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  1. Violet looked at him and shook her head. ”Now, you seem to think that we were hanging out like we friends or something…” She shook her head. They could have been, maybe… but ten years was a big gap… and they were in very different stages in their lives at the moment. She was nearing 30, and the idea of settling down and maybe having a family, where he was deciding what he wanted to be when he grew up… it was a very different set of things they were worried about. Letting out a small laugh she shook her head once more. ”You all kinds of delusional…” She teased him. It was not as though she meant much of what she said. ”I don’t know how hanging out would happen anyway… you cant sneak me into the dorms and you don’t have much leave…” At least from what she remembered anyway. That and she didn’t know it would b e the best thing, tempting fate was best left to thoe who had nothing to lose. She shook her head. ”A year should be plenty of time to asses the coach’s abilities… the way the team plays… how they manage the adjustments to meet the coaching style. There is plenty you can assess within a year…” She had always thought so anyway. Often times you could make many inferences. ”She’s proven herself as a player. She has earned her stripes.’ She said. She had paid attention to the changes- She let out a soft hum as she thought about it. ”You and I are not about to agree on this not matter how many points we make…” She said as she looked at him. Watching as he nudged her and she held firm and nudged him back. Would this be the last time? Honestly Violet couldn’t say, they would encounter one another on the pitch, but it was not like that would give them time to talk beyond the usual niceties She shrugged. ”Whose to say what the future holds?” Meaning she didn’t want to count it out, but she didn’t want to say for certain. Maybe she simply had commitment issues.
  2. There was an insane amount of effort that came with covering your ass when you lived in a fishbowl. No matter how much he may think he could avoid the trouble that came with the public eye, but it was not so easy. Violet had also noticed how many times people had made an assumption about her based on the fact she had been pretty private. There was a wild rumor or two that had been thrown at her and she had laughed at them. Violet was not one who cared what they said when it wasn’t true, but this was something else entirely. This WAS wrong. Very wrong. She looked at him and shook her head. ”You are the anomaly and not the standard. There is a reason these magazines sell so many copies.” She said as she looked over at the few scattered on one of the tables. Why anyone read magazines here. ”that doesn’t take away from her ability.” She said with a shrug. It was true. ”And is a pretty great parallel to what it’s like for real out there.” People had all the time in the world to talk about the things she understood. Letting out a bit of a sigh she had seen where celebrities had tried to sue others for getting into their business and they ultimately never did well. The wealth and the notarity meant sometimes people had less empathy for them… that they had asked for this sort of thing, so it didn’t matter. She nodded. ’Okay then.” she was dropping it for now, they were just going to talk in circles around the idea of it all. Doing what made you happy was nice in theory but there were responsibilities that got in the way. Violet knew all about those responsibilities.
  3. ”CYA” She admitted. Letting out a snort of laughter. Something she imagined he knew well. It was not a new concept to anyone. It was the name of the name. You covers yours to keep it. She had not needed to worry about CYA, she acted as best she could and sometimes she messed up, however she was rather good at admitting she had messed up… She was a very candid person. Or she at least tried to be- as much as she had wanted a private life but she had nothing to hide. There was not much in her life that was scandalous aside from her parents who based on their race had given birth to a crime. She was a crime under apartheid, but It was not something most would find truly scandalous these days. Letting out another laugh she shook her head. It was a very strange thing. The idea about hot mama… It was not as though she was a chaste virgin… It was far from that. She just took on a new responsibility with coaching and her perceptions changed. She had to be a role model. Sure she was supposed to be one before on the pitch but now it was right there. The girls were up close and all over her life now. She couldn’t be seen with a man, any man, without her players wanting to know everything about him. There was nothing more impressive than a group of girls who wanted dirt on someone. They needed to hire them as aurors… or something. There was nothing worse than a cheat. There was the whole broom enhancement scandal in south America that managed to make the sport a little uglier than she liked and she was often times irritated that people conducted themselves that way. She was glad it had been exposed. She’d talked about the value of hard work and winning clean. Dirty tactics were for the desperate. Violet was never the desperate sort. She nodded. ”Well your coach is nothing to sneeze at either.” She said with a nod. She was a worthy opponent. ”Now look, I am about to give you some real wisdom. The coaches of professional teams make it their business because though we may not like it… our actions off the pitch can effect our actions on the pitch.” It was the truth. ”If you plan to make it I suggest you get used to people knowing your business. Look at Van Acker.” She said. ”We played together in school, her whole break up was all over the rags. To make the fact her boyfriend was cheating on her sucks but its much worse when you get cheated on… but the whole world knows it too.” She shook her head. ”they will give you the blues.”
  4. It was a bit like clamming up, and she should have realized he was not going to just let do that. She shook her head. ”I’m making sure your silly ass doesn’t drop this bar on your neck.” She said as she gave him a look. It was strange. She never thought she would be in a position in which she found herself attracted to something illegal. There were always the jokes about being a cougar, about a pool boy- but she had not considered the reality of them. That they were jokes but shit like that happened in the real world. She shook her head. ”You always run your mouth?” She asked with a slight curl of her lip hinting at a smile. ”I thought you would at least shut up enough to do a set or two.” She reasoned- though she got the vibe this cat didn’t stay very quiet for long. The world of quidditch was not as large as people liked to think and she would hear about this. If it got out. Not that Violet was into sneaking around. But there was the idea that maybe she shouldn’t get herself tangled in something she might find herself on the wrong side of. However, he was right. This was not something terrible they were simply working out. She was used to people wanting to talk to her and get to know her. She was the one who felt weird because of the thoughts she had. It was a misunderstanding. She could reason his one away… for now. She cast him a side eye and she shrugged. ”Plus I wouldn’t want my girls to play a weak ass game because I got insider information.” She pointed out. There was nothing more thrilling than the way adrenaline pumped in your veins as you played. That hitch in your breathing that only came from stepping on the pitch and hearing the crowd roar. Even now she missed it- it was not the same as a coach as a coach you didn’t play that rush was not as good. She shook her head. ”I better not have your coach at my door step later.,” She said as though she was giving into the fact she had not found anyone remotely interesting to talk to. She was not a mom, she didn’t want to talk about their kids, she didn’t have pets. This was more her speed.
  5. She was pretty sure that if anyone could hear her inner thought they would have heard the loud skiirrrrrrrrrt That just played through it. Tally… She suddenly felt a little skeevy about the interactions…. She also realized her original statement of boy was far more correct than she had thought. Tally… She nodded. Okay so she should scale it back a bit, the last thing she needed was the Tally Coach getting onto her about something… like flirting with one of the players. Violet had a job to keep as well… Well. She had not quite expected that. He seemed to carry himself with greater age and maturity than one would expect of a 17 year old boy. She swallowed as she helped with the spot. She didn’t think someone would be all the way out here… This would be as tory her friends would love- about how she almost became Mrs. Robinson… There was also something a little cruel about making a boy look so much like a man. Though she supposed the age was the one thing that separated that distinction in her head… and that was a very important distinction. No one ever really got off by saying. ‘But look at him he may as well be a man.’ Then people wondered what the hell was wrong with you… not to mention as someone who worked with his peers, she couldn’t take advantage of her position, or her age. She watched with a far more careful eye now. If he got hurt… ”I hope so. I don’t need your coach calling me about sabotage” She said with a laugh. Attempting to halt the awkwardness in her chest. She simply needed to focus on what they were doing and leave it at that. ”I don’t know if I can hang out with a rival and not get flack from my girls.” She pointed out. Or hang out with a student and not get flack from herself, her friends and her coworkers.
  6. ”Oh I assure I am humbler.” She said with a raised eyebrow. She let out a small laugh. Violet was never one to back down. She had not seen the value in it. She looked at him and shrugged. If he needed a challenge she could do that. She was relatively good at challenging others. It was part of her make up at this point. She challenged opponents on the pitch. She challenged her girls to be better players. She challenged herself to keep challenging herself. It was not always easy to get up and get in the gym when you were tired, when your body ached but she had to do it if she wanted her girls to respect the things she preached to them. ”What are you studying in school?” She asked. The assumption she had made was that he was VMU which was closer to this gym than some of the other schools in the area. That and he had that swagger you only had once you had found second level education. She wondered what he would eventually do with himself. He had different options and they all seemed very different. She supposed it would be interesting to see how that worked itself out. She laughed. ”Oh yeah? I think the burden of value is to be established by the seller.” She countered and moved to help spot him. She was not the strongest out there, but she did feel as though she could at least help him so long as he didn’t over-do it. ”Just don’t over do it trying to impress someone because they ain’t worried about you.” She said as she followed him. ”And I don’t think that is what I said… but okay you think what you want to think.” She thought it was pretty funny…she didn’t mind it honestly. She looked at him and laughed. ”If the shoe fits.” She said. And the shoe fit his oversized foot. Violet had to admit she had not laughed this hard in a long time. He at least had jokes. ”I get antsy sometimes. I gotta move you know?”
  7. Violet dipped her head. ”I am the most humble.” She said with a smirk. The fact was It was very rare to see the humble nature she did have under it all. Violet talked a big game, she liked the talk shit… it was fun. However, she had learned that bravado got her places, it had also been good for her career. She had good quotes and soundbites. It had ben hard to give it all up. She watched her old teammates play with a bit of envy from time to time. She missed it. However, breaking your dominant arm was not good for the rehab. Letting out a small sigh she nodded. ”Who wants to fuss and fight all the time?” she asked though in reality he was not wrong… she did like a little bit of resistance here and there. ”ah so you were pushed to be the greatest.” She said as she looked him over once again. :She could respect that particular hustle. Her mom and dad had been very similar in the way she was pushed to be the greatest. ”So you got a bunch side hustles going for you?’ she knew that life too. She had been lucky her dad was a talented chef or it would have been a very different childhood once they moved from South Africa. She had been back recently, it was a different place. She had very few memories about it but she was often hiding in her family home because she was not supposed to mix with the blacks, or the whites. She was coloured. She let out a cough of a laugh. ”do you trust folks you just met and don’t know from Adam?” She said as she looked at him. ”Besides I can’t risk my clavicle anymore than I have.” She said with a smile and shrugged. ”And my trainer would eat you alive.” That was the case. He was a rather particular person. He had a very strict regime she followed and he trusted no one with his athletes. ”Don’t worry… I will protect you the best I can.” She laughed at the idea of it. ”Who knows maybe with a little more time I could trust you.” she said with a smile. Though she was not totally sure. ”I’ve already showed you up Mr. Big.” If her hair had been down she would have flipped it but instead she had a bounce in step and she looked at him. ”Is that some kind of lame ass line?” she asked him. ”Im here as often as I need to be. I usually work out with my girls during the week but sometimes I need a little more to take the edge off.”
  8. Violet shook her head. ”I can safely say that you don’t worry me.” she was not worried about him at all. Or so she thought anyway. That could often be her downfall, she didn’t worry about anyone else, ever. It was how you got the wind knocked out of you sometimes but she had yet to learn that lesson enough to keep herself from doing it over and over again. ”you already invited yourself to stick around.” She said as she laughed. It was true, he had already told her he was going to scare away the meatballs in the place. ”I guess I am just taking the path of least resistance.” She said. At least he had not managed to run with his tail between his legs just yet. Violet had often that she had managed to scare most men away, they pretended to be confident but when face to face with a woman who owned her confidence ran away. Little boys, that was how most men behaved. that is respectable.’ She said with a nod. She could appreciate that. Though she had often thought about what life would be like if she didn’t have to work… she would get bored. Violet liked to be doing something. She needed to channel her competitive spirit into something productive or she would likely end up in quite a bit of trouble. She had gotten into her fair share over the years. ”It is a kind offer.” she said with a smile. It was a kind offer, something she was s till hesitant about. She shook her head. ”but thank you, I feel like my trainer would not like the idea.” She kept one for this reason. She didn’t want to hurt herself or damage the muscles anymore. It would mean more of a consequence in the long run. Even at her young age she was starting to feel the effects the years of playing a contact sport had done. She could follow that. ”I don’t know are you ready for me to show you up?” she said with a laugh. Though in reality she didn’t think she would show him up this much. She looked at him and held a hand out indicating for him to lead the way.
  9. ”Step up to knock you down a peg?” That was the kind of thing that she had lived for. She loved the look on someone’s face when you managed to knock them down a notch. Especially those macho men who liked to flaunt their perceived power in front of everyone… ”Keep hanging around and I’ll knock you down several pegs. She said with smile. It wouldn’t be hard, he was young and therefore he would be easier to knock him down. The man in front of her was interesting as well. She was not sure of he was peacocking because of who she was, or if this was his usual thing. ”Oh I don’t think any of them would call you big daddy…” she said with a slight snicker. ”Ah you would rather have a sugar momma. I see, its not a bad strategy.” it would be a rather interesting strategy if she employed that herself. Though she was pretty sure having a sugar daddy would not make her happy… and she hated the idea of a man controlling any part of her life. It was not like she had thought as a little girl this was where she would be. In South Africa the best she could hope for then was to be a typist like her mother. However when they moved suddenly new things opened to her. She could be whatever she wanted, and her mother had been sure she was She taught her the various languages as well as English. She had been told knowing Zulu, and xhosa and Tswana would be helpful as she moved through the various neighborhoods. It had served her well and now she could cuss at the girls in Afrikaans and no one was the wiser. Teenage girls were the worst and she was all about telling them about their foolery. ”boy somebody is gonna tell you about yourself someday and you wont be ready.” she said with a laugh. He was cute, she would give them that. That always seemed to get you far… She shook her head. ”Adapt yeah.” something she had known had to do for a long time now. Looking aat him she was not sure if he was hitting on her with his offer of a massage but she honestly thought better of asking him. Violet was no stranger to trouble and this could easily be trouble. ”I that so… nah it’s just that bone deep ache that comes with a fixed broken bone,” She had broken her clavicle and her arm at once. It had been the clavicle that ended her career. She moved her shoulder to prove that she had range of motion without wincing. It was something that she had built up. Looking at him she shook her head. ”I been working out. This is about you now.” She said as she looked at the young man and laughed at him. ”You gotta warm up first?” she was nto sure how deep into his work out he was today. She had not actually been pay8ing attention to anyone but herself.
  10. ”you shouldn’t have to look far.” the slight snark that filled her tone was not an unfamiliar one. Vi and her friends had been checking one another since they could form the appropriate sentences to do so and it was now second nature. She nodded. ”oh the whole cougar movement hasn’t gone anywhere, they are always looking for the next young buck.” She said with a small raise of an eyebrow. That was something that would likely never change honestly, they always wanted someone who was younger, hotter and going to piss off the ex husband and his trophy wife. Violet had nether a ex husband or a pool boy or a husband for that matter. Not that she had wanted any of those things just yet. She had time- she had been too focused before on quidditch and now on coaching. Time for romance never really seemed to get a featured spot. Of course, she had a few rendezvous here and there, but nothing that had been serious enough to stick. Letting out a small laugh. ”Sometimes its all about feeling yourself.” confidence was always key, it was sexy and so long as you kept some humility. Violet could be as cocky as the rest of them, she was not one to care. She had results to back it up. That was all that mattered in the long run. ”The one thing they don’t tell you is that you wont figure it out until you figure it out.” Hell she thought she was going to play pro forever. ’And then when you do figure it out life throws you a curve ball, keeping options open is a good thing.” she said. Something she tried to tell her girls, but then they had more money than anyone she had known growing up and so their options were a little different. Letting out a small laugh she nodded. ”It was a tough one, it could be any one who gets a bludger to the collar bone.” she said with a small shake of her head. She didn’t blame the beaters. She didn’t blame anyone for her injury except the circumstance. It was a messy one too. ”When it rains it hurts like a bitch.” She told him. Those lasting injuries never felt great. Violet couldn’t help herself she laughed. It was funny. ”Oh- well I will be very well protected with you around.” she held her hand over her mouth as she went about collecting herself. ”Okay then Mr. Big, show me what you got going on.” Actions spoke louder than words, little less conversation little more action, don’t talk about it be about and all the other musical references she could make right now.
  11. Violet let out a throaty chuckle as he claimed no one could keep up with him. ”There is always someone bigger and badder out there” That was the damn truth… he should thank her for sharing it with him. She was confident- but that came with humility. She had been knocked off her broom enough to have actually eaten humility… it tasted like grass and dirt, with a hint of pride. ”These women might even hand you your ass.” One could never underestimate a mother, they had their reasons for being here sure, but they had that crazy strength hiding inside of them. The kind that they need to lift a car off of their child. There was a reason you didn’t mess with a mama and her babies. No matter what the species. It was also not uncommon to have a goose chase you when you got too close to her nest, and those bitches liked to bite. ”If that’s what you think.” There were those who seemed to skip leg day… but you could find them anywhere. Violet was not so much interested in the packaging as she was the man himself. Though she supposed many got themselves caught up in the pretty packaging. Letting out a small laugh. ”So what are you destined for then big head.” He seemed to have it all figured out for himself. The confidence he had was something that told her he thought he was big man on campus, and he could be… she didn’t really pay much attention to uni teams anymore. Before she wanted to know what the new recruits might look like, now she just wanted to know how her girls were going to beat a team. ”Yeah? Good for you, coaching the next generation is a pretty good buzz.” Violet adored her job more than she thought she would. The injury had been hard, she felt robbed of so many things but in the long run it was not the worst thing to happen. There was satisfaction in coaching. ”Its al about the way you do it, sometimes you can return to almost full strength.” her injury on the other hand, it had been way to damaging. Not to mention traumatic, everyone saw her fall, they all knew about it. She let out a small laugh. ”You think you can deter them? That is some big talk.” She said with a hake of her head. ”They gone wonder about you.” She could already tell. Whatever he was going to do in life he would do it well- or at least with confidence, if nothing else confidence made you seem like you knew what you were doing, or talking about.
  12. Boy was not meant as a statement of his age, but more along the lines of something she would have used with any male. Violet had maybe used it as a way to feel bigger in her slight frame. Though she had enough personality for everybody in the room. That was something she had never really struggled with. Her mother had been a rather big influence there, she was a woman of great mind and soul and Violet needed to do what she could to fill those shoes. It was not an easy task, something he mother pointed out to her over and over again. She could come home with a 98 and her mother would send her back out for those last two points. It was not a bad thing. Violet had learned to be competitive and harsh. She was shrewd in her abilities and she would make sure everyone knew it. Violet made an impression. She made sure of it. It did not always go over with Penrose, but they liked the wins. She was happy to provide them. She shifted in her shoes as she let out a laugh. ”It is a good time to catch the mummies” She indicated the women on the various machines. It was not a terrible thing, and he would likely fare well with them… some of them were bored, you could tell in how they giggled in delight at the horrible jokes their meatball trainers made. Though Violet could appreciate the efforts the women were making bored or not. ”A few hours later and you will be at home with your testosterone brothers.” She commented as she was impressed with the introduction and he looked at him for a moment and then she nodded at him. She was in fact who he thought she was. ’Yeah, that’s me.” Sher said as she shook his hand. She didn’t have to introduce herself. ”You training for some deep cover mission?” she laughed at the idea and shook her head. ”Its about not allowing the muscles around the injury to get weak.” That had been what the rehab had all been about. Hers still hurt from time to time. ”if you let it get weak, the muscles will heal all funny and the rehab from that is much worse.” She could speak to that too. It was a horrible thing…
  13. The girls had been working her last nerve this week. Violet had gone to Tally and she had been pone hell of a player while she was there. She didn’t have that entitlement thing these girls seemed to have going on this week. Letting out a long and rather annoyed sigh she shook her head. She has not grown up the easiest and her family didn’t have the money to send her to someplace like Penrose and so the fact she was teaching there at all was a testament to her ability to play the game like the best of them. The injuries had been devastating but that had not changed the fact that she did get to play for a few years and a chance to absolutely kick ass. Had not been for the job at Penrose she was not sure where she would have ended up. However, she needed to de-escalate a little and the gym was always the best place for her to do so. Violet had always liked this gym. People left her alone and they were more focused on themselves. That was one of the many things she liked abut this place. Violet didn’t like to be bothered when she was working out. She was always on a mission in the gym. She didn’t mind when people recognized her- She was always happy to meet a fan. They had gotten used to her here and so she was left alone. She smiled as she finished with the free weights. She didn’t like the machines, mostly because she felt people assumed because she was a female she would want to be on the machine. Vi was as strong as they came and she was never afraid to show someone she was. Something she did her best to show the girls, she needed them to see the fact they were strong and they were not in need of anyone but themselves in order to make it. The thought was jarred from her mind. ”Boy.” she cautioned as he bumped her. He was not paying attention and that much was clear. She looked at him and reached out to grab him as he found footing. ”head in the clouds out here?” She said, the tone was teasing. ”Not to mention embarrassing yourself in front of these females.” This time of day tended to cater to women. She smiled. ”You good?”
  14. Violet listened to the woman as she looked over the various brooms meant more for travel than for fancy dives and snitch chasing. She had always loved picking out a new broom… she wanted a good one for herself and she wanted to get a few for the girls as well. But, it was always a noble distraction to help someone pick out a broom. ”Well, I wont get you something meant for the fancy aerials.” She herself loved the Aerials she could spend all day in the sky going from here to there on the broom. It made her feel alive. ”But they will still give you the addictive feeling of wind in your hair.” Something Violet had always loved. ”Oh how exciting what will you be teaching?” Violet herself had never been sure what she was going to do in life if she didn’t play quidditch. However there was something amazing about empowering the girls to play quidditch. The Harpies had a good thing going… maybe Violet would start her own team of all women. She would have to toy with that idea for a little longer. She grabbed one, it had a lovely cherry polish and she handed it to her. ”This one… I think it would be perfect for you.”