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  1. Things had taken a bit of a turn for the 'worse' in Sparky's view. Considering a first things and in order of worse to least worse? Had been the topic of teaching Water, the killer of his ambitions. Why did this even have to be an element? It was a thought that crowded into his mind! But he had to deal with it and eat that for breakfast considering he had chosen this post in the first place. At least he wasn't bad with using any of the elemental magic and transmogrifications of spells so that was something. Of course, the initial plan that had been set into mind had quickly been deterred due to the red alert dealing with what seemed to be Auror's at every single corner. Nearly, he could see some pretending to be groundskeepers peaking into the class every five seconds during some kind of false clean up inspection. A sigh exhausted from his as he shook his head and at least he managed to sling enough weight to have Lucy check in on him every so often just for fun and giggles. This kind of sequester was going to be a killer for his intentions with the class. As such he had to get a bit more creative than going off towards the river side bank and having people get intimate with the idea and knowledge of what water could provide and interact with plus the fact that it had been such a major compound in many things, everyday or not. The bell rang and he sat on his desk with both hands pressed on the edges of the desk, the attire he wore had actually been a long cooling robe that not only had the markings of a Professor on them but one who was named as the Head for Spencer due to his affiliation in the past and the fact he knew every trick in the book. Someone had to make sure no one got hurt too badly but still allowed for his alma mater to do what they do best. In the center of the classroom would be a well crafted system of an aqueduct of sorts pieced together with hard-plastic and other magical enmities to keep it flowing in a mystical appeal. This could be considered the height of watching life itself flow through various tubes, spheres, squares, and other kinds of shapes to emphasize the unique talent that the element of water held all of it culmination for it to rise up through another tube and crashing down like a waterfall and turning into a water cyclone that emptied out to begin the process anew, life begets life in the wake of destruction. "Come on in! Take a seat, relax! But not too much we're going to have some kind of fun today!" If he had anything to say about it, he knew this class would be an escape for many students to shake off the weight of the presence of Authority stalking about like zombies or special forces. As well as the reason that they had been placed on School Grounds in the first place. "As you sit down take a look at this here water display that I worked extremely hard on!" At least with help of his resident 'Not really a girlfriend but we're doing stuff' companion, Arti, who had been an art genius in his opinion and made this idea of his possible. "I want you all to get a good look and kind of say what comes to mind when you consider the element of 'Water', what it does, what it can do, the purpose that it holds and most importantly? The various things that it contributes towards."
  2. Light no longer blinded him, and the strange sensation that was proper touch was no longer uncomfortable. His mind slowly readjusted to being back inside his skin, and the intensity of it all began to wear away. Doctors and nurses rushed around him, asking questions he could only answer with slight nods or shakes of his head, disused vocal chords still asleep in his throat. The tiny movements were tiring, muscles protesting even though great care had been taken to ensure they did not atrophy too much while he lay unconscious. There was no real substitute for proper use. What had happened? He remembered Lorelei, but... hadn't Kate said something about the girl being ill? Everything from his life in limbo was growing fuzzier, as though it really were a dream. Here in the physical realm once more, so many things were happening all in a rush. It almost felt as if he'd been asleep, he remembered stepping out onto the road that day far more clearly than anything that happened since. Had it been just that? A dream life substituted while he lay sleeping? Fuelled in part by the stories imparted by visitors as he lay there, to be dreamed into his imagination... how much of what he barely remembered was real? To think that his spirit had become so bizarrely disconnected from his body... that seemed a stretch now. Assured he was ready for it, the doctors backed away and left him to the beeping monitors and an empty room. Just long enough to brace himself, a long-awaited reunion just seconds away. She sent Hazel in first, following a step behind. He could tell immediately that she'd barely slept, she'd not stopped to put on make up, or even find a jacket that matched her trousers. Her hair was tied back to hide the fact it hadn't been properly styled, and she looked more beautiful than he ever could remember. His lips turned up in a smile, Kate followed Hazel over. "Good morning," said Kate. Hazel didn't bother with the ceremony, she leaned across the bed and hugged him so tight he had to gasp for breath. Matt bent his neck enough that he could press a kiss to his daughter's head, amazed at how much she had grown. He remembered seeing her... or did he?... but the reality of it was... so much more than that. She was here. She could see him. He could be part of their lives again. Cool breeze hit his cheek, and he realised it was wet. He was crying. Kate was too, and Hazel. Though he couldn't say it, he could feel it. What drew them together from the start hadn't faded, and as Kate's hand folded over his and held it tight, he was complete again. They were a family again.
  3. Hazel was home for the weekend. She seemed out of place now, in their upscale city apartment, dressed in her Bilby uniform and still with dry grass woven through her hair. She leaned across the counter, watching intently as Kate tried to sew frosty flower decals onto an Elsa costume. The unwedding was this weekend, and Hazel couldn’t wait to dress up. “Guess what, Mum?” she asked with a cheeky grin. “Mnn?” Kate swore under her breath, pricking herself with the needle for the umpteenth time. “I can’t guess, you tell me.” “Cameron says his Dad and Miss Audrey are going out now,” Hazel delivered the gossip with an excited wiggle. “He saw them kissing, but it’s a secret.” “Not as secret as he thinks it is,” Kate murmured with a grin. Typical Alan. She wondered if she was allowed to take credit for this. Sure, it would have happened anyway---but hadn’t she set the wheels in motion for it to happen now? The few times she’d seen Alan since Conference he’d been happy. Happier than she’d seen him in a long time. “You already knew, didn’t you Mum?” Hazel sighed, a little sad. Kate shook her head. “Of course not, sweetheart,” she replied, reaching across the counter to tuck a stray bit of hair (and grass) behind Hazel’s ear. “You bring me the best secrets.” Hazel’s smile returned, and that’s what it was all about. Keeping her happy. In no other universe would Kate be caught dead as a blonde, except in the one where Hazel asked her to be Elsa for a day. Perhaps she should have glued these stupid things on, though. Her fingers were getting sore from the repeated stabbings. “Why don’t you go out with someone, Mum?” The question was so innocent. So simple at face value, and so complex beneath that. Kate wasn’t an idiot, she knew that Hazel could see her sadness. Had grown up with it. With Alan practically dancing every step he took these days, having someone to “go out with” looked like a very easy solution. “Because I’m married to your Dad, you know that.” “Well, yeah…” Hazel shrugged. “Kind of. But he’s not really there, is he?” “Hazel, please…” Kate frowned, putting the sewing down as she watched her daughter. “Cam says it’s like with his Mum. Still married to his Dad, but not really there in the family anymore. He said Tavi doesn’t even know what she’s like, but… it’s okay. Cause they have Miss Audrey, and Miss Audrey is a good mum to them.” Kate looked away. Bloody Burdetts. Always saying things. Hazel had been too young to remember Matt before the accident, and every day it became more and more certain that she never would know. For all the most wonderful friends and family they had, Hazel was still missing her father. “Well, who do you think I should… go out… with?” Kate decided to humor the conversation. Hazel perked up, swinging her legs against her chair. “Oh! What about Uncle Stuart? Then I could be Jezebel’s sister, and that would be so cool! Could you imagine, Mum? And you would be like the first lady of wizarding Australia!” Hazel wiggled her head from side to side as she thought. “OH! What. About. Phil? No---he’s too grumpy. Or…” “Haze…” Kate laughed, and shook her head. “Mr Izem!” Hazel declared. “Your… teacher?” Kate’s eyebrow rose as her daughter nodded enthusiastically in reply. “He’s really nice and really smart, and he didn’t even hate you when you decided he was homeless and called him Bozo,” Hazel said pointedly. She’d heard the story. Like most kids her age, who enjoyed school, Hazel hero-worshipped her teacher. It wouldn’t be weird if he became part of the family, no. It would be awesome! “Please Mum?” Hazel asked, her eyes wide and pleading. “Please please please? It would be so fun! And then you could even move to Narrie too, and Mr Izem could teach me all the things we don’t get time for in class and please Mum?” Kate laughed. “I’ll think about it, sweetheart,” she promised. It was an empty promise, she knew that. But Hazel was so caught up in the idea it was hard to let her down. “You better go get changed before you get your uniform dirtier than it is.” “Okay Mum!” Hazel jumped back from the counter and onto the floor. With a wide and happy grin, she sprinted upstairs, leaving Kate to continue sewing and wonder what on earth just happened.
  4. This day had started out as one naturally stressful because of the impending loss of his Father but one thing that Alexander had never counted on back at the hospital had been the arrival of Lillian. Mother of mystique and random appearance, an ever watchful hand who manipulated his life like a chess piece. On top of that? It had also seemed another major hand had been in place and for a much longer time than his Mother had ever been involved. How was he supposed to feel about that kind of revelation? That the one his sister had hated, who had treated her horribly, ironically? Was his own savior. That was a lot more information and pieces to the puzzles than he had expected to ever be revealed in the current state of things and yet there it stood much like a clear picture. Purpose, this was a word that lingered in his mind even as the weight of accepting death hung over his head like a guillotine next to it. At any moment it felt like the blade could drop and unearth so much more within that had been kept tight lipped ever since the departure of his Mother. Cassandra had taken the lead of apparating the both of them to her house, her bedroom. He had gotten used to the transporting spell even though he couldn't risk using it himself, Merlin's beard, just imagine if he did and his magic chose to become unpredictable during transit? That was a risk he would rather much like to avoid enjoying his parts where they were at the moment. A hand embraced against the wall while he still kept silent still trying to process every bit of information that had been tossed at him, both without him actually asking topped with those that had come due to his own curiosity. "Always when she's the least wanted around is she the most 'Helpful'. . . Damn it." Fingers curled tightly into the palms of his hand trying to contain himself from smacking the wall just to feel a physical sensation to equal the frustration that clouded within his mind. That wouldn't solve a thing, it wouldn't alleviate the pain or the confusion and larger questioned that bubbled up on the inside. "Sorry. . . For everything, Kitty." That was a genuine tone for his apology because there had been a lot that he had felt needed to be said in that moment. "Didn't really have time to tell anyone when it happened but maybe I should have spoken up earlier." The last thing he wanted, however, was people to know just how bad of a mistake he had been for someone that didn't need to take responsibility but chose to do so anyways. Even his father would say otherwise, call him an idiot for thinking that he forced the man to make the choice, forced the man to take the steps he did for the comfort of drink. . . There was that flickering fact that it all stemmed from himself and it wasn't something he had ever been comfortable wearing as a badge. "I am sorry for my Mother - there. . . Well, reasons why I would rather no one meet her and you already seen why. Adele's going to be pissed. . . Easier for me to deal with the knowledge I was a mistake that she'd rather have dead but not everyone would actually find that as a good thing for me to 'be used to'. Haha, but well, when you're abandoned you kind of jump to that conclusion anyways." Why would he think anyways? No attempt to actually connect with him and the way she had dismissed his chances out of statistics showed enough of what he meant to her on a more grand scale and yet why she chose many of the actions she had. . . It threw him into more of a confusion. Alexander found himself moving over towards the red-heads bed and gently sit on it after taking Sapphire off and gently laying the guitar at the edge of the nearby table. "I know, I know. . . Your boyfriend has the most screwed up life in existence. I just hoped she knew of some kind of idea. . . But I guess she has a point - if she actually thought there was a way she actually would have tried. That much I believe." Was his mother ENTIRELY heartless? No. But she wasn't a Mother, not enough to be how everyone regards Adele or Jezebel. "If this other person, Adele's stepmother, doesn't know anything. . . Then I am going to have to start thinking a hell of a lot more creative. . . " Facing Darryl's death, it had only made him yearn for life even more and he knew from Lillian's words, from Adele's, his Sorceraic side was stronger. Choosing the Wizard side would most likely increase his chance of death which meant it only made sense to go to the other spectrum. Yet, not yet, not until he could guarantee with little doubt that he would live. "I am sorry I put you in this kind of position, Cassandra. Not about our love, that I'd never regret. But to have your heart in pure worry about what could possibly happen next. . . That is cruel of me."
  5. She regretted listening to him the moment they'd left the school. She knew she had agreed to his adventures on some level or other at their first meeting, but popping up in Melbourne was not what she had in mind. While she was not unfamiliar with the area, there was the issue of the rules the school laid out. She didn't follow all of them, but she didn't go out of her way to break them either. She felt like she had a million pairs of were on here, even as she knew no one had followed. Her paranoia was made all the worse what the the sudden appearance of all the aurors and such on the grounds of the school. Something was going on. Unease filled her as she tried to keep up. "Hey, are you sure about this?" she asked, probably for the fourth time. She'd been so excited, and thankful, when he'd pulled her away from the mountain of studying she'd already dived head first into. Shaking her head, she began to rub her hands over her face. "I'm sorry. I know it's really annoying. I just--well with the ministry at school, and everything....this is way worse than the normal level of trouble we could get into."
  6. The sun was blasting and hot, as it had been for some time. This was Iris' least favorite part of the year. Her pale, fragile skin burned so easy, easily enough, in fact, that she was forced to wear thin, long sleeves and leggings underneath her sundress, and a large, wide-brimmed hat sat upon her head. The school year had come around once more, and she was already enjoying her term, and the slowly gained freedom that each year brought to her class choices. In all honesty, despite how poor a student she could be at times, she wanted to try so many different classes, but didn't have the time. Much to her displeasure, even as she continued to age, unless she was able to get a lid on it and discipline herself,she'd never be able to take all the classes she wanted anyway. She shrugged and kicked a pebble, watching as it bounced along. She wasn't about to let that get her down. She hopped onto a small boulder, walking from it to the next with her arms out for balance as she moved slowly along near the creek. With her family being as local as it was, she was able to stay at home, returning each day after school's end. She wondered what the dorm life was like, but also liked that she could keep the comfort of home so long as she wished to. Her movements slowly added bounce to them as she smiled wide. "I say we'll go where nobody knows with guns hidden under our petticoats. Now we're never gonna quit it, no, we're never gonna quit it no~" The blonde sang as she moved.
  7. One of the many things Jack tended to hate about school was attending classes. He didn’t have much of a path carved out for him and he sort of figured he would end up as a muggle mechanic. It would make him a decent living and it would keep him with Levi and that was the most important thing. His younger brother needed him still. Or maybe it was the other way around and Jackson needed Levi… Whatever the reasons Jack didn’t actually care he just didn’t know how much more of this magical education he could take… he could just leave the school… it was not like he had to stay… but he supposed this gave him a place to be. It was something anyway. His parents while supportive didn’t understand this world and they just wanted him to get some kind od degree. He would at least finish it out… he was fairly close. Though he had to admit he was looking forward to the Easter Holidays. Today he had elected to wait out his classes near the west wall, he had considered sleeping but he’s not had much luck with it lately… he was restless, he supposed that was normal… he was supposed to be making it out on his own and he felt directionless. Like he was supposed to know what to do but he had no clue and he was not sure he wanted to do. There was VMU but he was frankly tired of school. Orion didn’t have a horrible idea about being a fisherman… he wasn’t sure he would like that, but he could try it. Maybe start a fishing boat or something… or maybe he would just live in a shack on the beach and catch his food and make all kinds of money off tourists teaching them to surf… Maybe Orion would want to attempt a surf trail over the Holiday, hell he would take a day of it. He needed something to keep himself busy. Jackson pulled the cigarettes from his pocket and he lit a match lighting his smoke before he shook his hand and dropped the wooden stick once it had been put out. He didn’t smoke to be cool… he found it managed to make some of the less pleasant feelings go away for a bit. Jack inspected his knuckles. The previous day had gotten him in trouble. One of the little pricks who thought they could run the school had pushed Jack to his limit and he had managed to make quick work of the jackass and he picked absently as the scabs that had formed. It was not long before he smoked his cigarette to the filter and he carelessly flicked the butt in a direction he was not worried about.
  8. There had been many questions that popped up and it also seemed that not every student had a good grasp on what they wanted to set on fire. That was -perfectly- fine for Derrick as it meant he got all of the fun of choices and reactions. Some may enjoy the choice he offered to them and others? Well, not so much. Really, it all came down to if people were willing to just have a bit of fun with it and see it through regardless of what it may or may not look like. While the class was designed to be informative by experience and practical work it was intended to be a fun design so that they wouldn't be bogged down by the idea that they needed to do extra homework in comparison to the other much more intensive classes around the school. Especially with how the Term was coming faster to a close it meant that certain things had to take just a bit longer to set up and get the proper materials. Luckily, Audrey had been such a peach on acquiring everything he needed provided he made sure that 'No students were harmed in the process'. Such a silly rule, as if he could ever be held accountable for accidents! But he did promise and so it was due to heavy consideration that he managed to set up a class that would require students to be outside and well prepared with a hat and proper. There had been a bucket with iced water and several bottoms of water delved inside to keep them cool and refreshed. At the center of where Derrick stood had been a magic crafted stone flattened ground with elevation of steps that led down towards it about four feet deep just for safety reasons, it was easier to manage fire in such a condition and gave him ample enough time to act in most cases if people were aiming at their proper targets. The circular stone grounding had been wide, wide enough that it could facilitate the class to make sure no ones spell would accidentally back fire enough to harm another student, or, at least that would be the major hope of it all. Not everything was easy to consider in the long run with how unpredictable magic could get with even the slightest hint of difference in either tool or practice. Different parts of the area had Student's first names and materials just under them that they had either asked for, asked of him to choose for them, or just didn't decide themselves so he made the decision in their place. His arms opened up wide to face the approaching or present students alike as a wide grin formed on his face. "WELCOME! TO THE ARENA!" His voice was firm and held all the animation of an announcer at some form of competition. "This my dear Young Lads and Ladies, Is my very own well crafted Stone Flame Pit! This is where I expect you all to keep the blaze contained in while having all the fun of setting stuff on fire! Find your names, get your stuff ready and situation in a neat little space in the stone-made area and begin to start your day of fun!" Arms finally lowered while pressing the hands deep within the pants pockets. "This is a practical magic session, keeping that in mind, the main thing I want each of you to take care of understanding not just for your own objects but for the various different ones -How- they react to fire. The subtle or drastic changes, the way it burns or how fast it burns, the intensity or lack there of. More importantly is the resistance, fire is good, but not everything will take to the blaze so swimmingly. " Well, if anything was swimming it probably wouldn't be on fire unless an additional function had been set in place. "Enjoy yourselves! I KNOW I WILL!" He grabs up a foldable chair and unhinges it from itself and made his way up the stone steps and pressed it into the ground above. Then proceeded to sit down on it and cross his legs ready for the students to begin. Ah. . . This was going to be something! As relaxed as he may have seemed to be his wand was aptly held in the right hand as if expecting something to go wrong and placing himself in an armed enough situation and a wide enough view to identify and react swiftly.
  9. The day had started out pretty well enough for him even with the STACKS of school work he needed to grade and certain documents that needed to be done every day to be filed off towards the office. That was the one thing that good old Sparky HATED about this new job opportunity, when he was travelling? He didn't nearly have as many papers coming across him unless it was a card he needed to send out. But this was a new life and a new walk so it was something to get used to even if he had been a Teacher for a couple of years. A pit of hunger growled within his stomach as he held it and looked down. "Oh hah! Looks like I'm a hungry fire elemental, aren't I?! Let's see. . . Oh, Maybe Auds is up to something. Well, she ain't got a choice now! Bwahahaha." Self-monologue's always gave him a nice little spark within his day as he pushed away from his desk at home and pulled out his phone in order to shoot Audrey a text. 'Addy~ I'm hungry. Chinese? Taiwan? I'm in the mood for rice and chicken, maybe Sushi. COME ON! Get up and at em'! Not a choice!' He could be a bit demanding when he needed to be and mostly only with friends he enjoyed having a sense of presence around them. Especially on these boring days where he still had a bunch of papers readied, he wished he was the Headmaster at times! But then again. . . Auds could get pretty scary when she wanted to and so he opted that of the two? He was the luckier one to avoid the wrath of the Brunette. At least she'd know this meet up would inspire a good and fun time like usual. Like a bunch of juveniles he haven't learned this entire time. This began his trip towards the Central Business District where he waited in front of a few select shops that all had a mutual interest in what he had wanted to shove down his throat. He narrowed an arm inwards to cross in front of himself checking the special made watch and the time. "I wonder if I caught her at a bad time? Aaaah, Oh well, who knows? It's all good, I'll make it up to her some how. She'll probably make me add extra for bossing her around. Haha." The arm shifted upwards with the opposite one to stretch out his body a bit, he could feel the tightening of the joints crunch around like a self massage. Both of his hands pressed on the lower portions of his back to bend it back slightly as he let out a happy groan of sorts. "Now lets see. . . I'll grab me up some of the rice, chicken - you know what? I'm in a Bubble tea mood too. This is going to be a pretty good snack and grab."
  10. The move to Australia was not one that Calixta had planned for. In truth she was content in Greece, at least for a time. She found she was restless more often than not since Kosta had died. It was strange to sit still- to wake up and roll over and expect to see him. It was not something she would have considered before her husband had passed honestly. Then things had changed. Her children had grown up and had their own things going on. They would visit her wherever she was and with her brother moving to Australia and opening a new branch of the business, it made sense she base her operations here as well. They had not been using curse breakers for long, but they were now a standard. Which meant she took those curse breakers who had decided that a job at the ministry was not for them. There were things they needed to look for, and there were lots of bodies they would need. She had come with a few of the more senior breakers with her and they had been busy training. It was good for her, she was able to focus on things easier than she had been before. She had not though the change of scenery would have been so good for her. The moments she had been able to find free time, she had actually used it as free time. Spending time with Atlas, her nieces and nephews and grand nieces and nephew had been truly a blessing. That was one thing she knew for sure. That and she had come at the opportune time to meet her newest Nephew, though he was not a baby, but nearly a grown man. Cali had seen the stress that it had caused her brother. Though the fact he was making changes and working towards something made her wonder about him… She was rather worried about Atlas. Then again as the baby sister she had always worried after her brothers. That instinct had not changed. Atlas was not perfect, but then again none of them were. It seemed like the Karras family was hard wired to mess things up. They had been doing it long enough to know just how. Though she supposed they should really spend time learning how not to mess things up… but they managed to keep themselves too busy doing otherwise. Today however she had been exploring the shopping options in Oliphant. It was nice to have moments to shop from time to time. Cali had not been the big spender her brother was but she knew how to spend money when she had the chance. She was window shopping for the time being. That was one of the few things she could trust herself to do. When she went into the shops she had a difficult time saying no. Especially to shoes, but for now she was doing alright. She was standing in front of the pastry shop and she found that her resolve was beginning to crack. ”Please tell me that the pastry is horrible so I won’t be tempted.” She let out a soft laugh.
  11. The first day of his class had finally started and it was going to be an adventure most of these kids will never forget either in their mind or on their actual bodies, depended on how volatile things were going to get if he were being honest. Derrick had arranged the desks in a very peculiar way so that everyone had been in a circle and somewhat forced to awkwardly stare at one another versus the usual rows that other classes seemed to be fond about. The desks, however, were spread enough apart to make sure that people had enough room to still move and operate within their physical personal space and bubble, there was no need to violate that, yet. On the board there had been a very well made illustration of his name 'Professor Derrick Ackers' written within stenciled letters and then just under that 'Or Professor Sparky' which had Professor stenciled but 'Sparky' drawn in such a way that it looked as if it were on a white flame from the chalk. He chose to wore a more casual outfit rather than the typical instructor's robe, primarily because he just felt really awkward and out of place when people looked at him wearing it, as if he were some kind of Mister, puh-lease. As the students started to funnel into the classroom a carefree smile struck along his face. "Walk on in! Grab a syllabus by the door, prepare for some really neat fun! Please, Please - Hold the questions until after I have told you a bit about myself. Everything you'll most likely need to know? On that neat little paper! Anything beyond that we'll just have to see if I know!" Derrick leaned against his desk and waited until every student had started to sit down and settle in a bit - even giving them enough of a grace period to interact with one another before he'd continue on with what he needed to say. "Look at the board, as it says, I'm Professor Derrick Ackers. Some of you may have heard the legendary tales of 'Sparky of Spencer', guy who went around setting stuff on fire in his wonderful youth? Welp, that's me! As such, you can also appropriately call me, 'Professor Sparky'. As stated in the Syllabus this first session is just to get an idea of everyone so that we can all walk in an understanding. SO! What I'll need. .. " He was thinking in the moment now as the tips of his fingers dabbled at the edge of his chin. "Let's go with Names, Your favorite Element, and. . . What you enjoy most about that element. We'll keep it class centric!"
  12. The problem with working nights was that things, days and people started blur together. The club was loud tonight. The sounds of the racing heartbeats as they moved through the club, the dance floor, sitting on the edges flirting with whatever pretty face they had brought with them. She was starting to feel overwhelmed by her senses as she moved behind the bar. It was busy tonight, she was glad however. When it was slow she had too much time on her hands. It was much easier to ignore many things when she was busy. For one the fact she seemed to find herself lonelier than she was used to. Her roommate had discovered the benefits of staying at her boyfriend place. It was nothing personal, Stella understood but she still missed the late night conversations Though perhaps early morning was a better description. Either way, she was home alone more frequently than before. She understood the need for isolation, but it was starting to get to her. The friends she had made at Tally had moved on, and they were honestly a little afraid of her. It was natural, she didn’t blame them for the distance. She likely would have given them distance if the roles had been reversed. Then again she had been far more timid then. She had learned from the change how to be a little more in your face while flying under the radar. People, did not tend to like vampires living and moving among them. They tended to take their lives seriously and they should… It was not something to waste. However working and living in more muggle part of town helped blend in, they still believed she was something out of a myth and not someone who could maim them without breaking a nail. That thought always made her smile. Particularly when the drunk men started to act macho to impress her. It was very rare that machismo impressed her. Especially in this setting. They were running low on several things and she let the other bartender know she was headed to the storage. The nice thing about being petite was she could squeeze through the crowd easier. Before she made it to the storage she was stopped by two drunk idiots starting to argue over a woman. They had both been cut off by her and her partner in bar today. It was one of the regulars and another young guy. Stella sighed heavily. ”Come on Bryce.” She said as she watched him and the guy get into one another’s personal space bringing her fingers into a ‘ok’ sign she placed them in her mouth and whistled for security and once they caught onto what she needed their help with they pushed through the crowd. Stella had stepped in front of Bryce- who was the aggressor. She pushed him in the middle of his chest, harder than she really should have but she was still restrained. She didn’t need them to start a fight. They didn’t want the cops back into the club. Security went to grab both men and in the quiet scuffle that ensued caused Stella to be knocked into someone behind her. ”Oh.” she said as she attempted to steady herself. ”Sorry.” She said with a slight laugh.
  13. Stupid man! Cass thought to herself as she moved through the corridors of the hospital, following directions that we're given to her. She'd thrown on a pair of leggings and large sweatshirt before tossing on a pair of sneakers, and then run to the outside of the school property so she could apparate to Melbourne. Her hair was a bit of a tangled red mess, but she didn't care. As soon as Caitlin had been contacted about the student whose father had just passed away, she'd let Cassandra know what had happened, knowing that the young man didn't really have other legal family. She promised her niece that she would also inform the librarian, Adele, and then the girl had been off. Now, Cass was only a little puffed and probably sweating too as she ran the maze of hallways, until she found the room where she'd been told she could find Alex. Knocking gently at first, the redhead then opened the door to peek in a little. The bed was empty, but had clearly held someone in it until recently, meaning they'd already moved the body. But there in the corner of the room was the dark haired young man, practically hugging at the neck of his guitar, and her heart near broke at the sight. With out a word, Cassandra walked into the room and pulled a chair next to his, before then reaching for the young man, to pull him into her arms so she could hold him. Nothing had to be said, Cass was here for him and would wait until he wanted to talk or move or something. There was all the time in the world.
  14. Jason had never felt as bad in his life as he did right now. The fight between him and Eudoxia had not been a long one, but it had been quick and venomous. The stress was getting to him, when it never did before. Work was overtaking him. He decided it was best to take a few personal days off. He needed to find Doe. He needed to be with his family. Jason was not going to leave until they'd made up. He had that made up in his mind. He never expected her to just up and leave, even if he had walked away from the fight and told her to. She never left. Maybe there was somebody else. He was gone long hours. He was never really home anymore. Maybe she had found someone else to keep her company. Maybe that is why she chose to leave. To get away from him. He didn't know. It was stupid of him to think that too. Jason made his way to Greece, taking an airplane. He wanted time to just let his mind settle even though magic would have been faster. When he landed on the tarmac, Jason picked up the keys to his rental car, and made his way to where he knew Eudoxia would be staying. He got to the place, and made his way up to the door. He took a deep breath before knocking three times.
  15. They’d been in Melbourne for a couple of months now, and since Michael tended to stick almost exclusively to the Muggle neighbourhoods, he hadn’t yet run into anyone who knew him from before, though he also knew that was only a matter of time. Time that he felt was running out, as he put his daughter in a pretty dress and strapped her into her stroller. The little girl, who had just turned two in December, looked up with betrayed eyes as he laughed and kissed her on the forehead. She hated the stroller, but Michael was not much interested in carrying her for the duration of their day in the city. He needed to buy some clothing for interviews, and he felt bad for Ally, who didn’t have half her collection of toys and movies that she used to; they’d left most of it in Western Australia when he moved them both back to his roots. “Come now,” he teased gently, handing the little girl a container of carrot and celery sticks, “we’ve got a day of adventure ahead of us! No time for frowning!” She babbled something in reply that he didn’t really catch as he pushed her out the front door, locking it with his keys and then they were making their way down the footpath. A bus stop not far away would take them to the city centre. Certainly not the most affordable place to go shopping, granted, but Michael did not feel like trying to make his way to the suburbs only to lug who knew how much stuff back home again – almost certainly with a grumpy toddler along for the ride. It was early morning, so most folks were on their way to work. Michael kept his head down and entertained his daughter to keep her sane during the bus ride, then exited and made their ways down the streets. He decided to do his clothing first; opting to get the most important out of the way while the toddler he was saddled with was in a good mood. Twenty minutes later, and he had two nice suits and a handful of shirts and ties to get him through more interviews than he felt he was likely to receive, but at least he had nice clothing now! The pair continued along their way, the next stop being a rather large toy store chain. Michael took a deep breath before going in. Parking the stroller in the bay provided, he unclasped Ally and watched her fondly as the little girl toddled off at full speed; dodging between legs and crowing in delight as she darted from shelf to shelf. He watched as she would grab what she could reach, before dumping it on the floor for her hassled store worker – or her father – to pick up and put back, and then doing the same on the other side of the room. “Slow down, you little monster!” Michael laughed, darting between a couple of people to stand behind Ally as she stared up at a huge Sulley plush, clearly bigger than her, with stars in her eyes and her mouth making a little ‘o’ of delight. He shifted the bag of his clothing on his arm, and looked down at his daughter. “… It’s bigger than you are,” he tried, eyebrows drawn together. She just grinned up at him. Michael sighed; he knew that was coming home with him, whether he liked it or not.
  16. Dylan had not expected for the friend card to be called in so soon but it also seemed like Doe had been a bit. . . Distressed. At the very least it sounded as if she just needed someone to listen in on something that struck a dangerous chord within. The door was left ajar purposefully almost as if to invite whom ever decided to walk on in which was usually against his policy but this also was very extenuating circumstances. The house had been custom designed to hold a form of homely feeling. The walls were coated in a cool blue with well designed and absorbent carpets. The dining set was of maple wood and kept pristine as one would expect as a severe man like Dylan to hold. There were just standards that he had to live by even at home and it was always about a presentation of who he was, an immaculate and overly-calculating individual. It also just helped him to know that not everything in his life had been a mess hence the obsession with everything needing to have a crisp and clean outlook. The living room set was no exception with a curved sectional couch bathed in a very dark leather that complimented the walls of the house. If he needed to live under a false alias it also simply had to be something no one would expect an ex-murderer to live within but most importantly where his enemies would most likely avoid. Someone on the run would often be in the slums, not living it up in such a high class place. On the table were two wine glasses with a single bottle of wine in the center of it already uncorked and waiting. He had been sitting at the table with his legs crossed over one another while a book was cracked opened. It had been the first installment of Caitlin Sullivan's crime novel. An arched eyebrow the entire time that his eyes scanned the pages. "I surely hope this isn't how she views me. . . I seem like such a creeper."
  17. Well, anyone who was still up and about by the time the pair had returned to the dorms had completely avoided even looking at Cass as they made their way through. That was just fantastic, but hopefully would pass in time. She didn't need to be made a pariah just because she'd had a nightmare. She'd find some way to make people forget all about that one little incident. Once they'd gathered their things, Cate was already waiting in the parking lot, seemed she'd got a call anyway. Ace. There were a few questions in her mind regarding the young man that Cassandra said was staying over, but all in all the car ride had been quiet, the younger redhead happy to just curl up in the backseat with Alex while her aunt drove them back to their house where she asked a few times if Cass was sure she was feeling alright, before bidding the pair goodnight and moving off to her own room. Cassandra herself was exhausted. She led Alex through the house, holding his hand, showing him where the amenities were if he needed anything, before then leading on to her own room. It was kept rather tidy, something of a contrast to the wilder girl, but had a large Queen size bed which she flopped down on, before dragging Alex over to come cuddle with her as she kicked back the covers. She knew he wanted to tell her things, but she knew it wasn't likely to sit within her mind while she was in this tired state and so promised that they would talk in the morning. With that, she curled up against his side, an arm wrapped over him and drifted off. The next morning, it was the sounds of someone in the kitchen that woke the young woman up, and she blinked blearily a few times with a wide yawn, before realising there was someone in her bed. She lifted her head with a small confused frown, before seeing who it was and then remembering the night before. Huh, she'd actually slept for the rest of the night without any other incidents. Without much more thought, Cassandra released a long sigh as she lay her head back down, resting it on Alex's chest lightly and closing her eyes as she listened to his heartbeat. This was actually... really nice. It felt weird in the sense that she felt a strange sensation in her belly, and wanted to smile stupidly for some reason, but still felt nice. She didn't do anything until such a time as he stirred, however, before shifting her head to smile lightly at Alex. "Morning, Danger-Zone."
  18. He never really looked forward to going back to school. It was happening soon, and he hated the idea. He missed Levi when he was gone, and the letters never seemed to be enough. The younger boy was his charge. Jackson had taken the responsibility of big brother to heart and he would likely end up getting himself in more and more trouble as time went on. That and he knew Levi was not thrilled that Jack had special powers. He never used them at home, unless Levi asked to see something. Today he was simply trying to get himself ready for the coming year. Once he was old enough to handle himself he shopped on his own. His parents were often uncomfortable and he didn’t like to draw attention to himself. However he would pick up a few sweets for Levi. He was looking around the sweet shop currently. He liked to bring some things home to him… he liked a few things and he was collecting them. Jack smiled to himself as he tossed a handful of things in his basket. He then went about looking for what he liked. He found it rather important to have a well-stocked sweets stash. Not paying attention he found himself bumping into someone and he smiled. ”Oh sorry.” He said with a small smile as he sheepishly moved away from where he had run into them. ”I see you want the butter candies too.” He said with a smile. He happened to like them very very much.
  19. Shaking out her hair Kevia took a moment to enjoy the warmth of the sun on her skin. Closing her eyes and if to savor it. They had tried various treatments for the skin pigmentation and they often included her being inside. She hated the idea of staying inside, more so now that she had this wild thing sharing space in her mind and body. She hated sharing… It was truly something to contend with a wild thing every month. Something that was out of her control. It had driven her further and further out of town. The legislation had been repealed but people still had their opinions on her kind. Which was another thing she hated to hear. “Your Kind.” As though she was something dirty. Kevia however had learned to put that behind that for a moment. To move forward and embrace herself. It was not an easy task but she somehow managed it. Some days she still fell back into old patterns but she was not someone who tired to dwell on it. Things had been good for her recently, she had a steady job, a way to conceal herself during the full moon and she was close to home. She was able to see her family more often and the truth was she needed the support. The change was still hard on her. Made her almost useless after. It was not a horrible thing, at least she didn’t think so anyway. She had thought about many things recently. The way she had come home, those who had not survived. They still haunted her at night. It was something that made her feel rather odd. She escaped the thoughts by running, it was one of the few things that actually cleared her mind. It allowed her to get a handle on things going on in her body. That could be the hardest part, feeling like her body no longer belonged to her. She ran a hand through her hair. The Lakes always seemed to make her feel a little more serene. There was something about the water the way it pulled you in. She moved towards the bench and sat down. ”I hop you don’t mind me joining you. I happen to love this spot.” She said with a small smile as she tucked an errant strand of hair behind her ear. She always enjoyed the idle chit chat. It made her feel normal in many ways.
  20. Most days Cassandra was good, great even. She was at a pretty decent school, with some cool teachers, and had met a couple of other students who she could call friends. All in all, things hadn't started off too badly. But today wasn't one of those days. The young woman wasn't even certain of what it was that had suddenly hit her, but at least it was the weekend, so she didn't have to put on a show in class or anything, and pretend that she was fine when she was feeling rather far from it. Despite doing her best to be herself, carefree and happy, trying to get to know people, she felt... off. Was it homesickness? She knew that she missed Hogwarts, missed her friends, and her old home. But there seemed to be something more to it. Perhaps it was the fact that she was the only eighteen year old that she knew of in her year. Perhaps it was the fact that other students in her year level that she'd paid any attention too seemed to make her feel old. She felt old, despite her quirky nature and desire for immature fun. It was like she was too mature for everyone else, while also stepping around eggshells to try and avoid more disastrous encounters. Whatever it was, the redhead was at least glad for the fact that being an adult by Australian standards meant she could simply leave the school on the weekend and go out in the city. It was how she found herself sitting at a bar in a pub that was smack in the CBD, a Johnny Walker and Coke in front of her as she stared at the ice cubes in the drink. For whatever reason, the redhead had even dressed the part, with a short skirt and sequinned halter top, as well as strappy heels that gave her short stature an extra couple of inches. Her hair fell in fiery waves over her shoulders, and she barely paid attention to her surroundings, simply lifting the drink to take a long chug from it, before ordering another. This felt like a night to get blind drunk, and she'd probably have to get Cate to help her home later. Fishing through her wallet to get some cash out, the young woman's elbow struck out, accidentally connecting with someone, and she sighed softly, casting a brief look toward them as she murmured a soft apology. She then returned to her drink as she tried to keep her mind off the depression that was slowly creeping into her head. She didn't want to cry, she refused to. (Cassandra)
  21. Sometimes, well, most times, Mr. Peete was stubborn. Today happened to be one of those days. Letting out a small sigh as the stubborn horse refused to move. There was nothing more humbling than riding a horse. They forced you to reflect on yourself, to take stock of your emotions and to recognize when you pushed too hard. Today was that day for Peete. Groaning as she slid oud of the saddle she looked at the horse who was happy enough to stand and look for something to eat or drink, or both. He stomped his foot and she shook her head at him. ”I know you big baby.” He had been one of the more difficult ones, she had been focused on working with him in order to get him to a point where he could be trusted to go to a new home. It was not the most glamorous, but she worked hard to ensure they had a decent chance to be chosen. Those who were harder to work with ended up living with her. Not that she minded. She actually quite liked the ones who stayed with her. She seemed to understand them, she didn’t really fit in her with her family these days either. Looking at the horse as he stamped again she sighed. ”We aren’t going anywhere stomp all you want.” She said as he tossed his head and seemed to relax a little. The anxiety that rippled though his muscles seemed to relax. She had pushed him and now she had to relax while he got it in his mind to head back to the ranch. Letting out a small sigh she moved to sit on a rock. She picked up some of the grass and started to pick it apart as she waited. The horse behind her nudged her and she laughed. ”You are such a demanding thing.” She said as she turned to look at him. She stood back up and ran her hand along his nose. ”you know we could easily have just gone home but you had to be difficult.”She said with a smile as she looked at him. ”You are not a bad boy are you? Someone is going to love you as much as I do.” She promised him and he nuzzled her. ”Oh you want the apples.” She laughed as she pulled the bag out. ”Here.” Sometimes she wished more people could feel the way she did about the creatures.
  22. Zane wasn't sure what was bringing him to have this meeting with his uncle, but all he knew was that it needed to be done. Thomas had been been asking Zane when Amea was coming home, and Amea had not been giving him any answers. Thomas had been growing restless. Zane had to speak to him. He'd seen the new articles. Thomas was known to be in Australia. So, Zane wrote Amea another letter, letting her know that he would be out of town if she decided to return home. He needed to talk to Thomas. It was urgent. Zane left Narrie, and traveled by apparition to various spots, to elude any potential followers, before finally coming to the run down home that Thomas was temporarily staying in. Zane knocked on the door three times, and waited. He could hear shuffling around inside. He imagined his uncle was checking to see who it was, and readying any defensive measures awaiting in case he was a Ministry employee. After a few more moments, the door opened, and Zane came face to face with Thomas Sollozzo. Thomas stepped aside, and ushered Zane quickly into the home.
  23. Having managed to make the place significantly more clean and orderly with the help of Alex, Teddy smiled at their success. F3 was in tip-top shape, in fact, it was probably in the best shape it had been in decades. Quite beside himself, he told Alex, "Seems like we're ship-shape, mate. Now we just have to get everything together." He smiled even wider after saying this because this was indeed the easy part. After spending the previous weekend mending the classroom and this whole day gathering bits and pieces like the speakers, setting up the music and the soundproofing charms, and making sure that all of the decorations were in place, getting the food and beverages out of the cooler they had levitating alongside them on the way there, seemed a simple feat. Teddy made several complicated wand movements and suddenly the lid to the cooler popped off and the food and beverages magicked themselves into their proper places. "Now that this is done all we have to do is check on the billywigs to make sure they are alright and then wait for people to show up," he thought aloud to Alex. So, he went over to the formerly terrifying cupboard they magically repaired and opened its door revealing three jars with one billywig in each of them. They seemed a bit displeased, but not nearly as much as they were before. Closing the cabinet, he turned to Alex, who seemed to be working with the sound system. "I think we've properly set everything up, all we need now is our guests and some fun music. How is that coming along?" They worked really hard to put together the best playlist for the party and Teddy wanted to be sure that it would end up being played so that everyone could enjoy it. It seemed like everything was coming together. This was definitely going to be a party to get them through the term, that was for sure.
  24. Marcus had made sure to call Gemini that same day to let her know that in a weeks time on the weekend he could clear something up. This, of course, meant that he was on full work mode after meeting with one of his old friends and a new one earlier in that week. Truthfully, the Dhampir was tired but he had no plans to retire to his coffin anytime soon, not when preparation work still needed to be performed! There were several cookbooks opened up on the table flipped to various pages: Chicken Parm Dinner, Homemade Biscuits, Honeyed Carrots - He had no idea why he was pushing himself to making such an elaborate dinner. Maybe it was because he felt they deserved it considering that he hadn't realized that Rosie was ALSO her grandmother. That's going to make for very awkward conversation since they hadn't really been able to discuss that small bit of a technicality about Marcus' life. Which. . . Also meant that he knew something deeper about Gem's life than she knew about his own. Usually such a thing wouldn't bother him and yet. . . Maybe it was simply because he found her endearing and fun. Another prospect could just be who her grandmother was and it made him feel a bit out of place to have such intimate information. The door to his home was left wide opened while the sound of music played through out the seemingly lived in home. It was a simple instrumental no real words towards it what so ever. "What am I forgetting. . . OH, Right, the Ice cream maker." Marcus turned his attention towards a cupboard as he opened it up and pulled out what seemed to be a fully wooden bucket with a well-kept metal crank without an inch of rust on it. Who wanted rusty ice cream? He set it to the side on the counter top as he leaned against the edge of it. "Now to just wait until she swings by. . . " She did say she'd come by early to help him out which he honestly probably needed more than he wanted to admit to anyone. At least this day couldn't get anymore weirder than having to deal with certain secrets.
  25. In just a short time at Tallygarunga Alexander had been swept in so much more than he had expected. Dramatic, but perhaps maybe not all too unwelcomed? It was a different kind of chaos than he was used to in truth. There was the incident back when Teddy had invited him and Cass showed up, as tense as that probably had shifted it decidedly got much better. Which was good since he found them both extraordinary people in their own way. "This Garden. . . It's pretty good to just reflect a bit. It's really nice here." He spoke towards himself just to get words out into the air. Sometimes he needed that for himself even if it made him sound just a tad bit crazy. But he knew he didn't have to worry too much about being thought of crazy, at least he people like Frankie around to help keep him a bit grounded or maybe just be as crazy as he was. His blue eyes shifted towards the guitar on his back. He had been neglecting the one presence that had always got him through these moments. "Oh, my bad. . . Alright, lets get in a bit of a self-jam session." He started to remove the Sapphire from his back as he settled the deep blue guitar right across his lap. Certainly didn't hurt that there was a party on the horizon and he had been adamant within himself that he would play live music as a way to keep the fun constantly going and to break in the new year when it did take place. Besides, he was the New Guy, right? Certain things needed to be established about him by him this time, those bunklefaces at that private Academy? They weren't going to have their way here not with him. Alexander's fingers run along the neck as he started to tune and adjust the guitar with a slow motion of strumming along the strings to test if it was off. After a few seconds he easily managed to get it right where he wanted it to be. Usually he tossed around a few ideas in his head for a song to play. It was often either by mood or just what kind of tempo he wanted to keep up with and ease his voice over but this time there was already something inside of him, something that he hadn't been able to shake. He wasn't sure at what point in his week that it had been gnawing at him but that meant something deep inside of himself was trying to let him know what he was trying to ignore. His fingers danced along the strings at the base of the guitar as well as along the neck as he pressed down several chords in a pattern. (There's nothing Holding me Back - Cover ) Lips parted as his voice started flow out of his lips in a firm and confident harmony and tone. "I wanna follow where she goes. . . I think about her and she knows it~." The first line was often always the testing start of the song as he started to adjust himself bit by bit with each transition to the song. Rear pressed against the fountain at the center of the garden while his head and body moved in somewhat of a sway or swagger to fuel the presence of the music and rhythm in himself that way his voice could be infused more with the idea of the chords. However, he was being a bit too zealous in his playing as he asusmed he was alone in the entierty of the area. This only made his voice carry as if he were trying to perform in person for a crowd, of course, everyone needed that kind of practice to see just how well their vocal cords would actually handle. Even after the lyrics to the song would conclude his fingers just couldn't stop playing out the tune to just enjoy the moment. The mystery of why it was so ingrained into him even in this moment escaped him fully. It wasn't even a question to factor or ask in his mind anymore. To him this was just a moment to unwind and flood everything out of him.