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  1. The promise of a trip to another country had the girl grinning from ear to ear, and her mother chuckled softly, before then catching that thought that was placed into her head, she would never really get used to that strange alien feel that telepathic voices had within her mind. But she supposed it was similar to when she influenced someone's emotions, or shared her own with someone. She glanced at the man and gave a gentle nod, not that she'd needed him to confirm that he wouldn't break a promise to Gabrielle, she already knew very well that the girl had him wrapped around her little finger. But did he know? She imagined he had to have some kind of idea by now how deep he was digging himself with the kiddo, nonetheless, it was still amusing to watch. "Traitor," The mother accused Gabrielle lightly, pointing a finger at the girl, before reaching over to tickle her, until Gabby was laughing uncontrollably and squealing at her to stop. Also chuckling, Gem shook her head gently, but then lifted her chin as she raised a brow at Marcus, "Hm, we'll just have to see how good this dinner is, I suppose." The fact that he'd been able to rally Gabrielle into being on his side showed that the girl had become very fond of the man, it both made Gemini smile, but also worried her a little. It was the part of her that always worried about someone coming into Gabby's life, only to leave or be taken away. She didn't want her girl to suffer more loss. "Oh? It's a hunt now, is it? And I thought it was just dinner," Gem tutted softly, before then laughing again, as the little girl who was stuffing her face nodded at Marcus' suggestion that she show him more things that she liked to put in her pancakes. And there were lots of things. When he then suggested it as an 'every morning' thing, the young woman couldn't help but blink as she glanced over at the man. Was he ever aware of what he just said? "What? You're planning on moving in now?" Gemini chuckled with raised brows, though she wasn't sure if her place would be the best to move into. Even though she wasn't exactly bad off, she'd only got herself somewhere that was comfortably big enough for herself and Gabrielle. She doubted they'd fit another person's life in here, even if they wanted to. She was about to comment on the chocolate and strawberries, when she realised her mistake in asking the joke question of the man. "Are we all going to live together??" The excitement in Gabby's voice caused Gemini to wince a little. She never wanted to let the girl down, and knew that telling her that it was a joke would probably get at least a small pout, followed by the million questions about why won't they move in together. But, she couldn't go letting the girl get more excited about the prospect, not when Gemini hadn't even been thinking of planning that far ahead. "It's a joke, baby. But, since he's apparently going to see us every day, it'll almost be like we are," The woman wasn't sure what to think of that, now she really considered it. It he was planning on cooking breakfast with Gabrielle every day, didn't that basically mean they would be living together? She decided not to overthink it and instead chuckled as Marcus realised her plan to get out of baking by taking care of the other organisational things that needed doing, "See, I'm going to be a busy Queen Bee. Don't worry, I think I've got some shaved beef in the fridge, as well as ham and chicken. Plenty of proteins there," She snorted softly as her gaze narrowed at the man and his dirty mind.
  2. "Reallly?" Gabrielle's eyes positively lit up at the prospect of going to visit a whole different country, especially since it was the one where Marcus had grown up. Gemini herself had lifted a brow in some interest. Was he really planning to take them on a trip to Egypt? That could be a rather intriguing trip, for certain. The girl grinned widely and bounced a little as the man spoke more about his homeland and it's wonders, only making it sound more magical and appealing to Gabby while she dug into her breakfast, "I can't wait! What about you, Mama?" The girl looked across to Gemini, who was smirking a little, and glanced across at her with fondness and a nod. "Sounds like a vacation alright," The young mother agreed, before then scoffing at Marcus' pretense of being wounded over the idea of not having been asked to take her out to do something romantic. And even going on to get her own daughter on his side as the girl nodded to his question. Gem laughed lightly with a shake of her head and roll of her eyes before glancing over at Marcus, "Fine then. Let's go on a romantic dinner or something," The woman huffed, as though she'd been forced to do something she didn't want to, though there was a mischievous glint in her eyes and a chuckle soon escaped her before she took another bit of her steak sandwich, offering Marcus only a cheeky wink as he mentioned that he was still going to try to get some kind of payback in return for her teasing about feeling him up with sunscreen and him being unable to do anything about it. "Yeah, the pancakes are interesting, gummybears aren't the only things we've tossed into the mixture before, they're just Gabby's favourite, right squirt?" Gemini smiled fondly at Gabby as she girl nodded again, though was clearly still more interested in eating her own pancakes. Another laugh came from the mother and she tilted her head at Marcus and his threat of more cost for more breakfasts, "And just what did you have in mind?" She asked sweetly, and then took another bite of her sandwich. It really was exactly what she'd needed, and she was glad that she'd had that extra steak in the fridge to cook up. "Who says I'm going to be lounging around though?" Gem protested slightly at the insinuation, while being told she was apparently going to be making cookies as well. She shook her head and offered a smirk toward the man, "Someone has to get everything else ready for our outing while you master bakers do your think. Don't worry though, I'll probably be in the kitchen with you guys for most of it anyway. Have to get some snacks and drinks and sandwiches and things make up while stuff is being made or we'll be here all day." She poked her tongue out at the man, and winked lightly again before taking another big bite from her sandwich and grinning at him with her mouth full.
  3. Marcus explained what he meant, and the girl stared wide-eyed at him and nodded, even though she didn't know entirely what he was talking about. But he seemed to know, which meant it must have been something important. Watching her daughter with such a serious expression as she tried to absorb the information that was offered, caused Gemini to lift a hand to her lips as she chuckled softly. "We've got some history books, I think there's one on Egyptian history which would have pictures Marcus can show you later," The young mother offered, causing the child to look at her with bright eyes before then nodding again with a side smile at both her mother and the man. "If I wanted a romantic dinner, then I would just ask for it," The woman then smirked as she retorted to the man before taking another drink of her juice and setting the table. The comment about a plump Veela was generally overlooked, or purposely ignored, it wasn't really something the woman had been thinking about, nor really wanted to think about at the moment. Right now they didn't know one way or the other, and it was something she could think about if it actually happened. "Unlike you, my flesh doesn't feel the sun so badly, and in fact I have a rather lovely tan this year thanks to it," Gemini inspected her arms for a moment before then chuckling and watching as Marcus and Gabrielle spoke about making special cookies, the girl's eyes lighting up at the idea of making ones that were special for each of the ladies. A proud smile was given by the girl at the praise to her help, and she quickly set to eating as soon as the ice cream was dished up on her food. Gemini, meanwhile, picked up her sandwich and took a large bite from it while she enjoyed the easy going atmosphere. "Definitely exactly what I needed," The woman murmured with a nod after the first mouthful, "I'll have to get you guys to make me breakfast more often." The woman winked across at her daughter cheekily before then taking another bite and sighing softly. It was nice, even if it had a very family-like feel to it. Though she and Gabrielle were already a family anyway, albeit a small one. But Marcus had seemed to slot in rather easily and Gemini found herself not minding at all. It was honestly nice to have another person at the table with them, the young woman found herself missing the rowdiness that had come from living with her mother and Gabby's father and his siblings that Mel had adopted, all in the one place. "So... cookie baking, and then off to see Layla for lunch, and then we all head over to the Zoo, right?" Gemini asked with a small smile on her lips, "Sounds like quite a day ahead."
  4. "Mummies are buried there? But what about daddies? Don't they get a special tomb?" Gabrielle was clearly enthralled by all the information that Marcus was giving her about his home country and the things call tombs, and about pyramids, which she thought she had heard about before, and all the dead mummies and people who were buried there. Even if she was rather confused about the thought of mummies being dug up. Why would someone want to dig up a skeleton of a mummy? What about the daddies? Did something else happen to them? In the background, Gemini was chuckling softly as she listened to the conversation, it was one of Gabby's regular adorable moments. "Well, you know having good memories isn't a bad thing. You should try accepting and reveling in them. It's make a big difference, you might be less of a grumpy ass then," Gemini winked and poked her tongue out at Marcus. She was well aware that he wasn't too thrilled with the idea of photos, but it was really just too bad for him. He'd have to deal with it, there were a lot more to come, especially if they ended up doing something fun with the day. Her brows rose, however, as he mentioned something about his heart finding completion being a worthy photo-keeping moment, and smiled lightly. "Aw, look at that, you are a romantic at heart after all. All that stuff about being a scary creature of the night was just to cover up the soft teddy bear within," She grinned cheekily at him again as she chuckled softly and set the camera down. "Yeah, well, snack in moderation. You don't want to end up turning into a plump Dhampir," The woman shook her head gently, though wondered if that was a sense of relief she picked up from him momentarily. She decided to leave it, rather than wonder what it was that she might have missed. If it was important, then he'd bring it up another time or something. She had to laugh when he called her a weirdo, and rolled her eyes, "Well of course I want to put it on you... that's half the fun, I get to feel you up in public and you can't do a thing about it." The woman gave him a cheeky grin before snickering, and then nodded at the idea of a hat. That was also a good point, and she'd have to find one of Gabby's for her daughter. "Hell yeah, Mom will feel left out if she doesn't get cookies as well," Another soft laugh and Gemini moved to set the table as she noticed the others beginning to put the finishing touches on breakfast. She set the juice down at three spots on the small round table, along with place mats, utensils, and vanilla ice cream and maple syrup for those who might like to have extra sweetness for their gummycakes, or salt and pepper and sauce for their eggs and bacon. "Look how good we made the gummycakes!" Exclaimed Gabrielle as she sat down in her chair and eyed her plate with a small bounce. She blinked at Marcus with wide eyes, "Can you put some ice cream on mine please, Marcus?" It caused another small smile from Gemini, who took another sip from her juice as she sat, eyeing the toasted sandwich with another small grumble from her stomach. The woman was definitely ready to eat.
  5. "Can you show me on a map?" Gabrielle seemed fully interested in learning about this place where Marcus came from, and knew that her mother had a world map in the house, so he should be able to show her where it was. Maybe she could learn about it from him some more. "What's a tomb?" The cities and places sounded nice though. Maybe he would take them to visit there one day. It was easy to get to, wasn't it? He came to Australia from there, after all. The girl giggled, however, when he spoke about how bossy mums could be, and nodded in agreement. Her mummy could be very bossy sometimes, but most of the time it was just fun. She listened carefully as he spoke about Miss Layla though, and nodded very seriously, "Yes. We have to take very good care of her, so that she can feel well. Rosie will help her." She would stick by that belief. Her Gram Rosie was a superwoman! Marcus' response to Gemini's comment hadn't really been expected, though. In fact, she hadn't really expected any response, because it was mostly an off hand comment that she'd made mostly to herself more than to the others. However, as she glanced up and saw the smile, she smiled back and then chuckled softly as she returned to looking through the photos. "Well, you need some of these memories too, you know. Isn't that right, Gabby?" Gem glanced over at her daughter, who was only too happy to nod in agreement. Memories were important, both the good and the bad. But if you could have more evidence of the good ones around, then they made the bad ones dull out a little and gradually hurt just a bit less. She set down the cups of juice for the others where they could reach them, before grabbing her own and taking another sip. Then, waited for a time when Gabrielle was pouring the mixture, before taking another photo. She did the same again when she spied Marcus moving to flip it over, before smirking at him with a wink, "Memories!" The woman grinned lightly, her daughter doing the same as she giggled. "A locket? What kind of photo would you keep in a locket, Marky-poo?" The young woman asked as she looked through the camera again, before glancing up at him with a raised brow. She then covered her mouth in a cheeky way as he spoke again, "Oh my, we are feeling ravenous, aren't we?" She snickered softly, though had a feeling that he would probably come through on that as well, if she let him. She had been pushing his buttons a bit already, and it was only breakfast time! The zoo did sound like a pretty good idea though. There was enough foliage around the Melbourne Zoo that Marcus wouldn't have too much trouble with the sun, at least. They could avoid the really open areas enough, those were mostly the picnic grounds anyway, most of the place was pretty nice and shady. And it seemed that he was on board with the idea, which only caused Gabrielle's smile to brighten further as she let out a small cheer, clearly adorably happy at being able to go see all the animals. They'd probably be able to catch an evening band there too. "Well, then, it looks like I'll have to get a few things prepared for the day out. Sandwiches, drinks... I better go find the cooler bag to put things in," Gemini smiled as she went through the preparations they'd need to make this morning so they could spend the afternoon at the zoo. "I've got some good sunscreen too, Marc. It'll help a bit with the sting, but most of the enclosures are surrounded by trees and shade anyway, so it shouldn't be too bad for you," She offered a small nod as she moved to the fridge to have a look at what they had there already. She was pretty sure she could whip up some food and snacks and things for them. "We're making cookies for Miss Layla after breakfast!" Gabrielle then piped up, letting her mother know the other plans. Gemini just grinned at them and offered a nod. "Sounds good. Should make extra, so that we can take some with us too."
  6. "Where's Egypt? Is that that past the sea?" The girl gave Marcus a wide-eyed look to accompany the question, before then smiling as he said that his mother could be with him now, "It's good she could come to live with you now. And okay!" Gabrielle giggled at the idea of keeping the cookie present as a secret from the mother's doctor, though that also made her think for a moment before she tilted her head at Marcus with some worry in her gaze. "Is your mama sick?" She asked quietly. That's why people had doctors, wasn't it? She knew that her Gram Rosie looked after sick people, and told them when they had to be good and look after themselves, was it the same for his mother's doctor? Maybe Rosie could fix her! "Rosie can make her all better!" The girl chirped and then added a solid nod. Of course, Rosie could fix anyone, she was the smartest doctor in the world. And then Marcus' mum wouldn't have to be sick anymore. That would make him feel better, right? She was positive that was the perfect answer to the whole thing, and smiled happily at her good suggestion while they finished getting the batter ready. "Hey, good memories are important, you know," Came Gemini's light retort to Marcus' dislike of having his photo taken. He's just have to deal with it. Fact was, she liked keeping pictures of good times around, it helped when she was having a rough day, when she was feeling alone or the place just seemed too empty and quiet. It was the whole reason she'd moved to an apartment, rather than living in the large house her mother had owned. Too much unfilled space just made her uncomfortable. It was even worse now Gabrielle was Prep, and at school most days. The girl smiled as Marcus agreed it was ready, and carefully brought her across near the stove. Gemini watched them as she poured juice for everyone, but she trusted that the man wouldn't let her daughter accidentally burn herself or something, and so leaned back against the counter as she took a sip from her drink. Gabrielle poured some of the batter in, and then watched as Marcus watched for it to be ready to be flipped. "Nah, I might get one of you on the can though," Gemini snerked at her awful joke, even though it would be hilarious to see his face if he was barged in on. She wasn't quite that bad, luckily for him. The young mother did check the photos again with a small smile, knowing full well that he was briefly checking her out, and huffed a small chuckle as she glanced at him. "Already thinking about what you'd like for lunch?" She asked cheekily with a wink, and then considered Marcus' other question of what to do, "Hm... I don't mind, really. What's something that we haven't done in a while, Gabby?" She asked her daughter. The little girl was usually the best one to come up with ideas. "Can we go to the zoo?" The young girl asked with a small bit of excitement, causing Gemini to chuckle before she considered the request with pursed lips, thinking a moment. "Well, we do have the yearly passes, and I think they still have the evening entertainment going... sure, why not. Maybe Layla would like to come along as well," The woman lifted her brows at Marcus. It would be his call, of course, but probably wouldn't hurt his mother to get out for an afternoon for a walk and sunshine.
  7. The girl seemed to have no issue talking about her 'Nana Mel', but then she was too young to have been able to remember the woman when she'd been taken in an untimely way. What she did have were photos and stories, from both Gemini and Rosie, that made her feel happy that he Nana had been a good person and had loved her and would have been doing all these things with her just like she had with her own Mama. The girl gave a bright grin when Marcus said that the gummycakes would have to be perfect, she agreed! They would make them just right and then eat breakfast together with her Mama, and the girl would even be able to show him some of the things she did in school. "Did your Mama live far away before?" The girl asked innocently of the man, curious about his own mother. If she was living with him then did that mean something was wrong and he had to look after her? They definitely needed cookies then! That was without question. She smiled bright again and nodded, "Presents always make people feel happy! And cookies are the best presents." At least, as far as the little girl was concerned. She loved baking with her mother or Rosie, and had vowed already at a young age that she would be the best baker ever one day. The girl then hummed a little as they mixed the batter, making it perfect for cooking on the stove without making it burn to the pan. She wasn't surprised by the picture-taking, so much as happily accepted it, adding in a few more poses with the man whether he liked it or not while her mother looked on with her devious grin. "Big time? For what? You two look so cute together, how could I not take some pictures? And of course Rosie will want to see them, and Layla too..." Gemini snickered quietly as she scrolled through the photos she'd managed to capture. "Besides, Gabby loves having new pictures to put in her scrapbooks, right squirt?" Gemini offered a smile and wink to her daughter, who seemed to be wholly enjoying the mini hug from Marcus and the banter between the adults. "Mhm! I can show you after, Marcus!" The girl chirped happily, and then leaned over to inspect the batter, "Do you think this is ready?" She asked, while her mother wandered to the fridge in order to grab a bottle of juice out, followed by a glass from the nearby cupboard, so that she could pour herself a drink. "Juice?" Gemini then asked, before grabbing a plastic cup for Gabby. If Marcus wanted one, she'd get another glass out to fill.
  8. "You say that, but who's really the devil in our scenario?" Gemini asked cheekily, a glint of mischief in her gaze. Honestly, they could probably almost tie for the title, but they'd spent enough time together by now for him to realise that there was much more to the pretty musician than met the eye. She wasn't certain why, but she always seemed to be able to rope in those who believed they were bad or wrong somehow, and something about her made them want to change their lifestyle. Sometimes the young woman wondered if it was that part of her that was Veela, but Veela only really were responsible for physical attraction, they summoned the base desires. Feelings that led to deeper changes were something else entirely. Not that it mattered, it didn't tale from the fact that she enjoyed herself. She hadn't felt this good for a long time. "Mmmm... maybe make it a steak, bacon and egg sandwich for me then?" Even as she mentioned it, the woman's stomach growled slightly and she snickered, "That's my body definitely agreeing with this idea." Just as much as it seemed to agree with the idea of sneaking off some time today while Gabrielle and Layla were entertaining one another, so she and Marcus could grab a 'snack'. "Don't forget the whipped cream," She snickered with a small wink, pressing another kiss to him before he could get up, and then stretching out on the bed to watch him get dressed and step out of the room. In the kitchen, everything that Gabrielle could get ready was already done and she beamed, proud as punch, as he praised her independence and what she'd done so far. She happily helped with anything else that she could do, making sure all the things they needed to use were set out properly, in the right order to be used. She even had the dish detergent out and ready for when bowls and things would need to be soaked in the sink. "It's a easy recipe! My Nana Mel made it all the time, Mama said," The girl nodded, excited to be able to cook with the man. And she did her parts of helping to measure out various ingredients, and pour in the milk carefully, with his help of course. There was something very comforting and satisfying about having another person who she could do this with, and she'd been awful excited when her mother had mentioned yesterday that Marcus would be spending the day with them today. When it came time for the gummybears, she poured in enough for them to be able to stir through the mix, but not too much. Too much would just make them melted gummy batter, and wreck the pan. "Layla is your Mama, Marcus? Can you help me make cookies for her?" The girl asked, glancing at him for a moment, before giggling as they whisked the mixture together. Once again, she beamed brightly when he said he'd have some of the gummycakes as well, and the man would probably notice that some of her happiness radiated from her, in a similar style as Gemini's empathy, but not as strong or controlled. The girl's abilities were only in a developing stage, but she would no doubt end up much like her mother. From the doorway then was a flash, causing Gabreille to blink before she looked up to see her mother standing there in a satin robe with a digital camera and a shit-eating grin on her lips. The girl then smiled brightly for the next inevitable photo, before then turning slightly to wrap her arms around Marcus' neck and offer another grin to the photo-ninja. "Ah, don't you make the adorable pair," Came Gemini's amused voice, especially since Gabrielle had got Marcus the pink frilly apron, when they had a more ordinary white one that he could have used as well. She chuckled to herself as she looked through the photos, "I so have to show Layla and Rosie these. Might get some printed off for them, actually." One thing the young mother wasn't short on was photo paper for her printer. She enjoyed capturing memories far too much to be without the technology. "So how's it coming along, you two?" She asked innocently, as though she hadn't just ambushed them, her smile wide and bright.
  9. "Can't get anything past me, you should know that by now," Gemini chuckled with a small smirk as she stretched a little, though the movement only caused their skin to brush together before she released a contented hum. Contented? Yes, now that she thought about it, she found Marcus' company left her feeling content. She'd been unsure of Rosie's scheming when she'd worked out that the older woman had intentionally placed them in a scenario where they would have to communicate with one another without any other distractions. And then Layla's gentle nudging of them. But she had to admit, there was something to the strange way they'd just 'clicked' so well that was quite nice. "What do you mean, make up for? I'm a perfect angel, I don't gotta make up for nothin'," Gem grinned cheekily and snickered, and the short time with her daughter joining them only brought about that 'content' feeling more. Wait? Or was that Marcus' emotions she was picking up on? It was actually difficult for the Veela woman to be able to tell where his genuinely happy feeling ended and her own began. Either way, clearly they weren't feeling too awkward about it, though that was likely because neither had brought the topic up verbally as something to discuss. It seemed easier to just go with the flow of things. "Mhmm... bacon and eggs... there's also some steak in the fridge if you're hungry for a bit of red meat," Gemini released a low humm and rolled over on top of the man for a brief moment as they kissed, before chuckling at his reaction when she smacked him lightly. "Maybe we'll have to see about a snack some time during the day, if Layla and Gabby get along enough to distract one another," The brunette smirked, he had mentioned going to see Layla, and maybe even making something special for her, which was surely going to stay in the mind of the young girl who was probably digging through the pantry now. "Gabs has a good memory, she's not going to let you back out of that one," Gemini snickered and then rolled back on the bed to let the man up, grinning with her parting words, "Oh, I appreciate it... trust me." In the kitchen, the young girl was already pulling out the ingredients for Gummycakes, which was basically the ingredients for pancakes, plus gummybears. Except, she couldn't reach those, as well as a few other things, so she then set to getting out the special pink mixing bowl and blender and other things that they would need. By the time Marcus had made it out, she was even wearing a cute little apron and mini chef hat over her pajamas and was grinning brightly at him as she held up a very pink adult sized apron for the man. "I got these things, but the gummybears and other things we need are up on the high shelf," The girl pointed at the opened pantry. It wouldn't be difficult to work out which ingredients were still needed, and she waited for him to accept the apron, before she then ran to the fridge to get out the milk and carefully take out the egg carton, followed by the bacon that her mother wanted. She was being helpful! "Nana's cooking book is here too, it says how to make the pancakes, and we put the gummybears in," Gabrielle gave a nod as she opened up the book that she was talking about once she'd stepped up on her stepping stool so that she could see the countertop properly. "Are you going to have some? They're really yummy."
  10. "Mhm..." Gemini murmured and then chuckled at the man's response to her being awake, opening an eye to watch him. "We'll have to wait for me to get feeling back in my legs before I decide whether you're a target today or not. Though, it'd good to know that you actually enjoy being picked on," The woman snickered quietly. It was almost as though he wanted her to poke fun at him, considering he seemed only eager to 'punish' her for it at the end of the day. But then, their deeper natures did seem to mesh very well, almost feeding off one another in some weird mystical way. Was that why she felt totally cool with one of them sleeping at the other's house almost every night? Gemini hadn't been known to regularly shag someone ever since Frankie, which made this whole thing just a little surprising for her as well, as it bordered on being an actual relationship or sorts. The intrusion of the five year old was also met with a hint of confusion as Gemini picked up on happiness from the man beside her with the arrival of the girl. For someone who had seemed to adamant that he should have children and would be a terrible father, he sure had taken to Gabrielle easily, and was even happy to see her despite the fact that she'd jumped on the bed first thing in the morning while the adults were still naked under the blanket. It was something that a lot of guys didn't tend to appreciate when hooking up with single mothers. Still, Gemini had to grin at the interaction between Marcus and Gabby, the girl's cheeky answer only being confirmed as apparent truth, causing her to chuckle. "Gummycakes!" Cried Gabby with her arms in the air, and Gemini was almost tempted to shake her head. Gabby's favourite pancakes meant they would include gummy bears tossed into the mixture as well. As yummy as they were, the idea of something so terribly sweet right now made Gem feel nauseous. No way she'd be able to eat those today, she needed something savoury and full of protein. "You can totally show him how to make Gummycakes, sweetheart. I think I'll stick to good old bacon and eggs though," Mmm... bacon. That would definitely hit the spot. Gem lightly pushed Gabby off the bed after that, with a small grin, "Alright, well how about you get the things you need from the pantry that you can reach while Marcus puts some pants on. And then you can tell him to get the stuff that's too high for you," The girl smiled brightly and nodded then, before running out of the room, leaving Gem to turn back toward the man, wrapping her arms over his shoulders to pull herself close for a moment so that she could give him a soft lingering kiss. She then lowered one hand to slap his bare rear, drawing back from the kiss with a chuckle. "Hop to it then, chef. I need some sustenance after last night."
  11. How this had become a regular thing, Gemini wasn't sure, but she did feel like she should have got used to the workout that the dhampir provided by now. However, here she was, laid out and worn out entirely, an experience that was relatively new in the life of the energetic woman. Still, it wasn't a bad little routine that they'd seemed to have acquired. She certainly wasn't complaining. If Rosie had the night off, then Gemini would go to Marcus' place, if not then he'd pop by her place late in the night after he'd finished work. They'd talk, laugh, tease, she'd pick on him about something or another, and he'd growl a bit. And then they'd enjoy one another's company in more... active and carnal ways. Neither had brought up the concept of adding a title to whatever it was they had going on, they were just doing whatever they were doing and it seemed to work well for both of them, at least from what she could tell. Often, Marcus had to be out for work early in the morning as well, but it appeared that today was a lazy day, and Gem certainly had no complaints as his arms wrapped around her. She stirred slightly at the kiss, but mostly just to curl up closer to the man. Though she did hear his voice, which woke her up a bit more and caused a small smile and snicker from the woman. "Hell yeah, you are," Came a mumbled reply from Gem, followed by a chuckle and then a lazy kiss to his jaw. Before she would say anything else however, her door opened and a five year old jumped onto the bed. "Hello Marcus! Good morning Mama!" The girl climbed on top of Gemini, causing the mother to grunt and then chuckle as she secured the blanket over the both of the adults. She then grabbed the girl to give her a bear hug, causing Gabrielle to squeal in delight and attempt to wiggle in order to escape the hug monster. "Hey gorgeous, are you here to tell Marc to come teach you how to make breakfast?" Gemini snickered quietly as she asked. "No! I'm going to show him!" Came the cheeky response, bringing a light laugh from the mother, as well as another hug. "Well, you might have to wait outside the room, I think he's shy."
  12. "Well, I definitely feel appreciated. Should've probably realised that Dhampirs offer an inhuman workout though," Gemini grinned cheekily from where her head rested, moving it again once she'd kissed him lightly, in order to nuzzle at his neck and collarbone again while she cuddled up closer. He was cozy, and she could sense that he was also fairly rejuvenated from what she'd offered on top of the pleasures of the flesh. She snickered at his jest about the 'blood doll' thing, before glancing up at him with a raised brow. "Now then, you make it sound like I'm going to just let any old bloodsucker get his fangs in me when you say it like that," Gemini tutted quietly. "But if it feels that good in the middle of naked-funtimes, I think I'm willing to let you penetrate me in more than one way now and then," The woman's brows wiggled, before she laughed softly and hummed at the idea of keeping this... whatever it was they had right now, going. She agreed, he did have a comfy bed and sturdy as well. She'd half expected it to break or something, it wasn't like they weren't practically trying to wreck it. "I can handle being a plate..." The woman was responding cheekily when she felt that increase in desire flow off Marcus, probably imagining what he just suggested, and she chuckled low, before shifting herself so that she was laying over him, "Maybe... in a bit." She murmured, before taking his lips up in yet another desire-driven kiss. They had a long night ahead of them.
  13. Gemini felt like jelly the more she tired to shift, and in the end gave up, remaining practically collapsed half over the man while she tried to remind herself that doing this kind of thing regularly might result in a lot of late morning sleep-ins. Or at the least, she'd need to make sure to try and tone it down on occasion if she had a big day ahead... but who was she kidding? To pass up on that level of intense passion and pleasure was just stupid. And besides, once her body recovered a little, then she would be as energetic as a child. Though, in the back of her mind with all those thoughts came the sudden question... was this something she intended to do regularly? The woman's head shifted a little, enough to glance up at Marcus' face while he gently brushed his fingers over her neck, brushing over the puncture wounds, which brought a small involuntary shiver down her spine. It was strange, she'd never offered blood before to someone, and had been warned it could hurt. But in the heat of their lovemaking, it had only enhanced her pleasure greatly. She'd liked it. "Ha... yes, super siren, that's me," A chuckle escaped Gemini as she grinned up at Marcus, before a low humm drifted from her lips as his fingers trailed down her spine, causing her to shift upward a little and brush her lips over his lightly, before then going in for a deeper and more tender kiss. Drawing back after a few moments, she snickered at his apparent promise if she stayed over night. "Uh huh, I see your plan now. Remove all feeling from my legs so that I can't escape in the morning, and then I end up becoming some kind of sex slave who can't go anywhere." She nodded matter-of-factly, before laughing softly and resting her head on his shoulder. "Hm, I could be convinced maybe... if you bring me some ice cream in bed," A small cheeky grin was offered up at him along with innocent batting of her eyelashes as she put on the 'cute' act for some ice cream.
  14. "It will make me happier!" Gemini grinned as Marcus agreed that he would start to eat healthier, and gave him a gentle pat on the cheek, "You're such a good boy." She was absolutely taking the piss out of him and stirring him up on purpose, but it was fun, and she knew that he wouldn't actually hurt her. His problem over not knowing who could be a donor was given a gentle shrug however, "I trust you." It was spoken easily as though it wasn't a big deal. Offer a little blood here and there? Sure. It wasn't like she was going to suffer too much for it, considering she healed up pretty easily herself due to her own mixed blood. "I'm sure Rosie can probably hook you up too, if you're squicky about bloodsucking," Another small nod. A cheeky grin was simply given when he attempted to taunt her about being right. She was right, quite often in fact. And the man would probably learn that some time down the track if they spent enough time together. His next attempted tease was also given a wink as well as a zipped-lips signal, as though she wasn't going to ever tell him or confirm whether she did 'want it badly' or not. She was having too much fun being unpredictable and annoying and ever stirring the pot more. She barely even let him get his words out about what she was before she shut him up, and received a reaction that played right off her own action. "So that was a pleasant surprise then? Does it make up for bullying you with your mom?" Gemini grinned cheekily, even as she gathered her breath a little from the lust she could feel pouring from him and into herself. It caused a gentle shudder in her spine and Marcus really didn't need to direct her much as he reached down to latch into her thighs and pull her upward. The woman's legs wrapped around his waist, one of her feet accidentally knocking his glass over, not that she particularly cared, and doubted he did either. The woman's fingers traced a line over his ear and down the side of his neck, before she moved forward again, her lips taking up his own while she used that passion as fuel not only for herself, but for him as well, allowing it to transfer between them, steadily growing thicker in the air. She didn't even need to speak as her mind broadcast very loudly, knowing he would hear it. 'Bedroom... now.' It was a long while, and a number of crashes and things knocked over on stumble-dance up the stairs and to his room, later when the young woman groaned softly as she stretched a little. Holy hell, she felt like she'd run a marathon or three, with obstacle courses in between. She was sprawled partially over Marcus with heavy eyelids as she nuzzled the tip of her nose against his collarbone lightly before brushing her lips over the spot. There was a light ache at the side of her throat, but it would heal up fine, and she'd been the one to invite his fangs in the midst of their throes. Right now, Gemini was too worn out to even care about precautions. "Call the doctor, coz I think I lost all feeling in my legs..." Came a cheeky mumble still, before she smirked against his skin.