alone.
  11. This was ridiculous. Alic Eron, Care of Magical Creatures Professor, bit down on his lip, fighting the urge to roll his eyes. He'd planned to spend his day without classes relaxing. Enjoying his nice, cool rooms and reading a book. Maybe work on lesson plans if he absolutely had to. But this? This was absolutely not what he'd planned. But he was a teacher. And a soft touch. And the student had been a First Year, a worried little eleven year old lad with tears in his eyes. And Al had crumbled like a mountain made of sugar-blocks. And that's how he found himself climbing a tree in the Centre Courtyard. He'd sent the lad back up to his Dorm, not wanting to have to deal with the kid staring holes in him. The man hadn't dared using a levitation spell on the cat, and the kid had begged him not to. Apparently he was afraid it would backfire and injure the cat. So he found himself, struggling up the tree, chasing the cat. He knew the cat would get down fine. You never saw cat skeletons in trees, did you? But the cat had been up there all day, and the kid was worried. So he'd agreed to get the cat. But now he was heavily regretting it. The tree was starting to seem rather tall, and he was several body lengths off the ground. The cat had run out of branches to escape to, and was standing desperately just out of reach of his fingertips. He stretched... The cat leaped. It bounced off of his chest, before ping-ponging down from branch to branch, hitting the ground and rocketing towards the school. Alic whirled, desperately trying to get his grip, only to be knocked clear out of the tree. The fall seemed both impossibly fast and molasses slow, and then he was impacting with the ground. The impact knocked the breath out of him, and he gasped without drawing breath, desperately trying to get his wind back. He laid sprawled out on the ground, trying to reorient himself.
  12. Josie couldn't help the catchy pop tune that was in her head tonight, and she sang it quietly to herself as she made her way into the Drunken Roo. She'd never spent much time in there, or any bar, but it was her birthday and she was going to celebrate.....somehow! With it being about seven, it was easier for her to find someone to cover her station for a few hours--classes were done, students were at least half settled, it was unlikely at this hour someone would be popping in unless it involved a stomach ache from dinner. She looked around, biting her lower lip and releasing it as the smile spread. She had no idea as to what to really expect. It didn't look entirely alien to her however. Had she been in here once during school? It was possible. She couldn't decide if it was a yes or no. She walked up to the bar and sat on a stool and looked around, then after a moment remembered that she probably would need some form of identification. She pulled out the card and tapped it on the bar as she bobbed her head. When someone came up she said, "Oh hey there! Awesome night, right?"
  13. Amy giggled. It wasn't often she was allowed into the older student side of Tally. She'd been a couple times, but never with the Bilby side's permission. Although she wished it was something... cooler. Like going to the Quidditch pitch, or getting to help with a class! But going to the library? It wasn't terribly interesting! Not that she didn't like to read, she did, but she didn't think any of the books in the library would be very interesting. Plus, she'd had to leave Blue behind. She hated putting the dog in the Kennel, and had made it a habit of only putting her in the Kennels at night. But it had been a stipulation that she'd have to put Blue in the Kennels if she were to go into the older kid's side of Tally. It took her a moment to push the large door open, finding it heavier than she expected. As she walked in, she looked at the paper in her hand. They'd been kind enough to write down where she could find the book, including the aisle, as well as what the book looked like. She counted off the aisles as she walked, before finding the one that matched her paper. The Bilby student walked through the aisle, before finding the particular shelf. She couldn't help but to frown, however, as she spotted the book. Well, spotted was a bit of an overstatement; really, she only saw the color of the spine. If she stood on the tips of her toes, she could only just see it. There was no way she'd be able to reach the book. But that didn't stop her from trying. She stretched up onto the tips of her toes, reaching as far as her arm would allow, failing miraculously.
  14. Albertine felt in incredibly proud of herself as she made her way towards the game room. The source of this pride she held tightly against her. The casual onlooker may not consider what she held as much of a prize; it simply looked like a glass bottle blown so it was rounded at the bottom and a cork placed at the top of the spout. Inside a small figure danced around and small flakes of what looked like dandruff fell down from the bottom of the cork. It was a simple enchantment in a bottle. The young Spencer felt differently though. She had managed to create snow and encase it in the bottle. This was in part an experiment but also to elevate some of the homesickness she felt in the hot arid climate of Australia. Bertie missed snow, more accurately she missed the possibility of snow. That small chance as the cold weather rolled in that small flurries would litter the ground. How she missed those showers, how when the temperature was right it would settle. What she wouldn’t give to grab a piece of cardboard and slide down the dangerously large hill, safe in the knowledge that magic could heal any bruises and broken bones she might sustain. Just looking at those small flakes encasing the bottle of the bottle brought that the memory of a cold wind knocking the very breath from her lungs. She managed to dodge around most of the milling people as she walked towards the game room, even ducking underneath a teacher who was waving their arms around frantically as they tried to clean up another mess, one no doubt caused by her wild housemates. The young French girl had stopped paying as much attention as she neared the door to the games room and it was this inattention as she crossed the threshold into the room that caused her very own Spencer mess. Someone hit her shoulder with enough force that it jerked her backwards, then without apologising they had continued on. Thoughtlessly she turned, grabbing her wand from her robe to curse such rudeness with a curse that would cause maroon hairs to sprout from various parts of their face; this second jerking action caused her to lose the grip on her prize. At first she had not noticed the bottle fly from her hand and into the room, she didn’t notice it fall and she was too concerned with the soon to be maroon rude person. Her attention was caught when she heard the crash and shattering of glass. Turning around at the sound her eyes feel upon the pathetic remains of her treasure. The sound that came out of her mouth was akin to that of a cat that had its tail stepped on as she rushed over and knelt down by the glass, attempting to scoop it up with her wand. The enchantment that had lived in the bottle had used the space given by being free of the bottle to grow, gathering above the heads of the students in the room and slowly releasing flurries of snow into the room below.
  15. They’d been in Melbourne for a couple of months now, and since Michael tended to stick almost exclusively to the Muggle neighbourhoods, he hadn’t yet run into anyone who knew him from before, though he also knew that was only a matter of time. Time that he felt was running out, as he put his daughter in a pretty dress and strapped her into her stroller. The little girl, who had just turned two in December, looked up with betrayed eyes as he laughed and kissed her on the forehead. She hated the stroller, but Michael was not much interested in carrying her for the duration of their day in the city. He needed to buy some clothing for interviews, and he felt bad for Ally, who didn’t have half her collection of toys and movies that she used to; they’d left most of it in Western Australia when he moved them both back to his roots. “Come now,” he teased gently, handing the little girl a container of carrot and celery sticks, “we’ve got a day of adventure ahead of us! No time for frowning!” She babbled something in reply that he didn’t really catch as he pushed her out the front door, locking it with his keys and then they were making their way down the footpath. A bus stop not far away would take them to the city centre. Certainly not the most affordable place to go shopping, granted, but Michael did not feel like trying to make his way to the suburbs only to lug who knew how much stuff back home again – almost certainly with a grumpy toddler along for the ride. It was early morning, so most folks were on their way to work. Michael kept his head down and entertained his daughter to keep her sane during the bus ride, then exited and made their ways down the streets. He decided to do his clothing first; opting to get the most important out of the way while the toddler he was saddled with was in a good mood. Twenty minutes later, and he had two nice suits and a handful of shirts and ties to get him through more interviews than he felt he was likely to receive, but at least he had nice clothing now! The pair continued along their way, the next stop being a rather large toy store chain. Michael took a deep breath before going in. Parking the stroller in the bay provided, he unclasped Ally and watched her fondly as the little girl toddled off at full speed; dodging between legs and crowing in delight as she darted from shelf to shelf. He watched as she would grab what she could reach, before dumping it on the floor for her hassled store worker – or her father – to pick up and put back, and then doing the same on the other side of the room. “Slow down, you little monster!” Michael laughed, darting between a couple of people to stand behind Ally as she stared up at a huge Sulley plush, clearly bigger than her, with stars in her eyes and her mouth making a little ‘o’ of delight. He shifted the bag of his clothing on his arm, and looked down at his daughter. “… It’s bigger than you are,” he tried, eyebrows drawn together. She just grinned up at him. Michael sighed; he knew that was coming home with him, whether he liked it or not.
  16. He had waited a long time for this. With the Firebolt in his hands and fresh grass underfoot, Orion stalked into the Quidditch pitch. He inhaled deeply and glanced up at the stands. For whatever reason, he felt like he was home. He loved it here. He had never felt more at home at this school than when he stood here. Grasping his broom with both hands, he looped one leg over the slim frame and took off. The vertical climb was almost second nature to him now and he hovered for a few minutes about halfway up. Then he started doing laps. It was so easy to fly around the stands, darting in and out of the beams. Anything really to get him back up and flying. It wasn't something he was able to do much at home being that people on broomsticks would be rather visible over jungle trees or in the mountains. The area he'd lived in was quite populated. He finally stopped after a few minutes, realized he was breathing hard and let out a loud, whooping laugh that seemed to echo through the stands. Yep. A boy like him could really, really get used to this.
  17. Her arms were sore. As she reached to turn the page of her book, Morgan bit her lip to stifle a grimace. She hadn't wheeled herself around this much since end of term Second Year, and it showed. Her arms had lost some of their definition, and she was struggling to move them. She had nearly cried with relief when classes ended for the day, skipping dinner to head to the Bourke Common Room. Thankfully, it had been wonderfully empty, allowing her to scoot her chair over to her favorite nook, a cool corner of the room. As soon as she'd taken off Roe's vest, she'd offered the dog his chew toy from her bag. The dog had pounced on it playfully, and was currently running clumsily around the common room, throwing his beloved Squishy the bunny around the room. In contrast, Morgan was very still. She had her Defense Against the Dark Arts book in her lap, on top of the blanket she always had on her lap, and was reading through it at a steady clip.
  18. Shaking out her hair Kevia took a moment to enjoy the warmth of the sun on her skin. Closing her eyes and if to savor it. They had tried various treatments for the skin pigmentation and they often included her being inside. She hated the idea of staying inside, more so now that she had this wild thing sharing space in her mind and body. She hated sharing… It was truly something to contend with a wild thing every month. Something that was out of her control. It had driven her further and further out of town. The legislation had been repealed but people still had their opinions on her kind. Which was another thing she hated to hear. “Your Kind.” As though she was something dirty. Kevia however had learned to put that behind that for a moment. To move forward and embrace herself. It was not an easy task but she somehow managed it. Some days she still fell back into old patterns but she was not someone who tired to dwell on it. Things had been good for her recently, she had a steady job, a way to conceal herself during the full moon and she was close to home. She was able to see her family more often and the truth was she needed the support. The change was still hard on her. Made her almost useless after. It was not a horrible thing, at least she didn’t think so anyway. She had thought about many things recently. The way she had come home, those who had not survived. They still haunted her at night. It was something that made her feel rather odd. She escaped the thoughts by running, it was one of the few things that actually cleared her mind. It allowed her to get a handle on things going on in her body. That could be the hardest part, feeling like her body no longer belonged to her. She ran a hand through her hair. The Lakes always seemed to make her feel a little more serene. There was something about the water the way it pulled you in. She moved towards the bench and sat down. ”I hop you don’t mind me joining you. I happen to love this spot.” She said with a small smile as she tucked an errant strand of hair behind her ear. She always enjoyed the idle chit chat. It made her feel normal in many ways.
  19. Josie was sitting in a chair, one foot tapping in rhythm on the ground, a book on astronomy in her hands. She might not have been the best, or most successful at it in her youth, but the subject was still fascinating to her, and she hoped that, eventually, years of gazing at the star charts would eventually sink in better within her mind. The woman of early twenties turned a page, then her hand moved to a desk, fingers drumming separately from the tapping of her foot, but it somehow blended together fine just the same. She was already feeling anxious. A mixture of excitement from returning to the school and boredom filled her. On the one hand, it was a blessing that no one had really needed her, on the other, if left her with very little to do. A large yawn escaped her mouth, despite it only being three in the afternoon. She tugged gently at the collar of her dress. It was also hot, as was to be expected. She used fans to keep the wing somewhat cooler, but still..... Her eyes turned to the window and she looked longingly. It was beautiful outside. Perhaps this was the worst part. Waiting, trapped. Could she get away with a short walk about? Could she not?
  20. School had returned to full swing, and Geraldine was back to bouncing back and forth between rigorous practices, even if they were self-imposed, by herself ones, and long stretches in the library reading materials on her classroom subject matter that went beyond her own texts. The brunette had several books splayed out on the table before her as she went back and forth, researching something from a class for a paper that had already been assigned. Some of the teachers had a firm understanding of what 'cruel and unusual' meant, it seemed, or maybe it was only the higher level years that got this treatment. She wasn't actually sure. She honestly didn't need most of what she had piled before her, but the teenager was still ever-determined to do the best in her classes as she possibly could. This was double probably because of some of her classmates--classmates like Simon, who made all the extra work necessary. She wasn't the only one in her house or year that was ambitious, after all. Geraldine took a glance out a window, then at the watch on her wrist. She'd already been in here almost four hours. The library was probably going to close soon at this rate. She sighed, running a hand into her hair as she leaned forward again. She hadn't had time to properly break in her study habits again, and found this more draining than was normal. Just a little longer.... if she could just avoid the librarian's gaze a little longer...
  21. Lonely was a good word for Frankie since the term had started. Going back to school had not been something she had actually wanted to do. She was often confronted with the fact she didn’t have friends. That she spent a lot of her time alone and quiet and focused on something else. She had spent the morning with Jackson, he had been struggling with potions and she had offered to help him… it had been a decent bit of time that had been spent with him and he had kept her petty distracted from the fact she was not happy here. She had not been sure what happy was supposed to look like anymore. She frowned at the book in front of her. She had been meaning to follow up with Orion about something too, she figured it was s till a bit early for him to be up and about- they had lunch together most days and so she would meet up with him then. Jackson had left leaving Frankie to feel a bit exposed, a bit sad that she was still at the school. She had only been kind of joking when she had suggested she and Orion run away, but maybe they would be happier if they left the school and she actually went someplace else. She wouldn’t mind living in PNG for a bit while they got their bearings somewhere. She closed her potions book and stood up. She made her way around the travel section. She looked at the many books on travel. The placed she might be able to get away too. She sighed. She pulled one of the books off the shelf and opened it to look at the information on some of the more remote places. She wanted to run far away, away from the icky feelings she had. The painful realizations that she didn't fit here and she didn't think she wanted to. The one thing she could likely count on was Orion wanting to go with her too... maybe? She didn't need someone to go with her for sure. She just may have liked some company as she figured out her life. She sighed for a moment as she sank to a seated position. Sitting in the library she bit her lip. Reading over the information she wondered what the fashion would look like, and how her style might change? It would be a good thing. better for her work. Frankie hoped anyway.
  22. After having dealt with rather frustrating several days by way of her ex’s new girlfriend and a rather bothersome encounter in the locker room Scar was just glad to get out and let off some steam. She had not been out in a while, she had not known her surroundings too well stateside but she home now. She could navigate the alley ways in her sleep if she needed to. Grabbing a few of her friends who had stuck around the area they were all enjoying their night out. The club was packed and it took a bit of maneuvering to get through the club but she had managed to do so. All the way to the bar where she was ignored in favor of a pair of blondes. ”Not much changes.” She muttered dryly. She called attention to herself once more and the bartender moved down to address another customer's needs and she shook her head with an exasperated sigh. ”Fine then thank you!” She said as she leaned over to grab two of the beers sitting just on the other side of the bar. She handed one to someone next to her. ”Here, on me.” She said using the bar top to open her beer before she clinked it off the other bottle. (Scarlett)
  23. Jim Morrison was chanting nonsense out through a magic-resistant surround system contained inside the casing of a classic tape deck radio. This marvel of R.A.M.S. engineering floated along behind its owner, lightly bobbing to avoid the swirling olive green Miskatonic University robes she wore. Lilith was skipping a little as she made her way to the Library, she was excited to see what was on offer. There were no doubt many delightful artifacts available on this and the nearby landmasses, maybe even something worth sealing in the Deep Vault of the Castle...after she'd studied the ever-living fool out of it. "Thinking of landmasses, Tasmania is supposed where my favorite boots are from," she looked down and saw that she was indeed wearing them, "I wonder if she would like me better in pants than skirts...but I shouldn't. Work to do." The Calling was strong today, she probably wouldn't be able to sleep without learning a new manual spell; fortunately she had copies of Abraham's first 5 grimoires and Agamotto's battle spellbook, which would give her something if all else failed. Lilith was surprised about how quiet and empty the campus was at this hour of the afternoon, even during the summer break. A gurgling sound issue from her stomach and she elected to stop for lunch. "SAVE OUR CITYYY!" wailed Morrison as Lilith conjured a picnic blanket for herself and set down her extended-interior bag. She was part way through her third sandwich when a shadow fell over her, she looked up at it, "Hello, can I interest you in some food?"
  24. There were broom shops in Melbourne true enough, but Violet had gotten her brooms from Zooms and she didn’t trust anyone else. Even when she was playing Pro she felt her loyalty to the shop was important to her. They had always taken care of her, even when she was a knobby kneed little kid with dreams. They didn’t turn her away when she asked a million questions about the new models and they often told her she did well in matches when her parents didn’t make it out see them. It was nice… the people changed over time but the shop’s philosophy had not. She smiled as she walked through the doors and was greeted. Today she was looking for a few brooms for the girls at Penrose for the next season. It would be good to get some real speed on some of them. Or at least show them what they could do with a broom with speed. Vi always loved the way it felt to be going faster than fast in the air. The way the air would whip around you. There was nothing else like it. Nothing. She smiled at the thtougth as she looked over a model behind the counter. Looking up to see her picture there and the smile turned a touch sad. She missed playing. She missed the way you could feel the crowd in your chest. That was something they needed to put into a potion. It was a powerful high. Vi could sometimes feel herself jonsing when she was coaching. It was not the same. People didn’t love you the same. However Vi had love for her team, for her girls. They were the next generation, right? Well that was her duty now. To coach them to be those players. She had pride in coaching them. Not to mention a school as polished as Penrose. She was looking at the newer Cleansweeps and she tilted her head. ”What do you think?” She asked the bystander. She didn’t always make a habit of talking with strangers but she never really culd stop herself when it came to brooms, and quidditch and anything else that might cover flying. (Violet)
  25. Though the promise of her husband being home more and more was nice she was still seeing him less and less. Without some help she would have to leave her position as the studios creative director and commit to being at home full time. Something she had not wanted to do from the start. She had sworn to herself that she would not become a housewife at the whims of her husband. Not that Jason had asked her for that, but he had been busy to the point they had not been able to talk about how busy he had been. That and she had not been able to discuss the conversation she had with her father, or with her older brother. The fact there was another one of them, here in Australia. One who had been raised without them for so long. That put them in a very strange category. They likely had lived a life that was much less complicated. Sure he didn’t know who his father was, but he didn’t know the constant disappointment the rest of them had felt over the years. In a very perverse way she was jealous. She let out a sigh as she looked across the beach. This had always been her sanctuary. She had to figure out how she felt on this subject based on many things, the biggest being Atlas moving to the country and being a much more present grandparent than he had ever been as a father. She wouldn’t take that away from her children, but she worried that he would disappear one day. Old habits… Lot had come over, he had wanted to talk about the new brother they had and what they would do about it. How to break it to Kora and Petros. That would be the hardest part of this. They had a much harder time with their father than Lot and Eudoxia did. Lot had also offered to let her go run a few errands while he stayed at home with the kids. She didn’t feel too terrible they were all asleep. Doe should be asleep too but she needed to pick up a few things. Which had lead her to the lollygagging. Not to mention standing outside the store she had bought Petros his robes those two years he had been at Tally she thought about it now, picking out robes once again. It wouldn’t be long before Silas was off and on his way. Lilah was at Bilby now… And their brother…. Their brother was at Tally.