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Welcome Tallygarunga is an 18+ post-Potter non-canon forum RPG set in Australia, featuring Australia's only public wizarding school Tallygarunga.

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  1. Escorting a student in need to the hospital wing.
  2. She watched as the bartender moved around, and nodded when the stranger beside her said it was always an awesome night here. That's what she had always been told of the place. "Josie. Doc?" She looked around for a moment, taking in the atmosphere. It really wasn't a bad place. It was no wonder she heard the staff talk about it so much--some more than others. She looked back at the bartender, who glanced at her and she looked over at her stool-mate awkwardly. "So, Bryan! What would you suggest for someone who doesn't tend to partake in this particular pasttime? ....Good Goat that was a mouthful." She laughed at herself. Some pretty good alliteration there too, with all those p's. Made her feel like she swallowed a bug or something.
  3. Josie couldn't help the catchy pop tune that was in her head tonight, and she sang it quietly to herself as she made her way into the Drunken Roo. She'd never spent much time in there, or any bar, but it was her birthday and she was going to celebrate.....somehow! With it being about seven, it was easier for her to find someone to cover her station for a few hours--classes were done, students were at least half settled, it was unlikely at this hour someone would be popping in unless it involved a stomach ache from dinner. She looked around, biting her lower lip and releasing it as the smile spread. She had no idea as to what to really expect. It didn't look entirely alien to her however. Had she been in here once during school? It was possible. She couldn't decide if it was a yes or no. She walked up to the bar and sat on a stool and looked around, then after a moment remembered that she probably would need some form of identification. She pulled out the card and tapped it on the bar as she bobbed her head. When someone came up she said, "Oh hey there! Awesome night, right?"
  4. As Alex stated he had no idea what she was talking about, she smiled and gave him a nod. "Must have been someone else." she said softly. She was fine with letting him leave, so long as the girl didn't request him to stay. It was between the teenagers how it was going to work. "Oh wait, Alexander!" she said, glancing down at her paper, which managed to write down his height at least. "That's five points." she said smiling. Turning, she saw Samhain sticking her head out of the curtains and moved to pull them back again. She waved a hand at the measuring tape, watched it stretch out again, the pen wrote, and then it folded itself up and landed on the nearest bed table. She smiled and nodded. "Okay honey, let's get you looked over. Why don't you take a seat on the bed?" She tapped her wand against the stethoscope, waiting for it to start to heat enough to at least be warm. "How old did you say you were?" She noted that the girl appeared to be a bit lost and confused. She made a note to explain things as she did them.
  5. "Strong girl." She said quietly. She herself would have gone into to town to get something--anything--dry. Probably would have sat down with a bowl of ice cream, too, if she'd been thrown in. She would have been a sobbing, heaping mess herself--especially at that age. This girl was taking it in stride. She noted that the girl looked terribly uncomfortable. Did she not like medical visits? She looked over to Alex, pausing mid-motion. Right. Soaked clothes. That would make things more difficult. She crossed the room toward her office in the corner, opened a drawer and grabbed a plain dress out of it in the school's olive green, one that tied behind the neck and was often common in muggle hospitals. As she walked back, she waved her wand and said a spell quietly, and soon enough a pen and some paper were flying behind her. On the left said, it wrote Samhain, unknown surname and on the right, Alexander Winfield. She looked at the boy, the name clicking in her mind. "Ah, yes." she said. She, like the rest of the staff, had received notice of him and his peculiarities. She gave him a kind smile. "Thank you for bringing her in." Her suspicions were alleviated for the time being. "Although, my dear Spencer, I wouldn't go around telling teachers what you did. It might have been in her defense, but you can still get docked points and detention." She held a finger up to her lips to signify her own silence. She walked around hte bed, drawing curtains and handed the small girl the gown. "If you would please change into this. It'll make things easier on my end. Just going to do a routine check up. Heart rate, check your lungs, temperature, height, weight, all that good stuff." She closed the curtain in its finalty behind her as she turned around. "Let me know when you've changed." She waved her wand about, and soon a measuring tape came flying across the room. "Don't worry, you're not getting the full run down yet. I think for our own records though, getting your healthy weight and your height will do. Just in case." She gave him a small wink as the tape stretched itself out, and the pen set to writing again in his column. "There's a scale under the next bed, if you would."
  6. The female student gave a short explanation and Josie had to lift her arms, folding them as she raised an eyebrow and thought about what was said. "The...lakes? You came all the way from Narragyambie like that?" 'And never dried' she added in afterthought. She'd certainly gone for one hell of a swim. She was feeling unsure whether Alex actually had helped her, or if she was stuttering because he was one of the ones who'd done it. Her blue gaze turned to the male, whom she gave a discerning look. Her gaze narrowed as she watched him give her a once over. She straightened her back, trying to appear taller while she chewed the inside of her cheek. She listened and watched the two. After a time, her gaze softened, as did her stance, and she waved for the pair to follow her. "Come then. I need names--both of you." She stopped next to a bed, unwrapping her stethoscope from it's scarf-like position around her neck to wear it properly. "Sit, please." she directed to the girl. "We're gonna check you over. " Her gaze lifted to the male--Alex--and she stared at him, as if daring him to try and walk out of this room before she was finished. "Then their names too, if you know them."
  7. Josie walked around the hospital wing, humming lightly to herself. The weather was back to being fairly hot, but she wasn't too bothered by it. There were a few students lying in different beds, mostly small little bugs that would more than likely go away in a day or two. With the term in full swing she was slowly getting to see more of the student body, whether they needed something disinfected or cleaned up, or those like the poor sods that were snoozing. She wouldn't be surprised if at least one of them was eating something intentionally to make them sick just so they didn't have to go to class. She didn't mind too much--she had the space, and it helped keep her a little busier. Hearing voices and the turn of a door handle, her heels clicked as she made her way over, curious to see who would be coming in next. The door opened before she could get to it, and she found a tall, older looking student [was he a seventh year] and another student who...well, she looked like a drowned rat. She placed a hand on her hip and shook her head. "Anyone care to explain what happened?"
  8. Josie was sitting in a chair, one foot tapping in rhythm on the ground, a book on astronomy in her hands. She might not have been the best, or most successful at it in her youth, but the subject was still fascinating to her, and she hoped that, eventually, years of gazing at the star charts would eventually sink in better within her mind. The woman of early twenties turned a page, then her hand moved to a desk, fingers drumming separately from the tapping of her foot, but it somehow blended together fine just the same. She was already feeling anxious. A mixture of excitement from returning to the school and boredom filled her. On the one hand, it was a blessing that no one had really needed her, on the other, if left her with very little to do. A large yawn escaped her mouth, despite it only being three in the afternoon. She tugged gently at the collar of her dress. It was also hot, as was to be expected. She used fans to keep the wing somewhat cooler, but still..... Her eyes turned to the window and she looked longingly. It was beautiful outside. Perhaps this was the worst part. Waiting, trapped. Could she get away with a short walk about? Could she not?
  9. Josie Wilson

    Josie Wilson was born in a town of three hundred to muggle parents. She was an entirely mediocre child, one who had seemingly no special talents or abilities, who needed hours upon hours of extra tutoring from a young age, which ended up in her requiring need for homeschooling--which occurred not long after her powers began to manifest. It was better for the family as the town was prone to extreme levels of gossip, and this was a secret they wanted to keep hidden. When she began attending Tallygarunga, it was under the guise of it being a boarding school for struggling students, and while she missed her dog, she found comfort in her new home, and in her house of Spencer. She wasn't fond of the half-lie, but at the same time she was excited to finally get out of Dookie and start somewhere new, and to learn about these strange abilities that she had. For a time, she kept to herself, remaining largely invisible, occasionally sleeping in through part of her classes. It was easy to remain unnoticed when one always kept their head down. Then she met a girl in her third year who turned her world upside. She looked at her as how she wanted to be herself. She began to open up her shell and spend time among her peers, became part of a cult, and picked up learning the flute, which would later lead into her taking a musiciary class. The longer she attended Tally, the more distant and strained her relationship with her parents became, and she often spent her holidays with her grandmother on the coast instead. Despite this, as she grew, she put more effort into becoming herself, and less someone else, trying her hand at quidditch and even the occasional expected prank. She developed rivals as easily as she began to develop true friendships, which made the loss of her first school friend moving away suddenly hurt less. It took time, but she eventually figured out what it was she wanted to do with herself--she wanted to go into healing. By the time she was in her fifth year she had everything mapped out--although she'd already been taking some of the courses by that time already. After graduation she moved on to the Victoria Magical University, and began to move into her career. After graduating, she realized how much she missed Tally, and applied for a position to work as a nurse for the school.