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  1. Vladimir remained in place, watching everything as it happened, from the conversations to the departure of Adele, to Améa's admonition of Flora's unexpected arrival at the party. Being mostly out of the loop, other than knowing that Jezebel, Améa, Adele, and likely all the rest were of a group of people that Vladimir was still attempting to understand of his own accord. Viktor was useful for helping to explain things, but Vladimir needed to experience it for himself. And so he was now, as young Caleb spoke of having hundreds of birthday, and planned to celebrate each and every one of them. But first... "Grief is a powerful emotion," Vladimir intoned, knowing all too well how that worked and how it felt, "And not an emotion most wish to express to the public eye." Truthfully Vladimir's attention was then grabbed upon the mention of music and a band, and though he was certain it was a band in the non-classical sense, music was ingrained into his system. It was his profession after all. Focusing his red eyes upon Alexander, Vladimir inquired politely, "You play an instrument, Alexander?" Veronika upon his shoulders smiled brightly and said, "Uncle Vladimir plays the cello! He's the best cellist in the world." Perhaps not the best in the world, Vladimir mused to himself, but he kept his face neutral regardless. "The cello, yes." He made no verbal commentary about Adele's departure from the room. "Aye, luv," Viktor had said to Jezebel, and decided to leave that part of the conversation at that. However, the man's blue eyes traveled from one member of the room to the other, and finally his senses honed in on one scent that was different from the rest. The girl with Alex, Cassandra. Catching his twin's eye, Vladimir's eyes followed suit and after a moment, he nodded in assent. So Viktor's thoughts were correct. Not human, nor a werewolf, nor a vampire, dhampir. That left the elves, the veelas, and the fairies. From what the twins could detect, it did not seem possible to be the first two. A fairy, or at least, some part fairy. Viktor and Vladimir remained silent on their thoughts; they would speak more of it later, and Viktor knew he would talk to Jez about it all once the party was done - and hopefully without too much in the way of drama and explosions.
  2. Vladimir merely stared at Flora as she nodded and smiled in assent. That was one part of the puzzle that fell into place, though the mystery of the blue rose with the red centre was still a mystery to the man.He did not question the girl however, instead nodding at her before the triplets demanded his attention. With Valerian holding his right hand and Violetta taking his left, Vladimir was debating on how to guarantee that Veronika would join them when- Ah yes, he should have assumed such would happen. The girl soon vanished from his sights to then appear upon his shoulders, mirroring that of young Flora upon Alexander's. His face remained impassive though he gently told the girl, "Careful now, Veronika. Hold on tightly." "Yes, Uncle Vladimir," she replied with a giggle. Viktor looked upon the antics of his children with an amused grin on his face, but didn't say anything. He was too busy paying more attention to the lovely lady upon his arm thank you very much. Viktor was used to such antics by now, and Vladimir... Well, the man was getting used to it, slowly but surely. Following the lead of Viktor and Jezebel, Vladimir observed that perhaps not everyone in the vicinity was pleased, though the man did not pry... He knew he could very well search through the minds of most those in the room, but he chose not to. Instead he nodded gently at the others within the home, unable to properly bow considering the young one upon his shoulders. Stuart, Adele... Améa? "A pleasure to see you Améa," the man remarked quietly, seeing that she appeared in much better health and spirits than the day he had encountered her in Narragyambie. "Stuart, Adele, a pleasure as well." Viktor said to Stuart, "I'll have cordial with the kids," not wanting to partake in any of the heavier drinks for obvious health reasons. Vladimir meanwhile inquired, "May I partake in a glass of water for the moment?" Perhaps the vodka would come later, but only a touch of course. Adele's discussion regarding Alexander's relation to her, and therefore to everyone in the room, was not entirely something Vladimir thought he would experience and listen to whilst he were at this gathering, but he had been privy to larger surprises, such as the origins of the youngster that rested upon his shoulders at the moment. The book that Adele brought with her was a rather large tome, and Vladimir glanced at it briefly before focusing on the others. Whatever was about to happen or would throughout this gathering, well, it certainly would not be a dull evening, suffice to say.
  3. ...Surprises never cease, suffice to say.

  4. Cello, it's me. I was wondering if after all these fields you'd like to award me?
  5. "Vladimir, it's a whole lot better than sitting at home by yourself. And it'll be grand, I promise. Everyone will love to see you!" Viktor had worked hard to bring his twin to the dinner, not on the part of convincing Jez, Stuart, and the others, but to convince Vladimir himself that it was neither intrusive or unwelcome. Plus with them now guarding Améa... well, the more the merrier in their family unit. Eventually, Vladimir caved in. Viktor had worn a satisfied grin on his face for hours after that. And so it was. Vladimir met with Viktor at the ground of Tallygarunga, waiting out by the gates until he saw his brother appear. There was nothing said between the two men, nothing other than a nod of heads before both apparated away from the school grounds to just outside Narrie, preferring to walk the rest of their way to their destination. How odd it would be to see Stuart again, Adele. Spending time with Lorelei and the triplets was always a pleasure as well, but... No, such larger gatherings were hardly something Vladimir was quite used to after such time away from home. Perhaps Viktor was right, and this would do him some good. As they got closer to the residence, both brothers paused before looking at the other, Vladimir's face forever impassive and Viktor's brow furrowed. There was... commotion. Their dhampiric ears could hear it readily enough. And, as the men approached, they could see that there was already a large gathering outside, with figures moving toward the house. Vladimir merely followed his brother along, his red eyes catching sight of the various people. He saw Stuart, Adele, Jezebel with the triplets. There was Lorelei, a boy and girl that Vladimir did not recognize... This was going to be quite the large gathering wasn't it? Viktor caught glimpse of his children and had to stifle back a chuckle at what he knew was coming. Oh yes, the triplets turned and... The next thing Vladimir knew, he had three small children practically crashing into him for hugs, and he fought to keep his balance so as not to fall. A small oomph fell from his lips upon impact, but the gentlest of smiles appeared, a small crack in the usual stoic facade the man wore almost every hour of the day. Viktor snickered in the background, and the triplets looked up and beamed. "Uncle Vladimir!" "Salut Valerian, Veronika, Violetta," Vladimir greeted them gently, giving each one of the triplets a small pat on the head, crouching down upon a knee to give each one in turn a kiss upon their foreheads. Standing up again, Vladimir looked to the group and gave them a bow. "Greetings everyone. It is a pleasure to see you all." His red eyes scanned the group, his face having returned to the impenetrable fortress of stoicism and then silence. Viktor in the meantime made his way over to Jez and planted a kiss upon her cheek. "Sorry luv, took us a bit longer than I thought." Vladimir, glancing at everyone once more, returned to silence, content for the moment to follow the group to... well, whichever part of the house they were beginning to move to. He could have pried into their thoughts, but that would have been incredibly rude, after all. Vladimir did abhor terrible manners.
  6. Vladimir Ivanovich Valentin VII was born on October 31st, 1990, in Sighisoara, Transylvania, Romania, along with his twin brother Viktor. He was the first born of the boys, to Ivan, a Russian pureblood wizard turned vampire, and Valentina, a Romanian pureblood witch. His childhood was uneventful, attending a muggle primary school along with his brother. Both Vladimir and his twin did suffer trouble with their dhampiric nature, as well as Viktor's health troubles due to his heart condition, but it was a pleasant childhood nevertheless. By the age of three, Vladimir began to play the cello, his skills increasing to the point where not even the teachers could instruct him further. The boy began performing with orchestras by the age of seven, under the watchful eyes of his father, a pianist and potioneer. A few years later, the family was given the gift of a set of twins; two girls named Anastasia and Viktoriya. Even as a seven year old boy, Vladimir realized that these two young people would need to be protected, and he did everything he could to make sure the girls stayed safe. Everything was considered normal and steady until Ivan and Valentina informed the family that they would be moving to Australia for work opportunities, especially with Valentina being a healer. Vladimir was distraught with the news, but knew that it couldn't be helped. Vladimir and Viktor were nine years old when they arrived in Australia, the twins merely toddlers. The first year was difficult for Vladimir especially, as the boys had to learn to adjust to the sunlight, as well as using English frequently, rather than Romanian and Russian. On Vladimir's tenth birthday, the boy found his brain branded with the memory of watching his father's car accident, the man only surviving due to his vampiric nature. It was a difficult time for the family as Ivan recovered from his injuries, and Vladimir dealt with his first brush with the concept of death. When the boys turned eleven years old, they received letters welcoming them to various magical school, from Tallygarunga, to Hogwarts, Durmstrang, and the Moscow Institute. Vladimir elected to remain in Australia for school, attending Tallygarunga, where he was sorted into Flinders, whereas Viktor begged to go to Hogwarts, where the boy was sorted into Ravenclaw. His time at Tallygarunga remained relatively uneventful. He was teased due to his pallor, his eye colour, his accent and fangs, but the boy hid it all away behind his wall of stoicism. Later in his sixth year, Vladimir was attacked by his uncle, Igor Drakov, resulting in the scars that now line his chest and abdomen. After that incident, Igor relaxed his particular ways around the family, although he is not at all Vladimir's favourite uncle. Vladimir graduated from Tallygarunga at the top of his class in Musiciary, Transfiguration, and Defence Against the Dark Arts, performing very well in the sport of dueling. He went on to enter a master's program of music at the University of Melbourne, as well as a Musiciary program at the Victoria University of Magic. At around that time, Vladimir's longtime girlfriend left him for no reason to be given, and the man was left with a gaping void in his heart. His ability to trust was shattered, tempered only with the news that the Moscow Symphony Orchestra was looking for a cellist. As such, in the summer of 2014, the young man packed his bags and took the position. Three years later, Vladimir found himself back with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra as their conductor, his compositions recognized around the world. The man was happy to return to be closer to his family once more, and upon learning of Tallygarunga's 100th anniversary, he knew he could not miss it.