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  1. Letting out a small sigh she shook her head. ”I’ve not shied away from things, but there is not really much I want to share at the moment.” she said raising an eyebrow. She was not sure what the hell she was supposed to actually do about this considering the fact there was no way to twist this that made it okay. ”you should know that I am not one to mince words, I never have been.” she had however learned a bit in the years she had left school. That was another things to consider, they were two completely different life stages at the moment. The purpose was to be helpful… to be in a mentor role, and she couldn’t abuse her power that way… no matter what she thought. Maybe she was afraid… but what scared her more was something she didn’t have much of an answer for at the moment. She shrugged. ”I don’t think the rest of us have to worry honestly.” She said honestly. ”If you aren’t part of the inner circle there no one gives a shit about you.” She commented. She had learned this from experience. Even as one of the best players on the team she was not the inner circle and no gave a single fuck about her. She sighed. ”So I don’t think you have to worry about knowing anything.” At least it was that way everywhere. People only gave a fuck if you were important by whatever popular standards had been set and Vi was a minority and therefore not popular at all. She sighed. It had been a bit of a mess when she was trying to get picked up. At least South Africa had loved her. She loved her hometown too. She shook her head at his response. ”That’s not a real answer.” She pointed out It was not a real answer. Of course he was interested… but she wanted to know why. ”Is it because I played professionally?” She supposed it always helped to know why someone was interested, so many of them wanted to use her for her fame and notoriety, it was not a good feeling. She was not sure if that was what this was either. A crush on a professional athlete was pretty common Violet always had a thing for the Ibo player Adeyinka. He was amazing on a broom and she couldn’t believe a man could be so graceful.
  2. His grin made her laugh. That was one thing she could say about Tyson, he made her laugh quite a bit. Cocky sure, but he had a goofiness to him in many ways. It was nice. She was used to the girls and the the other men in her life were serious. Her father went back and forth. It was interesting. She had always found herself wanting more of the goofy in her life. It would make life better… or at least she thought it would. ”Curious is a good word I suppose” She didn’t know what this was evolving into but she had shown up and she was here… It was a strange thing… but she did want to explore it that was at least undeniable. Violet mirrored the action of leaning in and said in a dangerously dulcet tone. ”If you have to ask you probably can’t handle the answer.” She then leaned back and smirked. She was rather proud of herself at the moment though she was a little unsure if this sort of fliting crossed the line. If there was a line?. ”Keep focused, that’s all I can say. It was bad when we were in Africa… “ She said something she didn’t remember well but she remembered enough. She remembered the fear… the fact she was still something that was not supposed to exist a product of a union between a white man and an African woman. Apartheid was not something she saw end- she had been back recently with quidditch and they had accepted her. It was a strange thing. ”The fear will become something you want to adjust to…it can become a normal sensation but you cant get complacent in it.” She said with a nod of seriousness. ”I think it is safe to say the man is mission oriented and those of us who don’t matter to him will be safe. “ That was the nice thing about being a nobody in the world they lived in. they could come and go as they please… though she knew she was really not a nobody, someone would recognize her. ”I bet they just go crazy you pay them no mind.” he was the sort who had to have them following him around. "Just me..." She eyes him skeptically... "Why me?"
  3. The young man in front of her was cocky. That was pretty clear. Letting out a laugh she shook her head. ”These are my streets too.” She reminded him though she didn’t think he needed much reminding of that honestly. He seemed to be just as aware of her as she was of him. Though that quite honestly scared her. She had for one not allowed herself to indulge in a relationship for a long time and the most glaring thing… the fact that he was still a student. ”I don’t know if I could have actually shaken you…. You know the whole if you cant beat them thing…” she was pretty sure he would have made it very challenging to leave and forget him. One had to appreciate the persistence. ”I always like to get what I want.” she said though she realized what she had said was probably a little bit much for this conversation. ”It is something that I have never liked to limit myself on… though some limits have been placed on me….” she explained after she had told him she had too much to lose at this point. It still was true. Though she could give into the idea of meeting him out an about. Besides it seemed his head was someplace else tonight, and she didn’t blame him. She would likely feel the same way too if it were her. ”I mean you cant be crippled by the fear. That is what an asshole like this wants you know?” She knew it all too well honestly. It had been a bit of a strange thing… to want others to cower and scurry in fear of you. It was not as though she had thought much about it. ”he gets off on it… its sick” she had however dated someone similar. They liked when you hurt, when you were upset and scared. It was not nearly as bad as this… but he did like to pick fights to get her riled up. ”Oh is that what I would do?” She said with a nod. ”Okay then” her tone was that of disbelief. She didn’t know what she was getting at but she shook her head. ”Are you this cocky at school? All your little girlfriends must love it.”
  4. ”All you have is word and your reputation. I am not about to go back on my word.” she said as he seemed surprised that she had shown up at all. Though she supposed that was fair… she had been a bit flighty, and she was still not sure this was really appropriate but she had come anyway. It was something she wrestled with this morning but ultimately decided that she had promised him she would help and so she needed to follow through on that promise. She let out a small laugh. ”Besides I don’t need you out here in the streets running about and making a mess of things.” There was something about looking after your own- though she was not sure why she thought of him as such. She shrugged. ” what can I say I like what I like” Not to mention the Nachos were the best food on this earth. No matter what anyone else said. She smiled at him. ”I cant pass them up when he has them on the menu…” her attention turned to his concerns about going back to school. ”They are doing what they can right to keep the school safe…” She said with a small sigh. ”I mean- you should be safe… I would think if they didn’t have the students return that would be cause for concern.” She had no idea honestly but she wouldn’t deny being worried. However, she had been pretty good at ensuring that she didn’t appear to be anxious about it. ”Things are things.” she said dismissively. ”busy trying to get things together for the new semester…” the girls were high strung but she didn’t mind it too much. She could handle high strung. ”I can’t imagine what this semester would look like… I am just going with it for now. That’s all you can do… there is not much else we actually can do.” she was not saying worry was a bad thing but there was no need to obsess. ”we keep ourselves safe and we keep it moving.”
  5. There had been a lot of thought that went into agree to help Tyson. It was a bit of an odd situation in many ways. For one she had found him attractive before she knew how old he was… making it rather scandalous, even for those who had lose morals. That and he was a player for a rival team. The last thing Violet wanted to do was mess up quidditch for anyone. Though it was not the most important thing in the world, for many people it held a great deal of importance. When she graduated she was sure she would have been upset had someone messed with her career. She had been hurt when her career fell apart because of an injury, but that was no one’s fault. It was something that happened. In a game like quidditch… it was normal. Given how things had been, and the climate being tense given the fact someone dangerous was back in the mix of things she had been rather vigilant. At least he had no real business at Penrose. Those snotty and quite loveable girls were not in harms way but that did not mean this man wouldn’t do something to harm as many people as possible. Violet was not scared, she rarely got scared… but she was worried about the safety of the community. It was terrifying in many ways. Though she spent most of her time pushing those thoughts aside in favor of other things. Heading to the restaurant she smiled as she chatted with the hostess who brought her back to meet with Tyson. ”Hey big head.” she said as she sat down. ”Can you bring the nachos?” She asked and the hostess went off to put the order in for them. She had been craving the nachos for days and had not come to the restaurant in order to prevent herself from gorging on them… Not when she knew she would be here in a few days anyway. She smiled at Tyson. ”Enjoying the break?” She questioned him
  6. Given her association with food she felt she at least carried a little bit authority on the matter. ”I respect that- however… you will see.” She shook her head. A man this cocky would likely always be destined to give his own assessment of all things. ”Not the worst thing they make here… actually… you can’t really go wrong with anything. Sal can throw down.” she had not really considered what it may be like if Sal was a bad cook, or if someone didn’t actually like what Sal had put in front of them. She assumed at some point someone probably didn’t like something? She had always been spoiled however between her dad and Sal she didn’t know bad food. She knew the struggled to get food, but not the struggle it may be terrible… When her dad sunk money into his restaurant it had not been the easiest thing. However, they did well now, and it was not like her mother had come from affluence, neither had her father either honestly. They had never really become super rich and she didn’t have a ton of money from her career in quidditch, but she did okay. Being an adult had not been as cool as she thought it would be, but she managed to at least survive up until this point… which was a feat in of itself. She was not sure that she was the sort of person to give advice but she could at least try. ”that’s pretty accurate from what I’ve heard… they were trouble, they still are most of the time.” She liked when they got together, it made her dad happy. Well it made both of her parents happy. That was the sort of thing that meant more than money. ”yeah that’s good then, to have someone interested means good things…” she nodded. It was a pretty good thing. ”Probably a good thing… I was recruited out of Tally, I wish I had thought more about the offer given how well my career went.” She laughed. It was not something you could plan for sometimes. People got hurt and you just had to keep it going. Quidditch moved on without you- that was why the back up plan is so valuable.
  7. She looked at him for a moment and then shrugged. ”You could say that.” She said with a smile. There was not much she claimed was the best. It was a rather lofty accolade and so she used is sparingly. However Sal was like the uncle you had and loved to absolute bits. He was at every graduation and game. He and his wife had always been invited to family dinners. It wasn’t until much later that she realized that Sal was not actually a blood relative. Though in all honesty Vi never treated him like anything but her beloved uncle. Her dad and Sal had been close growing up. Sal went into the family business while her dad studied French cooking. However when both men were in the kitchen it was like some kind of magic. ”People would be annoyed and there is nothing worse than making a bunch of people annoyed… especially by a young man of color... I bet you get the cops called on you.” She said with a smile. Letting out a small laugh she nodded. ”My pops and Sal go way back, I didn’t realize he was not actually my uncle Sal until much later.” She said with a shrug of her shoulders. ”They’ve always been close, I’m pretty sure those in the neighborhood thought they were cousins at the very least.” She said with a laugh. She didn’t need to look at the menu and she honestly didn’t need to order they always brought her the same thing because she always wanted the same thing. She had since she was a kid. She leaned back. ”A jaw workout… I seem to doubt that ever gets skipped.” She teased and then nodded. ”It’s actually pretty great honestly. Now that you’ve been in the next time you show up Sal will treat you like family.” She said with a smile. ”He never forgets a face.” She said of the older white man. ”Alright so what is on your list of things to get accomplished in this year?” She asked her for a moment. It was a relatively safe question. And something she was supposed to be helping him with… might as well dive in and figure out what was what.
  8. Though her thought was on the simple side, it had very complicated consequences. She let out a small sigh as she stood there her gym bag flung over her shoulder. She had not planned on being so long at the gym, but she also was not worried about it. It was not as though she had plans for the evening. The truth was that she was trying to find a good reason to walk out the door, and she had come up with a few reasons but none of them seemed like good ones. She was just helping out an up and comer. She was a coach, wasn’t that her thing now? Letting out a small sigh she looked up when she heard him approach. She was not sure what would come of this, but for now, they had at least established some ground rules. Or she thought so anyway. ”Yeah, well I can’t let you be left to your own devices who knows what may happen to you.” She said with a small laugh. ”It could be negligent of me…” She said as she pushed the doors open and they headed out onto the street. It was a pretty enough day and she knew of a place with a back patio that would be perfect. Not to mention they had some of the best appetizers… She had always been a fan… small and you could try a lot of them before you were full. That seemed to be the best thing honestly… at least for her. She had always liked a bunch of snacks. She looked at him and nodded. ”I do have a pretty decent spot… a nice back patio and the best fried foods you’ve ever had.” There was something pretty great about friend food. ”I would hate to see the day go to waste after all that time in the gym.” She joked as she led them to the place. ”Sal- my table open?” She said to the salt and peppered haired man who was standing near the podium. He smiled and nodded. They walked back to the table and they chatted catching up. She moved to sit down and she smiled at Tyson. ”My family knows his family from way back…” she was even unclear of how they had met them… much of it was myth and legend.
  9. There was a lot of lines that seemed blurred here. That was all Violet knew at the time being. This had to have come up before right? Well, she knew it had come up before there were several notable teachers who had taken advantage of their students… but he was not her student and she had not taken advantage of him. At least she was aware of the fact it was wrong. So many times you saw how those women who preyed upon the students had thought it was okay… They had reverted to the mindset of a teenager and they behaved like ones. It was actually amazing they managed to teach anything at all. It had to be distracting… She shook her head. The truth was, the idea of being near him was dangerous period. She however found she didn’t have a good enough reason not to. ”Everyone deserves a little bit of wisdom now and then.” Which was the truth. Violet could use a little bit if wisdom herself. This was uncharted for her, and she wondered if it was the whole you want what you can’t have thing… she figured it would eventually figure itself out but for now… she was trapped in her head. A rather frustrating place to be… It always had been. Violet was constantly in competition with herself… Violet laughed. ”alright Mr. Big get yourself together.” She said as she laughed at him. That and she needed to stop thinking about what he was going to be doing in that shower. It was a gym shower, it was dirty… she leaned against the wall. It was a really good thing it was there. She set her bag down and fished through it for a different shirt. Something that wasn’t sweaty. She picked at her nails as she waited focusing on the cuticle and not Tyson in the shower.
  10. Violet supposed that was true. ”there is a difference between confident and cocky.” she pointed out. She was confident… she always had been, but she had needed to learn how to go about being confident without being cocky, and knowing when you could use the cocky to your advantage. ”Wisdom is knowing the difference.” She said with a smile. He was young, he had a little time to learn the differences. She wouldn’t hammer it too much that was not really her job, she would leave that to his coach, to others he encountered. She wouldn’t hesitate to put him in his place, he was good at putting someone in their place, but she was not somebody to do so without reason to. For now he was still learning who he was. He needed to figure out what he wanted to be and how he wanted to get there. That was something no one else could figure out for you. Even now as a coach he job was to give them the tools, it was up to them to use them. Not just on the field, but off the field. She felt it was just as important they were good people instead of just good players, anything could happen and your career could be over just like that. Violet had not seen it but there were several things that had led to players being gone too long looking for a snitch and ending up crazy… She had once played a game that had both teams collapsing with exhaustion at some point. Which never really seemed to make up for those games that ended before they could start. She was just glad that she had a physical injury and not a mental one. It was horrifying to think your sanity could be taken from you. She rolled her eyes. ”You know, looks like you got this all figured out… you don’t need my help.” She said crossing her arms. She was not sure if she would even stick around at this point. She shrugged. ”Guess you’ll just have to see.”
  11. She shook her head. ”You are feeling yourself.” she said in response. True or not didn’t mean she was feeling him… It was just a phrase… or she had used it as just a phrase. It was a first encounter- they had clicked and it was not something that happened with everyone. She looked at the young man in front of her and laughed. ”I have never met someone so self-confident.” She said glancing at him. It was something else honestly. ”I just meant people didn’t need the truth and you are never fairly tried in public opinion.” She said. It was the truth. She had been judged many times. The worst had been when people had decided to say something about her hair. She had the curls pulled back in a rather fluffy ponytail today but they liked to comment on her changing her style. She didn’t mind the speculation but she had not bought her hair, it was hers. With some magical help she had tamed the mass of curls. However she was proud of her curls. ”I didn’t say you did.” She said as she looked over at him. ”Just giving you permission to ask for help when you need it.” It was something she had not really said to someone before. She herself had needed to learn how to ask for help… she still needed to work on it. ”It’s a skill to ask for help, you have to practice it.” She said That was the truth, if you were used to solving things on your own it was easier to just do that… until it stopped being easy…which happened frequently for her these days. She shook her head. She ignored the comment about the fact he was feeling her too… she didn’t want to put too much emphasis on it… focusing on it would only make the strange sensations she felt worse. Letting her hands fall to her side she looked at him and attempted to decide if lunch was a good idea. He was a flatterer that was for sure. ”yeah… a shower would do you some good.” She said. She could use a cold shower herself. Something to snap her out of this… she had to remember in spite of how he looked he was very much off limits.
  12. Of course things had halted a bit. She had discovered his age after having inappropriately deemed him an adult. Not to mention she had flirted with him… it made her feel as though she was some kind of gross cougar. Letting out a sigh she shrugged. ”the fact you are not my peer but someone I could have been teaching instead… can you blame me for slowing things down a bit? I don’t want people to get the wrong idea, true or not people make assumptions and there is a lot more I could lose based on a rumor…” She pointed out. Innocence or guilt rarely mattered in the court of public opinion. Letting out a sigh she returned the gaze with a mirrored arched eyebrow. ”You must know that people talk, at least by now.” Violet understood the need to do things on your own. She had always struggled with that. Asking for help. She let out a laugh. ”You gotta learn to ask for help, otherwise you will be too busy with all the foolishness that you got going on in your head all by your lonesome. It’s not weak to know you need help sometimes.” there was strength in knowing when you vulnerable, where you were vulnerable. It was something Violet had a very hard doing- knowing and accepting her vulnerabilities. She was much better at the whole confidence thing. ”You know what they say about asking…” She said as she shrugged her shoulders. ”I’m not some egotistical villain who monologs their dastardly deeds for everyone to hear, giving the hero some space to ruin the plans.” she said shaking her head. ”I play it close the vest, always have always will.” She did like to keep her moves hidden. She had to make big moves here and there and this made it easy to get shit done. ”but keep pushing your luck.”
  13. ”Do I strike you as a woman who does something she doesn’t want to do?” On occasion she was that woman, but not sense she had gotten rid of those people who came with her quidditch career. She didn’t need an agent now. That was the nice thing about the non pro life. She had one who still tried to get her to go to things in an official capacity, but Violet had decided she wanted out of the limelight with the career ending injury. It was not out of bitterness but a desire to have her private life back. A desire to simply be Violet once again… Coaching had been the outlet she needed. She loved the game so much it was just hard to let it go. This way she didn’t let it go and instead influenced the new generations. ”And it isn’t easy… Sometimes its good to have someone who has been through the process… you know?” that much was true. Violet had been on her own for the most part… she had not thought about what it would have been like to have someone who knew the process and could understand the whole thing. She smiled. ”I mean you are the one asking for some help don’t be so weird about it now that you asked.” She nudged him. It was not as though she was unaware of the situation. There was tension… and she had thought about inviting him home… to relax in her jacuzzi tub… she needed the jacuzzi tub. She watched him as he moved onto the new machine and she took this as a chance to stretch a bit. Attitude will always be important. So long as he had a good one, he would be okay… or so he thought. ”Someone should keep you in check.” She said as he acted a though he was wounded by her words. ”It might as well be me,” she said with a shrug of her shoulders.
  14. It was not so much that she had the problem with hanging out with him, but that she had the problem hanging out with anyone who was not of legal age. Violet knew that her business was not always her business and the last thing she needed was for the headmistress to be in her office talking about what she could, or could not do with the students of other schools. Violet let out a soft sigh as he made a slight fuss about it. ”How about this.” she was a believer in fate, maybe it was fate that brought them together or maybe it was just random happenstance. It was hard to tell sometimes. Violet believed that there was some fate in the world- but you could also make your fate. She had been ready to propose if they ran into one another again they could count on hanging out once more. ”Alright.” She said as she looked at him. She didn’t think she would be able to get rid of him as quickly as she might like to. But the idea she was helping him get his footing… the idea that she was somehow being a mentor, she could at least vibe with that. ”I can do that, I can help you get your footing about next year…” she nodded that was at least a mission oriented thing. It was something that she could at least get behind anyway. She figured it was not the worst thing she could do… another player who wanted to make sure they had what they needed. Of course, if he was not picked up locally it was a wash. ”But the idea is there.” She said with a smile. She thought she had been a good coach, she had come in with a new coaching style, but they seemed pretty receptive to the things she wanted to implement. That and she had seen a decent turn around. ”The turn around I faster in the school legues you know… kids are moved out much quicker than pros are.” She liked this atmosphere a little better honestly They were fighting to be good because it was all passion, not because they got a pretty paycheck… It made the playing pure in a way. She smiled at the thought. [p]”I am pretty sure you will know how good she is in a few games yeah?”[/b] She figured that was the case- anyway. ”Don’t give the lady a hard time- it looks bad when they recruit… and you better believe attitude is something they ask about.” Attitude was rather important in the game. She had been teaching this to her players as well. She did want to see him again… even if it was tempting fate. ”I wont lie, you are amusing… a nice way to quell some of my boredom.” she said with a smile and a laugh
  15. Violet looked at him and shook her head. ”Now, you seem to think that we were hanging out like we friends or something…” She shook her head. They could have been, maybe… but ten years was a big gap… and they were in very different stages in their lives at the moment. She was nearing 30, and the idea of settling down and maybe having a family, where he was deciding what he wanted to be when he grew up… it was a very different set of things they were worried about. Letting out a small laugh she shook her head once more. ”You all kinds of delusional…” She teased him. It was not as though she meant much of what she said. ”I don’t know how hanging out would happen anyway… you cant sneak me into the dorms and you don’t have much leave…” At least from what she remembered anyway. That and she didn’t know it would b e the best thing, tempting fate was best left to thoe who had nothing to lose. She shook her head. ”A year should be plenty of time to asses the coach’s abilities… the way the team plays… how they manage the adjustments to meet the coaching style. There is plenty you can assess within a year…” She had always thought so anyway. Often times you could make many inferences. ”She’s proven herself as a player. She has earned her stripes.’ She said. She had paid attention to the changes- She let out a soft hum as she thought about it. ”You and I are not about to agree on this not matter how many points we make…” She said as she looked at him. Watching as he nudged her and she held firm and nudged him back. Would this be the last time? Honestly Violet couldn’t say, they would encounter one another on the pitch, but it was not like that would give them time to talk beyond the usual niceties She shrugged. ”Whose to say what the future holds?” Meaning she didn’t want to count it out, but she didn’t want to say for certain. Maybe she simply had commitment issues.